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English, Comedy, 4 seasons, 272 episodes, 20 hours, 48 minutes
Alpha Blokes is brought to you by a couple of mates who love all things outdoors, sinking tins, cooking up a storm, talking sh!t and having a laugh. Tommy and Cam are coming in hot to promote having a crack and build a community that loves life, deleting Headnoise one laugh at a time. Jump on board and listen to the lads talk to different blokes (and a few non blokes) about their stories. Whether it be starting a new business, overcoming adversity or just a ripper tale that deserves being told. Hosted on Acast. See ( for more information.
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Ep. 220 - Walnuts and Sore Nuts

It's the final week of work at Alpha Blokes HQ and the boys are holding on tight in preparation to tackle the blur. We run through our plan for holidays over the break and recap our eventful weekends, including a visit from a local CQ Santa. Cooking with Daddy dabbles in the beer can Chicken game followed by some proper wild news stories that make us ponder mortality. Some ripper motivation to think about before starting the new year topped off with some platinum carry on's, with the final one honouring Tato's first birthday. Enjoy legends!Bought to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: - Intro6:54 - Weekends34:01 - Cooking with Daddy42:53 - Alpha News1:07:53 - Motivation1:17:07 - Carry On's & Tato's 1st Birthday Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
12/11/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 38 seconds
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Ep. 203 - Down The Flats feat. Skidpig

Fishing, crabbing, hunting and camping content creator James Macdonald AKA Skidpig joins us for recap about our three day camping adventure together. The boys have been up to all sorts during their weekend, including pig hunting, firing up the tinnies and even some Cooking with Daddy camping edition. Including a 14 km hike in the trenches, Cambodian getting into his work with a boombox and a flick of the yabbies, this episode covers one of the most action packed weekends we've had in a while. Enjoy legends!Check out Skidpig on Youtube here: to you by Better Beer Zero Carb: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/23/20231 hour, 28 minutes, 46 seconds