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I See Taraji as Tammi Terrell 1:3:24 12.04 PM

Story by: Gail NoblesTaraji Photo: Public Domain WikipediaTammi Terrell Photo: Public Domain Commons.WikimediaHello! I'm Gail Nobles and I want to talk to you again about Taraji P Henson. Taraji P Henson has played in The Color Purple of 2023 according to the Director Blitz Bazawule. She's actually singing in the movie, and she took some vocal lessons. Taraji has done an outstanding job.I could always see Taraji playing the life story of Tammi Terrell not knowing that she could sing.In case you didn't know Tammi Terrell was a singer songwriter widely known as a star singer for Motown records during the 1960s notably for a series of duets with singer Marvin Gaye. Though Taraji has talent in acting and singing, she might not want to play as Tammy Terrell, but she sure would be perfect for the role. If anyone approaches her with a pleasing offer, that would be awesome.I'm Gail Nobles. Thank you for listening to Actors Stories and Film.
1/3/20241 minute, 30 seconds
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Janet Jackson as Mae West 12:29:23 3.43 PM

by: Gail NoblesPhoto of Janet: NO3 Wikipedia CC BY 2.0Hello! I'm Gail Nobles. Welcome to another episode of Actors, Stories, and Film. Today I'm thinking about the time when I was a little girl watching little Janet Jackson as May West. I didn't know who May West was until I had learned who Janet was imitating. May West was before my time. Janet Jackson was amazing acting as May West when she was a little girl. I remember on the TV comedy Good Times when she imitated May West while talking on a CB.“Well, I'm very mature for my age.” She would put her hands on her hip. Janet Jackson was an awesome May West. I think Janet would say her own lines imitating Mae West, but I remember Janet saying a famous line by May West."Why don't you come up and see me sometime.” Janet would pat her hair near the back of her neck just like May West. I haven't seen Janet Jackson act like May West in decades. Now that she's a grown woman, she probably could act out May West better than she did before. Janet could make a small black and white mini movie and bring it in color acting as Mae West with song and dance. She could show off May West’s style and fashion and add her own. In case you're wondering, May West was an American actress singer, comedian, screenwriter, and playwright whose career Spand over seven decades. She was considered a sex symbol, and that's who Janet Jackson is. People consider her also as a sex symbol. I'm Gail Nobles. Today's episode: Janet Jackson as May West.
12/29/20232 minutes, 21 seconds
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Taraji P. Henson 10:11:23 5.54 PM

Voice actor quotes by: Gail NoblesStory by: Gail NoblesPhoto: Wikipedia Public DomainTaraji P Hanson is an outstanding actress. We all know that movies are just movies, but Hendon can make them seem real as an actress.I'm thinking about several movies she played in like the movie Hidden Figures. The scene where she has an argument with actor Kevin Costner about the bathroom.“There is no bathroom, .. and I work like a dog!” Thouh Henson is just acting, it doesn't look and sound like it, and that's what we want in acting. She played as Katherine Johnson, a brilliant mathematician.I'm thinking about the movie The Best Of Enemies. She always carried a tough look on her face in that movie."We gonna beat school segregation once and for all!"Henson played as Ann Atwater, a community organizer in Durham, North Carolina. The movie was based on a true story.Then there's another film starring Taraji P Henson. It’s an action film. She plays as Mary Goodwin. She kills her target Marcus Miller in his apartment and she took care of his son Danny. “Hey! your mouth. I told you I wasn't gonna let anybody touch you and I meant it.” The name of that movie is Proud Mary.Taraji P Henson is a strong actress. She has played plenty of great rolls in movies in her Hollywood career.I'm Gail Nobles today's topic: Taraji P. Henson
10/11/20232 minutes, 11 seconds
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Aretha The Actress 9:9:23 12.00 AM

Keyboardist: Gail NoblesVoice actor: Gail NoblesStory by: Gail NoblesPhoto: Kingkongphoto & www.celebrity-photos.comUsage: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 2.0Think is a song written by Aretha Franklin and her then husband Ted White and first recorded by Franklin. It was released as a single in 1968 from her Aretha Now album. The song reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Franklin's seventh top 10 hit in the United States. The song also reached number 1 on the magazine's Hot Rhythm & Blues Singles, becoming her sixth single to top the chart. Aretha Franklin did not only sing her song, but she was an actress while singing it. You can tell when you hear the song that she might have lived it somehow. You can hear it in her voice on the record. Aretha was singing with emotion and feeling she could switch her voice for an example: What ya trying to do to me? What ya trying to do to me?Yeah, Miss Aretha Franklin was something else. She was an actress in her singing. She had the expressions in her face as well as in her voice. She played as Mrs. Murphy in the Blues Brothers singing her song, Think. She was a terrific actress both in singing and for film.Aretha made a remake of Think in 1989 about drinking and driving, telling the people to: think about it before you turn the key. Before you sit in the driver’s seat. A music video was made for the remake.I'm Gail nobles, and you’re listening to a podcast about actors, stories, and film. Today’s topic Aretha Franklin, Think.
9/9/20232 minutes, 53 seconds
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Saturday Night Live S29E17 Janet Jackson

Saturday Night Live S29E17 Janet JacksonUploaded by: SNL at archive.orgUsage: CC0 1.0 Universal
6/13/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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James Earl Jones-The King of Voice 3:31:23 10.32 PM

Music - Infinity Brass - Dramatic by: Samplefocus.comVoice Actor: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Eva Rinaldi - James Earl, Boyd Gaines, Angela LansburyUsage: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 2.0James Earl Jones is an American actor and known for his performances in film, television, and theater. He is one of the greatest actors in American history.He has done live-action acting, voice acting, and commercial voice-overs. Everyone seems to love his deep bass sounding voice that is praised as a "a stirring basso profondo. .."Jones gained international fame for providing the voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise, beginning with the original 1977 film. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Jones appeared in a number of other successful films like Conan the Barbarian (1982). That’s a film I’ll never forget. That’s the film where you get to see him. Slowly turn into a snake. And we can’t forget The Lion King (1994) just to name a few. Over his career, Jones has won three Tony Awards (out of five nominations), two Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Grammy Award and more. In my book James Earl Jones is the King of Voice when it comes to voice acting. He’s great in acting altogether.
4/1/20232 minutes, 4 seconds
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As You Remember Aretha (Keep Pressing On) 11:1:22 3.06 PM

