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English, Cookery, Food, Drink, 1 seasons, 35 episodes, 13 hours 31 minutes
Podcast by David Chandler
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Bonaparte's Beverages

In an absolute first for this podcast, our wine-loving friends spend several minutes drinking something that isn’t actually wine. This deviation from tradition, though unthinkable under normal circumstances, is rendered unavoidable by the fact that Jason has decided to answer a question that David wasn’t even aware needed to be asked - unless in a past life, his name had been Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie (i.e. Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife) and the question that bothered his pretty, little head had been, “Whatever would mon petit chou like to drink, ce soir?” Having almost drowned ‘in a sea of ignorance’ when studying Napoleon’s life as a schoolboy, Jason positively redeems himself by expertly surfing onto the shore of knowledge on a giant wave of erudition and libatory learning about the great man’s drinking habits, from the sparkling wine that he drank as a young cadet to the sweet wine he resorted to after exile and poor digestion had taken their toll. In the intervening ye
17/02/202432 minutes 11 seconds
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Sommelier Enchanted Evening

Jason's well-known for keeping a tight ship, but like the egalitarian oenophile we know him to be, he's not averse to granting other mariners of the wine dark sea an opportunity to take the helm and plot a course through the beneficent waters of the bacchanal either. In this instalment, no fewer than six of the U.K's finest sommeliers opine on wine that they would be more than happy to recommend at their own restaurants. There's nothing fancy about their choices either. Here are six, scintillating suggestions that are as affordable and approachable as they are quaffable: Alsace: Léon Beyer Crémant d'Alsace Brut Côtes du Rhône Villages Sablet: Domaine Saint Gayan 'L'Oratory' 2022 Vouvray: Jean-Claude & Didier Aubert Demi-Sec 2019 Vin de Pays de Vaucluse: Le Petit Caboche 2021 Saint-Pourçain: 'La Ficelle' Rouge 2022 IGP Méditerranée: Domaine Richeaume 'Cuvée Tradition' Rouge 2020
15/11/202333 minutes 36 seconds
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Whaddya know?... Bordeaux!

The Bordeaux region may be home to some of the most famous and long-lived wines in the world and play host to any number of celebrated appellations, but, says Jason, you can do it on a budget... But would you really you want to? With six sedulously selected bottles to work through, Jason and David hop from one bank of the Garonne to the other sampling everything from the humble to the most high without even getting their feet wet. After a spicy start with a pocket-friendly 2018 Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux, Chateau La Brande, they segue onto a silky Graves Pessac 2016, that requires a little more attention and twice as much of your wallet. Yes, when it comes to Bordeaux, you absolutely can believe the hype, as long as your credit is good. All credit then, to a text book Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2018 from Château Alverne, which does all the fruit and new oak spice the right way about. Meanwhile, Château Gombaude-Guillot’s perfectly poised, petal-scented Pomerol of 2014 is a garnet-colo
07/09/202339 minutes 50 seconds
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Let's Be Franc

In this episode, Jason and David sample a sextet of wines devoted entirely to one ‘grately’ underrated grape, prized by none other than Cardinal Richelieu, (l’Eminence Rouge of France) and Jason Yapp, (l’Eminence Rouge ou Blanc of Frome). They begin with a perfectly balanced, rose hip and mint, Chinon Rosé 2022 from Domaine Jean-Maurice Raffault, follow it with a peppery, yet gently fruity 2021 Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil from Domaine Taluau and a firm Fred Filliatreau favourite from Domaine Château Fouquet 2020. Then from just across the road, Fred's earthy, exemplary Saumur Champigny: Domaine Filliatreau 'Vieilles Vignes' 2018 and lastly another Domaine Jean-Maurice Raffault from a one hectare vineyard of old vines, ’Clos de L'Hospice' Rouge 2019 - a class act of cassis and sloes with a long finish. Great with food or good to simply sip these are six, shining examples of what Chinon and its environs are capable of. Unsurpassable, under-the-radar rosés and reds from small, independe
03/08/202328 minutes 47 seconds
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Let's be Franc

