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English, Religion, 1 season, 430 episodes, 7 hours, 10 minutes
A Love Language Minute draws from Dr. Gary Chapman's years of counseling experience, excerpts from his live events, and his answers to listeners' questions to give encouragement and practical help and hope for the relationships in your life.
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Having a Money Plan

Do you and your spouse have a money plan? Do you know how much debt your soon-to-be spouse has, or how much savings they have? Who will balance the checkbook? All these and other financial questions need to be discussed BEFORE you get married.See for privacy information.
7/12/20241 minute
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Mistreated as a Child

How do you love someone who mistreated you as a child? It's never too late to attempt to talk to that person and explain how much they hurt you. But what if they may not apologize? Turn your hurt and that person over to God and know that God will deal with that person justly.See for privacy information.
7/11/20241 minute
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Blinded by Love

What should you do when you have a friend who's madly in love with someone but they can't see the red flags that you see? That friend may not listen to you, but you owe it to them to speak truth in love and leave the rest to God.See for privacy information.
7/10/20241 minute
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Toilets Are Not Self-Cleaning

Did you know that toilets are not self-cleaning? How do you decide who's supposed to clean the toilet? At the very beginning of your marriage, it's important to come to an agreement as to which chores each of you will do. That will help mitigate conflict in your marriage.See for privacy information.
7/9/20241 minute
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Marital Foundations

The foundation for your marriage is not the "in love" feelings. Rather, the foundation is discovering what the will of God is for your marriage and acting upon it.See for privacy information.
7/8/20241 minute
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There's So Much to Learn

Arguments are bound to happen in a marriage. Dr. Gary Chapman has written the book, Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married, that will prove very helpful.See for privacy information.
7/5/20241 minute
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A House Divided

Wars are fought with military weapons; but the weapons of war in your marriage are hurtful words and deeds. Learn to love each other even in your disagreements.See for privacy information.
7/4/20241 minute
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Learning to Speak Your Spouse's Love Language

The first stage of love is "falling in love". It requires no effort on your part because it's based on emotions. But when your "in love" feelings fade, it requires covenant love. You must learn how to express your love in your spouse's love language.See for privacy information.
7/3/20241 minute
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No Appreciation

You do a lot around the house but get no appreciation for it. How can you express to your spouse that it hurts when you give but get nothing in return?See for privacy information.
7/2/20241 minute
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Brushing You Off

Is he just brushing you off with his apology? Do you feel his apology isn't sincere? Maybe he's not speaking your language of apology.See for privacy information.
7/1/20241 minute
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Apology and Forgiveness

There are no healthy marriages without apology or forgiveness. Being able to apologize is a sign of maturity, and forgiveness is a Godly response to a sincere apology.See for privacy information.
6/28/20241 minute
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The In-Love Experience

The "in love" experience is simply a feeling. Statistics bear out that those feelings only last on average two years. Love is a choice not a feeling. If you want to know what real love is, read I Corinthians 13:4-7.See for privacy information.
6/27/20241 minute
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Solving Disagreements

One of the things many married couples wish they had learned prior to marriage is how to solve disagreements without arguing.See for privacy information.
6/26/20241 minute
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Accepting Words of Affirmation

Why would a husband not accept words of affirmation from his wife? It might be because words of affirmation is not his love language. Read Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages and discover what your husband's primary love language is.See for privacy information.
6/25/20241 minute
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Opposite Love Languages

How can a marriage work when the spouses have opposite love languages? The good news is, anyone can learn to speak a love language that's not natural to them. Discover your spouse's love language, and then become an expert at speaking it!See for privacy information.
6/24/20241 minute
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Like Father Like Son

Each one of us is greatly influenced by our parents. When you're dating, spend a lot of time observing date's parents. Chances are what you see in them is what you can expect to see in the one you're dating.See for privacy information.
6/21/20241 minute
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Being in Love

What does "falling in love" mean? Basically, it's just a feeling. We must use our minds and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us as to who we should marry.See for privacy information.
6/20/20241 minute
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An Inadequate foundation

Being "in love" is not an adequate foundation for a strong marriage. The 'in love" feeling is just that - a feeling, but it's not a solemn covenant. Feelings alone won't sustain a marriage.See for privacy information.
6/19/20241 minute
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Physical Intimacy Before Marriage

Is it still possible to have a strong marriage when you've been having premarital intimacy? Dr. Gary Chapman says yes. God can forgive your sin, but you'll need the power of the Holy Spirit to help you abstain from any further intimacy until you're married.See for privacy information.
6/18/20241 minute
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She Won't Talk

If your wife doesn't talk to you, it may be one of two things: 1. It just might not be her personality, or 2. She might be afraid of your reaction to what she says. Try to understand the "why", then you'll have some ideas on what you can do to make it easier for her to talk.See for privacy information.
6/17/20241 minute
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Preparing for Marriage

Some dating couples spend more time preparing for their vocation than they do preparing for marriage. Prioritizing your preparation for marriage will lead to more success in every other aspect of your life.See for privacy information.
6/14/20241 minute
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Giving Up on a Relationship

When a couple is struggling in their relationship, it's easy to just give up. Recognize that Satan is trying to destroy your relationship. Commit yourselves to spending more time with each other.See for privacy information.
6/13/20241 minute
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Small Groups

When Christians spend time together in small groups to study the Scriptures and pray, it tends to stimulate growth. This is true for married couples as well.See for privacy information.
6/12/20241 minute
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Just Discovered the 5 Love Languages!

See for privacy information.
6/11/20241 minute
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Too Busy

In a dating relationship, it's frustrating when your boyfriend wants to spend more time with his friends than with you. This can lead to resentment. If his priority is to spend more time with his friends than with you, things will be same even after you're married. Consider this to be a red flag.See for privacy information.
6/10/20241 minute
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Love is Giving of Self

Rating your feelings on a scale from 1 to 10 and sharing that with your spouse is a good way to communicate your feelings efficiently. It's a communication technique that many couples have found helpful.See for privacy information.
6/7/20241 minute
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Ready to Restore a Relationship

At times, adult children make poor choices and choose to walk away from their relationship with you. Don't chase after them, but always be ready to restore your relationship if they return. See for privacy information.
6/6/20241 minute
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To Whom Do You Need to Listen?

Losing a loved one is always difficult. Often times, the biggest regret is not having spent more time with them and listening to them. Ask your loved ones questions while they're still with you and listen more than you talk.See for privacy information.
6/5/20241 minute
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Unfaithful Wife

An abusive husband can drive a wife to infidelity. Their relationship can be salvaged, but it will require good counseling and spending time in God's Word in order to understand the root causes of their sin.See for privacy information.
6/4/20241 minute
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Time Away

At times, spending time apart from your spouse will give you time to filter your emotions and pain. But spending time apart might also drive each other further apart Meeting with a counselor is probably the most productive way to begin the reconciliation process with your spouse.See for privacy information.
6/3/20241 minute
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Genuine Listening

The number one problem in marriage is lack of communication. Misunderstandings are common if we don't develop the skill of listening.See for privacy information.
5/31/20241 minute
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Investing Your Life in Other People

Our culture (sometimes even in the church) is focused on meeting our own needs.  True fulfillment in life comes by investing yourself in other people's lives.See for privacy information.
5/30/20241 minute
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Intelligent Response

Miscommunication happens frequently in marriage. What one spouse says may not be understood by the other spouse. Listening is essential in understanding what your spouse is really saying.See for privacy information.
5/29/20241 minute
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Long Distance Relationships

Is it possible to build a strong dating relationship while not living near each other? Dr. Gary Chapman says yes! Using the technology that is available today can make that happen.See for privacy information.
5/28/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Short Attention Span

It can be discouraging to try to connect with your husband when he doesn't focus on you and listen. This can often be attributed to spending too much screen time.See for privacy information.
5/27/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

No Reconciliation Without Repentance

If your husband has walked out on you, begin praying that the Holy Spirit will convict him of his sin. If he repents, it's possible to begin the reconciliation process.See for privacy information.
5/24/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Building Relationships

It's so easy to dedicate time to our work, hobbies etc. but fail to dedicate time to building our marital relationships.See for privacy information.
5/23/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Flourishing Marriage

A couple never enters marriage hoping to fail, but we often fail in applying Biblical principles to our roles as a couple. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit can we begin to align our lives with Scripture.See for privacy information.
5/22/20241 minute
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Screen Addiction

If your child is spending too much time in front of his cellphone or computer, it's important that you help him find a balance between screen time and social interaction.See for privacy information.
5/21/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Abusive Anger

Sometimes the best way to deal with an abusive husband is to apply tough love by moving out for a while until his behavior changes.See for privacy information.
5/20/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Personal Confession

When a problem arises in your marriage, it often leads to you and your spouse blaming each other. No doubt, both of you bear some of the fault. What you must do is confess the areas in which you are at fault - regardless of whether or not your spouse takes the same step.See for privacy information.
5/17/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Reaching Their Potential

It's important to help your spouse reach their potential? The deepest satisfaction that a spouse can have is to see their mate reach their fullest potential in life - relationally and spiritually.See for privacy information.
5/16/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Penetrating the Silence

Silence between separated spouses is quite common. It takes both spouses to communicate, but it only takes one to initiate the process.See for privacy information.
5/15/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Separate Churches

Should a married couple choose to attend separate churches? It's not necessarily wrong, but it's not advisable. If neither of them want to attend the other's church, it might helpful for them to agree to visit other churches that neither one of them are currently attending. They might end up finding a church that both can agree on.See for privacy information.
5/14/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Social versus Introvert

When one spouse is a social person while the other is an introvert, it can often lead to doing things separately. This drifting apart is not healthy. Both spouses need to take steps in each other's direction - making these differences more manageable.See for privacy information.
5/13/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Separation is not the same as Divorce

