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Adulting with Chipporuth

English, Education, 4 seasons, 19 episodes, 5 hours, 52 minutes
“Adulting na scam?” “Growing up sucks!” These are phrases you often hear when the realities of the adult life start creeping in. You graduate from Uni, now you are thinking of laying the first bricks on your career, now you have to make money, move out of your parents’ house and and and. It’s a lot! and exciting too. This has been me this past year! Let’s talk it out on here and navigate through issues of money, careers, relationships (of all kinds) and faith.
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Lessons learnt from a fumbled opportunity

You get some, you loose some, but it’s all for a reason and you’ve got to take the lessons and move!
7/9/202425 minutes, 29 seconds
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As much as I love motivating y’all and sharing my professional journey ,Adulting with Chipporuth is about aspects of growth that matter as much, if not more.A documentation of a young woman’s life, her fears, feelings and perspectives at a certain point in her life. Recorded on 30th May, 2024, this one is on loss and growth around that.
7/9/20244 minutes, 34 seconds
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UN Volunteer Platform: Creating Profile+Navigation

Karibu from Nairobi! After an incredible week of capacity building and networking at the UN compound here in Kenya, felt inspired to do this episode on the UNV platform. I remember how bad I wanted to be a UNV but struggling with navigating through the platform and never getting shortlisted to assignment I believed I was qualified for! feel free to reach out on what you would like to hear more of, on this topic. Chipporuth on all socials. All the best in your volunteering journey and God bless!🙏. * Disclaimer: I speak only from my experiences and not as a representative of the United Nations or any of the agencies mentioned in this episode *
4/7/202423 minutes, 47 seconds
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Asked my Dad to be my Valentine 💌

As we celebrate love , this episode is a reminder to heal and to love intentionally, freely and well :) Enjoy
2/18/20248 minutes, 59 seconds
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She moved Out!

For more information on Wisdom and wellness by Mpoomy Ledwaba, check out her podcast and youtube channel.
6/11/202317 minutes, 47 seconds
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Adulting with Chipporuth (Trailer)

7/15/202259 seconds