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English, Investigative journalism, 1 seasons, 126 episodes, 1 day 20 hours 18 minutes
Every week, A Brief Case takes a closer look into the deadly and distressing, murder, madness and minds of true crime in this little part of the world. We‘ll set up the scene and walk through the nitty-gritty bringing you the facts, details and theories surrounding each case. Follow and drop us a message on instagram @abriefcasepodcast
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ABC 124: Four Students Dead in the Dormitory Closet - The Murders of Ma Jia Jue

Valentine's day was coming up. But instead of a romantic evening, Ma Jia Jue was planning something else. From 13th to 15th February 2004, he committed quadruple murder. Ma Jia Jue killed four of his fellow students in their shared dorm, before leaving their bodies in the dorm room's closet. They would not be found until almost ten days later. What triggered this heinous crime; an accusation of cheating, a personal insult...? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
20/02/202430 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 123: The Liver Eating North Korean Cannibal Killer Park Myung-sik

To the North Korean police, Park Myung-sik was a ghost. He stalked and killed students who worked in rural communal farms. He would capture his victim, then tear their liver out for consumption. Park Myung Sik believed that eating a healthy liver would cure his own cirrhosis. The cannibal killer, the organ harvester - he claimed at least 12 victims...Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29/01/202413 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 122: 7 Year Old Killed in Private School Toilet - The Murder of Pradyuman Thakur

Pradyuman Thakur was just seven years old. Barun Thakur, ever the devoted dad, had driven both kids to the gate of their private school. In less than ten minutes, Pradyuman would be dead. He had been stabbed twice in the neck before being rushed to the hospital. Allegedly, the school did not tell his parents about Pradyuman's injuries or call the police. By noon the same day, the local police arrested Ashok Kumar - it was reported that the confession was tortured out of him and he was . A month later, the CBI arrested a sixteen-year-old student. What happened could have happened in those ten minutes, and who would have wanted to kill an innocent young boy? Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/01/202419 minutes 1 second
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EP 121: When Lucila Lalu's Butchered Legs were Found in the Garbage - the First Chop-Chop Lady of the Philippines

On 27th May 1967, Lucila Lalu's butchered legs were found wrapped in newspapers in the trash. Days later, her torso was found in a vacant lot. Who would have wanted to kill the young, successful, mother and entrepreneur?Could it have been her common-law husband - the already married policeman Aniano de Vera? Did jealousy push him over the edge after he found out about Lucila's sordid affair with the much younger boy toy Florante Relos? Perhaps it was a different lover, or could she have been an unfortunate, unlucky victim of a serial killer...?Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
08/01/202424 minutes 47 seconds
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Life Update - Teddy & Reuben Stay in a Haunted Villa!

Reuben and I discussed the unruly household appliances and possibly haunted airbnb villa we stayed in when visiting Bali. We also chat cruising holidays and podcast plans for the new year! 
03/01/202417 minutes 35 seconds
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EP 120: The Tandoori Oven Murder

Naina Sahni was driven, and accomplished; she was well educated, she had a pilot's license, she owned a boutique, and she thought that she had found the One. Sushil Sharma was intelligent, charming, and the president of the Delhi Youth Congress. Sushil pursued her relentlessly - there was no doubt that the couple would be a good fit. It seemed that he was madly in love with her... That is... Until they actually got married. The mask slipped, and he became controlling, jealous, secretive. The romantic dream would become a nightmare, ending with Naina's body on a pyre in a tandoori oven...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
13/11/202327 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 119: Happy HANTU Halloween - Scary Story Showdown with Kyle & Wayne

This Halloween we have a spooky chat with our favorite creepy conversationalists, Kyle and Wayne from @WeAreHantu!  We start this episode with a background on the origins of Halloween. Then, we pit the best friends against each other with a Scary Story Showdown. Remember to vote in the polls below~ At the night's end, we adventure into a supernatural forest - will Kyle and Wayne survive...? Well, even if they don't, you can always catch Kyle and Wayne at:   Spotify: Ghost Maps by HANTU Instagram: @wearehantu TikTok: @wearehantu Youtube: @wearehantu
30/10/20231 hour 11 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 118: Shaman, Scammer, Serial Killer - Wowon Erawan

Wowon Erawan promised financial returns like no other. He claimed that powerful magic was the source of his monetary success... He claimed he could double, no triple, your money... And when his victims came to collect, they could lose more than just money - they could lose their lives...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
16/10/202311 minutes 26 seconds
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ABC x ACRES: How to buy through the Black Market (but don’t)

It was December 2019, when one man decided to do his Christmas shopping somewhere unusual... Instead of going to the usual departmental store or Toys R Us, this man decided he wanted something a little more unique to play with, to take care of... It's scary to think about what you can buy on the black market... Help ACRES Singapore <a href='
06/10/202317 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 117: He Knew She Was Underaged - Teddy & Michelle Discuss Perverts and Predators

They lurk, waiting for prey - malevolent figures stalking social media. From behind the safety of their screens, they target vulnerable victims, leaving a trail of trauma. In this episode, Teddy and Michelle discuss the sex offender registry and the many reported perverts in Singapore...  Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
02/10/202330 minutes 7 seconds
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EP 116: Medical Fraud, Lizard People, & A Scumbag Husband - The Murder of Girly Chew

It was a classic love story. Diazien Hossencofft and Girly Chew met at Seaworld, it was a brief meeting but they were smitten. They spent months writing letters until they closed the gap.  Girly moved to Albuquerque in New Mexico to be with her new husband, a well-respected doctor with degrees from the University of Tokyo and Cornell Medical School. Except, he wasn't... He was a con man and conspiracy theorist who attended conferences on lizard people and UFOs. He cheated on her constantly, and when she found out and threatened to reveal all his lies - she disappeared...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
25/09/202324 minutes 22 seconds
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EP 115: Who Killed the Principal of Newington House - The Unsolved Murder of Clement De La Haye

Newington House College was a school for the privileged Indian elite - minor princes, sons of rich businessmen... The boys were educated the English way, playing cricket and tennis, learning British etiquette... Until one night, their English principal was killed, shot point-blank while lying asleep. The murder was never solved... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
18/09/202314 minutes 27 seconds
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EP 114: The Real Murder Behind the Haunted Amber Beacon Tower

Ghostly figures, blood stains, and a woman crying - rumours of a haunting at the Amber Beacon Tower in East Coast Park... It was 15th May 1990, at around 10:30PM. It was supposed to be a romantic night out... James and Kelly had just started dating and were enjoying the evening, spending time together on the tower's steps.  Two men walked pass them to the top of the tower. 15 minutes later, they would attack - and Kelly would be murdered... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
11/09/202312 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 113: She Offered Him a Job, Then Sold His Organs - The Taiwanese Organ Scam

Like many job scams, she slid into his DMs. Unlike many job scams, Ah Wei actually knew Hsieh. They had gone to primary school together many years ago...  She said that she had a job in Cambodia, a business administration job that would pay generously. And as she spoke, they shared a bottle of rice wine, and another, until Ah Wei felt himself slipping away...  Then, the twenty-nine year old woman sold her childhood friend, for the measly price of ten thousand new taiwan dollars... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
28/08/20239 minutes 46 seconds
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EP 112: For 20 Years, He Lied About Being a Woman - The Chinese Spy Shi Pei Pu

