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Agla Station Adulthood with Rytasha & Ayushi

English, Personal stories, 2 seasons, 102 episodes, 3 days 18 hours 11 minutes
On Agla Station Adulthood, best friends Rytasha Rathore and Ayushi Amin ride through the various stations of life. Whether you're in your mid-twenties, just entering them, or about to cross into the next decade, there seem to be a bunch of issues that we're all going through. After all, nobody is perfect. We've had first jobs, second jobs, we've blown our paychecks, and invested a little too. Half of us even moved into our own place. We swiped right, we swiped left, we've loved, we've been left and we loved again. Basically, we've done a lot of things, but we're not experts at anything. Rytasha and Ayushi have learnt a few things along the way which they're happy to share with you.
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Own Who You Are ft. Sikandar Kher, Actor

It's not every day that we come across a 40-year-old who doesn't talk in philosophy or sugar-coats his words, but says it like it is. In this episode, just before we hit a century, we spoke to one of the ultimate adults- Sikandar Kher. We ask him for life advice and he doesn't complicate it but explains his POVs to us in the best way possible, and no wonder he is our favorite. We talk about life in the 30s and 40s, living with parents, finding a partner, excelling in our careers, failures, and rejections, and much more. This one's insightful and heartfelt so make sure you tune in!You can follow Sikandar on Instagram ( promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:<a href="
13/01/20221 hour 14 minutes 15 seconds
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Thirty & Thriving ft. Priyam Saha- Writer, Comic

We're all guilty of wanting to 'live it up in the city' and have almost always referred to flawed representations of the same in films. Our fellow adult today did the same- inspired by 'Wake Up Sid', and life in general, moved to Mumbai when she was just 20. Today, 10 years on, she reflects on the time gone by and is super proud of it! It's Priyam Saha- writer, actor, comic, creative personnel in media, and goddess. She tells us about life in the big city, how great being Thirty feels, staying alone through the lockdowns, the goddess hour and its motto, and having multiple sources of income. So just get a pen and paper coz this one has multiple hacks to joyous adulting!You can find her on Instagram @priyamsahaCatch Rytasha on Priyam's podcast- <a href="" target="_b
06/01/20221 hour 1 minute 29 seconds
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Strangers to Friends and Vice Versa ft. Marissa Meizz, Curator, No More Lonely Friends

She went viral in the big city of New York a few months back and people knew her as the 'one with no friends'. And she managed to turn that around into a community of people who come together for friendship and make sure no one is lonely again. In this episode, Rytasha &amp; Ayushi are joined by Marissa Meizz, a 24-year-old, baby adult livin' it up in NYC. We discuss all things friendship- the concept of 'BFFs', pandemic loneliness, the evolution of a friendship with age, how are they at age 20 as compared to age 50, toxicity and serendipity, and so much more. She also tells us the story behind @nomorelonelyfriends- a community that meets up across cities and indulges in friendship. Check it out on Instagram @nomorelonelyfriends&nbsp;or on the Website ( <a href="@https://www.i
23/12/202156 minutes 37 seconds
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Leading with Empathy ft. Nikhil Taneja, Co - Founder & CEO, Yuvaa

The world might be moving towards Robots, AI, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse and what not. But at the end of the day, we are all human- flesh, blood and a plethora of emotions in a complicated universe of communication where the mask of technology isn't sustainable. What is that one superpower that helps protect everyone's heart? It's empathy. To respect your own shoes, and sometimes stepping into that of others' to understand their situation, and accordingly move forward. If there is someone who has really been at the core of understanding empathy &amp; kindness; and lead with it- we know it's none other than Nikhil Taneja. Presently the co-founder &amp; CEO of Yuvaa- a socially conscious youth media, data insights, and community engagement organization that aims to empower young Indians. Before this, he has had his fair share of hits and misses at MTV &amp; YRF where he produced online content like the film 'Sunsilk Real FM' &amp; the mini-series 'Man's World' and
02/12/20211 hour 17 minutes 55 seconds
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Mini Episode: Mix & Match ft. Priyanka & Tanisha, Co-Founders, Not So Arranged

Meeting the perfect partner is something most of us wish for. We sign up on matrimonial websites, or dating apps; hope to find love at hopeless places and what not. Here is a carefully curated matching platform that uses a compatibility test designed by psychologists, a verification process to keep the creeps away, and a plan that takes into consideration your expectations, likes and dislikes. Rytasha and Ayushi are joined by Tanisha Kanani &amp; Priyanka Ghura who co-founded 'Not So Arranged' where they help like minded, compatible individuals connect and see if they can build a future together. They discuss the cons of matrimonial websites and dating apps, the gaps in the dating process, how their program is more evolved and scientific. Further, they also discuss their personal experiences, good and bad date instances from the existing clientele, the process of the program, and much more. You can find Not So Arranged on their Webs
25/11/202133 minutes 38 seconds
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Citizen of the World ft. Pallavi Aiyar, Journalist