Piano chord: Samplefocus.com2nd Piano: Gail NoblesOrgan: Gail NoblesVocals: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Jeanne Menjoulet CC BY 2.0It’s a rainy day. Today’s topic: Aretha Franklin. She is not here with us today, but she is with us in her music and in spirit. Those of you that knew Aretha may have the ability to feel her presence, or See her in a dream or something. In a sense, the closeness doesn’t die. You might be blessed to hear her singing in your dreams. Actress GN: Hey! How y’all doing out there?(Singing)As you remember Aretha, Keep Pressing On. I’m Gail Nobles & you’re listening to Actors, Stories, & Film (The Lounge Show). Story and Song by Gail Nobles © 2022.
11/1/20221 minute, 36 seconds
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The Queen of Disco - Donna Summer 10:31:22 4.41 PM

Music by: Soul piano keys emotional; Smash It BrightUsage: Standard License Drums by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesSong: Queen of DiscoIntro Song by: Gail NoblesMusic being the way it is today. I can only imagine what Donna Summer would say. Actress G: Someone found a letter you wrote me on the radio. You wanted to know why the Queen had to go. (Singing) Cause music’s not the same as it use to be like long ago. You need the queen of Disco.Actress G: We’ll she’s always here with you in music. Do you remember Donna Summer’s song, The Queen Is Back? It’s on her seventeenth & final studio album, Crayons. Donna Summer is known as the queen of Disco. And when I’m bored with today’s music, I think of the Queen being back. Her music never left.I’m Gail Nobles. Today’s topic: The Queen of Disco-Donna Summer. You’re Listening to Actors, Stories, & Film (The Lounge Show). I’m you’re host, Gail Nobles.
10/31/20222 minutes, 27 seconds
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Moms Mabley 1968 Backhanded in Church

1968 Stand-up Comedy, * Moms MableyUsage: Public Domain Mabley' During the late 1960s, Moms Mabley was a very popular, hilarious, older female, stand-up comedienne. Moms always said WHAT she wanted to, WHEN she wanted to. She pulled no punches. She never held back. She called a spade a spade.
9/28/20221 minute, 58 seconds
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Marvin Gaye - (Speech & Drama) 5:30:22 12.44 PM

Quotes by: Marvin GayeMusic by: Gail NoblesAll voices and vocals by: Gail NoblesSong by: Gail NoblesMarvin Gaye spoke with feeling just as he did when singing. He put words into songs. He spoke words he didn’t sing in songs, but I heard the music and song while he was only speaking. Marvin Gaye quote: You know love is misery. I won’t fall in love. I’ll just be loveful. I’ll be kind and good and just have fun. (Marvin’s words into chorus): “I’m broke. Let Caesar have what he wants.”Marvin Gaye quote: They can take what they want. I try to keep what I can keep.The things Marvin sang and talked about is in our day.(Chorus)You’re listening to a show about Actors, Stories, and Film. I’m your host, Gail Nobles.
5/30/20221 minute, 43 seconds
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Sharon Paige & Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes 3:20:22 7.48 PM

Song by: Sharon Paige & Harold Melvin and the Blue NotesSong written by: Kenneth Gamble & Leon HuffActors by: Gail NoblesKeyboardist: Gail NoblesHope That We Can Be Together Soon is a song written by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, that was originally recorded by Dusty Springfield as "Let's Get Together Soon" and was included in her 1970 album, A Brand New Me. The track was produced by Gamble and Huff.Now, let’s talk about the 1975 version. The composition scored a hit when it was released by Sharon Paige and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes in 1975. Unlike most of the group's singles from this time period, Melvin handles most of the vocal duties, while Teddy Pendergrass appears for one line and the closing part of the song. Paige took on a more prominent role in the group after Pendergrass left the group for a solo career.Released in 1975 from the album To Be True, the song reached number one on the Hot Soul Singles chart in the summer of that year. It reached number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100.Hope That We Can Be Together Soon is a song I’m sure will come to mind for families that have lived a very far distance away from each other for years distant friends, and most of all lovers.I’m GailNobles, and you’re listening to actors, stories,and film. The Lounge Show. Thank you for listening.
3/21/20223 minutes, 19 seconds
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Temptations & Four Tops 12:31:21 1.23 PM

Intro: by Gail NoblesStory by: Gail NoblesAll photos: Public Domain/ Wikipedia.orgThe Temptations & Four TopsIt was Motown 25 when I first saw the Temptations and Four Tops perform together. It was a battle between the two groups in a fun kind of way. I’ll never forget watching them on TV when I heard the announcer say: The Four Tops and The Temptations here to battle it out just like in the old days!The Four Tops began first singing a little bit of their song, Reach Out (I’ll Be There). Then the Temptations began singing a little bit of their song, Get Ready. They kept on that way singing different songs in between.The audience would applaud both groups, and you could hear the excitement in their voices shouting out for them. The Temptations would take over and sing Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by the Four Tops & The Four Tops would end up singing one of the Temptations’ songs. Before long, they were like one group singing one song, and the audience gave them a standing ovation. Motown 25 was a 1983 TV Special. When Motown returned to the Apollo in 1985, The Temptations and the Four Tops had a battle again. Bill Cosby said: If you got a weak heart, you better leave now because I got a feeling something special is about to happen. We call it the battle of the groups.In that battle Levi Stubbs was left in my mind. He was an awesome actor in singing. Melvin from the Temptations would sing something like: Bom dom dom dom dom.And Levi would say: Shut up Melvin!Melvin: Got you that time.Levi: Okay! That’s enough! That’s enough!But it was all love between the two. I’m Gail Nobles. Thank you for listening. Have a Happy New Year.
12/31/20212 minutes, 48 seconds
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Nate Parker - Jackie Robinson 9:5:21 6.46 PM

Photo credit/Jackie Robinson: en.wikepidia.orgUsage: Public DomainPhoto credit/ Nate Parker: By flickr user Soluta -, Usage: CC BY 2.0,’s topic: Nate Parker Could Play as Retired Jackie Robinson.Chadiwick Boseman played as Jackie Robinson, but another movie could be made starring Nate Parker. There was more to Jackie than baseball. There are some things that were not shown in the movie starring Chadwick Boseman about Jackie. And Parker might be the perfect man to play as Jackie. He could play as young Jackie and an older and retired Jackie with grey hair. People like to see the actors act & look like the real person. Jackie Robinson served as lieutenant in the US Army. He played as a major role in the Civil Rights Movement. He continued to break down racial barriers after leaving baseball. These things could be put into a new movie. They did not focus on the life of Jackie Robinson after he left baseball in the movie starring Boseman. There are things you may not know about Robinson that could make another movie.To me, Nate Parker is a good actor and filmmaker. He played in the movie The Great Debaters starring Denzel Washington, The Birth of a Nation, and American Skin to name a few.I’m Gail Nobles, and you’re listening to Movies Unmade.
9/5/20212 minutes, 18 seconds
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Where Is Bruce Li? - 5:15:21, 8.28 PM

