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English, Education, 16 seasons, 312 episodes, 5 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes
Afternoon Ti is a podcast for music educators. You'll hear about music education approaches, teacher lifestyle and find classroom ideas to make your teaching life better.
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AMLE Institute Insights: Educating Middle School Students

I recently attended the AMLE Institute in San Diego, CA and am excited to share some insights from my experience as well introduce you to AMLE, if you've never heard of it before! Hear an overview of the Institute and takeaways from homebase and different sessions I attended. Head to Instagram and follow me @howtoteachmusicwithjessica! I'd love to connect with you! LINKS Association of Middle Level Educators (AMLE) Website The Successful Middle School: This We Believe Book The Successful Middle School pdf The Science of Mastering Life's Challenges book Untangled book
7/2/202425 minutes, 5 seconds
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Arrangements Inspired by Pop Music for the Classroom

We’re continuing the series for arrangements inspired by pop music for the classroom. The Pirates of the Caribbean Theme is a great piece in 12/8 that is so much fun to play and a great opportunity for students to explore intervals of thirds in the chorus! Get your free Google Slides and full arrangement of the piece HERE! You'll be prompted to make a copy. For other barred instrument arrangements, listen in to: E289-Paint It Black E290 - Look what you made me do E291 - Down Follow me on Instagram @howtoteachmusicwithjessica!
6/30/20247 minutes, 20 seconds
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Down: Arrangements Inspired by Pop Music for the Classroom

Learn a fun xylophone arrangement to use with your students that focuses on a verse/chorus form and movement activity with the song Down performed by Marian Hill. Get the free Google Slides presentation at and click on the shop. Instagram: @howtoteachmusicwithjessica Website: 
2/27/202410 minutes, 28 seconds
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Look What You Made Me Do: Arrangements Inspired by Pop Music for the Classroom

The first single from Taylor Swift's Reputation album is a fantastic way to teach musical form and provide opportunities for students to compose original melodies. Particularly with aaab form! Listen in to hear how I have used this piece with my students to learn melodies on the xylophones and get your free resource at my shop at Website: Instagram: @howtoteachmusicwithjessica  
2/20/202413 minutes, 25 seconds
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Paint It Black: Arrangements Inspired by Pop Music for the Classroom

The first arrangement of our series: Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones!  I share the inspiration behind this arrangement, steps for teaching the piece to students, ideas for form, and how to expand on the original theme with rhythmic variations. The arrangement is written for xylophones. Get the free arrangement HERE at Follow me on Instagram @howtoteachmusicwithjessica.  
2/13/202414 minutes, 30 seconds
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Five Tips for Finding and Creating Pop Song Arrangements to Use in Your Classroom

Using pop music in your music classroom can be so much fun! Students love learning something they know or have heard before, playing music that they listen to at home, and performing songs for an audience who also knows the music. For the next several episodes I’ll be sharing pop song arrangements that I’ve created and used with my students for xylophone ensembles, but before we get to the actual arrangements I thought I’d share some tips for how you can find and create pop song arrangements to use in your classroom. What to look for, how to determine if a song would be a good fit for an arrangement for xylophones, and things to think about as you arrange pieces. Instagram: @howtoteachmusicwithjessica Teachers Pay Teachers Store Website:
2/6/202411 minutes, 45 seconds
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Feeling the Sunday Scaries...Again

Now that we're a few weeks into the new year, you might be feeling the Sunday Scaries…again. Here is how I’ve worked through - and continue to work through - my Sunday Scaries. Lazy Genius Article Headspace Article Follow me on Instagram @howtoteachmusicwithjessica Website: 
1/30/20249 minutes, 29 seconds
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Five Classroom Procedures to Review in the New Year

January is a great time for a reset of classroom procedures. Here are five procedures to review that will help re-establish expectations and set a positive start for 2024 in your classroom. Pay close attention to number five - it's likely the most important one that will make a difference. Follow me on Instagram @howtoteachmusicwithjessica or head to my website at to access teacher materials and join my mailing list!
1/2/202415 minutes, 58 seconds
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Reviewing 2023 and Setting 2024

It's the fifth annual goal review and goal setting episode! And the first episode of season 16. Listen in to hear how my goals went for 2023, gain ideas for how to get your goals, and listen in for what's in the works for 2024. Head to my website at for more teacher content or follow me on Instagram @howtoteachmusicwithjessica. Happy New Year!
1/1/202423 minutes, 19 seconds