How is the life on someone who hasn't let the idea of settling down deter their aspirations and has just gone with the flow only to have had rich experiences? We often overthink things and fear consequences, and as a result miss out on opportunities while our guest today encourages us to take risks and invite moments of serendipity instead. She is Pallavi Aiyar, a journalist, independent international correspondent, author of multiple books, and truly a world citizen having lived across Delhi, Jakarta, China, Japan, and Spain to name a few. Also a doting mom to two adorable boys, she takes us through her journey across continents and adulting. We talk adulthood, Motherhood, India's situation at the moment and how as young folks we can lead better lives and support the nation's progress.So just really listen in, and let go of that fear, try that thing you've been putting off and let good stuff come your way!You can catch Pallavi Ai
11/11/20211 hour 10 minutes 52 seconds
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4 Decades Young ft. Ekta Rajani, Fashion Stylist

We all agree, it's not the best time to be an adult. There is confusion, gloom, bitterness, disappointment and what not. But there has always been, and will always be, Hope. Older adults swear by that. And we will experience and eventually live to tell the tale. And pass it on to the younger folks as well. To give us hope, wisdom, and useful tips to beat the adulthood blues is Ekta Rajani, a stylist, practitioner of sustainable fashion and a functional adult who has experienced more than 4 decades and is here to share her learnings with all of us. So sit back, gather all your worries, dump them and replace them with affirmations. Find Ekta on Instagram as @ekstersWe promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our h
04/11/20211 hour 9 minutes 22 seconds
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Skin Care ft. Dr. Punit Saraogi, Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatologist & Trichologist

The largest organ in the human body gets the least attention usually. It is subtly affected by so many factors of our lifestyle- stress, food, environment, to name a few. But it also can be maintained and kept healthy by some very basic habits and routines. So to talk about it, we have on board, Dr. Punit Saraogi from Everything Skin and Hair clinic. He is a Clinical &amp; Cosmetic Dermatologist &amp; Trichologist, completed his medical education from some of the best Colleges - MBBS from Seth G S Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai followed by his MDfrom TN Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai between the years 2000 - 2010.&nbsp;Some topics we discuss:-Basic and Advanced skincare-Why is Sunscreen your bestie-How does smoking affect the skin-Lifestyle and skin-Skin care = Self Love-No Nasties products- yay or nay?-Hair Care-Men's sk
28/10/20211 hour 7 minutes 8 seconds
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Be Your Own Boss ft. Ananya Mehta, Co - Founder, Urban Mom

Our Bestie Ananya Mehta, an entrepreneur who runs a successful business of healthy, great quality home made nut butters and more- and that to with her mom- joins us on the pod today. She tells us about the business, the journey towards entrepreneurship, which is never easy btw. One is not born a boss but when you believe in yourself and take a stand, is when that part of the brain lights up. And running a business is no easy feat either, especially when your co-boss is your own mother! Sharing all this along with some crispy nuggets of adulthood, is another sweet fellow adult. So get some snacks, have a listen to the show, and now that you've chosen good food for soul, might as well choose some good food for the body as well and check out urban moms at their website and <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener norefer
21/10/20211 hour 16 minutes 58 seconds
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Girl Talk ft. Dr. Sakina Radiowala, Gynaecologist

Constantly bombared by 'biological clock' statements because you aren't married or planning motherhood? Period cycle not following the monthly map and just roaming around the calendar? Sexually active with protection still worried about STIs? In a love-hate relationship with your breasts? Welcome to Womanhood and that 'ripe' age where you are expected to behave like a lady but your lady parts often are truant because, life. We, as usual, got you covered! Introducing your friendly neighbourhood Gynaecologist Dr. Sakina Radiowala who addresses our tensions about 'what's up down there' with her detailed but chewable explanations. She was also kind enough to answer the AMA questions from the post Rytasha put out on her IG. So sit back, relax, take notes if you have to, and after listening, make sure to spend some me time and check for your health. We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: <a
14/10/20211 hour 23 minutes 45 seconds
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Appreciating Silence

Most of us dread sitting alone with our thoughts. Like the day Whatsapp, Facebook &amp; Instagram were down, we immediately switched to Twitter/ YouTube, or downloaded Hike/ Telegram; but refused to sit alone keeping that phone aside. We always have music/radio/podcast on while going about our mundane activities and the only silence we know is when we are about to sleep, or during a rare solo trip to the beach/mountains. And the silence there almost always overwhelms us. Why is it so? Shouldn't we appreciate and dedicate time for a few moments of silence and solace where we just be, everyday?In this episode, we discuss the hazards of chaos, constant stimuli coming our way, over socialization and too many things wanting our attention. And we take the moment to appreciate the quiet places and moments of life..So shut the khidki-darwaze, sit in peace, we'll give you company and then just switch off and sit with yourself and your tanhayee. Thank us later!<
07/10/202142 minutes 53 seconds
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A Head Full of Decisions