Keyboard: Gail NoblesArtwork by: Gail NoblesVoice actor: Gail NoblesStory and dialogue intro by: Gail NoblesFighting Sound: SoundBible.comUsage: Public DomainToday’s Topic is Where is Bruce Li.Bruce Li born Ho Chung-Tao is a Taiwanese actor, martial artist and Bruce Lee imitator. You’ve seen him in films such as Fist of Fury 2, Deadly Strike, and Return of the Tiger just to name a few. After Bruce Lee’s death, Bruce Li’s acting career began. Bruce Lee died in 1973, and I was three years old. I saw clips of his funeral at age 3 and went on thinking that I was watching Bruce Lee whenever I saw Bruce Li in Kung Fu films. Thanks to Bruce Li, I remember Bruce Lee. I couldn’t tell them apart.At the movie theater I remember being in a long line with my mother and father just to see a Bruce Lee or a Bruce Li film. It is Bruce Li that I remember the most. I always called him Bruce Lee. My favorite film starring Bruce Li is titled Deadly Strike. He played tough in that one. I also like Fist of Fury 2. Seeing Bruce Li play in those films made it seem like Bruce Lee was still around. He was a great Bruce Lee imitator and great actor. So where is Bruce Li today. In 1985, he ended his career and returned to Taiwan. I wish to see him again in a Kung Fu film as Bruce Li just one more time for old times' sake. Bruce Li is still around, and you can find him on Facebook. It’s great to see him there.I’m Gail Nobles and Today’s Topic is: Where Is Bruce Li?
5/16/20213 minutes, 15 seconds
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Example of an Oscar - 12:5:19, 10.30 PM

Story by: Gail NoblesToday's topic is an example of an Oscar. The Academy Awards. If you want to make a great movie and win an Oscar, try doing something never done before.The Ten Commandments was a movie that won an Oscar in 1957 for special effects. It was amazing to see the parting of the Red Sea. It was a Bible story brought to life in film and was exciting to see. The burning bush and seeing the pillar of fire was exciting to see too. I haven't seen another movie done like that one. The movie is a 1956 epic religious drama film produced, directed, and narrated by Cecil B. DeMille, shot in Vista Vision (Color by Technicolor) and released by Paramount Pictures. Today movies seem to be quickly made with computer adding special effects, but when I look at the special effects in the movie of The Ten Commandments, it looks so real. The Wizard of Oz was another great example of an Oscar type of movie and also Gone With the Wind. So if you want to make a great movie and win an Oscar, think of the movies that won oscars. Think of something great to make a movie about. Try to make a movie that you know people would want to see. Some movies are made fast and confusing. Some movies are just not good at all. When I think about how the old movies were made, I can tell that they were made well and made from the heart. We need movies to be made like that today...
4/15/20213 minutes, 8 seconds
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Superman VS Spiderman - 7:13:19, 6.22 PM

Story by: Gail L. NoblesKeyboard player by: Gail NoblesActors by: Gail NoblesSound effects of web webshooter: and Lee info: Superman VS Spiderman comic bookPhoto Credit: Public DomainStan Lee from Marvel Comics and Carmine Infantino from DC comics had been friends for years. They collaborated on strips in the early days of comics. Stan wrote them and Carmine drew them. They both knew that they couldn't keep their top heroes apart. According to Stan, readers everywhere were demanding a team-up of Superman and Spiderman. And so it happened. Superman VS Spiderman was in the giant DC comic of 1976. There were two villains that teamed up in the comic book, Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus. They combined forces in order to conquer the world and kill both of the men who put them behind bars.Superman mistakenly blames Spiderman for the disappearance of the two women, Lois Lane and Mary Jane. The two of them got into a fight. When Spiderman's punches, instead of staggering Superman, suddenly had little effect, Spiderman calls off the fight. Realizing they had been deceived, Superman suspected a plot by Lex Luthor and Doc Ock. Superman and Spiderman joined forces to fight the two villains. The name of the comic book is "Superman VS The Amazing Spiderman: The Battle of the Century" published by Marvel and DC Comics. I think that the comic book would make an awesome movie. At the same time, you would see two bad villains. One from the DC world and one from the Marvel world combine forces. It's an interesting story. So I know it would make an interesting movie. I'm Gail Nobles, and you're listening to movies unmade.
2/12/20213 minutes, 45 seconds
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Social Activist James Brown - 11:20:18, 10.11 PM

Story by: Gail NoblesMusic by: Gail NoblesMale actor by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Young James Brown Credit of James Brown: Wikimedia Commons/Ronzoni OwnerUsage: By Ronzoni - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, was a biopic made of the life of James Brown titled "Get On Up" starring Chadwick Boseman who has done a great job. But we didn't get to see much of the social activist James Brown. I think another movie should be made starring the man James Brown endorsed known as the Godson, Tony Wilson.James Brown said, "We tired of beating our heads against the walls and working for someone else....Black power meant different things to different people, see. To some people it meant black people owning businesses and having a voice in politics.James Brown had great philosophy of his own. He would put it into his music. I believe that Tony Wilson, endorsed as the Young James Brown by The Godfather of Soul himself should play as James Brown. He can dance and sing just like The Godfather. Tony has his looks, voice, and style. He would be perfect for a new James Brown movie. Tony has been on stage with James and was recognized by him for a movie role . Mr. Wilson was asked to be in Tony Scott's Internet-only short film, "Beat the Devil".Now today, Tony is doing the works that James Brown would do singing his own song with a familiar voice titled, "Fight the Power". It would be great to see him in a new James Brown movie and repeat the things that James Brown said, "You know, in Augusta, Georgia I used to shine shoes on the steps of a radio station.....But today, I own that radio station.......That's black power."I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to Movies Unmade.
12/13/20203 minutes, 2 seconds
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Hawkmen - 6:7:19, 3.02 PM

Story by: Gail NoblesArtwork by: Gail NoblesFrom free photo by: Joshua van der Schyff on Unsplash.comHawk sound:'s topic is Hawkmen!In the movie "Flash Gordon', we see the Hawkmen appear. But where do they com from? Prince Vultan is the Prince of the bird like Hawkmen in the Flash Gordon comic strip and it's adaptations. Vultan and his people dwell in Sky City, a metropolis that floats in the sky. Vultan and the other Hawkmen provoked some controversy at the time of publication. Some Christian leaders regarded the characters as blasphemous because they resembled angels.A movie could be made about the hawkmen alone. In the movie, it can be said that the Hawkmen were created by scientists and thy flew to an undiscovered planet. And they could say that the people on earth felt threatened by the Hawkmen. On the undiscovered planet, the bird like men could become a kingdom and become a divided kingdom. It could be said that's how Vultan and part of the Hawkmen started dwelling in Sky City. I picture Vultan as a tall, muscular, and mighty Hawkman with the characteristics of a king, pirate, viking, hawk, and man. He could look dreadful to ordinary men because of his great wings and tall stature.Until next time, goodbye friends! You're listening to Movies Unmade.
9/18/20202 minutes, 9 seconds
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Battle Cry News - Abbas Alizada - 8/25/18, 12PM

