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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 109 episodes, 2 days 16 hours 25 minutes
Affiliate Underground is a podcast to help affiliates improve their business practices, increase revenues, and campaign profits. Get your questions answered, and hear some of the rarely-spoken about truths from inside the affiliate marketing industry.
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Affiliate Insights for Success: Navigating Challenges and Maximizing Opportunities

In this episode of the Affiliate Underground podcast, join hosts Derek Gehl and Galel Fajardo as they discuss the challenges and opportunities that affiliates may face in the second half of 2023. They delve into the evolving landscape of affiliate marketing, share insights on adapting to changing buying patterns, and provide actionable strategies for affiliates to thrive in the coming months. Whether you're in SEO, lead generation, or other affiliate niches, this episode offers valuable tips to boost your affiliate marketing success. Don't miss out on key insights to propel your affiliate business forward in 2023!
04/10/202327 minutes 10 seconds
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The Future of Nutra: Exploring Emerging Markets in Biohacking and Longevity

Join Derek Gehl and Galel Fajardo on The Affiliate Underground podcast as they dive into the fascinating world of emerging health and Nutra markets. Discover the latest trends in biohacking, longevity, hormone optimization, and more. Explore how affiliates can seize opportunities in these growing niches and provide valuable insights into the future of health and wellness. Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or just curious about the latest advancements in Nutra, this podcast is your gateway to uncovering the next big opportunities in the industry. Tune in and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of health and wellness.
06/09/202326 minutes 27 seconds
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Affiliate Marketing Mastery: Building Profitable Audiences in the Social Media Age

Welcome to the Affiliate Underground Podcast with Derek Gehl and Galel Fajardo, sponsored by SellHealth. From navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media advertising to building and monetizing targeted email lists, Derek and Galel share their expertise and strategies to help affiliates succeed in the competitive online marketing world. Tune in for valuable tips, industry insights, and candid discussions on all things affiliate marketing.
05/07/202326 minutes 54 seconds
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Unlocking Affiliate Marketing Success: Strategies and Trends

Get ready to skyrocket your affiliate marketing game as we, Derek Gehl and Galel Fajardo, take you on an insightful journey through proven strategies, tactics, and industry trends in this power-packed episode of the Affiliate Underground podcast.  With years of experience under our belts, we'll be sharing our personal stories and invaluable insights that'll help you grow your online business like never before. Join us for an exciting journey filled with personal stories, expert advice, and industry insights that will help you level up your affiliate marketing game. Learn from Derek and Galel's years of experience as they discuss topics such as increasing revenue, optimizing campaigns, and staying ahead of industry trends. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your skills and grow your business - tune in now!
28/06/202326 minutes 53 seconds
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Mastering VSLs for Cold Affiliate Traffic Conversion:

On this episode of The Affiliate Underground Podcast, Galel and Derek discuss the effectiveness of Video Sales Letters (VSLs) for cold traffic, providing valuable insights into why VSLs work and how they can be used to engage and convert cold traffic into paying customers. They also share tips on creating compelling VSLs and where to find successful VSL examples for reference. Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or just getting started, this podcast offers valuable information and practical advice to boost your marketing efforts.
21/06/202326 minutes 54 seconds
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Balancing Power and Progress in Artificial Intelligence

Prepare to be captivated as we investigate the potential threats and implications of AI on humanity and how innovative AI tools are reshaping the affiliate marketing landscape. We'll expose the idea of AI surpassing human capabilities, the possible dangers that come with it, especially in military applications, and the crucial role of human checks and balances to prevent tragic misuse of this powerful technology.
01/06/202334 minutes 49 seconds
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Nurturing Successful Collaborations and Wellbeing for Digital Entrepreneurs

Discover the secret to building successful business partnerships and finding balance in your life as a digital entrepreneur in this insightful episode. We promise to deliver powerful tips on how to improve your mental and physical health by simply stepping outside and immersing yourself in the elements. Learn the science behind the impact of sunlight on our circadian rhythms, blue light exposure, and the revolutionary concept of a "white space walk" to boost creativity and mental health.
24/05/202333 minutes 3 seconds
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Revolutionizing Affiliate Marketing: AI Content Creation, Long Tail Keywords, and Inspiring Success Stories

Ever dreamt of boosting your income with affiliate marketing? Well, it's time to stop dreaming and start listening! In this must-watch episode, we dive into a fascinating conversation with Derek, a seasoned pro in both direct selling and affiliate marketing. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of opportunities brought by the digital revolution.
10/05/202324 minutes 4 seconds
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Mastering Affiliate Marketing & eCommerce: Strategies for Success and Avoiding Common Pitfalls

