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English, News, 5 seasons, 22 episodes, 1 day, 2 hours, 24 minutes
A View from Afar broadcasts weekly a live and on-demand program featuring Paul G. Buchanan from and Selwyn Manning from where they discuss and debate global topics spanning geopolitics, world news, security, defence and intelligence.
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A View from Afar: Buchanan and Manning – A moment of friction

This episode of A View From Afar was recorded LIVE on May 6, 2024 (NZST) which is Sunday evening, May 5, 2024 at 8:30pm (USEST). In an analytical essay titled ‘A moment of friction’ political scientist Dr Paul Buchanan wrote how we are living within a decisive moment of world affairs. Paul wrote of a decisive moment of transition for the world’s contrasting and conflicting powers, and stated that 2024 is significant; “… because it is the period where force has become the major arbiter of who rises and who falls in the systemic transitional shuffle.” So in this podcast, the first episode of A View from Afar, Series 5, Paul and Selwyn focus on this writing, and take listeners on a journey through this example of strategic study, a discussion that will help us to place a context to the world, as we are currently experiencing it. (Ref. ) Paul and Selwyn encourage their live audience to interact while they are live with questions and comments. To interact during the live recording of this podcast, go to Remember to subscribe to the channel. For the on-demand audience, you can also keep the conversation going on this debate by clicking on one of the social media channels below: RECOGNITION: The MIL Network’s podcast A View from Afar was Nominated as a Top Defence Security Podcast by Threat.Technology – a London-based cyber security news publication. Threat.Technology placed A View from Afar at 9th in its 20 Best Defence Security Podcasts of 2021 category. You can follow A View from Afar via our affiliate syndicators. *** 
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