A month is substantial growth especially while you're adulting. And we definitely had a substantial September and are back on the pod with loads to unload and discuss. Today, we talk about how decision making- from little things like what to wear and eat, to the big stuff like moving back home after having lived away and whether to have kids or not- is such a humongous task that it does take up maximum mind space; and to organise thoughts so as to see a clear picture and take better decisions is what growth and learning is all about. We really do pour our hearts out in this one and hope to resonate with you, and offer solidarity because yes, adulting is hard! So just take a little break from all the heavy lifting and have a listen to the episode, a little empathy for our fellow comrades on the journey to adulthood. We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to
30/09/202139 minutes 20 seconds
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Laws & Flaws ft. Poulomi Pavini Shukla, Lawyer, Supreme Court of India.

We hear of babies being dumped in garbage, being left on the streets, abandoned in hospitals. Ever wondered what happens to them? The risk that these little lives have- of being contracted with diseases, of being left to die, of being adopted by persons for illegal activities- rarely is anyone fortunate to fall in safe hands that secure their future. The orphans of India- some who live in orphanages while some we come across on the streets either begging or selling stuff. Championing for the cause of these innocent children is Poulomi Pavini Shukla, a lawyer, writer, and humanitarian who is passionate about the plight of India's orphans. She is a Wharton School alumna who is also interested in economic theory research and is a close observer of court proceedings in the fields of policy formulation and judicial activism. She frequently finds herself drawn towards writing, reading, and travelling when she has free time that is not consumed with social causes. Her
09/09/20211 hour 4 minutes 59 seconds
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Left Right Left ft. Jalasmi Hathi, Our Producer - IVM Podcasts

It's 2021 and just like a lot of our life is governed by algorithms, so is Love. And by that we mean dating apps. While we are not zooming or scrolling miles on Instagram, an occasional break is that of swiping left and right to the various apps in the hope that we might just find our prince charming and all will be rosy again. But alas, that is not always the case. It does come with it's fair share of side effects, pet peeves, and funny incidents- which is what we are going to discuss on the episode today. Joining us is our current producer, Jalasmi, the 'mumma' of the show (she says this show is her baby so..). She has been in the scene for a while and has stuff to share. Moderated by Ayushi, this session is all about experiences, deal breakers, protocols and etiquettes, likes and dislikes, and just a general focus group discussion around the world of dating apps. So tune in, and while you listen to us, let your hands do the swipi
26/08/20211 hour 5 minutes 4 seconds
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Rakhi Special with the Fit Siblings ft. Kunal & Shivani Rajput

We encourage all things good and healthy, and fitness is one of the main ingredients to a great adulthood experience. And to celebrate fitness and Rakhi, we invited our monster trainer Kunal Rajput and his sibling, a baby adult but so self-aware, Shivani Rajput. Kunal is a certified fitness coach and a Nike ambassador from India while Shivani runs a Digital Marketing Agency. They work together on an online fitness initiative called Unlock. They discuss fitness, siblinghood, adulting journeys, life in the pandemic and much more in this fun episode. So make a coffee for you and your sibling (just this one time), and together tune in for a fun, relatable and thoughtful session!Find Kunal on Instagram @subtlestrength Shivani is <a href="" target="_blank"
19/08/20211 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds
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S2 E35: The future is Organic ft. Siddharth Sanghai, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Fresh India Organics

Organic is not a fad. It is a scientific way of growing food in the most healthy, sustainable way. These techniques are similar to what our grandparents and the generation before them always employed to grow their crops, now with a dash of Science and Technology. To explore more, we invited Siddharth Sanghai of Fresh India Organics who tells us the benefits of switching to Organic, the numerous stages of checks that ensure genuineness of products, how much time, money and hard work is invested, and his journey into the business. Find Fresh India Organics:Website | Facebook | InstagramWe promise to incorporate your t
12/08/202151 minutes 18 seconds
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S02 E34: Armed & Ready ft. Tanushree Podder, Author

Ever wondered how is life in the Army? Imagine a young adult thrown into the strict, disciplined and tedious routine of the army. Dealing with adults who seem evil, with exercises that make you exhausted, where thinking about luxury is luxury, and the only goal to attain is to be an officer and serve the country. And ever thought about the life of an army wife?Living in places unheard of, with almost no social life, with a constant worry of your spouse's well being, and raising kids in such an environment? We are in conversation with Tanushree Podder- a writer and story teller at heart with multiple novels to her credit. An HR Person turned author, married to an army person, and now based in Pune. Live the fascinating Army life vicariously via this engaging chat, learn about her books and so many important lessons on adulting! So sit back with some coffee and curiosity, you're sure to be a better person at the end of this ep
05/08/202151 minutes 40 seconds
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S02 Ep33: Pets, Plants and Unconditional Love ft. Natashja Rathore