Bernard Boursicot truly believed he was in a relationship with a woman and that they had a child together. The French diplomat dreamt of living in Paris with Shi Pei Pu, the mother of his child, and their son. This fantasy also included Thierry, a man he had been in a long-term relationship with. He would do anything to keep his loved ones safe. Anything, including espionage. But after 20 years, the lies came crumbling down... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
21/08/202319 minutes 57 seconds
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EP 111: He Promised He Would Marry Her, Then He Killed Her - Cyanide Mohan

Mohan Kumar had two wives, and neither of them suspected that he was still propositioning other women. It was clear they would have felt betrayed if they knew he was promising to marry these women, even without a dowry.  He would meet his unsuspecting victim, spend a few days together, and sometimes have sex. Before they parted, he would give her a pill, telling her it was birth control. It was his poison of choice - cyanide. But he wasn't just a polygamist, he was a serial killer...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
14/08/202312 minutes 5 seconds
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EP 110: The Thirteen Men Who Traded Themselves for Hostages - The Laju Terrorist Hijacking

The four terrorists were armed with submachine guns. After setting off explosives in the Pulau Bukom Shell oil refinery, the group hijacked the Laju ferry. They took five hostages - the crew of the Laju ferry. Tense negotiations over seven days, and finally, the hostages were returned safely. But in exchange, the terrorists wanted guarators, to make sure they'd leave safe.  Thirteen brave men were traded as these guarantors, including a future president of Singapore... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
07/08/202322 minutes 49 seconds
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EP 109: The Kerala Cyanide Killer - Jolly Joseph

One by one, the members of Jolly Amma Joseph's family dropped like flies... Jolly was described as pious, friendly, and a delightful neighbour in a small town of twelve thousand. No one ever suspected her, it was more believable that the house was cursed...  First her mother-in-law, then her father-in-law, and even her husband. Six people would be dead before she was caught... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
24/07/202312 minutes 25 seconds
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EP 108: The Ex-Policeman Who Stole More Than 3000 Bicycles & Other Stories

This week's episode is a double feature - Benedict and I dive into the case of the world's most notorious bicycle thief and uncover the absolute worst move you can make if you've lost the key to your bike lock... We talk about what the police did when it seemed that all the bicycles in Toronto were slowly going missing...  And the unfortunate mishaps of a middle-aged man trying to get his bicycle back in a shopping mall in Punggol...   Get 10% off Bicycles and Bicycle accessories with code ABC10 at Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: <a href='https://ww
17/07/202320 minutes 51 seconds
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EP 107: The Korean True Crime Killer

She watched true crime documentaries, she borrowed true crime books. Twenty-three-year-old Jung Yoo Jung was obsessed with murder... Then, she stabbed her victim a hundred and ten times... The police said she did this "out of curiosity". They said that she wanted to know what murder was like...    Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
03/07/202313 minutes 1 second
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EP 106: The Bali Suitcase Murder

Heather Mack was a nineteen-year-old American heiress. She was a trust fund baby slated to inherit 1.56 million dollars.    Was the money the reason she killed her mother? The mother and daughter had a tenuous relationship - arguments, police visits, and abortions...    Sheila Von Wiese-Mack was bludgeoned in a St Regis hotel room, before being stuffed in a suitcase and abandoned in the trunk of a taxi...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
27/06/202317 minutes 9 seconds
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EP 106: The Bali Hotel Horror

Cheng Jianan and Li Chiming were in their early twenties, taking a luxurious holiday in Bali. They were expecting five-star hotels, refreshing beers, rest, and relaxation.  Instead, tragedy found them. Jianan was found dead in the bathtub, while Chiming had crawled for 20 minutes in the hotel corridor before bleeding out...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
19/06/202313 minutes 53 seconds
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EP 104: Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway - The Real Case of Sagarika Chakraborty

Sagarika Chakraborty was far away from home. She had moved to Norway with her husband. Her husband, Anurup Bhattacharya, worked long days.  She did not speak the language, she had few friends, and even fewer allies in the city of Stavanger.   What could she do when it was decided that she was an unfit mother, that they were unsuitable parents? What would she do to get her two young children back? Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
14/06/202323 minutes 5 seconds
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EP 103: The Gay & Trans Panic Defense - The Killing of Jennifer Laude

Jennifer Laude was just 26 years old. It was 11th October 2014, a Saturday night.  She started her evening at the Ambyanz disco bar in Olongapo, Philippines. Then, she left for the Celzone lodge with 19-year-old American Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton.  She would never go home.  Jennifer would be killed in the motel room, drowned face-first in the toilet... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
05/06/202314 minutes 52 seconds
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EP 102: The Cyanide Witch - Le Thanh Vanh (Vietnam)

Le Thanh Van left behind a trail of death. There were former employers, friends, and even her husband's family... She was Vietnam's first modern serial killer, taking more than a dozen lives... How did she elude capture for so long, leaving authorities baffled? And what motivated her to commit such chilling crimes; or did she just fall into the habit of killing?   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
23/05/202323 minutes 2 seconds
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EP 101: The Policeman’s Wife & Her Heinous Maid Abuse - The Death of Piang Ngaih Don

Piang Ngaih Don had been beaten daily, burned with a hot iron, starved, and deprived of sleep. When she died, she weighed 24kg. She had lost 38 percent of her body weight.  Her abuser wasn't a gangster or a thug, but still certainly a cold-blooded killer. Her abuser was a middle-aged murderer, married to a policeman. Her murderer, Gaiyathiri Murugayan, was documented on CCTV abusing her in front of her young children... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
17/04/202329 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 100: Michelle & Teddy Recap Cases + Q&A

I can't believe we're a hundred episodes in! Michelle and I have a great time recapping three of the most listened cases of the podcast: The Yishun Triple Murder  India's Bandit Queen - Phoolan Devi  The Murder of Abby Choi We also have a quick Q&A answering questions from Instagram. Who is Teddy? Which cases intrigue me? Why did I start this podcast...?   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
03/04/202326 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 99: The Coffee Cyanide Killer - Jessica Wongso

Jessica Wongso and Wayan Mirna Salihin were as thick as thieves. Both wealthy, beautiful Indonesians studying in the Billy Blue College of design in Sydney.  But life after college couldn't have been more different for each of them. Jessica had a tumultuous relationship with her Australian boyfriend; drunk driving, car crashes, and suicide attempts. Mirna married her boyfriend of eight years, Arief Soemarko, in the tropical paradise of Bali.  When Jessica visits Jakarta, the friends meet. But how did the happy reunion end in tragedy...?   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
27/03/202328 minutes 57 seconds
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Ep 98: He Raped and Murdered 100 Boys - Javed Iqbal (Part 2)

Javed Iqbal was a middle-aged monster. And one by one, the boys in the market square slowly disappeared. Why didn't anyone notice? Why didn't anyone care? The vats of acid were cheap, he bragged. Each vat of hydrochloric acid cost him 120 rupees, only about $2 dollars or so. He could have killed so many more if he wanted to. And the thing is, I don't doubt it... Help: Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
20/03/202317 minutes 1 second
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EP 97: Pakistan’s Most Prolific Pedophile - Javed Iqbal (Part 1)