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of affiliate marketing and eCommerce, discussing the importance of focusing on the right numbers and maintaining congruency throughout your campaigns. We explore the pitfalls of comparing your results to others and emphasize understanding your unique situation. We also examine the role of trust factors and media buying in your overall marketing strategy. As we continue our journey into affiliate marketing, we highlight the valuable resources available at and encourage listeners to reach out with questions, guest suggestions, or to be a guest themselves. Don't forget to subscribe, leave ratings and reviews, and check out the show notes at
19/04/202325 minutes 51 seconds
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Leveraging AI for Social Media Management and High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Success

In this episode, we discuss the various ways AI can be utilized in social media management, the importance of creating unique prompts for AI-generated content, and the value of not competing on price. We explore how AI can be used to write engaging social media posts, summarize content, create scripts for short-form videos, and even build content calendars. We also delve into the significance of targeting high-ticket products with substantial profit margins and commissions for affiliate marketers, and the importance of building trust, authority, and credibility as an affiliate to successfully sell premium products. Join us as we explore these topics and more in this engaging conversation!
03/04/202331 minutes 57 seconds
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100th Episode: What's Still Working?

Today Derek & Galel celebrate recording 100 episodes of The Affiliate Underground Podcast! This episode discusses what's working for affiliate marketers in the digital marketing space. They do a deep-dive as to what's changed since the birth of the podcast about traffic sources, how COVID changed affiliate marketing, the use of AI in content creation & media buying, changes in SEO using parasite SEO like sponsored posts, and much more. 
22/03/202340 minutes
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Affiliate Secrets to Finding Future Trends

In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss Affiliate Summit West 2023 in Las Vegas and talk about how affiliate marketers can tap into future trends. The best affiliate marketers can spot trends BEFORE they hit the mainstream. Learn the tools and resources Derek and Galel recommend that you should access to spot trends and capitalize on them. 
08/02/202334 minutes 38 seconds
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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2023

This is a deep-dive that Derek hosted going over his predictions for 2023 regarding search, social, consumer behavior and technology that is going to impact digital business, online marketing, and affiliates. He's joined by Chuck Anderson, a seasoned digital entrepreneur and coach with a career spanning over two decades.  After you listen, let us know what you think! Do you agree? Disagree? We'd love to hear your feedback. 
25/01/20231 hour 23 minutes 41 seconds
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ChatGPT and AI for Affiliate Marketers

You've been living under a rock the last few weeks if you haven't heard about ChatGPT. The Internet is on fire testing out the limits of this incredible tool, but is it just a fad? In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss ChatGPT and whether or not affiliates can use this Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to aid in their marketing efforts. Spoiler alert: The answer is a resounding YES! Listen in to learn how to leverage tools like ChatGPT to make you more money in 2023 and beyond. 
12/01/202342 minutes 48 seconds
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Your Most Profitable Year Ever: Proper Affiliate Goals

Learn about how to have the most profitable year by properly planning your goals correctly! In this episode, Derek and Galel also discuss Affiliate Summit Meet Markt in Berlin, Germany and Affiliate World in Bangkok, Thailand. Hear their blunt assessment on these industry events as well as learn what events they think you should actually attend in 2023. Derek and Galel also walk you through their quarterly and annual planning methods so that you can learn firsthand how to plan your best year ever! 
27/12/202239 minutes 29 seconds
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Marketing Gems from 27+ Year Affiliate Marketer Itay Paz

Itay Paz is one of the affiliate marketing industry's OG's! Hear some of the valuable lessons that Itay learned by creating his own website in 1995, and what he's done to build the empire he has today. Some of the big takeaways from Derek and Itay in this outstanding episode: Strategies that Itay has used to tap into huge markets that other affiliates are typically not willing to do. Keys that separate low-producing affiliates and affiliates that generate a lot of revenue. The importance of meeting people face-to-face in this digitally based-world. Events that you should attend to open doors to partnerships. How to build relationships when people are skeptical about being open. Itay also expl
26/10/202249 minutes 27 seconds
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Affiliate Marketers: Is Your Business Built to Thrive?

Things may get tough in 2023, and you need to be ready. It's time to evaluate whether or not your affiliate marketing business is built to LAST. There is a massive difference between affiliates who have their businesses that are built on sand versus those affiliates who have built their businesses on rock-solid concrete. Derek & Galel discuss sponsored posts as a parasite SEO strategy, and how affiliates can prepare their future by taking action today. 
12/10/202235 minutes 22 seconds
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End of Summer = New Year's 2.0 for Affiliate Marketers

As the Northern Hemisphere wraps up the summer and heads into the fall, affiliate marketers are looking at a time period Derek refers to as "New Year's 2.0." Learn what affiliates like you should be doing right now to position themselves for success during this time of year when consumers are looking to make new changes in their finances, health, business, and more!
16/08/202227 minutes 16 seconds
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Are Your Affiliate Sales Being Stolen? Learn About Click Attribution!