Separation does not equal divorce. There are many reasons why a separation could take place in a marriage; but if those reasons don't warrant a divorce, that time of separation should be used to seek reconciliation.See for privacy information.
5/10/20241 minute
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Be All They Can Be

How can you help your spouse be all that they can be? The way a marriage works is a man giving of himself for the benefit of his wife - helping his wife become all that God wants her to become.See for privacy information.
5/9/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Building Intimacy

When the word "intimacy" is mentioned, men typically think of sex while women think of sharing emotions. Spiritual intimacy is all about sharing the most important parts of your life with your spouse.See for privacy information.
5/8/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Hope After an Affair

If your unfaithful wife returns to you and confesses her sin, there's hope for that marriage. But it will take time for trust to be reborn.See for privacy information.
5/7/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

50-50 Balance

A controlling husband throws off the balance of decision-making in a marriage.See for privacy information.
5/6/20241 minute
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We're Not Mind Readers

Why is communication in a marriage relationship so important?, because we are not mind-readers. If you never share your thoughts, your spouse will never know what you're thinking. Communication is to a relationship what breathing is to the body.See for privacy information.
5/3/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Talking to Your Children

Research shows that fathers spend practically no time talking with their children. And this is true of Christian fathers as well. The lack of meaningful conversation will lead to unhealthy families.See for privacy information.
5/2/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Learning to Honor

Scripture commands children to honor their parents. If children refuse to obey their parents, they'll never honor them.See for privacy information.
5/1/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Texting Other Women

A wife should be very concerned if her husband is texting other women. A husband who thinks he has this behavior under control is playing with fire and is putting his marriage in jeopardy.See for privacy information.
4/30/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Angry Spouse

An angry husband needs to understand where his anger is coming from. Dr. Gary Chapman's book, Anger - Handling a Powerful Emotion in a Healthy Way, is an effective tool to help him manage his anger.See for privacy information.
4/29/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Creating a Healthy Family

Scripture says, "without a vision, the people perish". Nowhere is that more true than in family life. It's essential that a couple have a clear Biblical picture of what a healthy family looks like.See for privacy information.
4/26/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Relationships Cost Something

Loving your spouse is costly. Loving and serving your spouse should take priority over fulfilling your own desires.See for privacy information.
4/25/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

An Attitude of Service

The key to a healthy family is an attitude of service. Remember, Jesus said, "I didn't come to be served but to serve". If a husband and wife begin serving each other, it won't take long for the children to get the idea that life is about serving others.See for privacy information.
4/24/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

How Much to Tithe

Some married couples can't agree on how much to tithe. They should begin by studying what the Bible teaches about tithing, agree to meet in the middle, then begin working toward God's ideal of tithing.See for privacy information.
4/23/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Not feeling "In Love" Any More

It's not unusual for married couples to lose that "in love" feeling over time. It's not a matter of you being "in love" but rather choosing to love. Scripture commands husbands and wives to love each other. Love may not come naturally, but it's something that can be learned.See for privacy information.
4/22/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

How to be a Loving Leader

In his book The Family You've Always Wanted, Dr. Gary Chapman provides practical help on how to be a loving leader in the home. Following the example of Jesus, Christian leadership focuses on meeting the needs of the wife and children.See for privacy information.
4/19/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Arm-Length Christianity

If spouses would commit to reading Scripture and praying together, the church would become the Church, not just on Sunday.See for privacy information.
4/18/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Teaching Children Obedience

Teaching your children obedience doesn't have to be difficult. Begin by stating the rule clearly, then state clearly what the consequences will be if the rule is disobeyed. If consequences are to be administered, do it kindly but firmly.See for privacy information.
4/17/20241 minute
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Too Busy

How can you stay connected with your spouse when your life is too busy? Step one is making sure you're speaking your spouse's love language. Then, give your marital relationship priority over anything else.See for privacy information.
4/16/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Getting Over a Divorce

There are very few hurts that are deeper than the hurt of a divorce. There are many very helpful resources for divorce recovery.See for privacy information.
4/15/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Teaching vs. Training

Teaching and Training don't mean the same thing. Teaching emphasizes words, while training focuses on actions.See for privacy information.
4/12/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Making Your Christianity Work First in Your Family

It's crucial that we make our Christianity work first in our families. If our Christianity doesn't work in our families, it won't work outside of our families.See for privacy information.
4/11/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Childhood Memories

So much of our lives is influenced by our childhood. Sharing those memories with your spouse builds intimacy.See for privacy information.
4/10/20241 minute
Episode Artwork


Arguing with your spouse during the first few years of your marriage is not unusual. But if discord persists, it would be wise to seek counseling.See for privacy information.
4/9/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Getting Him to Read

Dr. Gary Chapman provides some strategies to help you get your husband to read The 5 Love Languages book.See for privacy information.
4/8/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

The Functional Family

There are many dysfunctional families, but what does a healthy family look like? In Dr. Gary Chapman's book, The Family You've Always Wanted, you'll learn the 5 signs of a healthy family.See for privacy information.
4/5/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

The Value of Relationships - Part 2

The greatest value you can place on a relationship is to invest in people rather than things.See for privacy information.
4/4/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Love's Loudest Expression

The loudest way of expressing love to your child is by speaking to them in their love language.See for privacy information.
4/3/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Emotional Infidelity

If your wife develops an emotional bond with someone in the work place, it will definitely weaken your marital bond. She'll need to reaffirm her commitment to your relationship and set boundaries on how she interacts with others.See for privacy information.
4/2/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Love Language in Dating and Marriage

Your love language doesn't change during the time you're dating or after your marriage. But with the arrival of children, there'll be a season where your affection might be directed more to your child than to your spouse.See for privacy information.
4/1/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

How You Present a Gift

Any gift you give to your child, whether it's a necessity or a luxury, should be an expression of your love for them.See for privacy information.
3/29/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

The Value of Relationships - Part 1

Satan does everything he can to destroy relationships. This is because he opposes God's desire that we would have strong relationship with God and others.See for privacy information.
3/28/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

The Universal Way to Express Love

There are 5 love languages, but is there a universal love language? Gift-giving is the universal love language, but giving a gift should be an expression of love that is freely given with no strings attached.See for privacy information.
3/27/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Taking the 5 Love Languages Quiz.

Why should couples take the 5 Love Languages quiz? The 5 Love Languages profile is simply a tool for couples to understand each other - particularly at the point of how to express love to each other.See for privacy information.
3/26/20241 minute
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He Won't Spend Time With Me

Your husband's love language is quality time, but he's too busy with work to spend time with you. If his love language is truly quality time, he'll have to decide what's most important to him and adjust how much time he devotes you.See for privacy information.
3/25/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Children Receiving Gifts

Although all children seem to value receiving gifts, not all children possess the love language of gift-giving. But the child whose love language is gift-giving will feel loved when given gifts.See for privacy information.
3/22/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Different Political Views

Often times, couples have differing political views. But if each spouse has some level of maturity, they can express their viewpoint while giving the other the freedom to express theirs.See for privacy information.
3/21/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Children Who Are Loved

Does your child feel loved? Research shows that children who feel loved fare better in life than those who do not.See for privacy information.
3/20/20241 minute
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Read the 5 Love Languages

How can you get your spouse to read The 5 Love Languages? One approach might be to ask them if they would agree to read at least the first chapter. If they're still resistant, don't push it further. But make it a priority to clearly speak their love language.See for privacy information.
3/19/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Drawing Lines

It is essential for couples to draw lines on physical affection before marriage.See for privacy information.
3/18/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Influence by Agreement

If your spouse has a controlling personality, it's quite likely you don't have an intimate marriage. It can be helpful to agree with the premise of their arguments, but not with their conclusions.See for privacy information.
3/15/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Building Relationships With Prayer

If you're going to build good family relationships, you'll to need to invest time in prayer for your family.See for privacy information.
3/14/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Controlling Spouses

Controlling spouses are difficult to live with. While there can be an upside to living with a controlling spouse, it can also result in the other spouse feeling belittled and devalued.See for privacy information.
3/13/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Can You Change Your Love Language?

Is it possible to change your love language? Our primary love language never changes, but we can choose to learn to speak other love languages to the people with whom we relate.See for privacy information.
3/12/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Living with In-Laws

Young couples often move in with their in-laws due to financial challenges. While this may work for a while, guidelines and deadlines need to be discussed at the very beginning.See for privacy information.
3/11/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

A Faulty Model

Struggling marriages today are often a result of parents poorly modeling marriage during their children's formative years.See for privacy information.
3/8/20241 minute
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World Peace

Can the 5 love languages be a solution to world peace? The 5 love languages are fundamental to human nature, regardless of cultural differences. Imagine if everyone in the world would speak each other's love language. The world would be a radically different place.See for privacy information.
3/7/20241 minute
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Desperate Marriage

What is a desperate marriage? It's when one spouse is involved in a lifestyle that is extremely detrimental to the relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman has written a book titled Desperate Marriages that addresses this issue.See for privacy information.
3/6/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Hand in Hand

Military deployment makes maintaining your relationship with your spouse difficult. Dr. Gary Chapman offers a creative way for you to walk "hand in hand".See for privacy information.
3/5/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Hope after Separation

Your husband has left you. Is there hope for your marriage? There's always hope for reconciliation. But the process of reconciliation might need to begin with you acknowledging that there have been failures on your part.See for privacy information.
3/4/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

The Goal is Unity

Women often recoil when hearing the Scriptural mandate for wives to submit to their husbands. What's often missed is that both husbands and wives are to submit to each other. This calls for an attitude of service.See for privacy information.
3/1/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Building Spiritual Intimacy

