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English, Finance, 1 season, 10 episodes, 9 hours, 21 minutes
Entrepreneur & author Mushambi Mutuma showcases thought leaders, business mavericks and change makers from a variety of backgrounds to share their stories, history and insights on how we adapt in new times, leverage technology for growth and unpack the keys to success. Entrepreneur, influencer, business leader or student; this show is the platform for you!
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#10 Crafting World-Class Experiences with Alessandro Mosupi Khojane

Incredible episode this week on#AdjacentConversations. Down to earth, honest, silly but always authentic! . A great convo with my brother Alessandro Khojane from @gemelli_restaurant . An amazing entrepreneur dropping gems on his journey and his greatest currency, relationships! His down to earth nature but true business acumen has giving him the ability to build multiple brands that are now staple experiences for the Joburg scene. Hit that subscribe button, this one has too many powerful moments! . Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
6/19/202056 minutes, 22 seconds
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#9 Creating a Global Movement with Papama Mtwisha

Sometimes you plan a particular convo and then another incredible one emerges! Exactly what happened in this week’s episode of #AdjacentConversations with the truly incredible Papama Mtwisha I mean wow! I didn’t want it to end! This one truly was for the books! The lessons here on trusting intention, the power of feeling, the very ethos you literally sew and pray into your products! I started this convo with the goal to find out Papama’s secret sauce to getting @AfricaYourTimeIsNow to global scale and I left with finding out the real hack to personal and business success! The internal work is even more important that typically where we focus - margins, models, scale, production, etc. Papama’s power in vulnerability and truth is certainly something to be admired. Listen. Rewind. Listen Again! Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
6/12/20201 hour, 43 seconds
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#8 The Viral Advantage with Tyson Ngubeni

What an incredible discussion on this week's #AdjacentConversations with my brother and favorite comedian Tyson Ngubeni  Not only did we go through Tyson’s amazing journey, but the way he’s built this process, invested in himself and his craft but and incredible journey still to come! Insightful. Inspiring. Hilarious! Thank you Tyson (and Bob) 🤣🙏🏿🤣 Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
6/5/20201 hour, 12 seconds
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#7 Scaling Your Vision Tangibly with Theo Baloyi

What a conversation on this week’s #AdjacentConversations with one of my favorite entrepreneurs @Theo Baloyi  The topic this week is “Scaling Your Vision Tangibly” and we had a very frank conversation about Theo’s story from Alex to one of Africa’s leading footwear brands, Bathu Theo shared his perspective and lessons learned from his time at accountant and his particular focus on building a sustainable ecosystem and value chain from design to manufacturing to logistics to warehousing to retail. This man's vision for managing this scale is truly brilliant and not something we often see with "youth." Tune in and enjoy! This was one of our most insightful based convo's thus far and offered true tangible examples to scaling your dream! Enjoy! Subscribe. Rate. Share --- Send in a voice message:
5/29/202056 minutes, 53 seconds
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#6 Entrepreneurial Activism During Crisis with Matsi Modise

Adjacent Conversations Week 6! And this one is a special one for all of our entrepreneurs and small business owners! This week's guest is the one and only Matsi Modise ; one of the leading supporters & contributors to entrepreneurship that I look up to. Her insights and perspective are always refreshing and offer a bit of hope when you don't know where to look! Matsi not only shared her own story and journey of the past 10 years, ups and downs but also he state of small business & entrepreneurship right now. Where are things going? What support actually exists? How can we make it through these times? How do we byild businesses that survive crisis. You’re gonna love this convo and gain true insight. Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
5/23/202059 minutes, 54 seconds
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#5 Leveraging Content & Your Personal Brand with Mashudu Modau

In this week's Adjacent Conversations we sit down with Jozi’s "go to podcast guru"  Mashudu Modau, a young and on the rise entrepreneur & content creator.  Through his approach to documenting content always, Mash’s been able to partner with major brands and expand his professional circles and reach by doing this his own way. Mash shared a lot of his experience over the years, answered some live questions from our feedback and really gave one of the most informative takes on brand building I've heard in some time!  Also some gems from both of us on the black hole of Twitter ;) Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
5/22/202051 minutes, 34 seconds
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#4 Future-Proofing Media with Legend Manqele

Wow, you're going to have to sit down, listen, rewind and rewind again this weeks #AdjacentConversations episode with Legend Manqele! Not only is Legend a peer and friend but a media mogul in progress with a history in pr, print, tv as well as film. Over the years I’ve looked to him as an inspiration to level up professionally and admired his eye for all things visually beautiful and crisp. Given the ongoing turmoil and change particularly across media, this week we want to to dive deep into what that means for a business owner like himself and where things may go next. Legend shared his journey in the industry, using one opportunity to leverage the next and the next. A true lesson in constantly adapting to the times! You don’t want to miss this convo! Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
5/21/202050 minutes, 10 seconds
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#3 Shifting the Face of Entertainment with Shonisani Masutha

Pleased to announce that in this week’s Adjacent Conversations we're on with the incredible Shonisani Masutha discussing, “Shifting the face of entertainment.” As an actress and expanding business woman we sat down to discuss the business of entertainment & media and how the industry is coping in times like these! Also how she’s switched it up to find new markets as well as new industries by leveraging her brand, her social media and her personality! Incredibly impactful to learn lessons on how you can leverage your brand power in one industry to entrench you in another! Subscribe. Rate. Share. Enjoy! --- Send in a voice message:
5/20/202051 minutes, 59 seconds
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#2 Doing Business Differently with Sylvester Chauke

This week on Adjacent Conversations, we’re featuring the incredible Sylvester Chauke, author, brand builder extraordinare and CEO of DNA Brand Architects. We’ll be unpacking the reality behind "doing business differently." People keep mentioning it, that things will never be the same again. But what does that actually mean? How do we keep our conversations and strategies relevant and practical? Listen now! --- Send in a voice message:
5/19/202058 minutes, 50 seconds
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#1 Disrupting During Disruptive Times with Kojo Baffoe

Adjacent Conversations is a weekly chat with leading thought leaders and friends from a variety of backgrounds discussing how we shift and adapt in new times. From entrepreneurs to change makers, we’ll be hosting some truly impactful people! This week’s conversation is with a close friend, mentor and writer Kojo Baffoe (and fellow stogie lover!) We’re chatting "Disrupting During Disruptive Times." Because of global pandemic most of us have been shaken up, had our industries flipped upside down and are struggling to find a new routine or business model to get through it all. Sharing insights along our journeys in life and business as well as our shared insights on where to now, this is a convo you don’t wanna miss. Enjoy!  --- Send in a voice message:
5/15/202054 minutes, 36 seconds