Affiliate marketers really don't pay much attention to click attribution... Until they realize that their affiliate sales may be poached from under them. What happens if you send great traffic to your affiliate link but then at the last second a crappy coupon site comes in and swipes your sale? Could that really happen? In today's episode, Derek & Galel discuss a major change in the SellHealth affiliate program and explain why click attribution should matter to you! 
02/08/202230 minutes 47 seconds
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Inside Scoop From Affiliate World 2022 in Barcelona!

In this week's episode of the Affiliate Underground Podcast, Derek and Galel discuss their experience at Affiliate World Europe in Barcelona, Spain. Hear what speakers discussed regarding buying traffic on Facebook and Google, and learn how to adapt to current changes! Listen in to hear the hot topics of conversation that affiliates can all benefit from going into the second half of 2022.
15/07/202230 minutes 6 seconds
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Stop Losing Clicks to Your Affiliate Links!

A lot of affiliate marketers do a great job generating traffic but fail miserably when it comes to getting consumers to click their affiliate link. This means that affiliates are missing out on affiliate commissions! This week, Derek and Galel give you the exact information you need in order to improve your click-through rate, conversion rate, and your overall sales. Whether you're a beginning affiliate or are an experienced marketer generating six or seven figures, you'll find great value in the gems shared in this episode. 
28/06/202229 minutes 4 seconds
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Leverage Celebrity Endorsements to Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Celebrity endorsements can be incredibly compelling to help provide 3rd party validation and social proof. There's a big difference between a legal, legitimate endorsement and a photoshopped image of a celebrity doctor holding a product in their hand. What's the right way to leverage these endorsements? In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss how affiliate marketers can leverage legitimate celebrity endorsements in order to drive more affiliate sales! 
14/06/202229 minutes 8 seconds
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How Affiliate Marketers Can Manage a Tough Economy

Things in 2022 have gotten interesting. COVID-19 is less of a discussion, and people are traveling a lot more. Inflation and gas prices are high. Companies are starting to lay off employees. Ecommerce sales are down. How should affiliate marketers prepare themselves to weather this economic storm? Are there opportunities? Absolutely! In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss several niches that affiliates can profit in during this economic downturn.
07/06/202226 minutes 52 seconds
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Stop Losing Affiliate Commissions: 4 Keys to Great Review Sites

Stop giving your sales to other affiliates! Digital marketers have been using review sites to generate sales as long as affiliate marketing has been in existence. In this episode, Derek and Galel discuss several key elements that are missing from most affiliate review sites they're seeing online. Learn from other affiliate marketers' mistakes by implementing these keys, and start skyrocketing your commissions! 
24/05/202229 minutes 53 seconds
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Explode Your Affiliate Marketing Income and Reduce Stress With Outsourcing

Did you know that there are a few essential areas of your affiliate marketing business that you should NEVER outsource? In this week's episode, Derek and Galel discuss how affiliate marketing professionals can grow their income, reduce their stress and increase happiness by outsourcing the right tasks. Have you considered hiring an agency to help you with your marketing? If so, you need to listen to this week's episode because there's a lot of essential info you need to consider before signing that contract.  
10/05/202233 minutes 18 seconds
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4 Strategies for Affiliate Marketers to Handle Volatility

Change is happening all the time. In the affiliate marketing world, changes come about even faster. When Google makes algorithm changes, SEO affiliates pull their hair own out in frustration. As Facebook clamps down on ads, accounts are burned faster than before. When Adwords decides to make a big change, now more ad accounts are shut down. How should affiliate marketers handle volatility? In this week's episode of the Affiliate Underground Podcast, Derek and Galel discuss specific action steps affiliates should be taking in order to protect their businesses during volatile times. 
26/04/202228 minutes 13 seconds
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How Affiliates Should Leverage AI to Generate Content and Commissions

Affiliate marketers are at a MASSIVE disadvantage if they're not utilizing artificial intelligence, also known as AI, to assist them with content generation. AI cannot completely replace a copywriter... YET. However, AI can make a massive difference for affiliates who want to position themselves much better against their competitors. In this week's episode, Derek and Galel explain how, why, and more specifically - WHAT tools affiliates should be using to leverage AI in their campaigns.
19/04/202235 minutes 44 seconds
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How Affiliates Can Improve Conversions with Stellar Ad Creatives

In this week's episode, Derek and Galel provide some insider info for affiliate marketers when it comes to using ad creatives for campaigns. Many affiliates will simply use the ad creatives given to them by their network without asking any questions. Set yourself up for success by knowing what to ask your affiliate managers, and learn how to test a product to do unboxing videos and reviews!
05/04/202231 minutes 53 seconds