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English, Education, 1 seasons, 16 episodes, 8 hours 32 minutes
Brown v. Board of Education held the promise of creating an integrated school system with equal education for all, but there was an unspoken consequence to this historic decision: Tens of thousands of Black teachers in the South were fired, leaving a gap that reverberated through generations of students to come. Hosted by educator and nonprofit leader Aimée Eubanks Davis, this five-part series spans the decades to provide an important look at the impact a Black educator can have on a Black student’s life, and how we all can help support and strengthen the roots that help our children achieve.
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Listen Now: The Defenders

We are dropping in your feed to share Lemonada Media's newest series, The Defenders. On Friday, June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since then, it's been a barrage of bad news and bleak headlines. But for every restriction, there are many more acts of resistance, and a growing network of activists, clinic workers, faith leaders, and everyday people working to expand access to care.This is the story of the fight for freedom in a post-Roe America, co-hosted by Samantha Bee and Gloria Riviera.  Episode One of The Defenders features Brittany, Back in 2022, shortly after the fall of Roe, Brittany felt trapped. She was pregnant and stuck in an abusive relationship, totally cut off from her support system. She didn’t see a way out - until she happened to hear a radio story about the Midwest Access Coalition, an abortion fund helping people travel across state lines. We follow Brittany’s harrowing journey as she travels hundreds of miles, with the help of a
08/11/202344 minutes 37 seconds
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Introducing Hard Feelings with Jennette McCurdy

We’re dropping in your feed today to bring you the first episode of our newest Lemonada podcast, Hard Feelings with Jennette McCurdy. If you like what you hear, there’s another episode out now and waiting for you in the feed! Don’t forget to like and subscribe. See for privacy information.
24/10/202320 minutes 1 second
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Check Out: The Dough

We’re dropping in your feed today to introduce you to the newest show from Lemonada Media that we think you’ll like: The Dough. The Dough is an eye-opening new 10-episode podcast series about the financial trapdoors any of us could fall into. From messy divorces to wellness products that are too good to be true, join host X Mayo (The Blackening, The Daily Show, Swarm) as she explores the financial flops and money myths that stand in the way of financial freedom. On this show, cash is queen, and we hardly know her, but we're determined to be her friend. In this episode, you’ll hear about weddings! Aka, one of the happiest days of your life…until you realize you’ll be paying off the bills for years to come. Host X Mayo brings us back to her New York roots, when she had a coveted job at reBar, a wedding venue in Brooklyn that was actually affordable. But turns out, the small price tag came with a big risk. We hear from one woman who lost thousands and then talk to a thrifty bri
12/10/202341 minutes 36 seconds
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Listen Now: I Need To Ask You Something

We are dropping in your feed to share Lemonada Media's newest series, “I Need To Ask You Something." This unique 10-part series bridges the gap between the things we need to say and the words we’re afraid to hear. Each week, trauma therapist Dr. Monica Band sits down with a young person and their parent, friend or partner to help them create a blueprint for building stronger relationships while healing out loud. Created in partnership with The Jed Foundation. In the series premiere, you'll hear from Jessica. Her parents divorced when she was 18, but the years leading up to it were filled with “contagious unhappiness”. Now she sits down with her father to ask: why did you wait so long, and how do we heal from here? To hear more episodes of I Need To Ask You Something, head to for privacy information.
06/09/202346 minutes 8 seconds
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Listen Now: My New Favorite Futbolista

Who should you root for at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup? Get to know soccer’s most inspiring players and the causes they champion on My New Favorite Futbolista.   Team USA’s Crystal Dunn, who returned to competitive soccer less than four months after giving birth to her son Marcel Jean, shares how she juggles her career and motherhood. To hear more of My New Favorite Futbolista, head to for privacy information.
17/06/202321 minutes 35 seconds
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Listen Now: Choice Words with Samantha Bee

The producers of this series are excited to let you know about another Lemonada Media podcast, Choice Words with Samantha Bee. Each week on Choice Words, Samantha Bee sits down with people she admires to examine the biggest choices they’ve made in their lives and the ripple effects those decisions have had.   When Rosie O’Donnell chose to step away from her talk show after six successful seasons, her actor friends thought she was out of her mind. Sam asks Rosie what went into that professional choice as well as a personal one: celebrating her 50th by adopting a baby. Rosie relives moments like drunk-dialing Oprah, fighting with Eileen Fisher, and uttering a sentence that’s never been said in Hollywood.   To hear more of Choice Words with Samantha Bee, head to f
01/06/202340 minutes 38 seconds
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Listen Now: Blind Plea

We’re dropping in your feed today to let you know about a gripping new series from Lemonada Media, BLIND PLEA. In 2017, Deven Grey, a young mother, shot and killed her abusive partner in a remote trailer in rural Shelby County, Alabama. She claimed self-defense and filed a Stand Your Ground claim. Instead of freedom, she was handed a “blind plea” – an option to take an unknown sentence in exchange for pleading guilty. As a Black woman who shot and killed a white man in Alabama, she did the only thing she could: She took the plea. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Flock, BLIND PLEA asks: Who do we believe, and why? And in America, who has the right to self defense and a fair trial? In this episode, you’ll be introduced to Deven’s story. When John Henry Vance brought his girlfriend, Deven Grey, to his family property in Calera, Alabama, Deven became the latest in a decades-long line of women to be beaten and broken down on that same land. In December 2017, after a vi
17/05/202341 minutes 4 seconds
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Listen Now: Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus!