Javed Iqbal was a pervert with a penchant for young boys. Everything that he did was driven by his vile desires, his ugly urges.  His existence was a reign of terror in his village in Pakistan. He opened an arcade, a gym, and even a school. Parents took care to keep their children away from him.   Javed had a reputation; so why did still skulk the streets...? Help: Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
13/03/202314 minutes 53 seconds
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EP 96: The Murder of Millionaire Model Abby Choi

Abby Choi had a net worth of 100 million hong kong dollars. She appeared in magazines like Elle, Vogue, and was on the cover of L'Officiel. She was a socialite with four children and the co-founder of an animal rescue charity...  Who would want Abby dead?  Surely not her ex-husband, Alex Kwong; the father of her first two children. Abby still took care of his family, she paid for his expenses, she hired his brother as her chauffeur, even the home that they lived in - but what if it wasn't enough? Was the whole family involved in this brutal murder plot?   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
28/02/202320 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 95: Battered, then Butchered into 35 Body Parts - The Murder of Shraddha Walkar

Be careful who you meet online; Aftab Amin Poonwala and Shraddha Walkar met on Bumble. It didn't take long for them to realize how much they had in common. They worked for the same company, grew up in the same area, they studied the same subjects... In less than a year, they would move in together. And just three years after the start of their relationship, Shraddha would be dead. She would be murdered, butchered, and her body discarded in Delhi's forests. Her boyfriend, the food blogger, would be back on Bumble within the month...    Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
13/02/202315 minutes 13 seconds
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EP 94: Flogging Michael Fay - Caning & Corporal Punishment in Singapore

Caning is a form of corporal punishment in Singapore that involves administering blows with a cane, typically on the bare buttocks. It has been described as unimaginably painful.  Do you think that caning is an effective deterrent or a form of cruel and inhumane punishment? Michael Fay was an eighteen year old American teenager, sentenced to six strokes of the cane, four months in prison, and a $3500 fine. Why was the teenager so harshly punished? For possessing stolen road signs, stolen Singapore flags, and allegedly vandalizing over sixty cars...  Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
07/02/202318 minutes 11 seconds
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EP 93: Porn Sick Singaporeans & the Perverts of the Nasi Lemak Group Chat

Is porn illegal in Singapore? Why is Pornhub banned? Have Singaporeans been sexually suppressed for too long? This week, Michelle and I chat about the filthy, filthy subjects of sex, singaporeans, and scandals.   We also discuss the biggest scandal of all; the Nasi Lemak group chat. A pervert's paradise with more than forty thousand people discussing sex, trading lewd images, and promoting prostitutes. Who were the four men arrested, and what were they charged with...? Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
30/01/202331 minutes 44 seconds
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EP 92: Murdered Because of Social Media - Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch was Pakistan's first social media star. She worked hard and provided for her family. She financed their lives, paying their rent, food, and medical expenses. Her parents loved her. But her brother betrayed her. He was a hypocrite; when her personal details were published, instead of supporting her, he killed her...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
16/01/202321 minutes 53 seconds
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EP 91: The Palawan Wedding Cannibals

What's the worst thing that could happen at your wedding - an unintended ex crashing the party? A runaway groom? An overly intimate mother-in-law?  How about the murder of a cousin, then cannibalism? And what if the murderers decided they wanted everyone to partake? If they served your cousin to unknowing wedding guests...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
09/01/202310 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 90: The North Korean Nightmare - The Detainment of Otto Warmbier

Otto Warmbier was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor; what could've warranted this extreme punishment?  The twenty-two year old american had allegedly attempted to steal a propaganda poster from a Pyongyang hotel. On the last day of his tour, he was stopped before he could leave the country for this "hostile" act.  Otto was held hostage by North Korea for 17 months...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
02/01/202337 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 89: The Japanese Cannibal Killer - Issei Sagawa

Issei Sagawa was small, ugly, and weak. He was obsessed with women who were the opposite; tall, strong, and beautiful. Allegedly, he didn't really want to date them or love them. Not as much as he wanted to eat them, so he could own them, so that he could absorb their energy and be tall, strong, and beautiful too...   And on 11th June 1981, Issei would turn his sick fantasies into reality. Thereafter, he would become one of the most reviled men in Japan, the Kobe killer, the Japanese cannibal...    Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
19/12/202220 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 88: Cambodia’s Scam Slave Factories

It starts with a job offer - office administrator needed, relocation costs covered. Is it too good to be true; of course, it is. It's never that good...  It ends with cyber slavery. Trapped in a Cambodian scam factory, beaten, electrocuted, tethered to your desk... Every day, you send out another message: hello, I have a job opportunity for you! hello, have we met before? hello, I have an investment platform to share with you...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
05/12/202223 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 87: A Malaysian Royal Murdered

It was almost like a fairytale, but not really. Che Puan Hasleza Ishak was a waitress, then a model, and an actress. Then, she married the crown prince of Perak, Malaysia. But here's the thing, he was already married to Raja Nor Mahani, and Hasleza would be his second wife. And less than a year after their marriage, she would be dead... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
28/11/202214 minutes 2 seconds
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EP 86: The Murder of Nikita Tomar (India)

Tausif was attracted to her, obsessed with her. Nikita Tomar was beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious; but she didn't share the same feelings. Instead of moving on, he kidnaps her. For three days, Nikita was a hostage. He wanted to force her to marry him. After she was released, he got away scot-free - there was no arrest, no fine, and no jail time. Just two years later, Nikita Tomar was killed in broad daylight...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
21/11/202223 minutes 50 seconds
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EP 85: Singapore’s Most Haunted Hospital - Old Changi Hospital

Ghostly figures walked the corridors of old Changi Hospital; screams and cries were heard in the dead of night... Was the hospital really used as a kenpeitai torture and interrogation chamber? What occult rituals were performed in the abandoned hospital...? This special Halloween episode explores the history and hauntings of the most haunted hospital in Singapore, old Changi Hospital... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
31/10/202219 minutes 52 seconds
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EP 84: The Vietnamese Ghost Mansion

Visitors kept reporting the same thing; the staff avoided staying late. After the sun had set, they observed the melancholy figure of a young girl drifting through the dimly lit halls of the Ho Chi Minh Fine arts museum. Sometimes, they heard her screams. Often, they heard her crying... Who was the girl haunting the remnants of Uncle Hoa's grand mansion? Could she have been his daughter...?  Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
25/10/202212 minutes 57 seconds
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EP 83: She Loved Him to Death; The Murderer on Campus - Chen Dan Lei

Chen Dan Lei was in love with him, enamoured with him, obsessed with him.  He Lei, not so much. When their classmates at the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing asked him if they were dating; he said they were just friends.  How could have him all to herself? Maybe if they moved from Beijing to Indiana, to study their post-graduate courses in the equally esteemed Purdue university? Maybe, in another country, miles away from his family and friends, she could have him all to herself... And when he wanted to leave, when he had the audacity to try and divorce her - she just couldn't let him go. So she killed him...   Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
18/10/202226 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 82: Charles Sobhraj - The Bikini Killer, The Splitting Killer, The Serpent (Part 2)

