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English, Personal stories, 3 seasons, 42 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 48 minutes
From Muhammad Ali to Carrie Fisher, hear how the lives of the biggest stars were truly lived. With exclusive interviews from the people who knew them in life, journalist Stephanie Okupniak tells the stories of the dead.
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S3 Ep42: A Man of Many Faces, Michael Kenneth Williams

Michael Kenneth Williams was known for playing tough characters.  He was recognised for the scar across his face.  But his nephew, Dominic DuPont, knew the demons he battled, how hard he worked, the good he gave back to the community and the love and empathy he had for everyone. Michael Kenneth WIlliams's memoir Scenes from My Life is available wherever you buy books.
7/1/202435 minutes, 4 seconds
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S3 Ep41: The First Lady of Television,Betty White

Author Herbie J Pilato, filmmaker William S Tribell and biographer Ray Richmond walk us through the raunchy euphemisms, the pioneering devotion and the sweet and caring nature that paved the way for Betty White to have the longest career in broadcasting than any woman in the Guinness Book of World Records. To learn more about Betty White you can find copies of Ray Richmond's book here: Herbie J Pilato's book - NBC & Me, My life as a Page in a Book:
6/24/202435 minutes, 8 seconds
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S3 Ep40: An Origin Story, Chadwick Boseman

In this episode of A Life Lived Stephanie Okupniak speaks with a professor and fellow classmate of Chadwick Boseman when he attended Oxford University for a summer acting course.  The origin story of an artist who had never considered acting before - only to become on of the greatest cinematic heroes of all time.
6/17/202434 minutes, 13 seconds
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S3 Ep39: The Scottish Spy, Sean Connery

Stephanie Okupniak learns more about the school dropout from Edinburgh who will win the hearts of millions as the rogue spy 007 with journalist Brian Pendreigh, director Alvin Rakoff and biographer Herbie J Pilato. Alvin Rakoff's memoir I'M JUST THE GUY WHO SAYS ACTION can be found here - Herbie J Pilato's biography Connery, Sean Connery can be found here -
6/10/202428 minutes, 25 seconds
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S3 Ep38: A Life Lived Returns!

After a 4-year hiatus - A Life Lived returns!! Join Stephanie Okupniak from June 10th as she speaks with the people closest to icons who have died and finds out what they were really like behind the spotlight. This season she discovers why the mob stalked Sir Sean Connery, how Betty White got into the Guinness Book of World Records and what Chadwick Boseman learned in Hogwarts dining hall.   Follow on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts for new episodes each week.
6/5/20241 minute, 15 seconds