Story by: Gail NoblesActor by: Gail NoblesMovie Logo Music: Gail Nobles8/25/2018Story First Written on May 12, 2018Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org, Narrator: Abbas Alizada is the wheel of movement. He is the wheel of fight in Kung Fu. Practicing Kung Fu keeps Abbas in shape. He blocks the opponent’s punches. Abbas blocks the bad guys and is the wheel of law. He fights only when it is necessary and for good reason.In Kung Fu, there are different types of styles and techniques. That’s why Abbas is the wheel. Kung Fu can go on and on. You can imagine the wheel and glow of Abbas moving in different directions. He might move to the left, he might move to the right, he might move backwards, and he might move forward. If you don’t know Kung Fu, fighting against Abbas is a lesson to learn. There is deadly force in the wheel, but only used when necessary.Abbas Alizada is the Afghan Bruce Lee. He continues where Bruce Lee left off. He was the first wheel. Abbas has his spirit in Kung Fu.Author (Gail Nobles) Abbas Alizada is known as Bruce Lee of Afghanistan. He is an amateur athlete in Kung-Fu. We hope to see him in the future in films. You are listening to Movies Unmade
8/23/20201 minute, 56 seconds
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James Brown Style - Secret Agent Funk - 7:26:20, 11.42 AM

James Brown Style - Secret Agent FunkMusic by: Gail NoblesVoice Actor by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesGail: On this sound, it reminds me of James Bond or Mission Impossible.Actor: Ain't Got nothing on James Brown. The movie makers know that it ain't nobody bad as he. Know that name! James Brown!Actor Singing: He's not just another I-SpySecret Agent Funk!Actor: Let's live for our country. Let's Live for ourselves. Be on that mission like James Brown.....You're listening to actors, stories, and film by Gail Nobles. It's the Lounge Show. Copyright © 2020
7/26/20201 minute, 22 seconds
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There Could Have Been A Bodyguard 2 (ONE MORE Time for Love) - 6:1:20, 5.11 PM

Podcast Theme: One More Time for Love By Gail Nobles © 2020Story by: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia Gunshot: Soundbible.comVoices by: Gail NoblesVocal by: Gail NoblesI'm Gail Nobles andYou're listening to Movies Unmade. Today's topic is "There Could Have Been a Bodyguard 2"We've seen The BodyguardIt is a 1992 Romantic thriller film directed by Mick Jackson, and Produced by Kevin Costner and Jim Wilson, and starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The film was written by Lawrence Kasdan. Now lets talk about the characters. Rachel, played by Whitney Houston, is an Academy Award -- nominated actress and music superstar who is being sent death threats by a stalker. Frank, played by Kevin Costner, was formally a secret service agent who protected Rachel. It would have been nice to see a Bodyguard 2 film starring Whitney Houston & Keven Costner. What would have made a 2nd movie of it interesting is to see Rachel save Frank. It would have been fun to see Rachel shoot guns during a time when Frank could have been out numbered by several bad guys. They could have been a team.In the Bodyguard movie, Rachel and Frank leaves each other in the end kissing goodbye. It would have been nice to see them in A Bodyguard 2 movie escaping together. The movie could have been a film with more action than the first. I would have loved to have seen Frank and Rachel together one more time starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.Whitney Houston left us with such a great memory. Thank you Kevin Costner for choosing her. I wish I could see you both just one more time .........
6/1/20203 minutes, 44 seconds
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Children Are The Future - 5:12:20, 2.10 PM

Title: Children are the FutureStory by: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: By Asterio Tecson - Flickr: 135, CC BY-SA 2.0, evening Whitney Houston fans and anyone else that may be listening. Something pointed out to me that the song "Greatest Love of All" was a very good song. I had heard it before from George Benson back in 1977, but when Whitney Houston sang it in the 80's, I didn't recognize the song because I heard George and his version of it maybe once or twice. By then, I had forgotten about it. Whitney's first line singing the song was, I believe the children are our future. People, you've got to believe in your children. There was a woman in the Bible name Sherah who built 3 cities. You'll find that in 1 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 24. In our world today, people look at the gender a lot, but whether you are male or female, God will use you. the Bible lets us know who we are. Children grew up in the Bible and became great. They were not just born to be born.The children are the future. Don't put them down. Encourage them. Whitney Houston singing The Greatest Love of All is something we ought to remember and keep in mind. You know Whitney became great herself, and she probably had other abilities that she didn't know she had. People ask you how did you do so and so. Just know that things come from God. I'm Gail Nobles, and this is my story Whitney Within.
5/12/20202 minutes
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The Political Ali - 10:20:18, 11.16 AM

Movies UnmadeThe Political AliStory by: Gail NoblesVoice actor: Gail NoblesArtwork by Gail: From Public Domain Photo by Ira Rosenberg. has already been a movie made about Muhammad Ali. Will Smith played as him, but there was so much more to Muhammad Ali than boxing. I think a movie should be made about the political Ali and his religion.Mr. Ali was influenced by the man he called the honorable Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad Ali spoke great things, and things that made a lot of sense regardless of his joking around in boxing. I think a movie should be made focusing on his great speeches and other things that he may have done that some of us may not know about. A movie should be made about Muhammad Ali Islam days with Malcom X and Elijah Muhammad.I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to Movies Unmade.
4/6/20201 minute, 36 seconds
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Harlem Globetrotters - 8:31:18, 9.10 PM

Information from The Harlem Globetrotter's videoBasketball effects: credit: DomainGlobetrotters announcer: KAAY Commercials For Globetrotters 1970/ Public Domain Mark 1.0archive.orgIt would be nice to see a Harlem Globetrotter's movie. How the Globetrotters got started would make an interesting beginning.Abe Saperstein was the man that started the team. He grew up watching black boys play basketball in the streets of Chicago. Abe started a professional black basketball team. Black guys were not allowed to play on white teams in those days. In 1927, according to the Globetrotters's History, Abe took the team out on the road. There is meaning behind the name “Harlem Globetrotters”. Harlem lets you know that the team is black and the name “Globetrotters” was to make you think that they had traveled all over the world. If I am not mistaken, at first, the Globetrotters had not traveled all over the world. Maybe, Abe believed that they would, and he gave them that awesome name. The Harlem Globetrotters were not really from Harlem. I think the first five came from Chicago. At first, they only had five players. When the team traveled on the road, times were a bit tough. They did not have much money and they slept in the car. It was very cold. There was some racial discrimination, but as time went on, things got better for the Globetrotters. They are still famous today and traveling around the world. The story of the Harlem Globetrotters would make a great movie. I'm Gail Nobles. Your listening to Movies Unmade.(Radio Announcer).....
4/6/20202 minutes, 25 seconds
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Superman Remake the Last Knight 8:15:18, 3.58 PM