The best way to build spiritual intimacy in your marriage is to pray and read the Bible together.See for privacy information.
2/29/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Leaders Who Love

Many contemporary Christians reject the concept of male leadership in the home. This is because there's a misunderstanding of Biblical headship.See for privacy information.
2/28/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Differences in Faith

She's Catholic. You're an Evangelical Christian. Which route will you both take when united in marriage? This issue needs to be discussed and resolved before marriage.See for privacy information.
2/27/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Not a Virgin Anymore

You're not a virgin anymore. Should you bring this up with your partner? Honesty is always the best policy. You should bring this up before marriage.See for privacy information.
2/26/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Husband and Wife Roles

The head of the husband is Christ, and the head of the wife is the husband. There is perfect unity and equality between the husband and wife; but their roles are different.See for privacy information.
2/23/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual discernment requires that we examine whether or not a concept, command or action is clearly taught in scripture.See for privacy information.
2/22/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Husband as Head of the Wife

God's design for marriage is that the husband should be the head of the wife; but it's one of the most exploited concepts in the Bible. Instead of the husband lording his authority over his wife, he must follow the example of Christ's headship over the Church - through sacrifice and service.See for privacy information.
2/21/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Put In More Effort

How can a wife encourage her husband to put more effort into their marriage? Before she confronts her husband, she should begin by acknowledging her own failures. Then, speaking his love language, she should ask if he'd be willing to put some extra effort into their marriage.See for privacy information.
2/20/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

The In-Love Experience

Can your "in-love" experience as an engaged couple run out before you get married? If you've been dating for more than two years, you can often come down off of that initial in-love high. This is a good opportunity to assess whether or not you're truly in love.See for privacy information.
2/19/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Getting Beyond Deadlock

Most counselors agree that one of the greatest problems in marriage is decision-making. When a couple doesn't agree with each other, it leads to deadlock. Find out how to break the deadlock on the next edition of A Love Language Minute.See for privacy information.
2/16/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Holding Yourself Accountable to Others.

Men need to hold each other accountable. Accountability groups in a church provide men with ways to challenge each other to spiritual growth.See for privacy information.
2/15/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Too busy to listen?

We're all busy - sometimes too busy to listen. Listening is the only way  that you will understand your spouse's thoughts and feelings.See for privacy information.
2/14/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

When is Enough Enough?

At what point do you say enough is enough when you're the victim of domestic abuse? Any physical abuse must be stopped immediately. Tough love requires communicating to the abuser that there will be consequences if the abuse doesn't stop.See for privacy information.
2/13/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Multiple Love Languages?

Is it possible for your spouse to have more than one love language? If they do, you'll have more avenues in which to express your love to them!See for privacy information.
2/12/20241 minute
Episode Artwork


Marital conflicts will never be resolved if a couple doesn't learn to listen to each other.See for privacy information.
2/9/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

When a Man Feels Loved

What makes a man feel loved? By communicating your love to him in his love language.See for privacy information.
2/8/20241 minute
Episode Artwork


Rigidity in a marriage can lead to arguments. Arguments occur when one spouse insist on getting their way.See for privacy information.
2/7/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Filed for Divorce

What do you do when your spouse has filed for divorce? If your desire is to restore your relationship, listen to them. Ask them what lead them to this place.See for privacy information.
2/6/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Filling Their Love Tank

Sometimes it seems it's impossible to fill your spouse's love tank, even when you speak their love language. Ask your spouse what you could do to better express your love for them.See for privacy information.
2/5/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Resolving conflicts in our marriage.

It's vitally important that we resolve conflicts in our marriage because it will produce barriers to marital unity if the issues are not addressed.See for privacy information.
2/2/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Accepting your spouse, even when you can't change them.

Love in a marriage is the attitude that says "I'm committed to enhancing your life for the rest of our lives". That means loving your spouse, even if there are things you can never change about them.See for privacy information.
2/1/20241 minute
Episode Artwork


What's so bad about arguing? Arguments are always charged with emotion. Arguments can turn spouses into enemies.See for privacy information.
1/31/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Past Addictions

Not dealing with past addictions will hurt your relationship with your future spouse.See for privacy information.
1/30/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Spending More Time With Your Spouse

Learn how to get your spouse to want to spend more time with you.See for privacy information.
1/29/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Requesting Forgiveness

It's always appropriate to request forgiveness.See for privacy information.
1/26/20241 minute
Episode Artwork

Can't Change Your Spouse

It's often difficult to accept things about our spouse that we can't change.See for privacy information.
1/25/20241 minute
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Saying "Please Forgive Me"

Why is it so hard for some people to say, "Please forgive me"? It might be because of fear - fear that the offended person might reject your apology.See for privacy information.
1/24/20241 minute
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Discovering You Own Love Language

In order to understand yourself and relate well to others, it's important to know your own love language. Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages is a great tool to discover your own love language.See for privacy information.
1/23/20241 minute
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Trust After Cheating

How is it possible to forgive your fiancé if they've cheated on you? You might be able to forgive in the moment, but trust can only be rebuilt over time. You can only trust if a person proves to be trustworthy.See for privacy information.
1/22/20241 minute
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When "I'm Sorry" Isn't Enough

Saying "I'm sorry" might not be enough. Apologizing in a way that's genuine might not be enough for the offended party. Each person has a unique language of apology - a language in which they can offer forgiveness.See for privacy information.
1/19/20241 minute
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Digital-free Zones

The challenge today is for parents to raise their children to be social in a screen-driven world.See for privacy information.
1/18/20241 minute
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Please Forgive Me

Is saying "I'm sorry" enough? Not necessarily. It's vital that when we ask for forgiveness, we ask forgiveness in the offended person's primary language of forgiveness.See for privacy information.
1/17/20241 minute
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Intimacy Before Marriage

All research show that those who are sexually active before marriage have a higher divorce rate than those who wait until marriage.See for privacy information.
1/16/20241 minute
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Military Deployment

How can you show love during military deployments? Dr. Gary Chapman provides creative ideas on how to speak your spouse's love language while deployed.See for privacy information.
1/15/20241 minute
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Many relationships die for lack of a sincere apology.See for privacy information.
1/12/20241 minute
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Children and Screens

Do you know how screens are affecting your child?See for privacy information.
1/11/20241 minute
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Frequent Gift Giving

If your spouse's love language is gift-giving, it's time to step up and show your love by giving them gifts frequently.See for privacy information.
1/10/20241 minute
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Dating Web Sites

In today's technical age, many couples have met using various web sites. This can be a very positive way of finding God's direction for the person you should marry.See for privacy information.
1/9/20241 minute
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Occupation and Love Language

See for privacy information.
1/8/20241 minute
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Loud Expression of Love

For some, the loudest expression of love is giving a gift.See for privacy information.
1/5/20241 minute
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Social Skills

What social skills are you seeking to develop in your children?See for privacy information.
1/4/20241 minute
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Meaning of Rings

Most marriage ceremonies include the giving and receiving of rings. Your rings are a visible sign of your love and commitment that has no end.See for privacy information.
1/3/20241 minute
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God's Primary Love Language

God doesn't have a primary love language. He speaks all 5 Love Languages. When He speaks to you, He speaks in your love language.See for privacy information.
1/2/20241 minute
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New Years should be a time of reflection. Are you pleased with the way you invested your time and energy last year? A new year presents the opportunity to make changes in your lifestyle and priorities.See for privacy information.
1/1/20241 minute
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A Fresh Look at Money

Many people suffer from the pain of financial stress. Jesus taught that "a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions". Real satisfaction is found in loving relationships with God and other. See for privacy information.
12/29/20231 minute
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Changing Body Language

Does your body language convey disinterest to your boyfriend? If so, ask him what message he's receiving from your body language. If you're willing, commit to changing that.See for privacy information.
12/28/20231 minute
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Do you know how to forgive and love again? You can, when you realize that God taught us how to forgive and love.See for privacy information.
12/27/20231 minute
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What are Your Children Watching?

Do you know what your children are watching? Remember, you are the gatekeeper of your child's mind.See for privacy information.
12/26/20231 minute
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Giving Gifts

Children wait in anticipation of their Christmas gifts. Likewise, the prophets of old waited in anticipation of the Messiah's arrival.See for privacy information.
12/25/20231 minute
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Gift Giving

When is the last time you gave your spouse a gift? In every culture, gift-giving is part of the love-marriage process.See for privacy information.
12/22/20231 minute
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Gift Giving

When is the last time you gave your spouse a gift? In every culture, gift-giving is part of the love-marriage process.See for privacy information.
12/22/20231 minute
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Another woman

What do you do when your husband frequently emails a woman from a past relationship? Counseling may help, but hurt can still remain.See for privacy information.
12/21/20231 minute
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Changing Someone's Love Language?