In this episode, Jason and David sample a sextet of wines devoted entirely to one ‘grately’ underrated grape, prized by none other than Cardinal Richelieu, (l’Eminence Rouge of France) and Jason Yapp, (l’Eminence Rouge ou Blanc of Frome). They begin with a perfectly balanced, rose hip and mint, Chinon Rosé 2022 from Domaine Jean-Maurice Raffault, follow it with a peppery, yet gently fruity 2021 Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil from Domaine Taluau and a firm Fred Filliatreau favourite from Domaine Château Fouquet 2020. Then from just across the road, Fred's earthy, exemplary Saumur Champigny: Domaine Filliatreau 'Vieilles Vignes' 2018 and lastly another Domaine Jean-Maurice Raffault from a one hectare vineyard of old vines, ’Clos de L'Hospice' Rouge 2019 - a class act of cassis and sloes with a long finish. Great with food or good to simply sip these are six, shining examples of what Chinon and its environs are capable of. Unsurpassable, under-the-radar rosés and reds from small, independe
31/07/202329 minutes 40 seconds
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Rosé Tinted Glasses

Welcome to another edition of the podcast where Jason and David drink wine so you don’t have to! Time was when rosé, was like the viola of the wine world; a faintly embarrassing, Barbie-pink hybrid, neither red enough nor white enough to be taken seriously, and rarely music to anyone's ears. But times have changed along with the climate and what might once have been a lunchtime indiscretion on a hot day, has become a main feature on restaurant wine lists and supermarket shelves all year round. Prepare yourself for a breathtaking, tongue-tingling, rosé-run through Jason Yapp’s selection of barely-pink ballet pump, summer wines courtesy of Château Roubaud, Domaine des Oullières, Château La Canorgue, Bandol and Domaine Pieretti; zingy zesty wines from Provence, Corsica and the Rhône delta as well as Yapp’s strawberry and citrus-scented, own-label from the Ardèche.
10/06/202332 minutes 58 seconds
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Rieslings To Be Cheerful

As far as David is concerned, it’s as German as wearing socks in your sandals and equally as appealing, but in this episode, Jason plies him with five compelling and zesty reasons why he’s just plain wrong about Riesling. From Alsace to Western Australia via the Mosel valley, these slender-shouldered, bottle-green beauties from Leon Beyer, Forest Hill, Willems-Willems, and Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, will not only lend character to a kartoffelpuffer but jazz up a Rogan Josh and titivate a Thom Kha Kai, too. Yes, when it comes to pairing a Prawn Tikka Bhuna, try putting away your over-fizzed, industrial lager and rocking a Riesling instead, but steer clear of the supermarket varieties, if you can. It’s a grape with ‘issues,’ says Jason and requires the dedication of small producers, like the ones above, to do it justice. Zum Wohl!
02/05/202325 minutes 37 seconds
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Pinot Noir

If there's one thing David has learned from Jason during their many Adventures In Wine podcasts, it's that you simply can't have too many favourites. Favourites are Jason's life-blood; favourite regions and appellations, favourite vineyards, growers and restaurants; favourite sommeliers, even and of course, favourite grapes. Not as fruity as some reds or as tannin-rich as others, Pinot Noir defies easy definitions, but with a line-up of six excellent examples, Jason unerringly demonstrates that if you're prepared to eschew the galley isles of your local supermarket and delve just a little deeper into your pocket, you too, will be adding yet another varietal to your own list of favourites. In this episode our Pinot-driven pair sample a precocious 2022 Domaine Girard Pays d'Oc; a characteristically classy, 2018 Alsace Pinot Noir from Leon Beyer and a subtley-oaked 2019 Spätburgunder from Jurgen Hoffman, before tackling some bigger Burgundian beasts: a velvety smooth 2019 Fixin from Frédé
31/03/202327 minutes 6 seconds
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Crème de la Crémant

With Valentine's Day very much on their minds, Jason and David get fizzical with no less than eight Crémants from the eight Crémant regions of France: Bourgogne, Loire, Alsace, Bordeaux, Limoux, Rhône and Savoie. After such a record-breaking, horizontal tasting, other wine enthusiasts might feel inclined to adopt a similar position, but Jason's and David's enthusiasm for the 'fizz areas' (technical term) of France remains as effervescent as ever. So, don't let the fact that it's not champagne burst your bubble. This Valentine's Day, if you really want to impress your loved one, all you really need is a lively mousse, good length and a dry finish.
29/01/202331 minutes 8 seconds
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Christmas Rush

