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Arabic, Parenting, 1 season, 3 episodes, 2 hours, 44 minutes
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Episode 3 - Darius Kennedy

I've known Darius for 27 years. So yeah, we go way back. He is a long time stand up comedian from Chicago, a video game aficionado, and a very smart and funny dude. He teaches me about professional gaming, an interesting man named Ray Cohn that he saw in a documentary, Bernie Madoff, Enron, and a whole bunch of other fascinating shit. Enjoy!
2/2/20201 hour, 39 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 2 - Mike Lorber

Mike Lorber the Sky 5 reporter at NBC Chicago, and good friend of mine, stops by for a chat. Enjoy!
1/19/20201 hour, 1 minute, 38 seconds
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Episode 1

Recorded 01/11/2020
1/17/20203 minutes, 14 seconds