Teresa Knowlton was drugged and drowned. Her head held under the water until she was dead. She was found in a floral bikini. With every kill, Charles Sobhraj grew more confident.  Men, women, couples; Charles didn't care. He just wanted an extra passport to add to his growing collection. And of course, their traveller's checks to fund his lifestyle and find more victims...    Listen to:<a href='
11/10/202222 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 81: Charles Sobhraj - Master Manipulator, Fraudster, Thief; How Did He Become a Killer (Part 1)

Charles knew he could always find someone stupid enough, an idiot willing to do whatever he wanted. He was raised in a Parisian French-Catholic boarding school; sent by his Vietnamese mother and his French businessman step-father...  Handsome, manipulative, ruthless - he convinced his half-brother, Andre, to take his place in a Greek prison. He lied relentlessly to his wife, Chantel...   How did Charles Sobhraj become the Serpent? A serial killer infamous for targeting backpackers in South East Asia, slippery, uncatchable by the law...?   Listen to:<a href='
04/10/202233 minutes 54 seconds
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EP 80: The Killer Drug Dealer & His Pond of Dead Bodies - Apichai Ongwisit

Why did Apichai have a pond filled with carnivorous alligator gar fish in his Bangkok estate? It wasn't a difficult question to answer. The three divers found almost three hundred bone fragments in the pond, all suspected to be human, all suspected to be female.  The police knew that Apichai's father was a killer. They knew that Apichai was a drug dealer, selling meth mixed with caffine. They even knew that Apichai had a history of allegedly kidnapping young girls.  But could Apichai also be a serial killer...?   Listen to:<a href='
26/09/202228 minutes 30 seconds
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EP 79: The Unsolved Miyazawa Family Murders

It should have been an easy win. They had all the evidence - the murder weapon, fingerprints, blood. They literally had the killer's shit. They had the killer's DNA, they had his clothes, they had has bag...   And yet, the murder of the Miyazawa family remains unsolved. They were the ideal family unit; why did someone break into their home on 30th December 2000? Then kill Mikio, Yasuko, and their two innocent children?   Listen to: <a href='
19/09/202225 minutes 7 seconds
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EP 78: Hungry Ghost Festival Special (2022) - Isabel & Teddy Talk Hong Kong Horror

Do you believe in ghosts? How about Hong Kong haunts and Nottingham's scary spooks? This year, Hungry Ghost Month is going international...    In this week's special episode, we talk with Isabel from the Proudly Asian podcast about her scary experiences in Nottingham and Hong Kong.   When there's something strange, in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call...?   Listen to: <a href='
12/09/202228 minutes 51 seconds
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EP 77: The World’s Most Isolated Tribe - North Sentinel Islanders

Visiting North Sentinel Island would be an extremely dangerous venture. It is illegal to stray within 5km of the island.    If you manage to make it past the armed boats in the Bay of Bengal, don't expect a warm welcome waiting. Instead, expect to be greeted with spears, arrows, and possible death.    Listen to: <a href='
22/08/202226 minutes 42 seconds
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EP 76: The murder of Sheena Bora

It was like a bad movie. Indrani was married to Peter Mukerjea, one of the richest, most powerful men in India.  Sheena Bora, her daughter, was dating Peter Mukerjea's son. Her step-brother.  In a country where face and honour dictates, was this enough to kill her own daughter...? Listen to:<a href='
09/08/202214 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 75: The Assassination of Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe was Japan's longest serving prime minister.  On 8th July 2022, he was attacked by Tetsuya Yamagami. Tetsuya used a handmade gun pieced together with duct tape and 3D-printed parts.  The first shot missed, but the second was fatal. Listen to: <a href='
02/08/202220 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 74: The Hijack Heroine - Neerja Bhanot

It was 5th September 1986. Pan Am flight 73 was being hijacked by trigger-happy Abu Nidal terrorists. The four men were aggravated, impatient. They were targeting American citizens.  Neerja Bhanot was the most senior member left on the plane. With two other members of the crew, they hid American passports and did their best to protect the passengers.  When all hell broke loose and the terrorists attacked, Neerja sacrificed her life...  Listen to: <a href='
25/07/202224 minutes 32 seconds
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EP 73: The Thai Cult that Ate Excrement Etc

It wasn't the 1960s, or the 1970s, it was 2022. Yet Jenjira's mother had joined a cult. A cult in the middle of the forest. This cult worshipped a man. His followers ate his flaky skin, they drank his urine, they rubbed his phlem on their faces. They believed that he could cure them... That he could deliver them to heaven... Listen to: <a href='
18/07/202211 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 72: Aum Shinrikyo - Asahara’s Attacks (Part 2)

No one was spared, Shoko Asahara went after all.  They went after opponents of the cult, killing an anti-cult lawyer and his family. The cult would attack anyone who dared to leave, anyone who dared to question them.  But that wasn't enough.  Aum Shinrikyo would execute one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Japan. They were going to release a deadly nerve agent into the Tokyo subway during rush hour, Monday morning.  Listen to: <a href='
12/07/202224 minutes 54 seconds
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EP 71: Aum Shinrikyo - Japan’s Deadliest Cult (Part 1)

Aum Shinrikyo was known as a cult for the elite. Shoko Asahara, the cult's delusional and deadly leader had recruited professors, doctors, students from elite universities.  The cult members were devoted - they bought his bathwater and paid thousands to drink his blood. They would do anything for the cult, anything for him.  Anything, including... Harassing innocents, kidnapping, murder, animal abuse, and terrorist attacks...   Listen to:<a href='
04/07/202222 minutes 1 second
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EP 70: The Unsolved Murder of Noritta Samsudin (Malaysia)

There was a smell in the apartment - disgusting, noxious, body odour. Azora had never smelled such revolting body odour. It's speculated that this was the smell of Noritta Samsudin's killer. Later that night, Noritta would be found dead. A pillowcase covered her head.  Underneath, a bolster case wrapped around her face, tied behind her head. A towel was found stuffed in her mouth. Her hands and legs had been bound with electrical cords and bras.   Could it have been one of Noritta's alleged boyfriends, one of which was a a married man with children. Or perhaps a stranger - an unknown killer running wild...? Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
13/06/202222 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 69: The Tokyo Twitter Killer

In my opinion, Takahiro Shiraishi was a hoarder. He hoarded the skulls and bones belonging to nine of his victims in his extremely small, one-bedroom (a studio, really) apartment.  He was a modern serial killer who stalked his prey online. He used different twitter accounts to find his victims. Then, he would lure them to his home where he would rape and kill them... Check out my website:  Be my friend on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
06/06/202217 minutes 22 seconds
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EP 68: The Unsolved Mystery of the Stoneman (India)

He was a monster that terrorised the streets of Bombay and Calcutta.  From 1985 to 1989, he would creep around lonely streets and dark alleys, looking for his next victim. He would slither up, looking for a stone, a rock, a concrete slab. Then, he would drop on his victim's head, killing in the dead of the night. This Indian serial killer was never found...   Check out my website:  Be my friend and send me recommendations on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
30/05/20229 minutes 49 seconds
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EP 67: Massage Mistress Manslaughter