Caught up in the Christmas rush? Of course you are! Need wine? Of course you do! In this seasonal edition, Jason and David selflessly taste six wines that have been picked by the press as wholly appropriate for the holiday season so you don't have to! Kicking off with the cream of Crémants from Domaine de L'Idylle (to mollify the peelers and preppers imprisoned in the kitchen), our doughty duo (with a starter of smoked salmon in mind), veer onto family Aubert's vivifying Vouvray. After that, it's a festive free-for-all as they round on a row of reds that will pair with everything from turkey to brisket or mushrooms to barbecued ostrich: a fruitful Chinon, Cabernet Franc from Jean-Maurice Raffault; a full-bodied Faugères from Château Estanilles; a moody Malbec, Tinto Negro from Uco Valley, Argentina and Napier Winery's sensational, South African 'Red Medallion' 2015.
07/12/202232 minutes 40 seconds
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Where There's A Will, There's Wine

In this brutally honest edition, our aging adventurers in wine, in acknowledgement of their advancing years, doff their battered pith helmets to Jason's son, Will, who happens to be in the first flush of adulthood, rather than David's and Jason's busted variety. But the question on Jason's mind is, 'Do young people even drink wine at all?' while the question on David's is, 'When is Jason coming back from the fridge with the first bottle?' Our try-anything trio then work their way through one sparkling, one white, one rosé and two reds, that Jason believes would capture the youth vote; lively, pocket-friendly wines made with minimal intervention - and don't forget the hip label: Jean-Pierre Py's amiably frisky 'Pet Nat'; Léon Beyer’s versatile ‘La Cuvée'; family Ambrosio-Collomb 's Domaine Ouilllières cool and crisp 'Harmonie'; Graillot and Schmittel's briary, forward-drinking Crozes Hermitage 'Equinoxe', and Nathalie Margan's round and powerful Château La Canorgue, Cotes du Luberon.
18/11/202235 minutes 58 seconds
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2020 Vintage Viognier

This time, Jason's and David's oenological explorations centre upon one small and very special area of France; the 209 hectares around Condrieu, that are home to the legendarily tricky to grow and hard to vinify, Viognier vine. The effort, though, produces a uniquely aromatic wine that has become one of the great gastronomic wines of France. What else, you might ask, pairs so well with that classic Lyonnaise dish, quenelles de brochet? David is obliged to forgo the pike dumplings, however, (which, if they had a pike, they could easily have made, if they only had a perch to go with it), because the only thing in Jason's fridge is Viognier; chilled to just the right temperature to release the honeysuckle, white stone fruit and apricot flavours of this awe-inspiring, yet underappreciated grape. They begin with Patrick Jasmin's, limpid, straw-coloured Collines Rhodaniennes and slip smoothly on to Christine Vernay's sensuous Pied de Samson, before sampling, a true Condrieu from within the
08/10/202228 minutes 19 seconds
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Investing in Wine

For this special edition of Adventures in Wine, David hunkers down with Tom Ashworth over a single (yes, you read that correctly, 'single') bottle of wine: an investment grade Pauillac, Grand-Puy-Lacoste that has lain unopened since 2005. It's a perfectly sumptuous sip, of course, but leaving your wine to languish in the cellar, when it could be fulfilling its destiny in your glass doesn't just improve the flavour, it can also work wonders for your bank balance, as Tom, with a wealth of financial knowledge at his disposal, explains. Yes, investing in wine is the bibulous equivalent of having your cake and eating it - as long as know your onions, of course - or in this case, grapes.
01/09/202221 minutes 56 seconds
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2021 Vintage

Glass is getting more expensive, cardboard's getting costlier, fuel prices are going through the roof and labour is hard to find... On top of that, in 2021, French wine-makers were hit with a Spring frost that wiped out a significant part of their crop. What's left, may hardly make a dent in the market and be markedly more expensive to boot, but if the half dozen appellations that Jason and David sample in this episode are anything to go by, the quality hasn't suffered at all. First up is Yapp's own label Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine, a crackling, flinty pick me-up you can't put down. Second, a deceptively pale yet aromatic Cotes Du Luberon, from Château La Canorgue, grown from deep-rooted, climate-resistant vine stock is not only delicious but well-placed to hold its own as temperatures and prices rise. Next up, an old favorite of Jason's from Domaine Saparale in Corsica: a coral pink, Corse Sartene - savoury with well-balanced berry fruits, you can taste the sunshine in every sip. La
01/07/202222 minutes 30 seconds
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Christmas In The Kitchen