Is it possible to change a person's love language? Attempting to change your spouse's love language to one that's compatible with yours is selfish - not sacrificial.See for privacy information.
12/20/20231 minute
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Broken Covenants

What do you do when your spouse has broken your covenant of marriage?See for privacy information.
12/19/20231 minute
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Emotional Foundation

The Christmas season can often be characterized by stress, and stress can lead to harsh words. Romans 14:19 says "Let us make every effort to do what leads to peace". See for privacy information.
12/18/20231 minute
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Screen Time

How do you raise your kids to be social in a screen-driven world?See for privacy information.
12/15/20231 minute
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Contracts and Leases

Many people get married in the same way they lease a car. On average, contract marriages end in divorce within three years.See for privacy information.
12/14/20231 minute
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Love in my Love Language

How do you get your spouse to show love in your love language?See for privacy information.
12/13/20231 minute
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Physical Touch

Many couples enjoy expressing their love in public. But is there such a thing as too much?See for privacy information.
12/12/20231 minute
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Let's See How it Works Out

In covenants, people make unconditional promises. Many people get married with the idea that "Let's see how it works out". If that's your attitude, your marriage won't work out very well.See for privacy information.
12/11/20231 minute
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Is technology bring families together or drifting them apart?See for privacy information.
12/8/20231 minute
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Contract Marriages

Contract marriages can be worse than being single.See for privacy information.
12/7/20231 minute
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Birth Control

Do birth control pills go against the will of God?See for privacy information.
12/6/20231 minute
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Love Languages While Separated

How do you apply the 5 love languages while separated?See for privacy information.
12/5/20231 minute
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Covenant or Contract

Is your marriage a covenant or a contract?See for privacy information.
12/4/20231 minute
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Restoring Relationships

If you think you can sin yet still believe you can have a relationship with God, you grossly misunderstand God. When we sin, our fellowship with God is broken. Sin must be rebuked in order to restore your relationship with God.See for privacy information.
12/1/20231 minute
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Conflict with Young Adult Children

Conflict can arise when your young adult children choose to leave their faith and become involved in a different religion. It's important to understand that the greatest influence you have on your children regarding religious beliefs happens in the first 18 years of their lives.See for privacy information.
11/30/20231 minute
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Giving your Anger to God

The first step in conflict resolution is to follow Scripture's mandate to confront that person in hopes of reconciliation. If that doesn't work, turn your anger over to God.See for privacy information.
11/29/20231 minute
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Lots of Baggage

You're dating someone with a lot of baggage from past relationships. What should you do? If that baggage is something you feel you can't deal with, end the relationship.See for privacy information.
11/28/20231 minute
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Poor moral choices

Young adults often make poor moral choices. Some of these choices lead to unplanned pregnancies, STDs and emotional distress. Today, we'll learn what role parents play in this.See for privacy information.
11/27/20231 minute
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Your wife says you're inconsiderate, but you don't know what she means. Find out what she means by asking her questions. She'll be more than happy to give you examples. Your relationship will improve if you listen to what she says and choose to change those things.See for privacy information.
11/24/20231 minute
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Love Relationship with God

What does a love relationship with God look like in daily life? We're drawn to Christ when He speaks our love language. Then, we reciprocate by expressing our love to Him in our love language. Love is always a two-way street.See for privacy information.
11/23/20231 minute
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Pursuing a relationship with an Unbeliever

Having a social relationship with a non Christian is appropriate because there's a chance that you might lead them to the Lord. But to have a dating relationship with them when there's no response to God is unwise.See for privacy information.
11/22/20231 minute
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How did you come to Christ?

Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father unless the Spirit draws him." God's method of drawing us is love, and He speaks to you in your own love language.See for privacy information.
11/21/20231 minute
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Love Languages differences and Culture

Do the 5 love languages change or have different meanings depending on one's culture? Cultures are different, but we're all human beings. The love languages transcend culture.See for privacy information.
11/20/20231 minute
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Dating a Man who's been Married Multiple Times

Would it be foolish to date a man who's been in multiple marriages? The answer - yes! It wouldn't be wise unless you first found out what went wrong in each of those marriages.See for privacy information.
11/17/20231 minute
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The Least of These

Jesus said, "As often as you do it to the least of these, you do it unto Me." We're loving God when we love others in their own love language.See for privacy information.
11/16/20231 minute
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Believer and Unbeliever Relationships

Can a believer and an unbeliever have a healthy relationship? The Bible asks the question: "Can two walk together if they're not in agreement?" The answer is, not very long and not very well.See for privacy information.
11/15/20231 minute
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The Greatest Commandment

Jesus said we should love God with all our heart, soul and mind. The reason we love God is because He first loved us. God is fluent in all 5 love languages, and He chooses to speak to you in YOUR love language.See for privacy information.
11/14/20231 minute
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Opposite Love Languages

Is it harder for couples with different love languages to get along? Not necessarily. It all depends on whether the couple is willing to learn each other's love language.See for privacy information.
11/13/20231 minute
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Public School vs. Private Christian School

The choice between sending your child to a public school vs. a private Christian school is difficult. Children need to be in an educational setting where they not only learn academics, but also a Biblical perspective on life.See for privacy information.
11/10/20231 minute
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Becoming agitated when things don't go as planned doesn't fix anything. Focus on the solution rather than the problem.See for privacy information.
11/9/20231 minute
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Affirmation before Requests

Affirming the positive in another person changes the climate of the relationship. It'll then be easier to make requests of that person.See for privacy information.
11/8/20231 minute
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The Marshmallow Test

The earlier you learn the discipline of waiting, the better off you'll be later on in life. Patience is indeed a virtue.See for privacy information.
11/7/20231 minute
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Unequally Yoked

See for privacy information.
11/6/20231 minute
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Social skills

In our culture, we have exalted academics. Too much emphasis has been placed on excelling academically; but developing social skills is just as important as academic skills.See for privacy information.
11/3/20231 minute
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When you become impatient with your spouse and lash out verbally, you have become an enemy - not a friend.See for privacy information.
11/2/20231 minute
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Mental Issues

A spouse suffering from mental issues needs help. The best way to find help is through a counselor and a psychiatrist.See for privacy information.
11/1/20231 minute
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Patience is caring enough to listen empathetically with a view to understanding what's going on inside your spouse.See for privacy information.
10/31/20231 minute
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Too costly to have children?

What do you do when your wife says she doesn't want children because they're too expensive to raise? It's important to remember that the Scriptures say we are to be fruitful and multiply.See for privacy information.
10/27/20231 minute
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In our western culture, we're not trained to be patient. But patience is one of the traits of love.See for privacy information.
10/26/20231 minute
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Reversing a Regressing Marriage

If your marriage seems to be regressing, you might consider attending a marriage enrichment seminar.See for privacy information.
10/25/20231 minute
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From Anger to Resolution

When you're angry with your spouse, it's not enough to just squelch your anger. You must find a resolution to the situation that stimulated the anger.See for privacy information.
10/24/20231 minute
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Seeking to find a spouse

How do you go about seeking a spouse? Pray, pray, pray!See for privacy information.
10/23/20231 minute
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Can a baby divide spouses?

When your child is born, it's not unusual for you and your spouse to drift apart. Yes, it's important to focus on your child; but it's even more important to focus on your relationship with your spouse.See for privacy information.
10/23/20231 minute
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Future Family Problems

What do you do when you're engaged, but your fiancé doesn't like your family members? This should raise a red flag. Your fiancé may very well be obsessive.See for privacy information.
10/20/20231 minute
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Handling Anger

How you handle anger can make or break your marriage. Before responding in anger, ask your spouse for some clarification. There might have been just a misunderstanding.See for privacy information.
10/19/20231 minute
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Going it Alone in a Struggling Marriage

We are social creatures, and God designed marriage to be the most intimate of all relationships. Trying to go it alone breaks the oneness we should have in our marriage.See for privacy information.
10/18/20231 minute
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They Have Wronged You

When someone has wronged you, the emotion of anger pushes you to fight back. But fighting back will just make matters worse.See for privacy information.
10/17/20231 minute
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Losing Interest

What can you do if your fiancé has lost interest in you?See for privacy information.
10/16/20231 minute
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How do you handle depression in your marriage?See for privacy information.
10/13/20231 minute
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Handling Anger

Do you have a plan for handling anger in your marriage?See for privacy information.
10/12/20231 minute
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Listening to Others

It's vital that you listen to others regarding the person you're dating. They may see things you're oblivious to.See for privacy information.
10/11/20231 minute
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Who Told You That?!

What would you do if your girlfriend said "God told me you are to be my husband"?See for privacy information.
10/9/20231 minute
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What do you do when your husband is stingy with the money?See for privacy information.
10/6/20231 minute
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Forgiveness is always the Christian response.See for privacy information.
10/5/20231 minute
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More Involved

How to get your spouse to be more involved in your family life.See for privacy information.
10/4/20231 minute
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Who Your Spouse Deserves

You can become the person your spouse deserves.See for privacy information.
10/3/20231 minute
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How long should you date before marriage?See for privacy information.
10/2/20231 minute
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Before Getting Married

There are things we should have known before getting married.See for privacy information.
9/29/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Putting the Past Behind

Would you like to put the past behind you?See for privacy information.
9/28/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Living Together

Is living together before marriage a good idea?See for privacy information.
9/27/20231 minute
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Recognition and Appreciation

It's important to know the difference between recognition and appreciation.See for privacy information.
9/26/20231 minute
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Tingly Love

How to move out of the tingly in-love phase.See for privacy information.
9/25/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Sexual Temptation

How can you avoid sexual temptation while engaged?See for privacy information.
9/22/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Feeling Appreciated

How to help people feel appreciated.See for privacy information.
9/21/20231 minute
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Verbal Affirmation

When was the last time you verbally affirmed a coworker?See for privacy information.
9/20/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

One Size?

One size does not fit all.See for privacy information.
9/19/20231 minute
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How do you deal with alcohol addiction in your family?See for privacy information.
9/18/20231 minute
Episode Artwork


How can you trust that a change in a person has really taken place? Earning your trust may take some time. In the meantime, hope for the best.See for privacy information.
9/15/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Feeling Appreciated

What makes a person feel appreciated?See for privacy information.
9/14/20231 minute
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Positive Emotional Climate

It's important that you help to create a positive emotional climate in the workplace.See for privacy information.
9/13/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Emotional Climate

What is the emotional climate of your workplace?See for privacy information.
9/12/20231 minute
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Strong Marriage

A strong marriage is possible even if you didn't have a good role model.See for privacy information.
9/11/20231 minute
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Getting Angry

Are you a person who can never remember getting angry until you got married? Maybe it's because you're now living with a person who doesn't always live up to your expectations.See for privacy information.
9/10/20231 minute
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Restoring emotional intimacy.

