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Access and Opportunity with Carla Harris

English, Finance, 8 seasons, 81 episodes, 1 day 11 hours 23 minutes
Inspiring change through informed and inclusive innovation. On Access & Opportunity, host Carla Harris, Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, explores the lived experiences of the people who face systemic inequities and sits down with founders, investors, developers, activists, and educators who are building a more equitable future today.
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Articulating Our 'Why'

Guest host Ian Folau turns the tables on Carla and her co-head in the Multicultural Innovation Lab, Alice Vilma, asking why they do the work they do to level the funding landscape for women and multicultural entrepreneurs. Ian brings his perspective as a founder, a graduate of the Multicultural Innovation Lab, and now as a VC, to bear on the work of the lab and the paths that brought Carla and Alice to the work they now do in support of emerging tech-enabled companies.
10/10/202034 minutes 15 seconds
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Bridging the Gaps: Racial, Social & Economic Justice

Today communities of color are in pain as they are forced to navigate the confluence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the continued murder of and violence against black lives. Join us for a special episode of Access & Opportunity, as we continue to try to bridge the gap between the social and economic injustices that oppress communities of color. In this new episode we revisit conversations with black entrepreneurs and investors who have shared their playbook points for how to overcome barriers to success that exist for entrepreneurs because of the color of their skin. Through listening to and elevating their stories we can help identify the economic manifestations of racism, learn from each other and work towards a more equitable society.
13/06/202027 minutes 21 seconds
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"Thoughts on the Market" Preview - Mike Wilson: Will the Fed Surprise on a Rate Cut?

30/07/20194 minutes 8 seconds
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Coming Soon: Access & Opportunity with Carla Harris

Why are multicultural- and female-owned businesses overlooked as good investment opportunities? Join Carla Harris, author, singer and 30-year veteran of Wall Street, as she and her guests—entrepreneurs, investors and activists—explore how they’re connecting capital and communities.The guest speakers are neither employees nor affiliated with Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC. (“Morgan Stanley”). The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of Morgan Stanley. The information and figures contained herein has been obtained from sources outside of Morgan Stanley and Morgan Stanley makes no representations or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of information or data from sources outside of Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is not responsible for the information or data contained in this podcast. This podcast does not provide individually tailored investment advice and is not a solicitation
22/06/20182 minutes 56 seconds