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All Access with Azra & Aisha

English, Social, 1 seasons, 43 episodes, 1 day 7 hours 11 minutes
IT'S HERE!! All the access you've been waiting for! Join us, Azra and Aisha as we sit down every week to chat all things Mian Twins. How did we get started? What the heck is next for us? And most importantly, we will share ALL the tea you guys have been dying to know!! We'll be talking to some of your favs like Nate Wyatt, Markell, Kelianne, and some times just us, catching up on sister stuff. This podcast touches on all the things that we never really get to share like mental health struggles, navigating this newfound life in LA, our parents expectations, chasing goals, and so so much more. We're thrilled to share a closer All Access look with all of you!!!
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Introducing: All Access with Azra & Aisha

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08/02/20222 minutes