陪读妈妈 or study mamas is a colloquial term used to describe women from China residing in Singapore while their children study in Singaporean schools. 陪读妈妈s as a trope does not have a particularly good reputation. In fact, 陪读妈妈s are often vilified as mistresses.   Yu Hong Jin was a 陪读妈妈 and she was also a mistress to her older lover, Eu Lim Hok Lai. He invested in her massage parlour, paid her rent, and brought her shopping.  But when the relationship ended, so did her life...  Check out my website:  Be my friend and send me recommendations on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
23/05/202228 minutes 39 seconds
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EP 66: The Murder of Canny Ong (Malaysia)

It was one of Malaysia's most horrific murders... On 13th June 2003, Canny Ong headed down to the basement carpark of a popular shopping center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her mom and sister waited at a nearby autopay machine.  This was the last time her family would see her alive... Canny's charred body was found in a construction site. She had been pushed into a hole with two cement filled tyres over her. Her legs dangled out. She had been strangled with a cloth around her neck, and stabbed viciously. Who could have done this? Not a soft-spoken, gentle family man...? Check out my website:  Be my friend and send me recommendations on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
16/05/202227 minutes 19 seconds
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EP 65: The Japanese Black Widow - Chisako Kakehi

Chisako Kakehi had no shortage of male admirers. Even in her fifties, men wrote her love letters. She was discerning, her lovers had to meet three requirements - they had to own their home, they couldn't have children, and ideally, they had to be rich.  But why were the men around her - boyfriends, husbands, paramours - why were they dropping like flies...?   Check out my website:  Be my friend and send me recommendations on Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast    
02/05/202218 minutes 51 seconds
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EP 64: Beijing’s Passion Club Murder - The Unsolved Death of Liang Hailing

 At just 26 years old, Liang Hailing was Beijing's Number One Courtesan.  She served only the most elite - rich businessmen, high-ranking government officials. Fancy a chat? It cost 5000 RMB, that's about 1000SGD. It's rumoured that a Taiwanese businessman spent 4 million RMB on Hailing.  She was gorgeous, stunning - she had charm, beauty, and a captivating personality. She was on top of it all. So why was she killed? Found beaten, strangled in her own home. Was it a robbery? How about a jealous lover? Or perhaps something else all together...?    Follow Heinous: Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
11/04/202212 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 63: Singapore’s Red Butterfly Gang

Women be wary, your husband might cheat on you... And if he does, if he refuses to leave his mistress, you can always call the Red Butterfly Gang. These ladies will take care of it - even if he doesn't leave her, they'll make sure she leaves him...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
28/03/20227 minutes 44 seconds
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EP 62: The Pirate Queen - Ching Shih

How did a prostitute from a floating brothel end up as one of the most notorious, successful pirates in history?   Ching Shih was the leader of the Pirate Confederation that dominated the South China Seas - a behemoth that waged war against the Qing dynasty, the East India Company, and even the Portuguese empire. She ruled as a pirate queen for almost ten years...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
21/03/202212 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 61: Scary Stories II - Klinsen & Teddy Talk Scary Schools

  Haunted bathrooms, ghostly roommates and hidden altars - all part of the Singapore educational experience... In this week's special episode, we talk with Klinsen from "But Then How?" podcast about the scariest schools in Singapore...  What do you think the scariest schools in Singapore are...?   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast But Then How Podcast:  Instagram: bthpodsg Twitter: BTHpodcastSG TikTok: bthpodcast  
15/03/202233 minutes 3 seconds
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EP 60: The Unsolved Murder of 13-year-old Arushi Talwar (India)

Six guards patrol the complex. To get into the apartment, there's three locked doors - a gate, a metal grill and a wooden door. Once you're in, there's a lock on the bedroom door.  It was May 2008. Who had made it into the apartment, and into 13-year-old Aarushi Talwar's bedroom? Who had bludgeoned her, then slit her throat? Silently, while her parents slept in the next bedroom? Fingers pointed at Hemraj Banjade, until another body was found...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
01/03/202227 minutes 5 seconds
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EP 59: The Murdered Millionaire - he was chopped into more than a HUNDRED pieces

Gang Yuan was a multi-millionaire - it's alleged that he was worth about 50 million dollars. Did he feel like he could do anything? Get away with anything?  It's believed that he had five children with five different mothers. Some reports say that he had almost a hundred different girlfriends.  But when it came to marriage, was he looking a little closer to home? And what could have triggered such a brutal murder and dismembering in the bougie West Vancouver neighbourhood?   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
21/02/202215 minutes 2 seconds
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EP 58: Daddy’s secret; his dead wife’s butchered body - Michael Cully

It was April 1976. Michael Cully was on his deathbed, he was suffering from heart failure. His son, Charles, had rushed from Singapore to Melbourne to see his father one last time.  What was the dying man's last wish? He wanted Charles to get rid of the body. The dead body of his wife, Charles' mother. He had killed her in a suite in the Hilton hotel. Best if he could dump it in the ocean, if not he could abandon it in a warehouse somewhere... (personal note: aiyo, don't kill your spouse; just get divorced!!) Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
14/02/202211 minutes 28 seconds
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EP 57: The Burrari Deaths - A Sinister Family Secret

It was 1st July 2018. The Chundawat family, also known as the Bhatia family by neighbours, lived in the Burrari district in Delhi, India. On that day, all eleven members of the family were found dead. Ten were hanging in the courtyard - their feet almost grazing the floor. Eyes covered, hands bound. One in the bedroom - the grandmother, strangled to death. Who could have done this?  What could have caused this? And what of the rumours of a sinister family secret...?   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
07/02/202224 minutes 31 seconds
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EP 56: When Father Killed Four - The Zapote Street Murder Suicide (Philippines)

Lydia was daddy’s girl. She was the apple of his eye, the light of his life. Pablo Cabading would do anything and everything to keep her close.  But what happens when she meets the handsome Leonardo Quitangon? She was falling in love, getting married, and soon she wouldn’t be daddy’s girl anymore…    What would Pablo do to keep her with him…?    Would she better dead, if not daddy’s…? Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
31/01/202223 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 55: The Geylang Bahru Family Murders

It was 6:25AM, 6th Jan 1979. Tan Kuen Chai and his wife, Mei Ying, were about to leave for work.  In less than four hours, all four of their children - their three sons and one daughter - would be dead.  They would return home to the tragic sight of their children, brutally slashed, covered in blood, piled on top of each other. This remains one of the most horrific, inhuman killings in Singapore history...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
24/01/202224 minutes 43 seconds
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EP 54: India‘s Bandit Queen - Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi always gets her revenge.  When she was eleven, Phoolan had been married off to a man nearly three times her age. He was abusive and she ran away, again and again. She would eventually get her revenge - dragging him out of his home, stabbing him, and leaving him for dead.  When her gang of bandits turned on her, she was abducted. Brought to a village, raped, beaten, humiliated. After escaping, she would get her revenge again. She would lead a new gang, and seek out the very men who degraded her. And when she couldn't find them, she would have 22 young men from that same village killed...   Singapore National Anti-Violence Helpline: 1800-777 0000 Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
30/11/202122 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 53: The Killer Geisha - Sada Abe

