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Always Late with Phlemson Scoober

English, Comedy, 1 season, 10 episodes, 4 hours, 24 minutes
Join late night radio host Phlemson Scoober as he interviews a Curtis in every episode.
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423 - Curtis Salad

Phlemson interviews his new doctor after making some positive breakthroughs in therapy.
8/26/201933 minutes, 26 seconds
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422 - Special - Phlemson's Love Tips

Phlemson, MeeMaw, Lee-Elroy, and David Barnes answer listener love questions.
2/2/201927 minutes, 1 second
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421 - President Curtis

Phlemson interviews President Curtis Curtis and Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Stan Lee Steamer.
1/26/201932 minutes, 55 seconds
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420 - Curtis the Grouch (Part 2)

Phlemson, Curtis the Grouch, and his new wife Rhonda, go visit the People Zoo.
12/30/201815 minutes, 7 seconds
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419 - Curtis the Grouch (Part 1)

Phlemson tries to score tickets to the people zoo with his roommate in a dumpster.
12/7/201823 minutes, 41 seconds
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418 - Explosive Christmas News Report

After a fiery Christmas explosion in Phlemson Scoober's studio, (Seriously? Again?), reporters interview survivors.
12/4/20184 minutes, 22 seconds
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417 - Curtis Wiggins

Phlemson forces brothers Curtis and Jeff Wiggans to compete for the Scoober Nacho bar.
12/4/201824 minutes, 23 seconds
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416 - Curt Macklin

Detective Curt Macklin swoops in to deliver swift justice on evil Mee Maw in her evil dungeon.
10/14/201832 minutes, 55 seconds
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415 - Curt Alert

Trapped in an unknown basement and forced to broadcast by Mee Maw, Phlemson interviews hip hop sensation Curt Alert.
7/13/201824 minutes, 11 seconds
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414 - Always Late with Burt Curtins

Phlemson and Curtis Curtins host a fun drive to save the show.
5/6/201846 minutes, 11 seconds