Understanding the 5 Love Languages has helped many couples restore emotional intimacy in their marriage. It's also important to feel the emotional need of being appreciated. Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Languages of Appreciation can help.See for privacy information.
9/8/20231 minute
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Feeling appreciated.

How appreciated do you feel at work? Most people feel unappreciated. You can change the emotional climate at work if you learn to speak the unique love languages of your supervisor and coworkers.See for privacy information.
9/7/20231 minute
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Lost interest.

What do you do when your fiancé has lost interest in you? Understand that their "in love" feelings will eventually go away. Maturity in a relationship requires that you learn to express your love for them in their own love language. It will rekindle their love for you.See for privacy information.
9/6/20231 minute
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Keeping love alive.

How can we keep love alive in our marriage when our focus is on our children or work? It's a matter of priority. Your children are important, but your relationship with your spouse is most important.See for privacy information.
9/5/20231 minute
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Past failures.

Past failures grow into walls of separation. To remove past failures, you must first identify them.See for privacy information.
9/4/20231 minute
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Breakthrough in marriage.

Dr. Gary Chapman talks about a breakthrough early on in his marriage. God showed him that love for his wife was best expressed with an attitude of servanthood.See for privacy information.
9/1/20231 minute
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Dealing with past failures.

A spouse might say, "why can't we just forget the past and focus on the present and the future"? We must deal with past failures. If we don't, those failures will keep popping up.See for privacy information.
8/31/20231 minute
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Should pornography be a stopgap?

Does pornography make up for when you're not together? Absolutely not. Pornography never enhances a marriage because it takes the focus off your spouse and on to someone else.See for privacy information.
8/30/20231 minute
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Is he the one?

See for privacy information.
8/29/20231 minute
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Addicted to romantic love.

Our society is addicted to romantic love. Romantic love is obsessive in nature. It's important that we move from the "in love" stage of marriage to the covenant love of marriage.See for privacy information.
8/28/20231 minute
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Learning to show love.

Inside each one of us is the potential to love; but often times we don't show that love for a variety of reason. It's going to require someone to take the initiative to love first. Why don't you become that person?See for privacy information.
8/25/20231 minute
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Christians criticizing one another.

Christians sometimes criticize one another for the way they serve in the church? Realize that each person has a unique love language. If they express their love for God in their love language while serving in the church, don't criticize them for it.See for privacy information.
8/24/20231 minute
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Committed, but not in love.

What do you do when your spouse stays in the marriage because of his commitment, but not for love? The "in love" feeling doesn't last forever. But be grateful for his commitment! The book The 5 Love Languages can help build your love for each other.See for privacy information.
8/23/20231 minute
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Different sexual pasts.

When considering marriage, it's particularly difficult when you've kept your self pure, but your fiancé hasn't. Dr. Gary Chapman recommends counseling for him. If he acknowledges his wrong doing and seeks God's forgiveness, you, too must forgive him.See for privacy information.
8/22/20231 minute
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Previous sexual experience.

In today's society, many couples come to marriage with previous sexual experience. It's a myth that sex before marriage better prepares you for sex in marriage. All legitimate research says otherwise.See for privacy information.
8/21/20231 minute
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The Holy Spirit loving through you.

The Bible says, "The love of God is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit". So even if you don't feel loved by your wife, love her anyway - the way God loves you.See for privacy information.
8/18/20231 minute
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Work is not a curse.

God put man in the garden to work it, even before sin entered the world. Work is not a curse - it's a blessing.See for privacy information.
8/17/20231 minute
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Loving yourself and others.

If you can't love yourself, are you able to love others? You must first learn to yourself, especially when you realize how much God loves you. If you've experienced God's love, you'll be able to love others.See for privacy information.
8/16/20231 minute
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Is it necessary to apologize to those from past relationships? The basic pattern is always to apologize when you've wronged someone, even in the past. It will help you have a clear conscience.See for privacy information.
8/15/20231 minute
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Breakup Recovery

Are you finding it difficult to recover from a broken relationship? Don't try to force the issue. Give yourself time. You will get over it.See for privacy information.
8/14/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Older wives' responsibility.

The one Biblical command given to older wives is to teach the younger wives to love their husbands and their children.See for privacy information.
8/11/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Disconnect in the workplace.

Why is there a disconnect in the workplace? It could be because the employees don't feel appreciated. Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages of Appreciation will provide some new insights.See for privacy information.
8/10/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Hope for the divorced.

Is there hope for couples who've divorced but are still in touch? Absolutely, but it might require beginning with an apology. Learning to speak their love language is a good start in rebuilding the relationship. Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages is a great resource.See for privacy information.
8/9/20231 minute
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When your husband doesn't want to talk.

You're newly married and your husband doesn't want to talk, but he would rather spend time with his friends. It might mean that he feels put down by you when you talk to him. On the other hand, there may be something else going on that raises red flags.See for privacy information.
8/8/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Men and possessions.

A man's life doesn't consist in the abundance of his possessions.See for privacy information.
8/7/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The need for intimacy in marriage.

God designed marriage to be the most intimate of all human relationships.See for privacy information.
8/4/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

We are human.

Conflicts are always going to arise because of one simple reality - we are human. Conflicts are not the problem. Selfishness is the problem.See for privacy information.
8/3/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Marrying 3rd cousin.

Biblically, there's no prohibitions against marrying a relative three times removed. However, it's worth checking with a medical doctor for his/her input.See for privacy information.
8/2/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The fading "in love" phase.

Don't be surprise when the "in love" feelings fade, because they always will. That's when The 5 Love Languages can help you stay emotionally connected with each other.See for privacy information.
8/1/20231 minute
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Arguments seldom lead to a mutually satisfying solution.See for privacy information.
7/31/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Being an effective pastor.

Being an effective pastor begins with being an effective husband. Pastors and ministry leaders won't have a powerful and effective ministry if they neglect the calling God has given them to be a Christian husband.See for privacy information.
7/28/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Learn to Listen.

If you want a healthy marriage, you must learn to listen. Listening leads to understanding. Once you understand what your spouse is thinking and feeling, you can have a meaningful response. Don't speak before you listen.See for privacy information.
7/27/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Having quality time while apart.

It's very difficult for a couple to spend quality time together if one of them is away for extended periods of time (i.e. military deployment). But in today's world of technology, it's much easier to spend quality time together through avenues such as Face Time.See for privacy information.
7/26/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Men's and women's love languages.

Dr. Gary Chapman's book The 5 Love Languages was written for men and women; but the special men's edition provides additional insights on how a husband should love is wife.See for privacy information.
7/25/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

There's no communication without listening.

When two people are talking at the same time, nobody's listening. For conversation to be meaningful, it requires talking and listening.See for privacy information.
7/24/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Learning about your wife.

We must be gleaning knowledge about our wife day by day. The best way to do that is to ask questions, then listen.See for privacy information.
7/21/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Do you know how to apologize?

The way we apologize in our younger years is based on the way our parents apologized; but that might not be enough. If we don't speak the right Language of Apology to someone we've offended, we're not likely to have a favorable response.See for privacy information.
7/20/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Appropriate age for marriage.

When it comes to marriage, the age differences in our younger years is colossal. A wide age span between a younger and older person presents a host of problems. But as we get older, the age differences are less important.See for privacy information.
7/19/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Loving the unlovely.

How can we expect to love the unlovely as God does when we are sinful and imperfect? Scripture says the love of God is poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. That's the only way we are able to love the unlovely.See for privacy information.
7/18/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Necessity for Apology and Forgiveness.

Apologizing and Forgiving are essential for a healthy marriage relationship.See for privacy information.
7/17/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Focusing on our wives.

As husbands, we should focus our love and attention on our wives as Christ loves and focuses His attention on the Church.See for privacy information.
7/14/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Understanding the value of apology.

There are no successful marriages without apologies and forgiveness.See for privacy information.
7/13/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Refusing to take the Love Language test.

What do you do when your boyfriend refuses to take the Love Language test? If he refuses to take a positive step in growing the relationship, that should raise a red flag for you.See for privacy information.
7/12/20231 minute
Episode Artwork


Is it possible to always forgive? The Biblical model is to always forgive, but forgiveness can't be demanded of us.See for privacy information.
7/11/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Genuine apology.

What do you consider to be a genuine apology? What does the person need to say or do that will make it possible for you to forgive them? Dr. Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Languages of Apology will help you learn what your language of apology is.See for privacy information.
7/10/20231 minute
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Leading like Christ.

A husband that leads his wife like Christ leads the Church leads through servanthood.See for privacy information.
7/7/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

When was the last time you apologized?

The last time you apologized, did your spouse accept your apology? It's probably because you didn't apologize in their primary Language of Apology.See for privacy information.
7/6/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Fulfilling Gift-Giving every day.

If your spouse's love language is gift-giving, it's not possible or practical to give them gifts ever day. Neither is it necessary to always give expensive gifts. A small simple gift still communicates your love for them.See for privacy information.
7/5/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Understanding anger issues.

The mismanagement of anger (anger that's held inside) isn't going to go away simply by the passage of time. Managing anger is something that has to be learned.See for privacy information.
7/4/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Learning to speak her Love Language.

Her husband learned to speak her love language when she and her husband attended a Gary Chapman Love Language seminar.See for privacy information.
7/3/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The model of servanthood.

See for privacy information.
6/30/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Doormat or Lover?