Sada Abe wanted a memento of their time together, a souvenir of sorts. She couldn't just drag his body around, that would be impractical. Even if she decapitated him, his head was just a tad inconvenient to carry around. Sada considered the dead man's body again. Being with Kichizō Ishida had brought her great pleasure and her fondest memories were when they were making love. With that in mind, she took out a kitchen knife and chopped off his penis and testicles...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
22/11/202121 minutes 51 seconds
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EP 52: The Chinese Man and His Sex Dungeon Plan

Li Hao had a plan. He didn't just want to kidnap women to use them, that would be too mundane. He had ambition.  He was going to kidnap women, trap them, then he would sell them, he was going to be their pimp. That wasn't enough, he wasn't just going to rape them, he was going to make porn to sell on the internet. He would run his online sex empire from a secret, filthy, disgusting dungeon. It was hidden under a cellar, accessible only by a sixty centimetre opening in the ground.  In total, Li Hao managed to kidnap six women. Of those six women, he killed two, burying them in the same dungeon the rest were trapped in...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
15/11/202112 minutes 35 seconds
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EP 51: The Man Who Bankrupted Barings Bank - Nick Leeson

Barings bank was established in 1762. It was the United Kingdom's oldest merchant bank and at one point, was called 'the sixth great European power. Nick Leeson was a wunderkind. Everything he touched, everything he traded turned to gold. He didn't even pass his Math A'levels, yet he seemed to have an instinctive grasp of the market. He was eventually placed in charge of the Singapore branch of the Barings bank. About four years after Nick became the General Manager of the Singapore branch, Barings bank was sold for one British Pound. How did Nick bankrupt the Barings Bank...? Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
02/11/202120 minutes 49 seconds
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EP 50: Anthony Ler & His 15-year-old Hitman (Part 2)

They always suspect the husband... Anthony Ler knew this, he couldn't kill her himself. He needed someone to commit the murder for him. But he wasn't a criminal, he didn't have criminal friends, where was he going to get a hitman?  In 2001, Anthony Ler convinced a 15-year-old boy to commit the crime... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
25/10/202127 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 49: Anthony Ler & How He Planned His Wife‘s Murder (Part 1)

Was Anthony Ler Singapore's worst husband?  When his wife was pregnant, he cheated on her. Rather than get a normal job to support his family, he opened different businesses - a graphic design studio, a modelling agency, a magazine... When Annie had enough, when she decided that she was going to divorce him, Anthony hired a hitman... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
18/10/202128 minutes 22 seconds
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EP 48: The 13-year-old Girl Kidnapped by North Korea - Megumi Yokota

It was 15th November 1977. Megumi Yokota was walking home from school in a peaceful Japanese seaside town in the Niigata Prefecture. Her home was just seven minutes away, but she would never arrive. Instead, she would be kidnapped by two spies, shut in a dark room for hours, then forced to live in North Korea for the rest of her life. Megumi would never see her family again...  Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
12/10/202110 minutes 35 seconds
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EP 47: Deaths and Disappearances in Asia‘s Devil Triangle

It was once a moving lake, a geographical phenomenon. Then, a nuclear test site, a camel reserve, and an archeological research site.  But more than anything, the Lop Nur is an area in China known for it's mysterious disappearances. It's sometimes called 'Asia's Devil Triangle' or 'The Sea of Death'. On 17th June 1980, experienced Chinese scientist and explorer, Peng Jia Mu went on an expedition into the Lop Nur. He was never seen again...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
04/10/202113 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 46: The Hello Kitty Murder

Imagine you're a Hong Kong policeman in 1999, you're in a shabby apartment. It's decorated in Hello Kitty. There's Hello Kitty everywhere, from the utensils to the walls, there's plushies scattered all over the apartment.  You tear open an extra-large mermaid hello kitty, the one the 13-year-old girl wouldn't stop looking at. What're you expecting to find? Definitely not the skull of 23-year-old Fan Man-Yee, who died after a month of brutal, inhumane, disgusting torture... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
27/09/202128 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 45: The Thai Monk Who Murdered

Boonpeng Heep Lek was a monk.  But he was not humble, he was not religious, he was not kind.  Boonpeng was a gambler, a womanizer, and possibly Thailand's first serial killer (though it was never proven). Though they did find - one body, in an iron chest, then another... Were there more...? Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
20/09/202118 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 44: The Headless Body in Whampoa River

The body floated in Whampoa River, near McNair road. It was missing a head and hands. It was 12th December 2013, the decapitated body of Jasvinder Kaur had been found floating in the river. The 33-year-old Indian national had only been in Singapore for a few months.  The prime suspect? Who could be capable of such a cruel act?  None other than her husband, 35-year-old  Hasvinder Singh... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
13/09/202113 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 43: The Novena Church Exorcism

They said that one by one, the spirits emerged. A soldier, a snake, and the scariest one of all, the devil himself - Lucifer. They said that she slithered on the ground, that she was violent, that she hurled her fists and obscenities in the church... But according to her, they told her she was possessed.She said they wouldn't let her out of the room. She said that they were insistent on exorcising her, that they wouldn't even let her go to the bathroom alone...  Who was telling the truth? Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
06/09/202148 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 42: Hungry Ghost Festival Special (2021) - Teddy & Michelle Talk Scary Stories

During Hungry Ghost Month, the gates of hell open, releasing all. Not just ancestors and lost friends but the vengeful and disturbed as well. Prepare yourself for the supernatural and scary. Michelle and I can't wait to share our ghost stories with you. So listen, and enjoy yourself. Can you feel the hair on your arms and the back of your neck stand? But don't forget. If you're listening, they're listening too... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
30/08/202132 minutes 21 seconds
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EP 41: Adrian Lim - The Ritual Murders

Adrian Lim was known as a spiritual medium, he spent years learning and practicing black magic. Adrian manipulated women with his reputation has a holy man, as a spiritual guru. He would scam them for sex and money. He would marry them as his "Holy Wives" in a caricature of a wedding ceremony.   After he was accused of rape by one of his victims, Adrian was angry. He would have his revenge. On 24th January 1981, with the assistance of his two main "Holy Wives", he raped and murdered nine-year-old Agnes Ng. He wasn't done yet, the unholy trinity brutally killed ten-year-old Ghazali bin Marzuki almost two weeks later... How did Adrian go from a family man to Singapore's Monster? If you haven't yet, listen to  EP 40: Adrian Lim, Singapore's Monster...    Website: https://abriefcasepodcas
16/08/202128 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 40: Adrian Lim, Singapore's Monster

Adrian Lim cemented his position in Singapore's dark history with his horrific crimes.  On 24th January 1981, with the assistance of his two "Holy Wives", he raped and murdered nine-year-old Agnes Ng. Not satisfied, he also brutally killed ten-year-old Ghazali bin Marzuki almost two weeks later. Why did he do this?  It was all part of a murderous ritual. You see, Adrian was also a spiritual medium - a bomoh of sort that worshipped many different deities. He was also a scam artist and conman who exploited women to do his bidding.  But who was Adrian Lim before this?  In this episode, we look into the man and his past and how he slowly turned into a monster. He was a family man who married his childhood sweetheart and converted to Catholicism. He had two children and worked for Rediffusion Singapore. Until he started turning to the dark arts... Website:  Ins
09/08/202129 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 39: The Vizconde Family Massacre