A very special kind of love, that not everyone has the access, or the affinity to, is the love that pets give us. They can't talk but communicate so effectively, they can't think but make us so thoughtful, they aren't educated but teach us so many valuable life lessons. And pets are family, pets are children- the most beloved and naughtiest kind. They add a unique flavour to life and make it all the more meaningful. And today, we have Natashja joining us to talk about the apple of our eye, Billaroo- our beautiful black Persian cat who recently passed away. She talks about finding her, training her, learning from her, and how she was definitely a guardian angel who made her a better person. Not to forget, we also talk about plants- the home ones and the wild ones, a visual treat so often either coexisting amidst the concrete chaos or stuck in a pot. Don't we all love nature, the soothing green colour, and the joy of flower colours and birds!<br
29/07/202151 minutes 38 seconds
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S02 E32: A Real Adult ft. Viraj Ghelani, Content Creator

Agla Station Adulthood presents the real, relatable adult, Gujarati represent, from the lanes of SoBo (South Borivali) and Instagram- Viraj Ghelani!Tune in to know the man behind the reels, his story, his passion, his journey until now. From being an engineering student to leaving it to follow his passion, having seen financially good and bad days, managing content creation in the pandemic, life as an adult in the company of desi parents, working with his Nani, thoughts on love, dealing with body shaming and cancel culture, and much more. A brutally honest, candid chat with our beloved guy next door that will just make you say, he's precious.Follow Viraj on Instagram @viraj_ghelaniHis YouTube @That's
22/07/20211 hour 25 minutes 24 seconds
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S02 E31: What you doin'? Where you at?

We also cannot believe that we are halfway through the year already! And the way it's ZOOMING past, we'll be in 2050 in no time!But today, let's slow down and smell the roses, introspect, catch up. How are you'll doing? Have your offices begun? Is everyone vaccinated? Welcome to our mid-year check in where we discuss life in general, tell you about what's up with us and discuss stuff we are looking forward to. Tune in for some insights, some fun conversation, some gossip, and some thoughts that we all have considering the pandemic is still raging and we are tossing and turning on our seats just waiting to get back to a life we knew a few months back.We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You c
08/07/202144 minutes 34 seconds
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S02 E30: Madhur Vaani ft. Nisa Shetty, Singer & Songwriter

Among the list of things that we turn to when we are spiralling, music is the most dependable. While for most of us it is a gift, some of them are gifted. Gifted with the ability to create new music and help us get through life. One such person is our dear friend, singer-songwriter, Nisa Shetty. She talks to us about her journey in the world of music, navigating a tough independent music scene in India, her cool grandparents who are ace theatre artists and have hung out with the likes of The Beetles, her tryst with adulthood, and her lovely new single called 'Six in the Morning'. So get your earphones, listen to this chat, add her music to your playlist and her awesomeness to your social media. Hail Music!Find Nisa on social media: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener norefe
01/07/202148 minutes 58 seconds
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S02 E29: Father's day special Part 2 Ft. Mr Siddharth Raman Amin

When in distress, we might scream for mom but when it comes to rescuing, we always reach out to our fathers. They are this safe space, their presence feels secure, and everything seems solvable when they are around. But at the same time, we are slightly scared of them as well, we try to avoid upsetting them and their anger makes us tear up. But that's how dads are everywhere. And they just make the world so much better. On this station, Ayushi's dad, Mr. Siddharth Raman Amin joins the train to Adulthood and they discuss professional lives as the father-daughter duo also have a boss-employee equation. How has it been at work, how do they balance home and office; and Mr. Siddharth shares some really helpful insights on career, youth's different approach to things, how life gives us multiple options, and how we as a generation can do so much better. He also sheds some light on how being a dad is a responsibility and a joyful part of life; and shared some of his adv
24/06/20211 hour 12 minutes 1 second
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S02 E28: Father's day special Part 1 Ft. Dr. Vipul Roy Rathod

When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart conversation with your father? You sat him down and asked questions upfront only to receive pearls of wisdom and some hard-hitting facts on life? A conversation that left you a better person, in awe of your dear dad, and so so glad you did that! That's what Rytasha did this week on a gloomy Tuesday morning and the result is here for you- a relatable episode full of takeaways and comfort. At this station, Rytasha caught up with her dad- Dr. Vipul Roy Rathod- a Gastroenterologist &amp; Director at The World Gastroenterology Institute Mumbai India. So, get your dad along, tune in, give sarcastic looks when one of you is put in the spot and make sure you sit him down later and have such a talk that will leave you a better person as well. We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected]
17/06/202159 minutes 32 seconds
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S02 E27: Sustainable Menstruation ft. Kathy & Jessamijn, Eco Femme