Hey listeners! We’re dropping in your feed today to give you the first full episode of Lemonada Media’s brand-new show, Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. On the premiere episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia sits down with the one and only Jane Fonda. With a career spanning over six decades, Jane – now 85 years old – hits all the highlights: staying fit at any age, fantasizing about funerals, getting heckled on set by Katharine Hepburn…and something about a fake thumb. The first two episodes of Wiser Than Me are out now, with new episodes each week. To hear more, head to for privacy information.
11/04/202348 minutes
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Listen Now: Last Day is back!

We’re dropping in your feed today to let you know that Last Day is back! But we’re doing things a little differently this time around, and we want to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. Last Day is and has always been a show about the moments that change us, fundamentally and forever. So, each week, we’ll be bringing you a new story about someone’s “last day” — who they were before, and how they’ve found a way to exist in the after. We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll share real conversations with real people who have lived through turning-point days they’ll never forget, and have wisdom to share from the other side.  The first new episode of Last Day is out now, with more episodes releasing every week. To hear more, head to for privacy information.
29/03/20236 minutes 2 seconds
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Bonus: Now is the time to invest in Black education

Traditionally, Black-led nonprofits have only received 2 to 4 percent of total philanthropic funding nationally. That&rsquo;s in part why Liz Thompson co-founded The 1954 Project, which seeks to radically redesign how philanthropy connects with Black leaders in education. Every year, her organization awards a cohort of Luminaries with one million dollars each to continue their innovative work in education. In this episode, host Aim&eacute;e Eubanks Davis is in conversation with Liz Thompson about her organization&rsquo;s impact on the community. Resources: Register for the Luminary Awards; Why Black representation is especially important when it comes to charitable giving <a href="
13/04/202222 minutes 19 seconds
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The teacher shortage is a global crisis

The United Nations has declared the teacher shortage a global crisis. Who will teach the next generation of students? How will we recruit and retain Black educators, especially when they are leaving the profession at even higher rates? This week&rsquo;s guest, Kimberly Eckert, is on a mission to address these problems in the state of Louisiana. With initiatives like hers, there is a glimmer of hope for saving our schools and in a larger sense, saving society. Resources: Kimberly Eckert is passionate about empowering diverse students Kimberly Eckert on YouTube; <li a
06/04/202221 minutes 51 seconds
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No Black teachers in the building

The culture of our schools needs to change. In this episode, we hear from Morgan Jackson and her son and daughter, Kaleb and Aaliyah, about their education in predominantly white schools. Morgan is a Las Vegas educator, and a Ph.D student. She explains how she instills self-confidence and social awareness in her students and her own kids.&nbsp; Resources: Jacqueline Woodson, Brown Girl Dreaming Website,&nbsp;The Brown Bookshelf Article, Why Incidental Diversity Matters in Your Classroom
30/03/202232 minutes 30 seconds
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From the hood to Hogwarts

As a teen, Jason Brooks left his hometown of Watts in South L.A. to attend an all-boys boarding school. While he was there, he encountered many racist incidents with no adult to guide him through those experiences. That ignited his passion for teaching because he wanted to be there for kids like himself. In this episode, Jason recalls his teen years and speaks with his mentor Troy Kemp about how they reach and teach Black boys.&nbsp; Resources: Harkness AI Troy Kemp Speaks The 1954 Project The Cafe Group This podcast is brought to you wi
23/03/202242 minutes 55 seconds
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Student parent work is racial justice work

Forty percent of Black female undergraduates attending college are parents. This week&rsquo;s guest is author of &ldquo;Pregnant Girl,&rdquo; Nicole Lynn Lewis, who had a newborn when she first enrolled at the College of William &amp; Mary in the &lsquo;90s. There, Nicole found a friend in her financial aid counselor, Tammy Currie. We reunited them after 20 years to discuss how that financial aid support helped Nicole feed her family and what colleges can do to support this invisible population of students.&nbsp; Resources: Nicole Lynn Lewis, Pregnant Girl Generation Hope https://www.generationh
16/03/202236 minutes 6 seconds
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It’s a sin to waste Black talent

An estimated 38 thousand Black educators and administrators in public schools were fired in the South after the Brown v Board of Education decision in 1954. This episode highlights the rich past of Black education through the research of professor Michele Foster, best known for interviewing Black teachers who taught in the &lsquo;50s. Michele is in conversation with one of her former PhD students, Tryphenia Peele Eady. &nbsp; Resources: Michele Foster, Black Teachers on Teaching; Michele Foster, <a href="
09/03/202244 minutes 7 seconds
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After 1954 (Official Trailer)

After the historic Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court ruling in 1954, thousands of Black teachers lost their jobs in the process of integration. What did we lose when we lost these Black role models in the classroom? How does education for Black students and teachers in the 1950s stack up to where we are now? After 1954 is a new podcast from Lemonada Media that explores what education for Black students looked like before and after Brown v. Board. Join us for stories about who we become when we see ourselves in the leaders around us.&nbsp;See for privacy information.
21/02/20223 minutes