If your treat your spouse as a doormat, you preclude the possibility of love.See for privacy information.
6/29/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

When and how are the Love Languages determined? for privacy information.
6/28/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Undependable fiancé.

If your spouse is undependable, how can you trust him with the big things if he isn't dependable in doing the little things?See for privacy information.
6/27/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Valuable information.

If your wife is criticizing you for not helping her, she's giving you valuable information that says her love language is Acts of Service.See for privacy information.
6/26/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Husband's role in marriage.

What is the husband's role in marriage? God wants to use the husband in the life of his wife to minister to her needs sacrificially.See for privacy information.
6/23/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Coerced love?

You cannot demand that your spouse speak your love language. True love is a choice and should not be coerced.See for privacy information.
6/22/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Boyfriend's "love language".

Your boyfriend says his love language is sex. How can you show him love while honoring your commitment to wait until marriage? Understand that sex is not one of the love languages.See for privacy information.
6/21/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Change Love Language?

Can you change your Love Language in order to accommodate your spouse? No, but you can learn to appreciate the other love languages - especially your spouse's.See for privacy information.
6/20/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Blinded to the Truth.

Don't let the in-love experience blind you to the truth. After the in-love feelings wear off, you will revert back to who you were before you fell in love.See for privacy information.
6/19/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Pastors, who are you giving your life to?

Pastors, who are you giving your life to? Pastors should be serving God through serving people. And serving your family first is fundamental to your service to God.See for privacy information.
6/16/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Marriage is a covenant, not a contract.

Many people view marriage as a contract. The Bible views it as a covenant. Commit yourself to faithfulness, and conduct yourself in a sacrificial manner.See for privacy information.
6/15/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Confronting a cheating spouse.

What's the proper way of confronting your spouse when you suspect them of cheating on you? Confront them in an honest and positive way. If they deny it, accept their word. But if your suspicions persist, it'll eventually become obvious what's going on.See for privacy information.
6/14/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

A secretive teenager.

How can a parent monitor their teen's activities without violating their trust?  If your teen's secretive behavior is seriously detrimental to them, it's worthwhile to enter their space and confront them.See for privacy information.
6/13/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Husbands, love your wives.

"Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself up for her". We are by nature self-centered. Apart from the work of Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we are not likely to be that kind of husband.See for privacy information.
6/12/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Learning the 5 Love Languages in the teenage years.

If you had learned the 5 love languages in your teen years, it would have helped you better understand your parents and siblings.See for privacy information.
6/9/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

I don't know if I can ever love my spouse again.

What if your spouse has hurt you so deeply that you don't think you could ever love them again? It's understandable when the hurt is fresh; but we must realize that God loved us, even while we were yet sinners.See for privacy information.
6/8/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Appropriate age for teens to start dating.

What is the appropriate age for teens to start dating? Every child is unique in their level of maturity. Dr. Gary Chapman recommends the age of 16.See for privacy information.
6/7/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Music and your teenager.

What is the kind of music your teenager should or shouldn't be listening to? Realize that teenagers have always had their own kind of music. If the lyrics go against Biblical principles, express your concerns. However, realize that your teen is in a stage of breaking away from you. Ultimately, they have to make their own decisions and are accountable to God.See for privacy information.
6/6/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The Biblical concept of marriage.

The Biblical concept of marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman to live together in mutual respect for the glory of God.See for privacy information.
6/5/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Teens learning the 5 Love Languages.

What would happen if your teen learned the 5 love languages and applied them to your family? You would see your family experience a new level of emotional bonding.See for privacy information.
6/2/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Principles and Power to build a healthy marriage.

God give us the principles and power to build a healthy marriage. Many of God's principles go against our nature. For instance, do good to those who do evil. This applies to marriage. A spouse is more likely to repent of you're willing to forgive.See for privacy information.
6/1/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The best way to discipline your teenager.

What is the best way to discipline your teenager? When you make a rule, explain the specific  consequences. That way, you're less likely to overreact when your teen breaks the rule. Stay within the boundaries of the consequences.See for privacy information.
5/31/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Positive influence on your teen.

How can you have a positive influence on your teen when they think you're old fashioned and out of touch? Let them know that you have to do what you think is best for them - even if they think you're old fashioned.See for privacy information.
5/30/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

When your child becomes a teenager, you must stop preaching and start teaching. Learn the art of asking questions as you teach your teen.

When your child becomes a teenager, you must stop preaching and start teaching. Learn the art of asking questions as you teach your teen.See for privacy information.
5/29/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

When a teenager doesn't feel loved by their parents.

What can a teenager do when they don't feel loved by their parents? Surprisingly, a teen should learn and speak their parent's love language.See for privacy information.
5/26/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Quality time with your teenager.

In order to spend quality time with your teenager, you must develop the art of listening.See for privacy information.
5/25/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Does your wife respect you?

Does your wife respect you? Maybe not; but the one thing you don't want to do is demand respect. Respect has to be won. A good starting place is to make sure you're speaking her love language.See for privacy information.
5/24/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Is there ever a "right time" to get a divorce?

Is there ever a "right time" to get a divorce? Dr. Gary Chapman says there's certainly a time to separate. But every effort should be made to reconcile before considering divorce on Biblical grounds.See for privacy information.
5/23/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Loving your teenager with the right focus.

It's often challenging to show love to your teenager, even if you know and speak their love language. If your teen's love language is quality time, make sure your teen is the focus of your attention.See for privacy information.
5/22/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Teens loving their parents.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Many teenagers have never applied this verse to their parents. If you're a teen, trying loving your parents the way you would want them to love you.See for privacy information.
5/19/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Quality time with your teen in a busy world.

How can you spend quality time with your teen in a busy world? Without focused attention on your child, they'll become impaired in their emotional and psychological growth. Busy parents who want their children to feel loved must MAKE time to give them focused attention.See for privacy information.
5/18/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

A childish boyfriend.

How can you help your childish boyfriend to grow up and ace like an adult? First, understand that the time doesn't take foolishness out of the heart of a man. If he's childish at age 20, he'll most likely be childish at age 30 and beyond. You might consider moving on.See for privacy information.
5/17/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Compatible in marriage.

Don't rush into marriage. A helpful resource to knowing if you and your prospective spouse are compatible is Dr. Gary Chapman's book, "Things I wish I'd known before we got married".See for privacy information.
5/16/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Love your wife as Christ loves the Church.

What does it mean to love your spouse as Christ loves the Church? It begins with taking the initiative in loving your spouse, even if they aren't loving you. Love is costly but essential.See for privacy information.
5/15/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Teenagers loving their parents.

"Honor your mother and father" seems to be a command many teens have not discovered. When teens learn and speak their parent's love language, it can change the emotional climate of the family.See for privacy information.
5/12/20231 minute
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Discipline is an expression of love.

In Hebrews 12 we read that we shouldn't lose heart when God rebukes us. Why does God discipline us? It's because He love us! His discipline is always for our good. As parents we, too, must discipline our children for their good.See for privacy information.
5/11/20231 minute
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Showing love while away from your spouse.

How can you show love to your spouse while they're away from you? Dr. Gary Chapman recommends that you study his book "The 5 Love Languages - military edition". It will prove helpful in non-military separation as well.See for privacy information.
5/10/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

A husband with an abusive temper.

How do you deal with a husband with an abusive temper? Uncontrolled anger is one of the most destructive forces in a marriage. Be sure you're speaking his love language, them ask him to go for counseling.See for privacy information.
5/9/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Service is a way of life.

If your love language is Acts of Service, you know that serving others can take a toll on you physically and emotionally. Taking time to care for yourself is often the best thing you can do for your family.See for privacy information.
5/8/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

A teenage guide to the 5 Love Languages.

Dr. Gary Chapman has written a book called A teenage guide to the 5 Love Languages. It will help your teen understand that each member of the family has a primary love language.See for privacy information.
5/5/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Do you have a silent spouse?

Have you ever wondered why you have a silent spouse? One reason might be that you shoot down his ideas. This strikes at his self esteem. Instead, present your ideas in the form of a question and let him express his opinions.See for privacy information.
5/4/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Advice on your wedding day.

The best advice Dr. Gary Chapman gives you on your wedding day is to not let all the details detract from the occasion. Relax, celebrate, and enjoy being with friends and family.See for privacy information.
5/3/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Showing love to your young son.

You have a problem child and you're exasperated with him. What do you do?  You love your child, but it's important that he feels loved. Begin by speaking your child's love language.See for privacy information.
5/2/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Can trust be reborn?

Can trust be reborn in a marriage? Yes, if integrity is reborn.See for privacy information.
5/1/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

How to overcome communication barriers.

Ask your husband to join you in reading a good book on marriage. Then, encourage him to sit down and discuss what he's learned. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.See for privacy information.
4/28/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Love in the midst of hurt.

When a couple comes to the point of separation, it's usually with many negative emotions. Instead of uttering angry and hurtful words, respond to to your spouse as a friend. Our example is Jesus. He loved us even when we were his enemy.See for privacy information.
4/27/20231 minute
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Husband comments on other women.

It's not appropriate for a husband to make comments about beautiful women in front of you. Remind him that he's married and his attention should be focused on you.See for privacy information.
4/26/20231 minute
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Sexual intimacy while dating.

Sex before marriage does not enhance a relationship. Waiting to have sex after marriage will save you a lot of pain and give you a better foundation for a successful marriage.See for privacy information.
4/25/20231 minute
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The first step toward love.

If your marriage is falling apart, the counter intuitive thing to do is love your spouse. Scripture teaches that love is patient. Your marriage didn't fall apart over night, so reconciliation probably won't take place over night either. Be patient.See for privacy information.
4/24/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Overcoming barriers to healthy communication.