We buy it, we use it, and we wrap it in a piece of paper and let it go. What happens next? What happens is that it rests in a landfill beyond us and our future generations ignoring the earth's requests to just decompose and move on. The pads. Layered with perfume and plastic. This World Environment Day 2021, we feel it is a good time to reconsider your choices, give a thought to Mother Earth and make that much-awaited switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly products. To help us out, we invited Kathy &amp; Jessamijn from Eco Femme, a social enterprise based out of Auroville in Pondicherry. They specialize in cloth pads and have been revolutionizing the period scene with their minimal waste cloth pads that come in various sizes.We discuss periods, our leakage stories, the issue of plastic and wastage, the yuckiness and earthiness of blood, and a sense of solidarity that menstruators share. You can check out the E
10/06/202159 minutes 32 seconds
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S02 E26: Self Love & Self Branding ft. Dr Falguni Vasavada

One of the biggest antagonists of our life is Patriarchy- a toxic philosophy that has governed so much of our existence. From simple things like not wearing shorts and exposing those sexy legs, to being pulled out of school for getting periods, the spectrum is huge and we all fit in somewhere or the other. And as a generation, we try to defy but there is always a side of guilt that never goes away. To talk about all this, we had Dr. Falguni Vasavada, someone who has been through it and has successfully empowered herself; and now passes on the learning to numerous other women. She is a professor at MICA, an advertising and branding consultant to businesses, an Instagram celebrity, a national-level Garba player, and above all the role model we all want to have. She talks to us about the realizations she has had through the years, how toxic conditioning needs to be caught early and unlearned, how to tap into the confidence you already have and dust off the layers of what
03/06/20211 hour 4 minutes 40 seconds
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S02 E25: The Successful Adult Ft. Naveen Richard

It's the silver jubilee episode for us and we decided to invite a more successful adult on the show! And who better than a wise Uncle Francis, a concerned Pankaz and an absolute star boy who taught us the use of 'da' &amp; 'macha'- Naveen Richard!!!Join us as we talk to him about the fruits grown in his hometown in Kerala and life there, his lockdown musings, dealing with success &amp; failure, life as a content creator, a deep dive into faith and god, and all the hilarious BTS around Better Life Foundation, Star Boyz, &amp; Pushpavalli. Naveen can be found on Instagram as @naveenrichard &amp; on Twitter as @NaveenRichardWe promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: IVM P
27/05/20211 hour 15 minutes 34 seconds
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S02 E24: Crying over Crypto Ft. Aaryaman Vir & Rahul Sanghi

If hearing the words Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, NFTs, mining, nodes, make you sweat while nervously looking around if someone notices you don't know what they mean - then this is the episode for you.From newspapers to social media, this stuff is fast becoming something you need to know about. Governments are trying to regulate it, businessmen don't understand it and the kids are running it, so you need to understand what this digital gold rush is all about. Joining us this week are Aaryaman Vir (Investor and Fintech Writer) and Rahul Sanghi (Fintech Lead at Visa)! Listen in as they demystify what this currency is all about. Watch as they break down crypto (while we break down trying to process it all) from its origin and usage to its challenges and potential. This episode aimed to remove the fear around the jargon and educate ourselves about this elegant new financial system. So grab a notebook cause you're gonna need it! And if
20/05/20211 hour 31 minutes 38 seconds
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S02 E23: MOM=WOW (Part 2) ft. Purnima Rathod

Once a woman attains motherhood, she is revered by society. That becomes her principal role in life. But we rarely acknowledge the woman behind the layer. She could have been so many other things- a sister, a daughter, an artist, a friend, a buddy, a lover. But when she becomes a mom, there is no going back. At least not until the kids grow up, which is a long time. Sometime into the pod, Purnima aunty, Rytasha' mom and our guest for the pod, talks about how both her daughters have now grown up, built their individual lives and this is her time for herself where she can be found reading, cooking, pursuing a hobby, making the time for all that she might have left behind the day she held her child in her arms. And we say, you go girl! Along the way, they do talk about stuff that will make us thoughtful. She is someone who grew up in Singapore and got married into a small town in India. How many of us will choose to do this? She had a flying career but prioritiz
13/05/20211 hour 2 minutes 7 seconds
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S02 E22: MOM=WOW (Part 1) Ft. Neha Amin

