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English, Education, 1 season, 13 episodes, 3 hours, 31 minutes
Alpha Status is a movement, not a brand. It’s a burning desire to change for the better. My mission statement is to live a great life and set the example along the way. We focus on the core 4 essentials to a great life in Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness!
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Who are you not to be great?

The question is not “why me?”....the question is “why not me?”. The most practical tip in the world I could give you is to improve your mindset. You could know all the skills in the world but without the right mindset you’ll never truly achieve your goals.
10/15/20195 minutes, 7 seconds
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How you do anything is how you do everything 🅰️🤘🏽

In life recently I found that giving less than 100% in one area of life was leaking over into every area which brought me to this quote. So the question of the day is health, wealth, love, and happiness in your life which area are you giving less than 100%? Is giving less than 100% becoming a habit for you in every area and how can you start to improve today!?
10/14/201912 minutes, 10 seconds
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My review of the book "Be the Man" by Garret White, how to set goals, and the code of the Warriors Way

In this episode I teach you everything I have learned from Garret White. He is the man responsible for my daily green smoothie as well as the daily text I send out to all my family members. He's running a great deal on his book "Be the Man" right now and I would definitely go grab that! He is a consultant/life coach for thousands of men all over the world including big time CEO's. He is one of my favorite mentors to listen to. Go check that out now!!
8/26/201914 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 2 Why do I care about my health so much? Where I'm at now and how I got started!!

Its Workout Wednesday so today I want to focus in on health and why its so important in order for you to live the life of your dreams. Im honest about where I am now and where I want to take it! I give some advice on Workout programs that I follow for beginners! Alpha changing the world one person at a time. Make that person you today and go out there and take care of your body! Don't just do it for it for your family and friends as well. Today I encourage you to lead the way and be the boss you were meant to be! Lets get it. P.S. Sorry about the cussing, its minimal but it is there :)
8/21/201914 minutes, 28 seconds
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First Ever Recorded Podcast!

Heeeeeeeey go check out my youtube now!!! Or not, whatever. Got a really cool mic in and some bomb lighting and I have no discipline but today I did make my first ever Youtube recorded podcast. So I just want to show you how we're going to be doing things going forward! HEY! Remember this, Alpha Status is a movement, not a brand. Its a burning desire to change for the better, and my job is not to be job is to document my journey on how I can continue to get better!
8/21/20195 minutes, 18 seconds
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Guess who’s back? 😈🅰️

Guess who’s mother****** back!! In today’s episode I tell you why I haven’t done a podcast in what seems like forever, I open up about how it’s hard for me to teach and train something when I’m not perfect and I explain how I’m trying to handle that better going forward! Alpha Status is a movement, not a brand! It’s a burning desire to change for the better. It’s bigger than me, because I ain’t shit....yet! I hope this message resonates with you today and as always, keep it all the way Alpha and do whatever it is you want to do in life today! Let’s get it!
8/20/201912 minutes, 38 seconds
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Did I really gain muscle like an Alpha in the month of June?? My honest assessment of the month

In today’s daily episode I give you my health target for June and why I didn’t hit my target! However, I give you the reasons why I’m really happy with what I did achieve in the process. I give you an honest assessment of my month of June, and I get really direct with you and tell you about your beta bitch “excuses” you’re making up for not getting healthier every month. At one point in time, I was the biggest Beta of all. The feeling you have to be a better family member, healthier, wealthier, and a stronger love life....that feeling is Alpha Status.
7/1/20199 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Start of the Daily Episode, setting up your Targets/goals for July, and planning my days out

In episode 6 of Alpha Status podcast I begin my daily episode. After taking one week off from making an episode I realized focusing on editing is nowhere near as important as putting out the raw content. After getting numerous messages I’ve decided to start a Daily episode, a practical thought of the day to bring more awareness into your life. Alpha status is a movement, not a brand. It’s a burning desire to change for the better.
6/30/20194 minutes, 55 seconds
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Love and Henny, Special guest Randy Watson, and how to win in Love in the Alpha game of Life

In episode 5 of Alpha Status podcast I sit down with my brother Randy Watson (Tjay) and discuss the topic of Love in the Alpha game of life. As we take shots of Henny Tjay gives you the story of his past relationship, the excitement for his newborn son, and he gives a touching outro for his girlfriend Gabby. We discuss core foundations in the area of love which are: Loving yourself first, being spontaneous in your relationship, and COMMUNICATION! We also give you a sneak peek of what our current social circle is like and why we are so passionate about the people we surround our self with! Alpha Status is a movement, not a brand. It is a burning desire to change for the better. 
6/24/201938 minutes, 16 seconds
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My mom’s addiction to crack, why it set me up to be the man I am & making my mess my message.

In episode 4 of Alpha Status podcast I break down the crazy story of my childhood, and how all that helped me find my purpose in life. I give you the take of my mom being addicted to crack, the night I got abandoned at the age of 14, and using your mess as a child to help you figure out your purpose in life. Alpha status is a movement, not a brand. It’s a burning desire to change for the better. My mission statement in life is to live a great life in health, wealth, love and happiness and set the example along the way!
6/23/201923 minutes, 12 seconds
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Special guest Jezuz Mancha, Hear me get pissed, & why you have a different target than your family

In this episode of Alpha podcast I have a special guest Jezuz Mancha. In this episode I get pissed and start cussing in Spanish. Jezuz and I break down why you have a different target than your friends and family, why their opinion doesn’t matter, and why it’s important to wear your heart on your sleeve. In the Alpha game of life you must break out of patterns, and you must relate to people. In the core 4, this is considered the Love section.
6/18/201919 minutes, 50 seconds
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How I did a great woman wrong, becoming a dad,& why not knowing my purpose ruined every relationship

In this episode of Alpha Podcast I give you the backdrop story of my past 2 relationships, detailing how not knowing my purpose in life ruined every relationship I was in. I give you the story of how I did a great woman wrong, my reaction to becoming a dad, the intense night of the miscarriage and what I learned about happiness and love from these lessons. No holding back, I give you all my mistakes. In health, wealth, love, and happiness you must be able to lead a great love life, and that all stems from leading a life with purpose.
6/14/201929 minutes, 51 seconds
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The origin of Alpha Status, the crazy story of how I got stabbed, and the Alpha Status Mission

In this very first episode of Alpha Status podcast I break down the origin story. You should never follow someone who hasn’t gone through anything in life. I tell you the story behind my stabbing, the origin of how Alpha Status started and the Alpha Status mission going forward! Welcome to Alpha Talk!!
6/11/201920 minutes, 54 seconds