A common barrier to good communication in your marriage is when one spouse talks so much that the other never gets a chance to talk. Instead of talking excessively, ask your spouse good questions, then listen!See for privacy information.
4/21/20231 minute
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Loving an unfaithful spouse?

Is it possible to love your unfaithful spouse? Remember that the Bible says we are to love our enemies. So show your spouse acts of kindness. It may be the beginning of your reconciliation process.See for privacy information.
4/20/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Repeating the pattern of your parent's marriage.

How can you and your spouse avoid making the same mistakes your parents made? The key is to get a clear biblical picture of what a healthy family looks like, then live it out. You don't have to repeat the pattern of your parent's marriage.See for privacy information.
4/19/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Encouraging an out-of-work spouse.

How do you encourage your spouse when they're out of work? Make them feel loved by speaking their love language. They may not have work at the moment, but they have YOU!See for privacy information.
4/18/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Young people and service.

When your children are young, teach them to be helpers. When your children see that service is important to you, it'll become important to them.See for privacy information.
4/17/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Barriers to communication.

If communication between spouses is practically nonexistent, make an effort to talk to your spouse about things that they're interested in. Often times, they'll begin to open up.See for privacy information.
4/14/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Not to be served, but to serve.

A healthy family has an attitude of service to each other. Service to others is a virtue that has a positive impact on every aspect of culture.See for privacy information.
4/13/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Obligated to have children?

Are married couples obligated to have children? Deciding not have children should not be made for selfish reasons. But there are plenty of legitimate reasons why a couple would choose not to have children.See for privacy information.
4/12/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Dating and age differences.

When you're young, dating someone much older should raise a red flag. But the age gap between you and your date when you're much older isn't much of an issue.See for privacy information.
4/11/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Work is an act of love.

In a healthy family, work is an act of love. The question is, who will do the work and with what attitude. Building a positive work attitude in your children comes from the parents modeling a positive attitude.See for privacy information.
4/10/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Barriers in communication.

We waste our energy when we try to convince our spouse that they're wrong and you're right. But resolving a conflict is possible when we decide to listen instead of argue.See for privacy information.
4/7/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Attitude toward your spouse.

A wife will never resent her husband for performing acts of service.See for privacy information.
4/6/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Too much time at in-laws.

Young couples should make it a priority to spend more time with each other than with their in-laws.See for privacy information.
4/5/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Dealing with Depression.

Depression that extends over a long period of time can be very difficult to deal with. Counseling and properly prescribed medication are essential.See for privacy information.
4/4/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Stop for an attitude check.

Loving service to your children is a gift. Serve them with love rather than an attitude of bitterness.See for privacy information.
4/3/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Overcoming barriers in communication.

The best way to overcome barriers in communicating with your spouse is to listen to each other.See for privacy information.
3/31/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Age-appropriate acts of service.

Expressing love to your child in their love language - acts of service - should be age appropriate. You should do for your children what they can't do for themselves.See for privacy information.
3/30/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Where did the spark go?

When dating or being engaged for a long period of time, the original spark of being "in love" will often fade. The average span of euphoria lasts two years. Love does not depend on feelings. Love is a commitment. Learn to speak each other's love language.See for privacy information.
3/29/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

No affection.

Learn how to respond when your boyfriend doesn't show any affection.See for privacy information.
3/28/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Children with full love tanks.

Children with full love tanks are more likely to obey parents, help others and reach their potential in learning.See for privacy information.
3/27/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Communication in marriage.

Good communication in marriage requires that you affirm the validity of your wife's thoughts and feelings. That will encourage her to open up and express herself to you.See for privacy information.
3/24/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Parenting is a service-oriented vocation.

Parenting is a service-oriented vocation. The day you decided to have a child, you enrolled for full-time service. Show love to your child by serving them in a way that's best for them.See for privacy information.
3/23/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Are you a good match?

You're in love with your boyfriend, but your friends say you're not a good match for each other. Should you listen to your heart or to your friends? Dr. Gary Chapman says "listen to your friends"!See for privacy information.
3/22/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Physical touch.

Your boyfriend's love language is physical touch. How can you make him feel loved while you're dating and still save intimacy for marriage? Don't equate physical touch with sexual intercourse. There are many affirming ways to touch that don't lead to sexual intercourse.See for privacy information.
3/21/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The non-communicating spouse.

The non-communicating spouse isn't always the husband. Wives often shut down and don't communicate when they are angry or hurt. The best way to process these feelings is to talk about it.See for privacy information.
3/20/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Are you like your parents?

People are inclined to act like our parents when they get older. But it doesn't mean it has to be that way. If you don't want to become like your parents, you need to do something about it now.See for privacy information.
3/17/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Breaking unhealthy patterns.

Patterns of behavior learned in childhood are often hard to break when you become an adult. Learn to break these patterns when you read Dr. Gary Chapman's book Desperate Marriages.See for privacy information.
3/16/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Falling out of love.

What do you do when you've fallen out of love with your spouse? The objective is to learn how to stimulate love after you've come down off of the emotional high of feeling in love. And that only happens when you learn to speak your spouse's love language.See for privacy information.
3/15/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

An empty love tank.

Your love tank is empty from years of not receiving love. What do you do? Love stimulates love. Speak love to others in their love language. Because they feel loved, they're inclined to express love to you.See for privacy information.
3/14/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The Silent Treatment.

Have you ever gotten the silent treatment from your spouse? How did you respond? The answer lies in you understanding why your spouse has gone silent.See for privacy information.
3/13/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Coming down off of the "in love" high.

Our culture tells us that the foundation of a marriage is being in love. But what does it means to be in love? Being in love is a feeling. True love is a commitment.See for privacy information.
3/10/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Learn to listen.

If you want a healthy marriage, you must learn to listen. Listening leads to understanding. If you really listen to your wife's thoughts and feelings, you can have a meaningful response.See for privacy information.
3/9/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Acts of service.

If your wife's love language is acts of service, will she accept your acts of service if you hire someone else to provide the help? Ask her. If she has a problem with that, commit to helping her personally.See for privacy information.
3/8/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Can you trust him again?

You discover your husband is soliciting other women. Can you ever trust him again? Confronting him must happen first. Forgiveness may follow only if there's true repentance.See for privacy information.
3/7/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

No one is listening.

When two people are talking at the same time, no one is listening. Consequently, there is no communication taking place.See for privacy information.
3/6/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

It's never too early to start preparing for marriage.

The time to prepare for marriage is not after you're engaged. The time to prepare for marriage is NOW.See for privacy information.
3/3/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Do you know how to apologize?

People have different ideas about what it means to apologize. There are 5 languages of apology. If you don't speak someone's primary language of apology, you're not likely to have a favorable response.See for privacy information.
3/2/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

When you don't want to speak your girlfriend's love language.

If you never make the effort to speak your girlfriend's love language, your relationship will go nowhere. If you truly love her, you should at least try. You'll be pleased with the results.See for privacy information.
3/1/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Switching your love language?

Is it possible to change your spouse's love language to suit you? Absolutely not. If you truly love your spouse, you will choose to speak to her in her primary love language. It's up to you to make the adjustment.See for privacy information.
2/28/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

A broken relationship.

Are you currently in a relationship that is broken or fractured? What would it take to heal that relationship? There are two essential actions that must take place - apologizing and forgiving.See for privacy information.
2/27/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Learning how to have a good relationship.

No matter how young or old you are, it's always possible to learn how to have a good relationship.See for privacy information.
2/24/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The 5 Languages of Apology.

If you've been egregiously wronged by your spouse, forgiveness may be extremely difficult unless they sincerely apologize to you in your primary language of apology. There are no healthy marriages without apologies.See for privacy information.
2/23/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Too much of their love language?

Is it possible to give someone too much love in their primary love language? If the person you love asks for some space, it may be that your expressions of love encroach on their time or responsibilities. Give them space.See for privacy information.
2/22/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Married but in love with someone else.

See for privacy information.
2/21/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

What is a sincere apology?

What do you consider to be a sincere apology? If you're the one who was wronged, it all depends on whether or not the apology was spoken in your primary language of apology.See for privacy information.
2/20/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The importance of the 5 Love Languages.

There's a deep human need to feel loved. No matter at what stage a person finds themselves, they will thrive if their love tank is full. That can only be accomplished when love is expressed to them in their primary love language.See for privacy information.
2/17/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

When is the last time you apologized?

When is the last time you apologized? Did the one to whom you apologized seem to forgive you? If not, you may not have been apologizing in their unique language of apology.See for privacy information.
2/16/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The downside of lengthy engagements.

Lengthy engagements can often lead to a strained relationship. This is often the result of the euphoric feelings dissipating.See for privacy information.
2/15/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Dating after a divorce.

How long after a divorce should you wait to begin dating? Dr. Gary Chapman  suggests that you should wait at least two years before dating. Reason being - research shows that it takes about two years to get back on level ground emotionally.See for privacy information.
2/14/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Success of the 5 Love Languages seminars.

Looking for positive changes in your marriage relationship? Consider attending a 5 Love Languages seminar. It could very well take your marriage to a whole new level!See for privacy information.
2/13/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Influencing your spouse with love.

Are you able to influence your spouse with love? The answer is "yes" if you share your heart with them in their love language.See for privacy information.
2/10/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Are you a doormat or a lover?

Does your spouse treat you like a doormat? A doormat is an inanimate object that has no will of its own. Treating your spouse like a doormat will make them your slave but not your lover.See for privacy information.
2/9/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Counseling can help.

How can you convince your spouse that counseling can be helpful for your marriage? Let your spouse know that you're going for counseling to improve your marriage. Invite your spouse to join you; but resolve to go whether or not they agree to go with you.See for privacy information.
2/8/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Does your love language change over time?