Most of us are at an age when our moms had already given birth to us/our older sibling. They were married, had taken on the responsibilities of running a house, were managing ties with people from 2 families, and a lot of them were juggling a job as well. They had, maybe, lost touch with hobbies, friends, careers, lovers; had kissed goodbye to a lot of dreams as well. But that did not deter them from giving their best to the responsibilities at hand. They brought us up with utmost love and care and gave fire to our aspirations, made sure we get the best of everything. It's because of their unconditional support, we have it a lot easy in life. Some of us live with them and it's a bittersweet time, some of us live away and there is not one day that we don't miss them, some of us don't have good ties with them and are coping with it, learning to be strong; and some of us look up at the sky each time something important happens and quietly send out a lot of love. <div
06/05/20211 hour 2 minutes 26 seconds
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S02 E21: Embrace your Embarrassments

Honestly, we just needed a laugh and thought you’d like one too. We’re sharing our top embarrassing moments in the desperate hope that it makes you cackle/giggle/smile/smush your face into a pillow cause you’ve felt the exact same way.Tune in for a fun episode which we hope makes all of us smile and then when you try to sleep at night, your personal memories haunt you as you laugh through them as well followed by some sweet sweet slumber. We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS: https://ivm.t
29/04/202141 minutes 13 seconds
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S02 E20: Juggling 'Work' & 'Life'

Work and Life locked in the houseTo stay safe and operate remotelyLife fell down, losing its balanceAnd work went tumbling shortly. Major relate? Us too!Terms like Work-Life Balance are casually thrown around in the present times and yes, there are multiple studies that show how it has gone for a toss but is it so? In a time when work can be office work, household work, or pursuing a hobby while Life could mean sleeping, browsing, surfing, socialising, relationships, and what not- do these studies take the non-ideal millennial life into account or are still stuck in the 9-5 era? If it is the latter, isn't it a fallacy on our part to stress ourselves out with the thought of a sense of imbalance?If you thought this episode was about two young women complaining about how work is too much, zoom fatigue, additional chores, bad internet, etc. then yes! you are right but only partially. Rytasha &amp; Ayushi
22/04/202150 minutes 2 seconds
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S02 E19: Sexual Wellness Ft. Anushka & Sahil Gupta

This episode, we address a very important aspect which is Sexual Wellness. Everyone talks about sex but what about pleasure, comfort, foreplay, creating an ambience, and hygiene? India saw a huge rise in the sale of sex toys and intimate products like lubes and oils, in the lockdown. Clearly, people are exploring this side as well. And as a country of 1.2 Billion people, we should not shy away from talking about it!To add more to this conversation, We had Anushka &amp; Sahil Gupta- couple and founders of a bedroom essentials brand called MyMuse. They shared highlights from the research done for the company, the products they have curated, the importance of sexual wellness, how and why it can be a healing and good experience and doesn't deserve to be taboo, and some fun young chatter overall! So singles and couples, do tune in for some positivity :)You can check out MyMuse at <a href="https://www.instagr
15/04/20211 hour 59 seconds
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S02 E18: Fantasizing about life post Covid

The last year felt like those few minutes after a nap that was aimed to be quick but lasted fashionably longer than we thought- unproductive and clueless and panicky. And this year feels like we badly need a nap but are avoiding it, dreading those post-nap feelings. In both cases, we are miserable and helpless. Take a break from all of this, close your eyes and just imagine- life. post. Covid. Not like the second half of 2020 with half-assed freedom, but like, maybe 2019, but better.You have finally activated that travel Whatsapp group and are packing to go on a trip, your pretty dresses can finally see the light of the day when you wear them for that date you've been planning with the cute guy you met online or when it's a Friday night out with friends at a cool resto-bar and you can't wait for the DJ to play Bollywood, you can take the fast train to town and stand by the window letting the breeze serenade you, you can move on from the elbow touching and just go and embrace
08/04/202158 minutes 34 seconds
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S02 E17: Stuck in Second Gear

Last year, life gave us a lockdown and we made memes, music, art, cakes and Dalgona coffee out of it. And now that another lockdown is staring at us, we'd rather make ourselves the regular chai/coffee and sit back and relax because no, we have no energy or creativity left. Relate to it? Then this episode is for you.And there comes a time in life, lockdown or no lockdown, when you feel this way. When everything is blase, uncertain and you are directionless. It could be your job, a relationship, or a series of bad days that have become life. What do you do? Cry, yes. Take a break, absolutely! Talk to a friend? Best. And sometimes just give up, leave it to the universe and get on with life? Maybe, yes.In this episode, Ayushi &amp; Rytasha are in the same boat as us. And the boat has lost way and is on the route to Suez Canal. And guess what?! Ever Given is stranded there and so are we. Hopefully, the ship has refloated. And the boats stuck in traffic have started moving.
01/04/202138 minutes 9 seconds
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S02 E16: Life in Rhyming Scheme Ft. Rabia Kapoor