Rather than blockbuster wines for the main event, Jason’s focus for his Christmas 2020 selection is that stalwart behind the scenes, who’s on kitchen duty while everyone else is on the Jenga and the gin. These are wines, he says, that you should have ‘knocking about it the kitchen’; wines that won’t break the bank and will ease those long hours over the brussels but also segue nicely onto the table should the need arise. First up is a bottle-fermented Crémant du Jura, from Valerie and Jean-Christophe Tissot. ‘Creamy, zesty, citrus,’ says Jason. ‘Under-priced,’ says Jancis Robertson. ‘I don’t mind,’ says David. Look on the label of some of the least fine wines on the market and you’ll find that Chardonnay is often the culprit. It’s also responsible for some of the best, though, and Stephane Brocard's 2018 Bourgogne Chardonnay is justifiably, a gold medal winner with a nervy minerality, that’s beautifully balanced with green apple aromas. It may be crying out for oysters, but David’s jus
08/12/202027 minutes 55 seconds
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2019 Vintage

As bars and restaurants across the U.K. empty, thanks to COVID-19, the recycling bins of the population fill up and none could be fuller than those of Jason and David both, coincidentally, returned from holidays in more benign climes and obliged to quarantine at Her Majesty's pleasure in their respective domiciles. But rather than spend their house arrest staring holes into the air, our bibulous pair heroically set themselves the task of tasting their way through no less than five different appellations in an attempt to ascertain whether or not 2019 was a good year for wine. From the off, judging by Domaine André Vatan's Sancerre, the auguries are very good . This is a classic sauvignon blanc with an elderflower and nettle nose and a reassuringly racy palate. On to Leon Beyer's La Cuvée from Alsace. It's touch-and-go for a moment as David's recently applied aftershave takes an early lead over this delicately-flavoured 'edelzwicker' but thankfully, quarantine measures mean that he's abl
11/10/202032 minutes 41 seconds
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Summer Reds

As temperatures (and tempers) heat up during lockdown, we've all learned that wine isn't the only thing that's gotta breathe. For this second socially-distanced wine tasting, however, Jason has lined up a flight of reds, that after a cool start, will simply warm up in your glass. Each made from a single variety grape, they're perfect for summer time drinking, for kitchen table lunches, picnics or just sipping in the garden when the sun is high and the wheelie bin, even higher. First, Fred Filliatreau's Chateau Fouquet 2018 is a fresh, fragrant Cabernet Franc: a firm favourite and not only with lovers of alliteration. Next, Stéphane Brocard's Bourgogne Pinot Noir, 2017 is earthy and fruity, yet racy, says Jason. 'Perky,' adds David, struggling for a word that will adequately describe what is happening on his tongue. Third, is a Beaujolais from Domaine de Fa 2018; a high quality Gamay with vibrant, red fruit that has Jason waxing lyrical and David searching for a bigger glass. Jason's
30/06/202022 minutes 30 seconds
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Vegan wine

In what can only be described as a technological breakthrough for our bibulous pair, Jason and David zoom their way through their first socially distanced wine tasting, pulling off the unprecedented feat of opening the same white at the same time for a spot of synchronous sipping. The pandemic aside, with two woke sons on his quaranteam and climate change an ever pressing issue, vegan wines have been very much on Jason's mind. The good news is that most Yapp wines are vegan, the bad news is that many wine growers just haven't got around to labelling them as such. Two that have are Reh Kendermann and Fred Filliatreau . The former makes a fresh orchard fruit, easy-drinking Pinot Gris vom Kalkstein and the latter, a mineral yet fruitful, Château Fouquet Cabernet Franc, much loved by both Jason and David. And in another first for unprecedented times, neither has to share the bottle with other.
05/05/202021 minutes 8 seconds
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Adventures In White

In this big, bonging, New Year edition, Jason introduces David to the Rhône Septentrionale (or Northern Rhône)and the handful of rare and characterful white wines that are teased into existence alongside the ever abundant rows of generic Cotes Du Rhône AOC. While David's head is still spinning with percentages, hectares and Olympic-sized swimming pools (not to mention the vestiges of this year's flu virus), Jason has popped the cork on their first bottle; a fizzy, yet velvety smooth St. Peray from Jean Louis Thiers. It's fit for an emperor and probably was - at least when Napoleon was quaffing it as a cadet in nearby Valence. South East of Valence, Cotes Du Rhone Brézème began with just one hectare in 1962. Though it remains in a kind of classification limbo, this rare blend of Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier from Julian Montagnon is in a class of its own. Further up North and up budget, Alain Graillot's Crozes Hermitage Blanc might appear under-dressed in its screwcap, but is a bri
14/02/202025 minutes
Episode Artwork

Feeling Festive?

