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English, Sports, 4 seasons, 193 episodes, 2 days 10 hours 10 minutes
FPL pod, talking nonsense and navigating our way through the ranks.
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17/09/20231 hour 37 minutes 9 seconds
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The Xmas Pod

This week we talk primarily about the planning for the BGW's and GDW's. Everything outside of that is nonsense.We had a few beers, a bit of fun...chaos.Have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe.Latest H2HCY 9-5 BakerLatest ORBaker - 469kCY - 538kHit us up on Twitter @aboveaveragefpl and please leave a review for the podcast (5 stars preferable...not mandatory)Support the show
23/12/202051 minutes 5 seconds
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The Importance of Good Physical and Mental Wellbeing - FPL Workout Club

As a bonus this week we tackle the subject of physical and mental health with Joe from FPL Workout Club.Why it’s important, how we can improve it, how it will benefit us from a lifestyle and FPL perspective.Of course we also talk with Joe about his start to the season and his thoughts for GW4 too.A must listen.@fpl_workoutclub is Joe’s Twitter account, go give him a follow and help yourself to some free advice and workouts. Why wouldn’t you...Support the show
01/10/202030 minutes 55 seconds
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Differential Draft

Had a bit of extra time this week so we decided to put together a draft style combined time with a small differential twist.The rules:Three players up to 20% ownership Remaking squad max 15% ownershipIf a player reaches 25% - he’s out, no questions.Please like, review, subscribe and all that good stuff.Cheers!Support the show
02/09/202019 minutes 37 seconds
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01/08/202041 seconds