Gone are the days of heavy words and melancholy filled Shakespeare poetry. It's the time of relatability and rebellion. Poetry in the present day and age, for us millennials, is a way of expression. A lot of us are independent, often lonely, facing an identity crisis, and are still getting used to life as an adult. Many times, the emotions faced are inexpressible in regular conversation but when weaved into poetry, it is our version of putting things out in the world in a way that our heart is on our sleeve and poured out, we are relatable and at the same time, it is not too much personal information going out.It was World Poetry Day on 21st March and to mark that, we invited fellow millennial and 'baby adult' Rabia Kapoor- she is a spoken word poet, a writer, an editor of a magazine named 'Spacebar' and freshly back in the city from London where she
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S02 E15: Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumaar

It takes just that one person to make or break the day, their sight like a beautiful sunset, bringing so much joy in the heart and a swarm of butterflies in the gut. Every romantic song is strongly felt and emotions overflow like never before. The day is consumed in their thoughts and often we find ourselves looking somewhere faraway grinning like an idiot. All of these are symptoms of having a crush in life and we can't deny that it is the best feeling ever! Sometimes a crush might like us back and that can lead to a road less travelled but mostly that never happens, often the heart is left crushed but still, that phase becomes positively etched in memory.Rytasha &amp; Ayushi become teenagers for a while as they get nostalgic about their time in school and college, and the times someone made their hearts flutter and eventually crush it (or not, that's something we find out in the episode). Tune in for a trip down the old lanes and times insane.We promise to incorporate y
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S02 E14: Ladies' Special ft. the Joshi Sisters

If we're done celebrating women's day via the multiple trends and campaigns that told us exactly what Bruno Mars has been trying to say since the last decade- that we are amazing, just the way we are!', let's do a little real talk about what it means to be a 'woman' in the apparently progressive 2020 and beyond.We've invited the most real/reel and relevant women on the internet and irl- the amazing Joshi Sisters! The entire hour felt like one of those "pajama nights, talking about life while eating Maggi" where we spoke our hearts out about everything ranging from cancel culture on the internet and trolls, to honest confessions about expressing emotions, sisterhood and even babies.So ladies! (and everybody else) get into those comfortable pyjamas, put on that sheet mask you got as a treat for the special day, and tune in!You can find the Joshi sisters on Social Media:Follow Supriya Joshi aka Supaarwoman on Instagram &amp; Twitter: @supaarwoman<a href="ht
11/03/20211 hour 52 seconds
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S02 E13: Language: Carrier of Culture ft. Salomi Desai

In today's episode, Rytasha &amp; Ayushi are joined by their friend Salomi Desai who is a type &amp; graphic designer. In a diverse country like India, Salomi aims to create different fonts for the Devanagari scripts. The hosts talk with Salomi on her idea of creating a literary magazine for people to voice their opinions &amp; stories in more than just one font. A bilingual magazine, contributors are invited to write in both, English and Hindi.Tune into this episode, as we discuss how fonts &amp; accents play a huge role in language.Link to Salomi's magazine: anyone wants a digital copy of the magazine they can email Salomi at [email protected] orDM her on Instagram @salomidesai (<a href="http
18/02/202149 minutes 21 seconds
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S02 E12: Be Our Valentine

A dedicated day to celebrate the worthiest of all human emotions? Don't mind if we do! Don't worry though, you won't find any coo-ing or ooh-ing in this episode; all we're saying is, celebrating the people you love is important, kind and above all - SO DANG SWEET. Tune in for some love-ly chit chat, a little stop at heartbreak hotel and as always our everyday reminder about consent (also covered: contraceptives and cuddling).We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS: <a href="" target
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S02 E11: Kya Bolti (Re)Public

It's India's 72nd Republic Day; whether you're enjoying the day off, glued to the news or finding ways to make your day proudly Indian - it's a big day for the nation. But what does it mean to be a part of this nation? How are we to grapple with the daily onslaught of news, opinions and facts? Honestly, we don't have an exact answer for you - but we do know that being an adult means you have to be responsible to your community and in turn, country. How you choose to do it though? Well, listen in!We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: http
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S02 E10: Honey, Where’s My Money? ft. Gaurang Sanghvi

This week - we're talking money honey! But since we aren't exactly rolling in dough or would know what to do with it even if we were; we brought on Gaurang Sanghvi (Head Digital Business at DSP Mutual Fund) to give you the sane, logical and realistic advice we all need. First order of business, let's not shy away from talking about it! So listen in, we promise you it's worth it! TOP TIPS INCLUDED!To get top finance tips, do ask questions to Gaurang Sanghvi on Instagram: @askthatfinanceguy( promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayush
14/01/202152 minutes 36 seconds
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S02 E09: New Year, Relatively Same Us