Movies UnmadeStory by: Gail NoblesKeyboard player: Gail NoblesVoice actor by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Pixabay8/18/2018The Adventures of Superman was a television series starring George Reeves in 1952. I don't remember seeing Superman fighting against a lot of foes as strong as he was. I saw some of the episodes from the series in the 1970's. The television series was still great to watch though Superman didn't have foes with his strength. There is one episode from the season 6 DVD that I thought would be a great remake for the big screen. The episode is titled, "The Last Knight". It is the TV episode from 1958 and in color. In this episode, Superman was flying wearing armor. He was dressed as a knight. Clark Kent did not appear to be worried about the secret society knights. They were the bad guys who were four rich men dressed as knights. I'm sure Clark Kent as Superman would have been worried to know that Lois Lane was captured by them in a remake. He would rescue her in a hurry. The story would probably be altogether different and maybe more fascinating. The story would be more exciting.In the TV series, Lois Lane, Jimmy, and some of the knights were locked up in a dungeon with Superman dressed in his armor disguise. They were locked up by one knight that was a killer. And of course you know Superman won the battle. Superman looked great in the 1950's as a flying knight. If Superman looked great in the 1950's as a flying knight, I'm sure the new Superman would too.
4/5/20202 minutes, 36 seconds
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Whitney Within - 3:16:20, 1.15 PM

Title: Whitney WithinStory by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Randee St. NicholasUsage: Fair use was the year of 2012 when I created a blog. It was a blog about Whitney Houston. I named it Whitney Within. I didn't name it Whitney Within because of singing. I named it Whitney Within because of feeling. There were things inside of me that I felt. There was something guiding me along and letting me know that Whitney was really a decent person. I looked at her from the very beginning of her career. I feel the guide is a simple gift. Something tells me that Whitney did make some mistakes. Don't we all? Something also tells me that she was very powerful, and there was a lot of envying going on. I was told to look at what I saw. I feel that was the Spirit of God talking with me. I heard him say, "Don't worry about Whitney's death."Many times I would listen to Whitney Houston sing. She could sing with a loud shout. Whitney would do the kind of things in singing that gospel singers do. One day I tried singing in that shouting voice incorrectly and discovered that Whitney's high note wasn't my high note. Somehow I felt Whitney Houston saying, "You have strength. Stay with you." To be honest, I don't feel the spirit of shouting when I sing. I feel something else. What God gave to Whitney Houston, God gave to Whitney Houston.As I study the Bible, God talks with me about things like raising the dead. I don't know whether or not God intended for Whitney Houston to die. Right now, she's resting. I feel in God that it's only the beginning. Sometimes I feel a mystery. St. John 11:25 “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:” It feels like Whitney Houston never left. I'm Gail Nobles, and this is my story, "Whitney Within".
3/16/20203 minutes, 26 seconds
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Whitney Nippy Houston - 2:24:20, 10.04 PM

Title: Whitney Nippy HoustonSong and Story by: Gail Nobles © 2020Keyboard player: Gail NoblesPodcast vocals by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Fair use, SISTER MUSICWHITNEY NIPPY HOUSTONSomething about her is still alive. She's in the music and the music in us. Back in Washington DC Live in 1997, I felt the closeness between Nippy, Monica, and Brandy. There were other close friends there too, but from Nippy, I felt a sister hood. Whitney Nippy Houston. She brought the music down with three vocalist in the background. Nippy was singing "Shoop", and folks from the audience joined. I wish I could of been there so she could hear me shoop. What would my words have been? ........
2/25/20202 minutes, 22 seconds
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Turning the Tables 140 - Poitier Meets Plato with Fred Katz - Mar 30 2019

Turning the Tables 140 - Poitier Meets Plato with Fred Katz - Mar 30 2019By: Drew Evan DobbsDownloaded from: CC0 1.0 Universal's show spotlights the entire 1964 album produced by Jackie Barnett, Poitier Meets Plato, with, yes, Sidney Poitier tackling passages from the writings of Plato, with deft musical backings by the wonderful Fred Katz!......
11/23/201959 minutes, 53 seconds
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Talkin About Krush Groove - 6:25:19, 9.44 PM

Podcast Theme: by Gail Nobles © 2019Music by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesI'll never forget the movie Krush Groove in the year of 1985. In my opinion, it's still the best hip hop movie ever made with popular artists like Sheila E, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Kurtis Blow, and the Fat Boys. Krush Groove was a film based on the life of Russell Simmons portrayed by Blair Underwood. They used the name Russell Walker. In the movie, Russell Walker signed all of the hottest acts to his Krush Groove record label, including Run DMC, Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, and Kurtis Blow. Rick Rubin produced their records. Russell borrowed money from a street hustler when he didn't have the money to press records; when Run DMC had a hit record. Russell got into trouble because he didn't have the money to pay the hustler back. It was one thing to another, but in the end, things worked out. Looking at the way the music industry is today and listening to all the stories about recording artists, record companies, and producers, I'm sure a Krush Groove 2 film could be made starring Sheila E, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, and the Fat Boys. A lot has happened in real life with them since 1985. Maybe they have some stories that they want to put together and tell for another movie. It would be nice to see all the artists that starred in the movie do something together again. We lost one or two of them. So I wouldn't expect the movie to be quite the same. If there could be a Krush Groove 2, that shouldn't stop the artists in the movie from coming back better than before. They have more experience, still talented, and much wiser now. I'm Gail Nobles. Thank you for listening. Today's topic is Krush Groove.
6/26/20193 minutes, 44 seconds
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LL COOL J IS ON XM - 6:21:19, 3.42 PM

Story by: Gail NoblesVoice actor by: Gail Nobles as Radio ManArt by: Gail NoblesPodcast Intro by: Gail NoblesRadio Man: Back in the day.....But now...Listen to LL Cool J's Rock the Bells Radio! Sirius XM! Channel 43!We have listened to LL Cool J as a hip hop artist. We've listened to his music, but now today, he's more than that in the radio world. LL is who I call the Radio Man. He's broadcasting to the OG's. You don't have to worry about hearing LL on FM or AM because now he's on SiriusXM. You can listen everywhere - in your car, at home, computer, smartphone, and tablet. So if you want that classic hip hop sound, you can hear it on LL Cool J's Rock the Bell's Radio on Sirius XM Channel 43. You can hear the history and culture of Hip Hop. You can hear from great artists. It's all inside the channel of the Radio Man. So when you hear LL Cool J say, "It's on and poppin' baby."He's not talking about that old radio dial. He's talking about the new and improved radio without the dial. You see, the dial can't be seen. Radio Man: Trust me and what you hear!No matter what, you can still hear those radio wave sounds from the voice of the Radio Man. LL Cool J is on XM. I'm Gail Nobles and that's all until next time......
6/21/20192 minutes, 59 seconds
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Reach Out I'll Be There-Motown-John F. K. - 6:8:19, 1.07 PM

