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Adulting with Chipporuth

English, Education, 3 seasons, 14 episodes, 4 hours 31 minutes
“Adulting na scam?” “Growing up sucks!” These are phrases you often hear when the realities of the adult life start creeping in. You graduate from Uni, now you are thinking of laying the first bricks on your career, now you have to make money, move out of your parents’ house and and and. It’s a lot! and exciting too. This has been me this past year! Let’s talk it out on here and navigate through issues of money, careers, relationships (of all kinds) and faith.
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She moved Out!

For more information on Wisdom and wellness by Mpoomy Ledwaba, check out her podcast and youtube channel.
11/06/202317 minutes 47 seconds
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Adulting with Chipporuth (Trailer)

15/07/202259 seconds