It was a triple homicide in the gated community of BF Homes, Paranaque, Philippines.  On 30th June 1991, 49-year-old Estralita Vizcone, 19-year-old Maria Carmela Vizconde, and 6-year-old Jennifer Vizconde were brutally murdered in their own home. In total, the family suffered about 49 stab wounds, their house was drenched in blood. Carmela had also been raped.  The prime suspect?  Hubert Webb, the privileged son of former Philipino senator Freddie Webb. But the thing is, that he was supposedly a continent away, in America on the day of the massacre...    Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
02/08/202135 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 38: The Malaysian Mass Murderer

It was 9th October 1947, Mat Taram bin Sa'al had suddenly snapped.  On a train to Kuala Lumpur, he stood up, leaving his family. Then he strode to the dining carriage and started attacking passengers with a four-inch pocket knife.    When the train stopped, he continued leaving a trail of bodies through Malaysia. He killed 9 people and injured even more... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
26/07/202116 minutes 15 seconds
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EP 37: When Chan Mui Mui Went Missing

3rd March 1991 was the last day Chan Mui Mui was seen alive. She had a tenuous relationship with her husband but loved her two sons. Every day, Mui Mui would drive around selling vegetables bought from Chong Pang wet market to workers at construction sites.  Her truck was later found in Ulu Sembawang, but Mui Mui was never seen again...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
12/07/202111 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 36: The Hong Kong Milkshake Murder

It was after a playdate on 2nd November 2003. Robert's six-year-old daughter passed him a strawberry milkshake - the ingredients? Just the usual, strawberries, bananas, ice cream, rohypnol, and all sorts of roofies...  Nancy Kissel waited for her husband to pass out, then she bashed his head in with a metal sculpture. How did the seemingly perfect American marriage become a Hong Kong milkshake murder..?    Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
28/06/202134 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 35: The Femme Fatale - Did She Manipulate Men to Murder?

Julaiha Begum was beautiful. Beautiful and dangerous.  After her divorce in 1981, she married police inspector T. Maniam. They lived in marital bliss and eventually moved to 86 Phoenix Garden in 1993 - this is where the 51-year-old would meet her 25-year-old lover v Loganatha Venkatesan, he lived just two houses away. Their affair tore the family apart, but that wasn't enough. Julaiha wanted the house.  On 21st April 1999, Maniam was brutally attacked and murdered by two men outside his Phoenix Garden home - even though Julaiha was nowhere to be seen, was she the mastermind of it all...?     Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
21/06/202132 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 34: South Korea's Self-Confessed Cannibal Serial Killer - Yoo Young Chul

Yoo Young Chul hated the rich, so he killed them. His wife left him for trying to rape a 15-year old. His girlfriend also broke up with him after finding out that he was a criminal.  So he started killing women too.  After being caught in 2004, he admitted to killing over 20 people and eating some of their livers...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
14/06/202117 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 33: The unsolved case of Ramipiram Kannickaisparry

On 17th April, 39-year-old Ramipiram was found on a concrete patch in Sembawang. According to forensic evidence, she had been brutally stabbed, then run over multiple times. This was a crime that seemed to be committed by someone who had strong feelings against her.   The prosecution thought it could have been Nadasan Chandra - her boyfriend, affair partner, and husband's sister's brother-in-law. They thought he was furious - angry that she dared to end their relationship.    They found her tooth in his van, allegedly matching tire marks and jewelry that supposedly belonged to her - could this just have all been a terrible coincidence?   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
07/06/202111 minutes 46 seconds
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EP 32: Can you kill with a nail clipper?

You're in an argument. You're angry. A blind rage.  What's the first weapon you reach for? Is it a knife, a pair of scissors or perhaps an innocent-looking nail clipper? It was 4th October 1996. 29-year-old Zulkarnain bin Kemat was smoking at the house of his friend, drinking and smoking buddy, 51-year-old Jetkor Miang Singh. With a 22-year age gap, the two made an unlikely pair of friends.  Until he killed her...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
24/05/202126 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 31: The Yishun Man involved with 186kg of Cocaine and a Mothership Plan

On 12th December 2016, ten men were arrested in Australia - there were nine Chinese nationals and one Singaporean found on a 'Mothership' sea vessel.  Their crime? Trying to traffick 186kg of South American cocaine on the Kaiyo Maru No. 8, a Japanese whaling vessel. The drugs were worth S$64.6 million,one of the largest cocaine busts in Australia. But their Australia contacts just never showed up for the drop... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
17/05/202115 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 30: Two Filipino Maids Dead, Two Countries at a Head

On 4th May 1991, Nicholas Huang's parents returned home to their flat to find their 3-year-old son and 36-year-old Filipino domestic worker, Delia Maga, murdered. Nicholas had been drowned, and Delia, strangled by an elastic cord.  The main culprit - Flor Contemplacion, a friend of the worker who allegedly killed them both in a fit of rage.   This was a case that escalated. There were allegations that the boy's father had killed Delia, that Flor was a scapegoat that had been beaten into confessing - these were dismissed by the courts. This was a case that drew protests, flag burning, and even a communist terrorist group threatening the officials of both Singapore and the Philippines...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
11/05/202114 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 29 Singapore's Failed Prison Island Experiment

Rumors were that Pulau Senang was cursed by an old man - all who tried to live there would find illness and death.  In the 1960s, it was set up as an experimental offshore penal colony to ease overcrowding in Changi Prison. It was run by Superintendent Daniel Sutton who believed in hard work and rehabilitation. For the first couple of years, this settlement was considered a success... But on 12th July 1963, among the whispers of discontent over living conditions, unhappiness with rival gangs, and alleged unfair punishments- the prisoners rioted. They burned down the buildings and headed to the prison-authorities quarters, where they murdered then mutilated the Superintendent, and killed 3 other prison officers...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
26/04/202125 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 28: Bukit Batok Nature Park - Perhaps The Most Dangerous Park In Singapore?