Song: Reach Out I'll Be ThereSong by: Four TopsSong written by: Holland–Dozier–HollandReport by: Gai NoblesSome Info from: Author Gerald Posner's book MotownMusic by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesVoice actor: Gail NoblesRecording of John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address by: John F. Kennedy Presidential LibraryUsage: Public DomainDownloaded from: Credit of John F. Kennedy: Public Domain/WikipediaPhoto Credit of Four Tops: Public Domain/WikipediaAccording to Gerald Posner, author of the book Motown, on page 123, Berry Gordy of Motown was reading some mail, and somebody screamed out that President Kennedy had been shot. Immediately, Gordy huddled with others around one of the office's radios. JFK was popular among Detroit's blacks. Berry Gordy believed him to be a great president. .....Family and friends began calling, partly to pass along the news but also to talk to someone, to share the anguish that was quickly enveloping the nation. Those are the words from Gerald Posner. John F. K. had an impact on the American people. He had an impact on Motown. John F.K. was assassinated in 1963. "Reach Out I'll Be There" was recorded by the Four Tops from their fourth studio album Reach Out in 1967.I'm Gail Nobles and you're listening to sounds of the past from The Lounge Show.
6/8/20193 minutes, 42 seconds
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Get Up - Salt N Pepa Demand - 1:24:19, 10.14 PM

Song by: Gail Nobles © 2019Vocals by: Gail NoblesMusic by: Gail NoblesFierce Thunder effect: from: useThough the hit, "Everybody Get Up" from Salt N Pepa was from the 80's, I can still hear the rap trio call from long distance with just two words. Looking at the world today and hearing their words "Get Up" is a Salt N Pepa demand. They were really sending out a message telling everybody to have some spunk in life through music. In just two words, they were telling us that there are things that must be done, but most of us only heard the rap, the music, and saw the dance. But when you look around in life, you can see the hidden words to Salt N Pepa's message. If your sister's down, Get Up! Go see your sister. If your brother's in trouble, Get Up! Go help your brother. Sometimes you have to put away the music and tune into the voices calling out around you. Salt N Pepe's hit, "Everybody Get Up" left a lasting ringing in my ear with a little different tune and beat. (Singing)The Album's cover of "A Salt with a Deadly Pepa" is saying a lot too. When I heard the album's title, I thought, "Those girls are tough and number 1....."(Continuing thought through singing)And I can go on and on and on about Salt N Pepa. I'm Gail Nobles. It's time to get up and go until next time..........(Singing)
1/25/20193 minutes, 40 seconds
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My Favorite Female Rap Group _ Salt-N-Pepa 1:22:19, 11.24 PM

Story by: Gail NoblesSong "Pass It On" by: Gail Nobles © 2019Music by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesCrowd effect: from: Wikipedia.orgPhoto Credit: UseIn the 1980's, everybody was rapping. Even those of us that weren't in the music business, and I would sit in my room and play rap music and rhyme all day long, and my mom would say, "Girl, turn that radio down." A lot of parents were complaining, but it kept some teenagers off the streets, and it kept me dreaming. My favorite girl rap group was Salt-N-Pepa, and in those days, it was pronounced on the radio that rap music was going to be banned, and that's when I began to write my own rap song thinking Salt -N-Papa.(Song)Salt-N-Pepa and DJ Spinderella. The Hip-Hop/rap trio from New York City, New York. They were formed in 1985 and was one of the first-female rap groups. The group won the 1995 Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. They had great hits like their song,"Let's Talk About Sex" which was a huge hit. "Push It" was another great hit. It helped their 1986 album "Hot, Cool, and Vicious" sell over one million copies. I'll never forget their rap song like "Tramp". "Shake Your Thang" and "Get Up Everybody (Get Up)" were my two favorite music videos from Salt-N-Pepa: songs from their album "A Salt With a Deadly Pepa". They went right out of one video into another telling their rap story. Hurby Love Bug and Kid-N-Play played the police in the "Shake Your Thang" video and captured Salt-N-Pepa. They Kept them in prison all night for dirty dancing. When they were let go at the end, they met Spinderella, changed clothes magically, and went into the video, "Get Up". My favorite mini movie from Salt-N-Pepa. The Rap Trio had class. They always looked great in clothing and fashion. They changed the look of hip hop. Salt-N-Pepa started out in 1985 and lasted all the way up to 1999. Sometimes I still hear about them doing things together for special occasions. They are the First Ladies of hip hop and have longevity.......
1/23/20194 minutes, 52 seconds
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Rock the Boat - Jimmy and Betty - 1:13:19, 2.07 PM

Title: Rock the Boat - Jimmy and BettySong by: The Hues CorporationSong written by: Wally HolmesStory by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesActors by: Gail NoblesFish and Boat sound: Jimmy, you never want to do nothing. You never want to go anywhere.Jimmy: Woman, I told you I ain't got no money. Now, don't rock the boat honey.(Singing)Betty: You're the one rocking the boat. I've got to make all these waves. I got to cook for you, wash you're clothes, and slave for you all day long while you sit on your lazy behind. You can at least help out and wash the dishes for me.Jimmy: Betty, you can rock the boat all you get ready. I'm going down the street and play checkers with Freddy."Rock the Boat" is a song by "The Hues Corporation", written by Wally Homes. It was released in 1974. Some authorities proclaim it to be the first disco song to hit number one. I was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old I guess when the song came out. It was my favorite song. I would sing it all the time, and my mother and father would record me on a big rim tape recorder. Yes, "Rock the Boat" was a song that people would sing along with as they lived their lives. Jimmy: Betty, let's go fishing today.Betty: Let me grab my hat and shoes. I've been wanting me a good old fried fish.Jimmy: Me too. I hope they are biting today.(Singing)And I can still hear me singing with the record as a little girl(Singing)Betty: Get the fish, Jimmy!Jimmy: Don't tip the boat over!
1/13/20192 minutes, 57 seconds
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Proud Mary Podcast Acting Report - 1:3:19, 10.27 PM