Your primary love language may seem to change as your seasons of life change, but your primary love language will always remain the same.See for privacy information.
2/7/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

What criticism might be saying.

If your spouse is often critical of you for not doing something for them, it may mean that Acts of Service is their love language. But their criticism is an ineffectual way of pleading for love.See for privacy information.
2/6/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Falling in love with someone you shouldn't marry.

Are you falling in love with someone you shouldn't marry? Feeling "in love" with them is only one factor for compatibility in a marriage. Intellectual, emotional and social compatibility is just as important. If you see a lack of compatibility, marriage is not recommended.See for privacy information.
2/3/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Demanding acts of service?

Your love language might be acts of service, but you shouldn't demand acts of service from your spouse. Your spouse might do what you want, but it won't be an expression of their love.See for privacy information.
2/2/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

How to apply the love languages toward God.

How do you apply the love languages in your relationship with God? You were drawn to God's love for you because He spoke to you in your love language. We can respond to God's love by expressing our love for Him in our love language.See for privacy information.
2/1/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Dating but wondering about your boyfriend's past.

How much should you know about your boyfriend's past before getting married? Dr. Gary Chapman says it's crucial that each of you be honest with the other as you contemplate marriage. If you don't, the truth will eventually come out, and your spouse will feel like you deceived them.See for privacy information.
1/31/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

A thriving marriage in today's culture.

Is it possible to have a thriving marriage in today's culture? Movies, news reports and social media might lead you to think otherwise. But applying God's principles to your marriage can lead to a deeply satisfying marriage -- even in today's environment.See for privacy information.
1/30/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

An important step to improving your marriage.

If your marriage needs improvement, get alone with God and ask Him where you need to improve. Be prepared to hear His answers, then act on them.See for privacy information.
1/27/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

The later years of marriage.

There will always be challenges in the later years of marriage, but approaching them with a positive attitude will lead to joy.See for privacy information.
1/26/20231 minute
Episode Artwork

Depression and the 5 love languages.

Can the use of a person's love language help them while they're depressed? Speaking the love language of a person who suffers from depression can certainly be helpful; but ultimately, that person should seek professional counseling for their depression.See for privacy information.
1/25/20231 minute
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Falling out of love while engaged.

What might be the cause for "falling out of love" during your engagement? One cause might be that your engagement has gone on too long. It's typical to lose your "in love" feelings over time, causing you to conclude that you've fallen out of love.See for privacy information.
1/24/20231 minute
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Sex in the later years of your marriage.

Should sex be an important thing in the later years of your marriage? Dr. Gary Chapman says YES! God created us as sexual creatures, and marriage was designed for intimate relationships. So don't put sex on the shelf.See for privacy information.
1/23/20231 minute
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The first step to improving your marriage.

What's the first step to improving your marriage? The first step is to first examine if there's anything that you're doing or not doing that has led to your troubled marriage.See for privacy information.
1/20/20231 minute
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Married but having anxiety about your future.

Financial challenges can cause anxiety in your marriage as you approach retirement. Being worried about the future can be debilitating, but being concerned about your future can lead to action.See for privacy information.
1/19/20231 minute
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Hope for gamophobia - fear of marriage?

Is there hope for your dating relationship if your boyfriend is afraid of getting married? God made us for relationships, and no dating relationship will ever equal a marriage relationship. Move on if this phobia persists.See for privacy information.
1/18/20231 minute
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Is your fiancé closer to their parent than with you?

What do you do when your fiancé seems closer to their parent than with you? That may not be a bad thing as long as they include you when making important decisions.See for privacy information.
1/17/20231 minute
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Making a move during retirement.

If the reason you choose to make a move during retirement is to be closer to your grandchildren, that may not be the wisest move. It's quite likely that, at some point in the future, your children will have to move away. Then what?See for privacy information.
1/16/20231 minute
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Motivating your children.

The best way to motivate your children is the speak and connect with them in their own love language.See for privacy information.
1/13/20231 minute
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Changing jobs in the later years of your marriage.

Changing jobs in the later years of your marriage can be fraught with danger. You may think a new job will work out OK, but that's not always the case. If you become disappointed or unfulfilled with your new job, that stress can result in tension within your marriage.See for privacy information.
1/12/20231 minute
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No contact with your spouse during a separation?

Due to the enormous hurt that led to your separation, it's advisable that there be no contact between the two of you. Extended time away may be necessary for healing. However, for the relationship to be renewed, contact will have to take place at some point down the road.See for privacy information.
1/11/20231 minute
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Renewing interest in your spouse.

How does one get their spouse to renew their interest in you? First, understand that the "in love" feelings for each other eventually wane. So it's important that you know your spouse's love language and speak it often!See for privacy information.
1/10/20231 minute
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Challenges of retirement.

What are the challenges that come with retirement? One humorous answer might be that you have twice the spouse and half the money.See for privacy information.
1/9/20231 minute
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Excuses for an affair.

How do you deal with a spouse who makes excuses for their affair? There's no excuse for having an affair. When you and your spouse got married, you made a covenant to be faithful to each other. Having an affair breaks that covenant.See for privacy information.
1/6/20231 minute
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Is the second half of your marriage always the best half?

One might think that once your kids are grown and out of the house, the second half of your marriage will be the best half. But what if your grown children make poor choices and need your help. Now what? Be listening today to hear Dr. Gary Chapman's advice.See for privacy information.
1/5/20231 minute
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Expressing love while separated?

Should you keep expressing your love to your spouse even while separated? Dr. Gary Chapman says to respect whatever your spouse requests. If they say "Don't call me", then don't call them.See for privacy information.
1/4/20231 minute
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Multiple love languages?

Is it possible to have several primary love languages? Having several strong love languages indicates that you'll feel loved when any one of them are spoken to you; however, there will always be one that surpasses them all!See for privacy information.
1/3/20231 minute
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Work is not a curse - it's a blessing.

Many people feel that having to work is part of the curse. But according to Genesis 1, work is actually a blessing from God.See for privacy information.
1/2/20231 minute
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Turn your differences into assets.

How do you go about turning differences with your spouse into assets?See for privacy information.
12/30/20221 minute
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Reconnecting with past boyfriends/girlfriends.

What can you do when your spouse chooses to reconnect with their past boyfriend/girlfriend?See for privacy information.
12/29/20221 minute
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Married and still loving it!

Believe it or not, it's still possible to be married and love it!See for privacy information.
12/28/20221 minute
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Open up and talk.

How do you get your spouse to open up and talk with you?See for privacy information.
12/27/20221 minute
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Children and inappropriate touching.

What do you do when your child is caught inappropriately touching another child?See for privacy information.
12/26/20221 minute
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A permanent relationship.

Many couples view marriage as a contract rather than a covenant.See for privacy information.
12/23/20221 minute
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Sin hurts relationships.

There are many ways that sin can hurt a relationship.See for privacy information.
12/22/20221 minute
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Husband's, love your wives.

How should husbands love their wives? As Christ loves his Church - sacrificially.See for privacy information.
12/21/20221 minute
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Does football come first?

What can a wife do when her husband seems to love football more than her?See for privacy information.
12/20/20221 minute
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Insecure about your appearance.

What can a husband do when his wife feels insecure about her appearance?See for privacy information.
12/19/20221 minute
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Not able to love your spouse again.

Your spouse has hurt you so deeply that you don't know if you can ever love them again.See for privacy information.
12/16/20221 minute
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You're never too old.

You're never too old to learn how to have a good relationship.See for privacy information.
12/15/20221 minute
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The Biblical concept of marriage.

What it the Biblical concept of marriage?See for privacy information.
12/14/20221 minute
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When your husband doesn't like to make decisions.

What do you do when your husband won't join you in the decision-making process?See for privacy information.
12/13/20221 minute
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My wife just got a job.

What dynamics are at play when your stay-at-home wife just got a job?See for privacy information.
12/12/20221 minute
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Before you fell in love.

Do you remember what it was like before you fell in love?See for privacy information.
12/9/20221 minute
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Can God forgive a divorce?

You've divorced. Can God still forgive you?See for privacy information.
12/8/20221 minute
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God of Miracles.

God is a God of miracles.See for privacy information.
12/7/20221 minute
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Demanding all of the Love Languages.

What do you do when your husband demands that you love him in all 5 Love Languages?See for privacy information.
12/6/20221 minute
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Negative approaches to a troubled marriage.

There are 3 radical and negative approaches to a troubled marriage.See for privacy information.
12/5/20221 minute
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Growing up social.

Growing up social - raising kids in a screen-driven world.See for privacy information.
12/2/20221 minute
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Do you feel like giving up on your marriage?

Many couples give up on their marriage if they feel there's no hope.See for privacy information.
12/1/20221 minute
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When you and your spouse have different religions.

You and your spouse have different religions. Is it still possible to have a good, long-term marriage with this major difference?See for privacy information.
11/30/20221 minute
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What is the purpose of marriage?

With so many problems associated with marriage, what's the point in getting married?See for privacy information.
11/29/20221 minute
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Couples at a stalemate.

Many couples are at a stalemate because they have allowed a wall to develop between them.See for privacy information.
11/28/20221 minute
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What technology does to the family.

Is technology drawing your family closer together or farther apart?See for privacy information.
11/25/20221 minute
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Can you have a perfect marriage?

You can never have a perfect marriage, but you can definitely have a better marriage.See for privacy information.
11/24/20221 minute
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When your love language is words of affirmation.

What do you do when your love language is words of affirmation, but your boyfriend doesn't like to talk?See for privacy information.
11/23/20221 minute
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Teasing your spouse in front of others.

It can be hurtful and embarrassing when you tease your spouse in front of others.See for privacy information.
11/22/20221 minute