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Adopting Bitcoin - A convo with Galoy is a series dedicated to encouraging thoughtful conversation about Bitcoin and Lightning adoption around the world.
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ABP312 - Bitcoin education and celebration Ghana

Today we’re speaking about Bitcoin adoption in Ghana. We have Kumi from Bitcoin Cowries, and Mawufemor of Bitcoin Dua, who have been sharing non-stop progress from their community building efforts, including a mobile bitcoin street store, soccer games, education center and more. Their latest video featured a gentleman buying a live chicken with bitcoin, which is currently going viral across bitcoin twitter. 
05/10/202351 minutes 30 seconds
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ABP311 - Community building in Peru with Motiv

In this episode, we chat with Rich and Vali from Motiv Peru who have been educating communities about health and life skills to create a foundation for Motiv to introduce programs that will support a Bitcoin self-sustaining circular economy. (00:00:00) Intro and advertisement (00:02:46) Introduction Motiv (00:09:00) How are the communities founded? (00:23:13) How to find a leader? (00:31:16) What are the indicators for success (00:47:14) What can tourists expect? (00:55:20) How about the stability of Peru? (00:59:47) Open mic season (01:05:48) Final words and outro ⁠Adopting Bitcoin⁠⁠ - A Lightning Summit in El Salvador, Nov 7-9 2023 ⁠⁠Blink⁠⁠ -
28/09/20231 hour 32 minutes 19 seconds
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ABP310 - The other Berlin: El Salvador's newest circular economy project

This week we have a team of bitcoiners based in El Salvador who have recently launched a new circular economy project in the town of Berlin. The project has attracted expats from other countries and has been driving local adoption in recent months within the town – we are excited to hear how things are going and how they are doing it. Adopting Bitcoin⁠ - A Lightning Summit in El Salvador, Nov 7-9 2023 ⁠Blink⁠ - the everday bitcoin wallet ⁠Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town⁠ - Jan 26-28 2024 (00:00:00) Intro (00:00:43) Welcome words (00:02:29) Sponsoring (00:04:33) Introduction Bitcoin Berlin (00:15:05) Why Bitcoin? (00:18:28) How Bitcoin Berlin started? (00:25:13) Merchants in Berlin (00:37:57) Build a sustainable community (00:43:01) Bringing Bitcoin to the peop
07/09/20231 hour 11 minutes 45 seconds
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ABP309 - Bitcoin Adoption in Argentina: A look at Bottom-up & Top-down

This week we have Bitcoiners from Argentina on the pod - Argentina has been wrestling with chronic inflation of their local currency the Argentinian Peso for decades and recently made headlines when a libertarian outsider called Javier Milei who is also said to be bitcoin-friendly won the Presidential primaries by surprise. Part of Milei’s platform was a very hostile stance against central banks and not surprisingly this has made Bitcoiners pay attention and get excited about this candidate. In this episode we learn from Argentinian Bitcoiners Ariel and Adam how much is true of these rumours - is maybe a second bitcoin president in the making? And what else is going on around Bitcoin in Argentina.
31/08/20231 hour 33 minutes 37 seconds
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ABP308 - Adopting Bitcoin comes to Cape Town, South Africa

Bitcoin Ekasi is a circular economy project based in Mossel Bay, built after the model of Bitcoin Beach. Together with a Machankura, a project aiming to give people without an internet-connected device a way to send and receive Bitcoin payments, they will be hosting the Adopting Bitcoin conference in Cape Town in January 2024. The Bitcoin conference will convene experts, advocates and innovators from around the world to dive into the topics of Bitcoin, self-sovereignty and parallel institutions. We chat with Hermann and Kgothatso about bitcoin in Africa, the various initiatives to further its adoption and the upcoming conference.
17/08/20231 hour 5 minutes 21 seconds
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ABP307 - Mi Primer Bitcoin in Guatemala