Title: Proud Mary Podcast Acting ReportMusic by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesActress by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Wikipedia.comActress: You know, some of you are mad at the world, but you ought to take it easy. I know in this world it's tough, but did any of you learn anything from Proud Mary?Silence(Singing) People keep rollin'....Report: Proud Mary is a rock 'n'roll song written by John Fogerty and first record by his band Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was released in 1969.Ike & Tina Turner first covered "Proud Mary" in 1970. So there are two versions of the song, and I sometimes think about Ike & Tina's version when life gets hard. It inspired me to write a podcast version of Ike & Tina.Actress: Maybe the President got you down, but you got to keep rollin'And maybe your job got you down, but you got to keep rollin'Whatever it might be, you got to keep rollin'Keep movin', keep striving'; keep living'.(Singing) People keep rollin'......
1/4/20191 minute, 50 seconds
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Whitney Houston Christmas Tribute - 12:11:18, 12.00 AM

Vocals by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: Wikipedia.comSinging: I say hello! You can always hear Whitney again! Merry Christmas my friend.Whitney HoustonI just think of her as gone on a long journey. She'll be back again some day. She left us a lot of songs to play. We can always hear her voice that way, and we can always sing with her though we may not can't sing the way Whitney can. She gets us all excited and make us want to sing and dance.(Singing)I have to say Whitney's the best in my book. Singing with her, you might find your own voice. I'm Gail Nobles. As yo think of Whitney, Have a Merry Christmas.(Singing)
12/11/20181 minute, 30 seconds
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Jackson 5 Christmas - 12:10:18, 9.55 PM

Song by: Gail Nobles Music by: Gail NoblesAll vocals by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: WikipediaI remember the Jackson Five Christmas Album by Motown released in 1970. I remember songs like "Santa Clause is Coming to Town", and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause". It didn't seem like Christmas in the house when those songs weren't played. It was the Jackson Five that Inspired me to write this song....................... It's a Jackson Five Christmas.
12/11/20181 minute, 4 seconds
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James Brown Santa Clause - 12:9:18, 5.00 PM

Voice Actor: Gail NoblesMusic by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Wikipedia.comA Soulful Christmas is the 26th studio album by James Brown and my favorite single from the album is "Santa Clause Go Straight To the Ghetto. The album was released in 1968, by King Records. So if you want a soulful Christmas, check out James Brown's Christmas music this Christmas.
12/9/20181 minute, 33 seconds
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Old People Story

Story by: Gail NoblesVocals and Music by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: (Public Domain)July 28, 2018There is a special song that I have been looking for - for a long time. It has been finally found. It's titled, "Old People", by Archie Bell & the Drells.Do you ever think about where you will be if you live to get old? Some people don't. In some nursing homes, people are very cruel to the elderly.I met a praying old lady in her 90's in the nursing home. She was in a wheel chair. One day she fell, and she hit the floor, and nobody was around to help her up. Somehow she managed to help herself up. She told me that sometimes she would ask God, "Lord, you still there?"We get scared sometimes. When I was leaving out the door, I was thinking that old lady could be me one day. That's when Archie Bell and the Drells fell on my mind with their song. It was a song released in 1978. I'm Gail Nobles, and that's the song for today. To hear the original group, Archie Bell and the Drells, and the original song, "Old People", go to
7/28/20182 minutes, 7 seconds
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Wolfman Jack _ Radio Memory Lane

Wolfman Jack - XERB Rosarito Beach, Mexico -1968Usage: Public Domain by: Gail NoblesPhoto credit: WikipediaWolfman Jack was a great disc Jockey. There is no one like him. He died in 1995, but I can still hear his voice in my mind. The Wolfman had an unforgettable voice. can hear him now as we go down radio memory lane. To me, Wolfman Jack wasn't just a disc jockey. He was an actor with an awesome voice. The Wolfman was the man I thought was living inside my radio. He made radio an awesome sounding world filled with the best music. You're listening to the Wolfman's show.
6/14/201810 minutes, 42 seconds
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Cab Calloway - What Would He Say Today?

Disc Jockey Announcer: Gail NoblesSong: What You Worried About? Song by: Gail Nobles © 2018Cab CallowayBerlin 11-5-87 FM Singing September Song and SpeechUsage from: Archive.orgPhoto Credit: Archive.orgUsage Calloway left is in 1994 at the age of 86. Though he is gone, we still can enjoy hearing his voice and remember him through the wonderful music he left behind for us. We can remember him singing the September song. "These precious days I'll spend with you..."
2/25/20185 minutes, 39 seconds
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Remember Sugar Hill

Story and Song by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesMusic by: Gail Nobles© 2017 Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: hip-hop-music.wikia.comRemember Sugar HillWhen rappin' was realAnd partys were funWhen we were young?Didn't know where they were from.People came from miles around.Just there to bust a rhyme.Those were the good times........
11/29/20172 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hit the Road Jack Story

Story by: Gail NoblesMusic played by: Gail NoblesVoices by: Gail NoblesVocal: Gail NoblesPhoto: (Fair Use)Story based on: Ray Charles hit single, "Hit the Road Jack".Man: You know, our lives are starting to look just like that song, "Hit the Road Jack".Woman: You hit the road. You sorry men just want somebody to take care of ya.Man: Exactly!..........Announcer: "Hit the Road Jack" is a song written by the rhythmand blues artist Percy Mayfield. It became famous after it was recorded by the singer-songwriter-pianist Ray Charles with The Raelettes vocalist Margie Hendrix. The song hit number one in 1961.
11/22/20171 minute, 27 seconds
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On the Other Side

Music by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesWords by: Gail NoblesMale voice (actor): Gail Nobles© 2017 Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: WikipediaOn the other side, there will be no half stepping.Everything that's going to be done will be done all the way.There will be no more wrong.Everything will be made right.Temptations will be gone.We'll have a new name.Choir: No more fault finding.We'll be all the same.Like David Eli RuffinMany of us sing the blues.But they'll be no more blues to sing on the other sideCause we'll all be happy.We played those Motown RecordsAnd we lived the life of love playing those tunes.Curtis Mayfield said, "People get ready...For the hopeless sinner, there ain't no room."Choir: On the other side.
11/17/20171 minute, 28 seconds
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The Temptation's Number 1 Hit

Intro song by : Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit:"My Girl" was a number one hit for the Temptations in 1965. The song was written and produced by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White from Motown. The song became the Temptations first number one single and is today their signature song. David Ruffin was on the lead vocals for "My Girl". It is my favorite song by the Temptations. They have a beautiful Mowton harmony. Their lead and back ground vocals make an awesome sound. David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Paul williams, and Otis Williams all made that sound toghether. They had great writers and great musicians. The Temptations were the first Motown act to earn a Grammy. I'm Gail Nobles and today's topic is........
11/16/20171 minute, 49 seconds
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My Flashback with the Spinners - I'll Be Around (Word of Promise)

