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A Drug Dealers Dreams

English, Personal stories, 4 seasons, 30 episodes, 1 day 13 hours 48 minutes
The truth is undeniable. What ‘s real is hard to deny. Hosts Gee Money and Benny Blanco discuss the lives and transitions by individuals who have truly lived a drug dealers dreams. You will hear from guests that are too familiar with the consequences that come with that life decision. Listen, learn, and try to relate as these incredible stories are told from the people who survived living their dreams.
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S4 Ep1: The Dreamers

We took a much needed hiatus to regroup and process all that has happened. From suffering a devastating lost to the current chaotic state of the world, life has thrown us all types of obstacles to overcome but the dream still continues. R.I.P Gee
04/06/202048 minutes 58 seconds