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Welcome to ABA Unfiltered where our goal is to provide the greater ABA community insights and education to make the science, policy, and culture behind ABA more digestible and accessible.
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ABA Unfiltered Season 5 Episode 3- Attend Behavior

In episode 3, hosts Amanda & Andrew are joined by Attend Behavior's Dr. Stewart Pisecco and Alan FullBright to discuss the importance of family guidance and share how the Attend platform can help clinicians partner with parents and caregivers. Link to Attend: Courses on Family Guidance by Dr. Karen Bearss: CEU Website: Use Promo Code "Podcast" to get 5$ off to Attend courses on CEU website:Foundations of Effective Family Guidance - Attend BehaviorAcceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) in Family Guidance - Attend BehaviorStrategies for Overcoming Barriers and Obstacles to Effective Family Guidance - A Panel Discussion
2/28/202349 minutes, 14 seconds
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ABA Unfiltered Season 2 Episode 13 Part 1 - A Conversation with Dr. Vince Carbone, Ed.D., BCBA-D and Mandy Ralston, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

ABA Unfiltered is honored to be joined by Mandy Ralston from the Cedar Group and her clinical mentor Dr. Vincent Carbone for a fascinating two part season finale. In part of our conversation, Dr. Carbone talks about his early formative years in the ABA field and his many influences including B.F. Skinner. Please enjoy this must listen to episode of ABA Unfiltered.
5/21/202122 minutes, 11 seconds
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ABA Unfiltered Season 2 Episode 9 - When Families Should Ask Questions with Jennifer Hines M.Ed, BCBA and Ivy Zwicker, the BlueSprig Texas area VP of Operations

To kick off Autism Acceptance Month, Jennifer Hines M.Ed, BCBA and Ivy Zwicker, the BlueSprig Texas area VP of Operations join Tim on ABA Unfiltered to talk about how families should be thinking about the process of transitioning into adulthood when families should start asking questions, what those questions should be, and who they need to be asking.  While both Ivy and Jennifer are experts in the field who were able to impart great wisdom and advice, Jennifer is also a parent of an adult son with ASD and shares her firsthand knowledge of her family’s journey.  Please enjoy this fantastic insightful conversation.
3/30/202137 minutes
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ABA Unfiltered Season 2 Episode 8 - Quality Care and Health Plans with Dr. Michelle Brennan-Cooke

In this week’s episode, we are excited to welcome Dr. Michelle Brennan-Cooke, the EVP of Quality at The Cedar Group.  Michelle joins Tim to talk about her experience working for Health Plans and the importance of quality services.  During their conversation, Michelle highlights what the role of the Health Plan should be and how providers in their network should approach their relationship.  Michelle’s institutional knowledge is second to none and we had a great time chatting.  We hope you enjoy this fantastic conversation!
3/18/202127 minutes, 39 seconds