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A Spoonful of Oral Medicine

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 2 hours 55 minutes
A podcast for inspiration, mentorship and networking amongst health professionals. Hosted by Amanda Phoon Nguyen
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Dr. Kaejenn Tchia - Burnout in Dentistry and When to Seek Help

Dr. Amanda Phoon Nguyen interviews Dr. Kaejenn Tchia, a dentist in Darwin. He is a Treasurer of the Australian Dental Association NT and sits on multiple ADA Federal Sub-committees including the Oral Health Working Group and the recent Graduates’ Advisory Panel. He is also one of the Colgate Advocates for Oral Health Editorial Community as well as founder and coach of The Limitless Dentist which aims to help dentists overcome burnout and raise awareness on mental health in dentistry through mindset tools. He shares his experience with burnout and how this inspired him to form The Limitless Dentist. Time Stamps 0:10 &nbsp;Introducing Dr. Kaejenn Tchia 1:00 &nbsp;Kaejenn’s favorite moment during 2021 3:18 His experience with burnout 6:09 Warning signs of burnout 8:00 When to know you should need professional help 12:03 “Progress, not perfection” 14:44 “Trade expectation for appreciation” <p
04/10/202138 minutes 23 seconds
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Dr. Cathleen Dong - Job Satisfaction and Career Progression

On this episode, Amanda Phoon Nguyen interviews Dr. Cathleen Dong, a dentist in Sydney. She is on the Australian Dental Association New South Wales Recent Graduate Committee and Council. Growing up, she was interested in everything from music to photography. And after shadowing her own dentist, she decided to become one as she thought that it would be a stable and rewarding career.&nbsp; A few years into practicing dentistry, she sustained a back injury which forced her to take a break from work and reevaluate her options. She runs the podcast The Inspired Professional where she talks to people who have made a leap in their careers and found something that really fulfilled them.
02/10/202027 minutes 34 seconds
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Dr. Nikki Stamp - Women, Media, and Marginalization

On this episode of A Spoonful of Oral Medicine, Dr.Amanda Phoon Nguyen interviews Dr. Nikki Stamp, an Australian&nbsp;cardiothoracic surgeon. A champion for women, Nikki is an accomplished author, keynote speaker and TV presenter. We talk about stereotyping, counteracting medical misinformation on social media and Nikki’s involvement on the “I Look Like A Surgeon” movement.
29/06/202040 minutes 18 seconds
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Professor Erwin Loh - Health Law, COVID-19, and Leadership

Do you have what it takes to be a good leader? On this episode , Dr. Amanda interviews Professor Erwin Loh, a national Chief Medical Officer and Group General Manager Clinical Governance for St. Vincent's Health Australia, the nation’s largest not-for-profit health and aged care provider. He teaches and carries out research in health law, health management, and clinical leadership. Dr. Amanda and Professor Loh talk about Erwin’s experience in health law, COVID-19, and leadership.
25/05/202043 minutes 41 seconds
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Dr Katherine - Perth’s Most Confident Woman

How do you wear your confidence? On this episode of A Spoonful of Oral Medicine, Amanda Phoon Nguyen interviews Dr. Katherine Iscoe, a Canadian-born Confidence Mentor who teaches and develops effective, evidence-based solutions to change people’s lives.
01/05/202025 minutes 11 seconds