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English, Finance, 5 seasons, 32 episodes, 1 day, 13 hours, 54 minutes
Africa on focus is an African platform dedicated to sharing and celebrating the success stories of young black Africans from the continent and the Diaspora world. These young entrepreneurs aim to reshape the stigma attached to how Africa is viewed in terms of lifestyle, business, entertainment, charity, sports and more.
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Ato Kwamina – How to find your ‘voice’ #Ghanamedia

Join us for a conversation with Ato Kwamina (KwaminTheMC), Ghanaian broadcaster/radio-personality and all-round media producer visiting the Netherlands for all the right reasons. “Why are you here?”. Tap into this conversation as Ato shares how his initial career as an engineer ended up bringing him to the world of Media as a producer, presenter and all-round creator. Find out how strategic networking can help you to access creative working positions, how to discover your radio voice and how Ghana media holds his impact in the Diaspora world. Watch the episode on our YouTube channel. 
7/28/202245 minutes, 48 seconds
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Palgrave Boakye Danquah – Responsible for Ghana’s economic development #Elevy

MS.ABA and Donny Addison are joined by Palgrave Boakye, Ghana Government and Security Spokesperson, founding executive director of Kandifo institute, and returning guest on Africa on Focus, to discuss current issues in Ghana and the world. Today we’re touching on the recent e-levy (1,5% tax to electronic payments) that has been put into effect from 1st of May 2022. Tune in and find out why the government put its e-levy into effect and how the government seeks to boost the private sector through its tax system. Listen to some arguments made by our viewers against the E-levy. Watch the video episode on YouTube. 
7/21/202252 minutes, 34 seconds
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Trigmatic – Creating Cultural Capital in the African Music Business #Ghanamusic

Time to talk to Trigmatic, multi award-winning Ghanaian music artist and serial entrepreneur from Ghana. The rapper/singer hopped by our Amsterdam studios as part of an impactful networking and recordings tour to talk about creating music and the positioning of African music on global markets. Trigmatic shares his journey on starting out in the Ghana music industry and developing his raw talent, which have helped build a sustainable music career to more than just making music. He grew up truly cherishing his ‘roots’ styles of music. He shares how his starting years dropping mixtapes, collaborating with noted Ghana artists, like Reggie Rockstone, Stonebwoy and creativity helped him to grow his core fanbase. As an ambassador for Ghana music, Trigmatic is determined to help turn Ghana music into cultural capital. Find out how the multi-talent has built a sustainable career In music and the business and how he intends to grow the impact of African music.
6/1/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 24 seconds
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Terry Afram - What it Means to Invest in Ghana #TheGhanaianDream

Joining us for this episode is Terry Afram, founder and Managing Director of Bridge Partners, a consultancy firm which bridges the gap between the international- and local markets by acting as a local partner and providing market entry and -growth solutions. Having started his career in Ghana as the Country Managing Director for Jumia Food Ghana, the largest online food delivery service on the African continent. Terry was able to significantly grow Jumia Food Ghana into a million-euro business and is passionate about seeing other ventures grow to achieve the same, to the benefit of the local economy. One of his noted initiatives is The Ghanaian Dream Diaspora Investment Forum, an annual investment forum showing what it truly takes to invest in Ghana. For 5 consecutive years he has established this forum in between Amsterdam and Accra. Tap into this episode as we talk with Terry Afram about economic relevance, how to position yourself for international opportunities and investments and what it takes to invest in Ghana.
5/18/20221 hour, 1 minute, 35 seconds
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Carla Kabamba – Driving Change in Amsterdam #Blackvoices

Time for a chat with Carla Kabamba, political scientist, Amsterdam city councillor, artist and speaker. As a true advocate for diversity, Carla has made it her mission to address issues affecting the African Diaspora living in Amsterdam. Being the first Dutch Congolese-Angolan person to be a part of the 45-member city council in Amsterdam, Carla highlights why she has put a plan of action in place to drive change and encourage multiple black representation in politics. Enjoy! Watch the full interview on YouTube. 
5/4/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ursula mabolia – the topic of ‘daddy issues’ #daddyissues

We’re talking about “Daddy Issues” with Ursula Mabolia (@ursmabolia), philanthropist and author of ‘Grieving Daughters’, a book about emotional and psychological effects of fatherlessness on young women. As the author highlights the impact of fatherlessness on (young) women, she also speaks on the particular need for the presence of men in the lives of their (future) daughters. As we tap into what it means to be responsible in terms of fatherhood, we explore the impact on our modern societies. The writer also fearlessly shares how reconnecting with her dad’s family helped her heal. Going further into the topics of her book, Ursula helps particularly women pinpoint other related issues like low-self-esteem, isolation and more.
3/16/202257 minutes, 27 seconds
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Meverly Adjhei Benjamin – The Urgency of Financial Literacy

In this episode we dive into how can we get the most out of our money? Joining us this episode is Meverly Adjhei Benjamin – Twum-Barimah (@meverlyadjheibenjamin), author, business and consultant Process & Project Management Financial Institutions and Regulations. As the pandemic has taken longer than we all expected, financial strains yet new financial opportunities have become part of our realities. Meverly touches on the topic of understanding regional and community issues to master the challenges of financial management. The consultant shares how we can overcome the social pressures of our surroundings and communities to truly grasp what is needed for financial investments. Get your notebooks ready as we discuss investments vs. savings, giving church offerings or funeral money and more. Watch the live show here >>
2/10/20221 hour, 21 minutes, 57 seconds
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MS.ABA & Donny Addison – The Dutch and Black Profiling #blackprofile

In this episode, MS.ABA and Donny talk on the topic of Ethnic profiling following Dutch court ruling Dutch border as not guilty of ethnic profiling. The hosts engage with a listener tuning in from the United Kingdom to talk about the global problems relating to black profiling and more.
11/17/20211 hour, 26 minutes, 20 seconds
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Belinda van der Stoep – Celebrating Ghanaian Excellence #Dutchfilm

We love to see global Africans making major moves. Time for a talk with Belinda van der Stoep, Dutch based Ghanaian actress and performing artist known for her roles in in ‘Alleen maar Nette Mensen’, ‘Gek van Oranje’ and more Dutch movies. After having won Golden Calf 2021, a Netherlands Film Festival Awards for her first movie role in ‘Bon Bini: Judeska In da House’, the actress reflects on the journey needed to make it in film as a woman of colour. After the interview with the actress, MS.ABA and Danny also explore career opportunities in tech. Watch the live episode here.
11/10/202138 minutes, 20 seconds
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Carl Asamoah – Is Africa Ready for a Tech Future #embracingfintech

As we dive into the most in-demand skills for your career in the coming 5 years. Carl Asamoah (UK) joins us to talk about if we’re ready for a tech future. Carl is a Doctoral Researcher and accomplished STEM Advocate, Ex-Banker, Tech Entrepreneur and Real Estate Broker among other things. He aims to suggest innovative approaches to banking operations. Tune in and find out the impact of the pandemic to our current digital age. Explore how tech can be of added value to your career.
11/3/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 35 seconds