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English, Cultural, 4 seasons, 175 episodes, 4 days 13 hours 47 minutes
Hey Beautiful, Africana Woman helps you heal your body, mind and soul through the power of stories so as you can live a Healthy and Wealthy life. Dream Big, Just Start and Evolve with Africana Woman. To join the movement visit * * * Africana Woman with Chulu is an award winning podcast. With over 100 episodes, the podcast was named best Society and Culture podcast in Africa 2022 by APVA. Let history never forget Her-Story.
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EDUCATED AFRICANA: Ep.7 - Exceptional Children

There are those amongst are who are exceptional. They process the world differently and do things according to their own rhythm. Elizabeth Mwansa, Florence Chawelwa and Emily Chinokoro take us into the world of these children, from their potential, to the struggles, to the experiences of their caregivers and parents. In a world where free education is a basic right for every child, these exceptional children are often excluded. Let's talk about it. *** The world has advanced so quickly. However, education in Africa is not keeping up at the same pace. Be it the curriculum content, teaching methods or stakeholders commitment, there is an urgency to adapt to the times. Furthermore, conversations around Education have only focused on the traditional models. Until now. The Educated Africana, hosted by Tebogo Kangote III brings together diverse voices to have in depth discussions about Education in Africa. Connect
27/11/202346 minutes 39 seconds
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Season 4 Recap & What’s Next

This season is dedicated to Jeannette Phumzile Shange-Kalala Tickets - Africana Woman Podcast Tour Online   As Seen In: The Podcast Host - APVA - The Podcast Sessions - Podnews - Afripods -   Join the Africana Woman Visionaries:   Africana Woman Retreats 20
17/05/202328 minutes 26 seconds
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Africana Woman with Chulu Trailer

Hey Beautiful, Looking back, as an African Woman living in foreign lands, I wish I had this podcast. A space where I can feel connected to home. A space where women have honest & intelligent conversations. Where everyone understands my lingo or when and why I code switch.  A space that is safe to talk about all things that were taboo growing up but I never quite learned and yet am supposed to be an expert on as an adult. A space where healing, unlearning and growth is normal. But hey that was me, maybe you don’t need that. So let’s keep Africana Woman the best kept secret. Lots of Love Chulu   KNOW your Roots, Grow your Purpose   LINKS: Message Africana Woman with Chulu on WhatsApp. +260978
09/08/20223 minutes 26 seconds