In this special, holly-decked edition, Jason begins by asking David the obvious question and despite receiving the rather obvious answer, presses ahead regardless with a bumper, eight-bottle sampling of his own Christmas wine choices that is guaranteed to get even the most diehard humbug ding-dong-merrily-on-high. Sure enough, David's soon getting teary-eyed over a pocket-sized, half-bottle of Leon Beyer, Cremant d'Alsace; a finely-bubbled, brioche-bouqueted vivifier that's perfect for incentivising the scullion on sprout-peeling duty. With an eye to the fact that your relatives may well hang around far longer than your wine does, Jason's next suggestion is a German, Pinot Gris vom Kalkstein. At around a tenner a bottle, your feckless offspring can neck this easy-going aperitif while you're still worrying over your cranberry reduction. Two wines in and our intrepid duo have only got as far as the smoked salmon, which Jason decides he'll pair with a 2018 Chablis, Domaine Christoph Camu.
10/12/201924 minutes 34 seconds
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Heroes of the Hérault

After a long summer break, Jason, the man with 'the most embarrassing recycling box in the street,' is ready to pile on even more embarrassment for the furtherance of oenological knowledge and David is more than willing to help him. With their feet firmly under Jason's kitchen table and ISO wine glasses under their noses, Jason whisks the pair of them away to the Languedoc, on a virtual tour of the Hérault with no more than a few deft twists of his corkscrew. Here, they enthuse over Xavier Bruguière's stone-fruit, 2017 Coteaux Du Languedoc, as fragrant as the mulberry after which it's named and his herby, berry-scented 2017 Pic Saint-Loup. 'Untamed,' says Jason, mentioning Myrtle in almost the same breath. 'Very, very nice indeed,' avers David, his head swimming already. Eighteen kilometres South and West is the famous Terrasses Du Larzac, home of Frédéric Pourtalié's 22 hectare plot, whose white 2016 Domaine Montcalmès is as rare as it is elegant. Pourtalié's 2016 red is young, but
08/09/201921 minutes 31 seconds
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2018 Vintage

2018. How was it for you? The vignerons of France may trumpet it as an historic vintage, but Jason being determined to find out for himself, marshals five newly-minted bottles of white, rosé and red and inveigles the ever-obliging David to figuratively hold his jacket while he gives them all a thorough going over. The Domaine De l'Idylle from the Savoie is declared fresh and zesty, the Chablis from Christophe Camu, rich and smooth and the rosé (a Reuilly from the Loire valley), is taut and crunchy and looks good, too. The reds, a L'Arpenty from Chinon, which smells like raspberry ripple according to David, is a hedonistically enjoyable, pure fruit delight. And as if that wasn't enough, Jean-Pierre Boisson's ever popular Petit Caboche from the Vaucluse is deemed as good as it ever was and as close as a Vin De Pays can possibly get to a Châteauneuf Du Pape without actually being a Châteauneuf du Pape, even though its made by a celebrated Châteauneuf Du Pape grower somewhere very near, w
14/05/201920 minutes 31 seconds
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Small Appellations

David's excitement at another bibulous session, Chez Yapp, is mitigated somewhat by Jason's announcement that the theme for the podcast is small appellations. After his first sip of the morning, however, he realises with great relief, that the next twenty minutes will be more hedonism than hectares. Jean Luis Thiers' St. Peray 'Tranquille' is nutty, fruity yet dry, with the enviable distinction of being both rare and good value for money. Next up, from Palette, is an exceptional Chateau Simone Blanc 2015. This limpid, straw-coloured blend from the chateau's ancient vines leaves David tonque-tied, but what can you say about one of France's great gastronomic wines apart from 'Santé'? Bellet, The Urban Appellation of Nice, is Jason's next diminutive wine region. The Dalmasso's Domaine De La Source, 2015 is a beautifully evolved red that the well-informed, well-heeled locals are more than happy to keep to themselves but you can trust Yapp Brothers to have charmed them out of a few cases.
12/03/201920 minutes 45 seconds
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Châteauneuf Du Pape

