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English, Finance, 3 seasons, 22 episodes, 1 day, 7 hours, 58 minutes
Welcome to - a series of ands - a show about entrepreneurial women in Africa. On this podcast we celebrate tastemakers in business who are continually innovating, empowering those around them and slaying in style - why? because, we are all more than one thing! In a digital space where African women are often underrepresented, Binja and Patience are two homegirls hailing from the Democratic Republic of Congo (Central Africa) and the Republic of Liberia (West Africa), fearlessly bringing ABOUT US: IG: @ASeriesOfAnds Twitter: @ASeriesOfAnds_ FB: @ASeriesOfAnds YouTube: @ASeriesOfAnds
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WELCOME TO SEASON 3 LAUNCH EPISODE! In this episode, we connect with a heavy weight, a woman who is truly the epitome of an African Bawse! Nollie Maoto, the Chief Data and Analytics Officer at FNB Merchant Services, one of South Africa's largest Banks. She’s a proven leader in executing data analytics strategies while rendering business intelligence solutions.  With the many hats she wears, Nollie was appointed as the Country CDO Ambassador for South Africa by the Chief Data Officer Magazine. She’s a world-renowned leader in data, a Fifty SA 2021 inspiring women in the STEM sector in South Africa nominee, she is also one of the 2022 Corinium Global Top 100 Leaders in Data & Analytics. A finalist for the inaugural Data Leaders Exchange - Data Analytics Leader of the Year awards,  and also made the prestigious Global Data Power Women List in 2022. We dive deeper into her upbringing in South Africa, tackled a heartfelt conversation around the South African Apartheid and its impact in her early years. We explored her other passion areas and how she became a force to be reckoned with in a male dominated field. We wanted to know how a badass like her shattered the glass ceiling and became one of the top experts across business intelligence and data analytics. Nollie is also a key member of Africa Tech Festival, which is the largest and most influential tech event on the continent, and the home of #AfricaCom and #AfricaTech. We discussed the rise of women in the tech industry in Africa and some of the strides and impact being made. Nollie is a BAWSE and a Queen who lives an intentional, motivational, impactful,  and purposeful  life. Connect with Nollie on all social platforms @nolliemaoto
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