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A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects

English, Social, 1 season, 7 episodes, 2 hours, 56 minutes
This is a podcast about the rich history of the cultures and societies of the Caribbean told through objects from the earliest period to modern times.
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Episode 18 - Currency from Redonda

We talk about real and totally not April Foolish Redondan coins. Although as with any joke, if you carry on for too long it becomes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, and this particular one has been running for over 100 years! Will Alice and Angus make it out the labyrinth of kings, boobies and guano that is the island of Redonda? Listen to this episode of aHotC in 100 Objects!
3/30/201736 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 17- A Cuban Idol

We’re back! This time we are featuring two Cuban idols: the Idolo del Tabaco and Fidel Castro. Both this object and leader are symbols of larger historical processes that have some positive aspects but are also deeply problematic. Care to find out what happens if Alice and Angus try to be topical and political? (Spoiler: they end up releasing the topical episode a couple of months after the fact.) Want to know how you can smoke yourself to the top, why hammocks and cigars are a historical combo, or how the Maya 20 day-count has a big influence on one of the hardest to kick habits of today? Listen to this all new episode of A History in the Caribbean in 100 Objects!
3/23/201722 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 16 - A Hurricane

We start out with Alice chatting about the weather and Angus apologizing for one of his very rude namesakes. Beware though: the rest of the episode is going to be much more volatile as we discuss Caribbean hurricanes and objects related to them. Why does the cave painting found by Alice and her team on Isla Mona look like a person at a dance rave? What did people do in the past when they were hit by a hurricane? Find out this and more in this week's episode of aHotC in 100 Objects. Please consider making a donation to the Haiti Support Group as a show of solidarity with the people of Haiti who have been hit by Hurricane Matthew:
12/13/201627 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 15 - A Hutía Mandible

The special item on the menu today is Hutía. This fluffy animal is about the size of a cat, with teeth the size of toothpicks. Aside from being the largest land mammal in the Caribbean islands, and being cute as bunnies, many people in the past as well as today also consider them to be highly edible. It seemed only fair that one of them decided to return the favor and take a big bite out of the leg of Angus his sister. Want to know the full story behind this Hutía attack and find out more about the complex relations these animals have with us humans, listen to this episode of A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects!
11/14/201619 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 14 - A Bat-Shaped Vomit Spatula

Alice and Angus go batsh*t crazy over this carved, bone object. But what do bats have to do with the ghosts of the dead, vomit, spiritual assaults, and archaeologists running away screaming like little girls? Find out in this spooohoooky Halloween episode of a HotC in 100 Objects!
10/29/201623 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 13 — The Pigorini Zemie

We're back! After a nice long summer break, Alice and Angus are once again ready to talk you through what is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating of Caribbean objects: the Pigorini Zemie. What is a Pigorini? What is a Zemie? What does this have to do with Rome and rhinos? If you want to know, we kindly invite you to strap on your object-powered, time-travelling goggles and explore this episode of a History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects!
10/10/201624 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 12 - A Body Stamp from Nisibón

In this episode Alice stamps out Angus his silly belief that these brown, decorated discs are cookies. At least he was not as wrong as those silly 16th century Spaniards when they claimed the indigenous people of the Caribbean went about naked. Want to know more about how these untruths and other colourful facts of pre-colonial life connect? Listen to this episode of A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects!
7/11/201622 minutes, 5 seconds