In the very teeth of winter, Jason and David battle all the way to the wine cellar in search of bottled sunshine; to Châteauneuf Du Pape, in fact, historical home to the Avignon Popes in exile, a recent ruin, some very big pebbles and thirteen varieties of grape, all of which are permitted into a single bottle of France’s finest and first appellation contrôlée wine. First up is a lovely, limpid, 2017 Domaine Du Père Caboche. A relative rarity, only 7% of Châteauneuf production is given over to white wine and this particular offering has so much fruit, Jason can even taste the wax on the lemons. It wears its 13.5 ABV lightly, too. At last, our plucky pair find themselves warming to a 2016 red from the same estate. Herby and briary with almost fondant tannins, Jason has only to say the word ‘daube’ and David is transported back in time to Provence and a memorably close encounter with a dish of aubergines. After a brief attempt to out-daube one another, it’s time for J and D to test the
21/01/201917 minutes 22 seconds
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Jason's Christmas Line-up 2018

In this edition, Jason proposes his line-up for Christmas 2018, while David sits quietly and drinks it all in. First up, is a classy champagne Grande Réserve from Dumangin. This expertly crafted, extra-aged beauty is perfectly nuanced to offset the ennui of kitchen duty. With aromas of stewed bramley apples and brioche, there's no better way to tackle the sprouts. It's a bubbly second breakfast in a glass! Once the champagne is tucked away and Jason's sprouts are safely in the oven, he's onto the smoked salmon without missing a beat and a dry white Burgundy from Mâcon-Vergisson in the French deep south. With a generous bouquet of ripe orchard fruit, this chardonnay has enough nervy minerality to make your salmon leap. As he's not a big fan of turkey, David is more than happy to sit out the main course as long as it's with a glass of Jason's suggested accompaniment; a Fleurie from the inestimable Graillot family. Racy, light and floral, it'll nurse you all the way through the Queen's s
04/12/201816 minutes 59 seconds
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The Screwcap

When you're at a party and gingerly negotiating the free-for-all of bottles on the kitchen table, a rule of thumb might be to leave anything with a screwcap until about two in the morning, when you're past noticing and well beyond caring. Jason Yapp, however, would tell you, that the humble cap, perfunctory as it may seem, need be no indicator of quality. To that end, he regales David with a brief history of the Stelvin 'alternative wine closure' and caps it off with the thirst-quenching proof in the form of four suitably crowned offerings from Yapp Brothers. Cracking open what has effectively become a Yapp house wine, a lively, appley Chenin Blanc from Saumur, they crack on with a Reisling from Willems-Willems, which for all its fruitiness has no less 'vif.' Yapp's house red, with a label designed by David, is an easy access, drink-it-from-the-hip, Cabernet Franc, but it certainly wouldn't harm to pair it with cheese, a grill or even a stew. And last of all, a cracking good Crozes Her
21/09/201815 minutes 50 seconds
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All Colours Rosé

In David and Jason's latest vinously-centric podcast, Jason makes a case for the viola of the wine world, rosé wine... well, just under half a case, actually, with five sumptuous rosés across the full spectrum of pinks from 'ballet pump' to 'terracotta.' First off is Yapp's own label rosé from the Ardèche, a mid-weight, low-budget, easy access offering under even easier screw cap. Next, a barely rosé 2017 Reuilly, as delightful as it is hard to pronounce; nutty, rosehipped and traditionally drunk with oysters. Third up, is a big favourite of David's, a proper pink, limpid-robed Menetou Salon, that he recently had the audacity to pair with a lightly-spiced Thai curry. Fourth, is from one of Jason's favourite estates in Corsica. Made from a blend of vermentino, sciacarello and neilluccio grapes, this coral pink rosé from Domaine Saparale is loaded with wild herbs, which after just one sip, Jason claims is crying out for fleshy fish and crustacea. Last of all, a truly magisterial wine fr
07/07/201818 minutes 7 seconds
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Like a pair of latter day Joris-Karl Huysmans, Jason and David take a trip to the Côte d'Azur, without actually leaving Jason's kitchen table and with nothing but a row of wheelie bins to excite their febrile imaginations, ensconce themselves amongst the yachty folk of the Riviera. Basking in the balmy heat of ever-present virtual sunshine, they sip three fine offerings from Laurent Bunan et Famille at Mas de la Rouvière: a wonderful, herby white made from pure Clairette grapes, that has Jason searing tuna with his mind's eye alone; a trendily de riqueur, coral pink and crustacea-friendly rosé and a silky smooth, long-legged, berry-scented red. Made with the region's inimitable Mourvèdre grape, it's the smartest thing to quaff with garlic studded, slow-roasted lamb. Santé!
22/05/201814 minutes 42 seconds
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With more Michelin stars than any other region, it's perhaps unsurprising that Alsace winemakers know how to make a wine that will stand up to the local food. Raclette anyone? Choucroute? Tartiflette? No problem! Leon Beyer have the answer in slender-shouldered bottles of the most carefully-balanced, zesty, floral, spicy wines that will impress even the most Riesling averse, chardonnay-loving Brit. First off is a classy Crémant with just the right amount of apple to bubble. Next, a simple 2015 Pinot Blanc that needs no accompaniment, except perhaps a second glass. The 2016 Riesling is more of a mouthful with subtle kerosene and herb aromas and an authoritative, citrus edge that makes it long on flavour. The only red is a supple and fruity, 2015 Pinor Noir, that sends Jason off into a reveries about chilli-infused Vietnamese beef salads, while David tries to work out why such a pale red can have such a robust flavour. Jason has one last wine up his sleeve; quite literally, a half bottle
05/04/201814 minutes 50 seconds
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The Languedoc