We talk with Bitcoiners Eliazar, Rudy and Reyna working on the Bitcoin Lake project at Lake Panachajel in Guatelama and the progress they are making with Mi Primer Bitcoin classes to educate about Bitcoin. Adopting Bitcoin⁠ - A Lightning Summit in El Salvador, Nov 7-9 2023 ⁠Blink⁠ - the everday bitcoin wallet ⁠Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town⁠ - Jan 26-28 2024
10/08/20231 hour 12 minutes 48 seconds
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ABP306 - Bitcoin Valley Italy: Spending Sats since 2014

Did you know that the town of Rovereto⁠ in the autonomous Province of Trento got bitcoinized back in 2014, with plenty of merchants accepting bitcoin payments? We got a hold of Marco Amadori whose presentation about Open Source Software in which he mentioned Bitcoin as an example sparked the interest of the locals and marked the starting point of a whole town's bitcoin adventure that has been going on for almost a decade. Adopting Bitcoin⁠ - A Lightning Summit in El Salvador, Nov 7-9 2023 ⁠Blink⁠ - the everday bitcoin wallet ⁠Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town⁠ - Jan 26-28 2024
03/08/20231 hour 13 minutes 44 seconds
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ABP305 - Bitcoin Yucatan: Standing up a Circular Economy in Mexico

Close to Merida, the capital of Yucatan, there are seven so-called Pueblos Magicos – Sisal, Mani, Valladolid and Izamal and recently also Motul, Espita and Tecax. These are located on the tourist route through the state and receive a lot of support from the Mexican government to promote themselves. Here Daniel wants to work on Bitcoin adoption, as a starting point for 'his' country Mexico, just like it all started in El Salvador with Bitcoin Beach. We chat with Mercedes, Amanda and Daniel, the folks behind the Bitcoin Yucatan project about the
27/07/20231 hour 20 minutes 51 seconds
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ABP304 - Minting Newcoiners in Namibia

We chat with Okin from Easysats in Namibia - their mission is to find ways that allow anyone to easily purchase Bitcoin, while using their accumulated expertise &amp; technical knowledge to ensure that not only can Namibians purchase Bitcoin, but they are made aware of how they can accept it for their goods &amp; services as well as securely store it themselves, without the need for continued interaction with others. Okin shares his recipe for getting merchants onboard to accept bitcoin payments - a crucial challenge in the bootstrapping of circular economies - and we talk Bitcoin in Namibia and Africa in general. Sponsors: Adopting Bitcoin - A Lightning Summit in El Salvador, Nov 7-9 2023<
19/07/20231 hour 45 minutes 50 seconds
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ABP303 - Building Bitcoin Economies in Brazil

In this episode, we talk to bitcoin community builders in Brazil. Fernando Motolese, the initiator of Praia Bitcoin in Jericocoara, started onboarding merchants in his beautiful beach village in September 2021 after he saw the impact a circular economy could have when El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender. Not only did his efforts spawn bitcoin adoption in his village, but also helped other Bitcoiners like Jeff and Vinicius find him and even inspired similar projects in other parts of Brazil, like <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener norefer
13/07/20231 hour 40 minutes 28 seconds
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ABP302 - Bitcoinizing Honduras with AmityAge

In this episode, we talk to Dušan Matuška and Zussel Ramos of Amityage, the very first Bitcoin Education Center in Honduras, on a beautiful island of Roatan, located inside of Próspera jurisdiction. Próspera is a private charter city and special economic zone on the island of Roatan in Honduras. A governance platform and a place where you can do business freely and easily. A place where you can pay in Bitcoin with no capital gains on your bitcoin transactions. This former pirate hideout seems to be the perfect spot for Amityage&#39;s mission to accelerate bitcoinization and to make Roatan the Bitcoin island of Caribbean.
06/07/20231 hour 11 minutes 24 seconds
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ABP301 - A Trip to Bitcoin Island Philippines

In Season 3 of ABP, hosts Andrew and Kemal are exploring bitcoin adoption in different parts of the world. For episode 1, they are joined by Ethan Rose of Pouch and Bitcoin Islands to talk about bitcoin usage and adoption on the beautiful island of Boracay in the Philippines. Website: Tickets: Twitter: @AdoptingBTC Instagram: <a h
29/06/202359 minutes 33 seconds