It's a special birthday-New Year-first of 2021 episode! We needed to hibernate for the last two weeks, but we're back and so ready for the new year! While we'd love to say that things miraculously got better on January first and everything's fixed - we all know that's not how things go. We're talking goals instead of resolutions, building foundations for yourself instead of racing towards the end, we're talking kind and measured responses instead of quick witted and fiery. Tune in for Tash's birthday episode and the first of what will make a banging 2021!We promise to incorporate your thoughts &amp; queries. Do write to us on: [email protected] can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: <a href="https://ivm.t
07/01/202135 minutes 49 seconds
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S02 E08: Under Pressure

How we wish that dealing with pressure was as easy as hearing Freddie and David sing about it! But since its not, here's the episode to reassure you at that the pressure to get married, have children and make massive commitments is felt by all of us. We know exactly how it feels to be trapped in that pressure cooker waiting for the whistle to blow - but instead of panicking, we take a look at why this is our default setting, how we unburden ourselves, and most importantly, how we can stop pressuring those around us.We connected to this in a VERY real way - hope you do too!You can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS: https://ivm.
17/12/202044 minutes 1 second
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S02 E07: Just Mind(set) It

We started at X but somehow ended up at 100. But that just goes to show that the philosophy behind our "mindsets" is hardly linear - and neither is adulthood. In this episode we took snippets from Aristotle, Plato, The Bible, Upanishads, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Amin and Rathore to dig into what guides and builds our own mentality. Somewhere along the line we discussed positivity, negativity, the odd misconception around virtues and stuff about trees. We ASSURE you - this is a good one!You can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.You can check out our website
03/12/202049 minutes 14 seconds
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S02 E06: “Get Your Sh*t Together”

Made a mistake? Messed up the day? Things didn't go as planned? 7 out of 10 times, the answer is the lack of discipline. YES YES that's a HEAVY ass statement - but it's true! We've looked inward, outward, upward and every time we've run into a problem, we always wish we could have been more disciplined about our approach, mentality or lifestyle. Its a tough adult cookie to swallow but its SO important - tune in to hear our struggle with it and some actual workable tips to staying on track.You can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handlYou can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.You can check out our website at <a href=""
26/11/202045 minutes 23 seconds
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S02 E05: O Womaniya

Poetess Britney Spears once said "Not a girl, not yet a woman" and we felt that. But over the course of 2020, we've come to realize that somewhere along the way, not only have we become young women - we're excited to embrace this growth. From understanding the power that comes with being a strong woman to a banging list of trailblazing women role models - this is the feel good, be good, do good episode you have to listen to this week!You can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.You can check out our website at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener nor
19/11/202040 minutes 44 seconds
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S02 E04: Happy to Health

Health is wealth, fitness is a journey, patience is necessary and a supportive community is key - this episode contains ALL these generic yet solid truths, but told in the classic ASA style. Taking care of your health is a MAJOR adulthood step, so let the ladies help you with some foolproof tips and experiences of their own!PS: This episode requires a yoga mat, headphones and fresh air!You can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.You can check out our website at</p
12/11/202041 minutes 26 seconds
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S02 E03: Relationships 2.0

Relationships, whether between romantic partners, friends or colleagues, are the threads that make the fabric of our lives richer and far more colorful! And as dramatic as that sentence may be - the ladies couldn't stress on that enough! This episode is dedicated to all the relationships we've sorely missed this year. So listen in, reminisce and then reach out to all the people who matter to you. Happy listening!You can talk to our hosts Rytasha Rathore &amp; Ayushi Amin on their Instagram handle:@rytash @ayushia9You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.You can check out our website at http://www.iv
05/11/202043 minutes 59 seconds
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S02 E02: Dating 2.0 w/ Aishwarya Mohanraj

We needed some help at our second attempt at discussing dating, so we spoke with the hilariously honest and comedian extraordinaire Aishwarya Mohanraj! Her Instagram series on the perils and plotlines of dating in India is not only max relatable but also max accurate. This episode covers updates on our own dating lives, our experiences on the fated APPS, what makes us swipe right &amp; left and as always, some hilarious antics along the way!Follow Aishwarya on Instagram at and on Twitter at can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android:
22/10/20201 hour 3 minutes 28 seconds
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S02 E01: It's Season 2!

After 50 episodes and a 6 week break - the ladies are back with Season 2 of Agla Station Adulthood! Tune in for the usual banter, laughs (and OFC Tash's tears) and what the ladies have been up to for the last couple of weeks. The show is growing up and will be making some big girl steps too - listen in to find out!You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: or iOS:, or any other podcast app.You can check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.comSee for privacy information.
15/10/202041 minutes 20 seconds