Jason and David travel on a bibulous route to the deep south, to Jason's 'happy hunting ground': the Languedoc. Here, though they may be pushed to graze even a goat, vines will pop up through the gravel like daisies and the locals lawlessly blend their bounty with barely a nod to the oenological authorities in distant Paris. With so much variety on offer, our two adventurers are soon concocting a fantasy feast to accompany it: Their first course may be in every hipster hangout from here to Hackney, but Domaine Gaujal's lip-stinging Picpoul De Pinet is the reason why oysters were invented. And it'll cleanse your palate without rinsing your wallet, too. Second up, Domaine Roquemale's, Meli-Melo is a mellifluous mish-mash of bright berries and soft fruits and the surest way to sensualise your saucisson sec when you allez au pique-nique. But if one single wine can exemplify the Languedoc reputation for terrific wines at modest prices, it's Jason 's favourite, lip-smacking Saint Chinian
13/02/201815 minutes 30 seconds
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Yappy Christmas Everyone

Ding dong merrily, we're high... on Jason Yapp's wine selection for a traditional turkey dinner this Christmas! Jason and David get off to an unexpectedly fizzy start with Wraxall Vineyard's coral pink bubbly from Somerset (of all places), the best way to perk up any kitchen scullion on spud-peeling duty. They follow this with Eric Savaret's Domaine de Roncevaux, a minerally, tongue-curling Chardonnay, ideal for smoked salmon, crab or even oysters. And whether you love turkey, like Jason or despise it like David, the Graillot family's on-trend, briary-red Equinoxe, is both perfect accompaniment and ideal consolation, because it's almost a meal in itself! Last but not least, any end of level, boss pudding will more than meet its match with Domaine La Tour Vielle's delectable Banyuls. If it's closure your after, this heavenly concoction will wrap you up in pungent pluminess and sing you gently to sleep. Lully, lullay!
21/11/201715 minutes 9 seconds
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Late last century, when podcasting was something you might do after shelling peas and hipsters were something you wore on your legs, the English fell in love with Beaujolais and the infamous Beaujolais Run; not because it tasted any good, but because it gave them the opportunity to turn drinking wine into a national sport. Several decades later, it's high summer in the garden and Jason and David discover that the next generation of Beaujolais wines aren't simply a case of 'plus ça change, mais plus aussi le même chose.'
12/10/201712 minutes
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Jason Yapp and David Chandler shed an olfactory and gustatory light on the oenologically obscure island of Corsica and sample an evanescent Vermentino from Domaine Torraccia, a briary Corse Sartene rouge from Domaine Saparale and a reverential muscat from Domaine Pieretti. More adventures in wine at
12/06/201712 minutes
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The Jura

Jason and David take their palates on an adventure to a land lost in time: the Jura. It's just like Norfolk, only with grapes! They sample the region's idiosyncratic Vin Jaune, a light but rewarding Poulsard, its gutsier neighbour, made from pure Trousseau and a delectable sweet, Vin de Paille, which is over-wintered on beds of straw - all from Jean-Louis Tissot. More Adventures In Wine at
09/04/20179 minutes 56 seconds
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Crozes Hermitage 2014

Jason and David taste a world-renowned red Crozes Hermitage and an equally characterful white from one of the most respected wine-makers in the Rhône valley, Alain Graillot. More adventures in wine at
23/10/20169 minutes 56 seconds