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Adventures In Murderland

English, Comedy, 1 season, 5 episodes, 4 hours, 39 minutes
A true crime/comedy podcast focussing on the LGBTQ+ community. Hosted by irrelevant YouTuber Mike James and his boyfriend Alan Cassidy!
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A.I.M - Ep28 - The Final Truth (Donald Henry Gaskins aka Pee Wee - Part 2)

In part 2, we're taking a deep dive into the horrific crimes commited by the infamous Donald Henry Gaskins. Detailing his disturbing murder spree and discussing the final truth around his arrest and conviction. Warning, this one isn't for the faint hearted.-----------------------------------------------SOCIALS:-----------------------------------------------Twitter: @murderlandpodFacebook: [email protected]: @adventuresinmurderlandAlans Twitter: @alancassidy2009Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjamesMikes YouTube:
1/17/201957 minutes, 37 seconds
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A.I.M - Ep27 - The Angriest Man In America (Donald Henry Gaskins aka Pee Wee - Part 1)

For almost 3 decades, South Carolina was plagued by a string of cruel and sadistic murders. The culprit? A man for whom torture, violence, and sexual assault where just as common place to him as water is to a shark. This is the story of Donald Henry Gaskins aka...The Meanest Man in America!----------------------------Get To The Grizzlies @ 08:10-----------------------------Socials:Twitter: @MurderlandPodFacebook: @AdventuresInMurderlandE-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @itsmicjamesAlans Twitter: @alancassidy2009Mikes Youtube: itsmicjames
1/9/201945 minutes, 10 seconds
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A.I.M - Ep26 - A Recipe For Murder! (Arthur John Shawcross aka The Genesse River Killer)

In Rochester, New York, one man would proceed to go on one of the most horrific murder sprees in the nations history. In this episode we discuss the monster that is Arthur John Shawcross. From his troubled and traumatic childhood, to his time served in the Vietnam war. Join us as we unpack the ingrediants that created one of the most disturbed individuals imaginable. ------------------------GET TO THE GRIZZLY'S @10:40(ish)------------------------SOCIALS-----------------------Twitter: @MurderlandPodFacebook: Adventures In MurderlandE-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @alancassidy2009Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjamesMikes YouTube:
11/15/201857 minutes, 14 seconds
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A.I.M - Ep25 - How To Catch A Killer? (The Highway Killer - Part 2)

In this episode we continue our journey into the twisted world of Larry Eyler. With both the police and the FBI slowly gathering evidence against him, will the justice system have enough to put him away for good? Even if they do, will it be too late?------------------------SOCIALS-----------------------Twitter: @MurderlandPodFacebook: Adventures In MurderlandE-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @alancassidy2009Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjamesMikes YouTube:
11/7/20181 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds
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A.I.M - Ep24 - The Start of Something Terrible (The Highway Killer - Part 1)

Between 1982 and 1984 the gay communities of both Indiana and Illinois where under attack from a vicious serial killer. Prowling bars and local cruising areas, this monster left behind a slew of mutilated corpses spanning across two county’s. With the body count quickly piling up, would the police be able to act quick enough to prevent another murder? OR…would their investigation see them let the killer… slip right through their hands? ------------------------Get to the grizzly's @ 06:00------------------------SOCIALS-----------------------Twitter: @MurderlandPodFacebook: Adventures In MurderlandAlans Twitter: @alancassidy2009Mikes Twitter: @itsmicjamesMikes YouTube:
10/31/201857 minutes, 46 seconds