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A Cold Wet Tuesday Night: A Stoke City Podcast Cover
A Cold Wet Tuesday Night: A Stoke City Podcast Profile

A Cold Wet Tuesday Night: A Stoke City Podcast

English, Sports, 1 season, 21 episodes, 9 hours, 58 minutes
Former Stoke City captain Clive Clarke talks to ex-team mates and friends he's made over his football career.
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Shawcross Is Back

Former Stoke City captain Ryan Shawcross, on his return as Under 18's academy coach.
6/26/20233 minutes, 49 seconds
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Grassroots and Knee Slides

Stoke City head groundsman Andy Jackson tells Matt Sandoz about the pitch preparation.
6/19/202317 minutes, 33 seconds
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It Was Magical

Recap of the podcast with former Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.
6/13/20236 minutes, 35 seconds
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Rocking Away End

Recap of the podcast with former Stoke City defender Carl Dickinson.
6/5/20237 minutes, 7 seconds
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Premier League Relegation

Ryan Shawcross talks to Lucas Yeomans about Stoke City's Premier League relegation.
5/10/202347 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ryan's European Regret

Former Stoke City captain Ryan Shawcross shares stories from during his time at the club.
5/3/202343 minutes
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Mr Stoke City

Radio Stoke's Nigel Johnson, and his son Roger, discuss his 54 years covering Stoke City.
4/26/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 12 seconds
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Stoke City's Future

Lucas Yeomans talks to Academy Director Gareth Owen about the how the academy operated and the exciting young players coming through.
4/19/202356 minutes, 38 seconds
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What A Week!

Lucas & special guests review an incredible week for Stoke City including the fans forum
4/5/202327 minutes, 36 seconds
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A New Era

Stoke City women's captain Meg Bowyer, talks to Lucas Yeomans about her football journey.
3/29/202324 minutes, 46 seconds
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When Eastham Sold Me

Former Stoke City player John Ruggiero on football in Stoke, Zambia and South Africa.
3/15/202332 minutes, 47 seconds
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Us Against Everyone

Former Stoke City defender Gaby Zakuani discusses promotion and why he loves the club.
3/7/202331 minutes, 54 seconds
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A Lad From Meir

Stoke City legend Denis Smith on why he never became Stoke manager & their 1972 cup win.
3/2/202325 minutes, 42 seconds
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Do Stats Lie?

Stoke fan and statistician, George Weaver, discusses the the new signings.
2/14/202321 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Chelsea Bid

Former Stoke City keeper Asmir Begovic on his love for the Potters and his Chelsea move.
2/7/202331 minutes, 29 seconds
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Portsmouth to Stoke

Part 1: Former Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begović explains his move to the Potteries.
1/31/202329 minutes, 15 seconds
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This Is Home

Former Stoke City captain Andy Griffin talks about playing at Stoke and Newcastle United.
1/24/202330 minutes, 37 seconds
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A Special Group

Former Stoke City defender Carl Dickinson on his career and Premier League promotion.
1/17/202325 minutes, 57 seconds
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January Transfer Window

Football agent, Clive Clarke, discusses the pros and cons of the January transfer window.
1/12/202318 minutes, 23 seconds
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My Heart Attack

Clive Clarke and Lucas Yeomans talk about the biggest moment in Clive's career.
1/3/202326 minutes, 11 seconds
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Picked over Pennant

Clive Clarke and Lucas Yeomans chat to former Stoke defender Ryan Shotton about football and Las Vegas.
12/21/202227 minutes, 30 seconds