Story by: Gail NoblesVocals by: Gail NoblesThe Spinners "I'll Be Around" was a great dance sound of the 70's, but it was more than that to me. The song was a word of promise when I heard it in my mother's Chevorlet Impala on the AM station. Me and my brother watched my mama struggle to keep the car on the road, and she worried about who would fix it. It looked like a 1978 or 1979 model she called rusty blue. Hearing the Spinners sing "I'll Be Around" on the radio was a song of hope......
11/9/20171 minute, 24 seconds
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Keshia Chante _ The Golden Princess Storyline

Storyline by: Gail NoblesTheme song: © 2017 Gail NoblesMusic by: Producerloops.comMovie Vocal Samples: and Credit:
2/12/20171 minute, 51 seconds
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Keshia Chante_Golden Princess

Story by: Gail NoblesMusic by: Producer Loopshttps://www.producerloops.comSamples by: Producer LoopsFemale and 2nd Male voice: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: WikipediaI'm thinking about a Canadian R&B singer and songwriter named Keshia Chante. I would like to see her star in an action crime movie with someone like Jet Li. Keshia has had great songs such as "Table Dance", "Come Fly With Me", and "The Valley" just to name a few. But to see her in an action film would be awesome. I think Keshia has what it takes. She has great looks and great talent. Keshia has done a wonderful job hosting BET's 106 & Park.
2/7/20171 minute, 24 seconds
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Song of Ali Speed Train © 2017 Gail Nobles

Song by: © 2017 Gail NoblesMale Voice: Gail NoblesMusic by: The Passion HiFihttp://www.thepassionhifi.comPhoto credit: WikipediaBeehive effect:
2/1/20173 minutes, 5 seconds
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Ali Speed Train © 2017 Gail Nobles

Story by: Gail Nobles© 2017 Gail NoblesSound effects: by: http://audionautix.comCreative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.Male voice by: Gail NoblesPhoto: Public Domain ( AliThough he's not here at this present time,I can hear his spoken word's by sound and conscience mind.I can hear Muhammad Ali say...Muhammad Ali: I'll get back with youAnd I'm gonna be pretty fast...
1/21/20172 minutes, 17 seconds
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Laila She-Bee Stingin' Ali © 2017 Gail Nobles

Song by: © 2017 Gail NoblesSound effects: actors: Gail NoblesSong first published in 2009 on YouTube and updated in 2017.Photo Credit: Use Okay for Photo)Announcer: This is GN Audio. The latest on Laila Ali.Singer: Somebody out thereSitting in the jailhouseFighting their way through.You may be innocent.When you feel like giving up,Just remember She-Bee Stinging' Ali.......
1/7/20172 minutes, 35 seconds
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I Don't Want Another Snowman © 2016 Gail Nobles

Song and Story by: © 2016 Gail Nobles Arctic Wind: by: Gail NoblesArt by: Gail Nobles in association with Pixabay.comI don't want another snowmanCause they weren't meant to last anyway.His hand melting in mine.I thought that he was here to stay always.....
12/21/20163 minutes, 18 seconds
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Bruce Lee _ A Legendary Man

Bruce Lee A legendary man.Bruce LeeGliding across the sand.Bruce LeeHis fight he has won.Bruce LeeA Kung Fu Champion. ....Song by: Gail Noblescopyright © 2016First recorded and published at Youtube in 2011.Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons  (Public Domain)Kung Fu Sound effects by: by: Gail Nobles
11/27/20164 minutes, 25 seconds
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Willie Jr. Afterlife

People say life is what you make it, but sometimes we make it hard for each other and sometimes for ourselves. I'm thinking of a man named Willie Jr. He had everything a man could want in life.Song and Story by: Gail NoblesCopyright © 2016Music by: Gail NoblesActor by: Gail NoblesPhoto by: Pixabay.comFree Sound Effects:
11/12/20163 minutes, 6 seconds
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Audio Adventure 2 _ James Brown

This isn't a James Brown song, but I have him in mind today as I keep holding on.Song by: Gail Nobles copyright © 2016All voices by: Gail NoblesKeyboard Player: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons
10/20/20162 minutes, 28 seconds
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My Audio Adventure _ James Brown

There is an autobiography titled: James Brown The Godfather of Soul. James Brown wrote a book.....Male actor vocal: Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons
10/14/20162 minutes, 23 seconds
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Otis Redding – Memories

Story by: Gail Nobles © 2016Song by: Gail NoblesMale Actor: Gail NoblesSounds by: credit: Wikimedia Commons/Public DomainWhen I was a little girl, I remember my daddy. He use to play Otis Redding's song, "Sitting On the Doc of the Bay". My mother told me some things about him and how he died in a plane crash. She told me about his hit song.....
9/17/20162 minutes, 24 seconds
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Otis Redding Intro Tribute

Story by: Gail Nobles Song by: Gail NoblesMale Actor: Gail Nobles © 2016 Gail NoblesPhoto Credit: Wikipedia/Public DomainHello, I'm here to share a little memory with you about a singer named Otis Redding. The male actor is by me, Gail Nobles....
9/17/20161 minute, 4 seconds
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Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood _ The Crossroads

Story by: Gail NoblesMusic by: Smoking Gun Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License by: Freewavesamples.comPolice Scanner by: License/Public DomainPhoto Credit: Yoanu.comToday I bring to you a podcast in a strange land away from home. I think the days of "Hang em High" and "A Fist Full of Dollars"; "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" are gone.I'm talking about the days of Clint Eastwood. I'm walking a road that crosses his main road. I'm talking about his son, Scott Eastwood......
9/4/20162 minutes, 3 seconds
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Remembering Kid N Play

Podcast by: Gail NoblesArtwork by: Gail NoblesMarch 11, 2016Gail Nobles with Dancin feet on the groove line,And tonight's topic is Kid N Play.Kid n play is a very Known hip hop group from New York City. They were very popular in the 80's and 90's.Kid's name is Christopher Reid,and Play's name is Christopher Martin.And I can't forget about Mark EastmondThe DJ Wiz.My shout out is for the group.......
3/12/20162 minutes, 13 seconds
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LL Cool J _ Radio Man _GN Podcast

My discussion today is about LL Cool J. Before he wrote the lyrics I'm Bad, I knew that he was bad. My favorite rap song by LL is Radio, and in my mind he is the radio man. LL Cool J means Ladies Love Cool James. When I first heard his rap Radio, that’s when I loved him. That was the name of LL’s first album. Before I had ever seen his face, I loved him by his voice and lyrics. When I first saw LL perform radio on Soul Train, I loved him even more. LL has always been the radio signal to my mind......Article by: Gail NoblesArtwork by: Gail NoblesMusic by: The Passion HiFiwww.thepassionhifi.comWalkie Talkie sound: by jamesabdulrahman Creative Commons 0 License
2/8/20161 minute, 46 seconds