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English, Social, 2 seasons, 17 episodes, 8 hours, 59 minutes
About Growing is all things about growing! It's a journal of personal experiences and thoughts in present time which document specific timestamps in Briddy's personal life, each episode contains thoughts and opinions from a point of time in which she plans to look back on to track her growth, how different experiences shape her and the person she's becoming. Together we will reflect upon our current lives and grow with each experience we share.
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Social Media is not real life yet we live online

In a world where we share so much of our lives online, as a content creator Briddy finds it hard to separate her personal life and online persona. How does one create boundaries in this era of social media and balance their usage of it?
11/14/202127 minutes, 22 seconds
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How to actually achieve your goals and make your dreams come true

Mindset is the key to unlocking your full potential. Today Briddy will be giving a pep talk on how to actually achieve your goals and how to break down mental barriers that are stopping you from doing just that. 
11/7/202133 minutes, 59 seconds
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Growing up Asian in the western society: identity crisis, beauty standard, culture and more

Today Briddy will get personal and share stories about growing up Asian in the western world (Australia specifically) covering topics including identity crisis, beauty standards, culture differences, discrimination, assumptions, lack of representation and more. 
10/31/202138 minutes, 22 seconds
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Friendships: how to make friends, growing and changing, is friendship forever? & more

Friends... How does one navigate friendships as we change and grow as individuals? How do you make friends? Is friendship forever? How do you maintain friendships? What kind of friend are you? Toxic Friendships? Today Briddy will be discussing these questions. 
10/24/202139 minutes, 33 seconds
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Why you need to overcoming fear of judgement

People are often afraid to try new things and start something new as a result of the fear of judgement by others. Briddy will be discussing how to overcome this and reach your full potential. 
10/17/202123 minutes, 43 seconds
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Age Deadlines and increasing self-pressure to achieve

Do you ever feel like you aren't doing 'enough'? Today Briddy will be discussing age deadlines and dealing with the increasing self-pressure to achieve and grow as individuals in order to 'keep up'. In a world where we see so much surface level success what is actually going on behind the scenes?
10/10/202123 minutes, 53 seconds
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How I became a full-time 'influencer'

How to become a full-time 'influencer'. Today Briddy will be talking about her journey and career in social media as a content creator, the things she has learnt about being in this industry and shares advice on navigating this space. 
10/3/202139 minutes, 56 seconds
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Life Updates: moving again, back to uni, new business & more

In this episode, Briddy will be updating everyone on what she has been up to these past few months, her recent move, starting a new business, going back to university, finishing her real estate course and more 
9/26/202124 minutes, 21 seconds