Rape, murder, and suicide - in this episode, we explore the history of Bukit Batok Nature Park.  In 1988, the park was built around an abandoned quarry. A scenic stretch bellies a dark past including dead soldiers' ashes and a Japanese War Memorial. Are these all just unfortunate coincidences or could there be a more sinister reason for these events...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
19/04/202110 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 27: Thailand's Cannibal Child Killer

Si Ouey was Thailand's Boogeyman - he would abduct children, stab them in the throat then eat their hearts and livers.  They say he got his taste for human flesh eating the livers of enemy soldiers in World War Two. We don't know how many children he actually killed, only that he was caught burning the body of an eight-year-old boy, by none other than the boy's father...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
12/04/202126 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 26: Kidnapped and Killed in Singapore (1968)

The 60s were a time of deadly kidnappings. It was a time of gangs and goons, crime was common.   On 24th May 1968, nineteen-year-old Ong Beang Lek was lured into a car at the Rex theatre by twenty-two-year-old Richard Lai and his associates.  Richard thought this was your typical kidnap and ransom. Until they brought out their weapons and started stabbing... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
05/04/202110 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 25: Terrorist Mas Selamat And His Very Elusive Escape

It was 4:05 pm on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, 27th February 2008.  Jemaah Islamiah terrorist leader Mas Selamat climbed out of a bathroom window, shimmied down a ventilation pipe, and broke out of Singapore's Internal Security Department's Whitney Road Detention Centre.  This triggered a manhunt that lasted for over a year... Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
29/03/202129 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 24: She Was Killed After Primary School

On 29th June 1950, she had left CHIJ Katong Convent Primary (previously known as the 'Little Convent by the Sea' in the 1930s) with a mysterious, dark man. One day later, her body was found at a beach in Labrador Park. Winnie Annie Spencer was 10 years old.  This was a case that would shake the nation. There were two different accounts of events and a signed confession. The accused, Joseph Michael Nonis, represented by founding father David Marshall. And the Chief Inspector of police, Rayney, accused of threats, violence, coercion...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
22/03/202114 minutes 52 seconds
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EP 23: Human Curry?

In 1987, the police received a tip that Ayakanno Marimuthu had been killed and cooked into curry with rice.  The suspects? His wife and her three brothers.   It was reported that Ayakanno had a temper, that he was drunk and violent.  Was that motive? Nothing was ever found - not his body, not a murder weapon, not the alleged cooking pot...  Edit: It's Detective Constable V. Alagamalai!!  Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
16/03/202114 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 22: Five Escorts Disappear, Were They Abducted By North Korea?

20th August 1978, 4 Malaysians and a Singaporean hop on a boat to party with some sailors.  They were offered $100/hr and a diamond ring each.  They were never seen again...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
01/03/20217 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 21: He Kept a Vagina in Tupperware

What's the safest way to get home in dark and stormy weather? Lam Kor Wan would pick up young women going home on rainy nights, then kill them. He would take photos and videos of their bodies - intact and dismembered. He wasn't just a taxi driver, voyeur, and experimental necrophile. He was also Hong Kong's first and most twisted serial killer...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast  
22/02/202133 minutes 43 seconds
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EP 20: Taiwan's Chiayi Demon

He killed his first wife, second wife, adoptive son, biological son, step-son, and girlfriend.  The last one, he tossed her body off a cliff after strangling, sexually assaulting, then murdering her by smashing her head in with a rock. Chen Ruiqin killed to fund his gambling addiction - these were just his confirmed victims...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast *edit/correction: Chen Ruiqin was initially given 5 death sentences and 1 life sentence, not just 5 death sentences. 
17/02/202141 minutes 29 seconds
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EP 19: China's Worst Serial Killer

Yang Xin Hai's sickening body count was 67 murders and 23 rapes over four years - more than Indonesia's Ahmed Suradji (42 confirmed). Between 2000 and 2003, he murdered farmers, married couples, and even entire families. He was China's and possibly the whole of Asia's worst-ever serial killers. He was eventually caught on 3rd November 2003 during a routine venue inspection and executed on Valentine's Day, 2004...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
08/02/202122 minutes 51 seconds
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EP 18: Were They Cooked Into Char Siew Bao? (Macau)

Char Siew Baos are the sexiest warm buns - steaming, filled with succulent barbeque flavored pork. Chefs will slow-roast the meat until it's tender, falling off the bone. Did I say pork? Close enough.  On 4th August 1985, a family of ten are slaughtered in the Eight Immortals Restaurant in the Portuguese colony of Macau. Some body parts were washed ashore on the beach, others found in garbage dumps. The rest? Still missing. And the killer? Running the very restaurant the family was butchered in...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
01/02/202112 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 17: They Found Her Dismembered Legs in a Toilet

Imagine - you have the worst case of the shits. Doing it in a public bathroom is so gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do. You run into the toilet, it's grimy and it's dark. You're about to yank your pants down, you REALLY, REALLY have to go. But then you see – a bloody pair of dismembered legs. Do you still do it?   11th May 1974, the police find the dismembered legs of 53-year-old Quek Lee Eng in a toilet near the Mosque at Aljunied Road. Her head and arms - in a parcel at Kallang River. And the rest of her body?    Wrapped in Yaohan department store plastic bags, stored in large jars, in the home of none other than...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
25/01/20219 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 16: The Orchard Towers Double Murder (2002)

Orchard Towers in Singapore is an interesting place. It’s well-known as the four floors of whores, It is pretty international, and we’re not just talking about the girls. It just so happens, that Orchard Towers is where Englishman Michael Mcrea dumped two bodies, a Singaporean and a Chinese national.  The bodies belonged to Kho Nai Guan and his girlfriend Lan Ya Ming - Nai Guan was Michael's personal driver and friend, they were 'as close as brothers' and lived in the same apartment.   There's nothing quite like fratricide...   Website:  Instagram: @abriefcasepodcast
25/01/202119 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 15: Sunny Ang - No Body, Still a Crime

Sunny Ang was a man of many many talents, failed teacher, failed pilot, failed Grand Prix driver (even killing a pedestrian). He was a declared bankrupt and had been caught for burglary.  But Sunny was also smooth and suave, he was so slick that he managed to catch himself a pretty young thing - 22-year-old Jenny Cheok.  Sunny then decided he wanted to be a lawyer. He wanted to study in England but didn't have the funds. In a serendipitous twist, Jenny went missing during a diving accident near Sisters' Islands. It was lucky that she had almost $400,000 worth of accident coverage and insurance payouts amounting to $900,000. The beneficiary you ask? Not her ex-husband, not her two kids - but Sunny's mother.   It was 27th August 1963. Her body was never found.       
12/01/202139 minutes 5 seconds
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EP 14: Everything we know about the disappearance of Felicia Teo

On 30th June 2007, Felicia Teo disappeared without a trace. She was last seen on CCTV footage entering a lift in Marine Terrace with two male friends after a party at LASALLE College of Arts. She was never seen again. More than thirteen years later, both men, Ahmad Danial Mohamed Rafa’ee and Ragil Putra Setia Sukmarahjana, have been accused of allegedly murdering Felicia on that very same night...
04/01/202110 minutes 26 seconds
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EP 13: The Filipina Maid Murder

Where's the worst place to get rid of a body in Singapore? On 9th September 2005, Jane Paragan La Puebla's dismembered head, arms, and legs were found next to the mural wall at Orchard MRT. The rest of her body was found in a luggage case along Lornie Road near Macritchie Reservoir.   The killer?  Her best friend and fellow domestic worker, Guen Garlejo Aguilar...  
17/12/202013 minutes 25 seconds
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EP 12: The McDonald's Boys

It was 14th May 1986, the middle of an average Wednesday afternoon. Two 12-year-olds, Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann were discovered missing after they failed to attend their 12:55 PM class in Owens Primary School. 34 years later, neither boy was ever seen again. The fast-food chain McDonalds even offered a hundred thousand dollar reward for information leading to the boys...
07/12/202010 minutes 44 seconds
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EP 11: Leslie Khoo - Gardens by the Bay Murder (Part 2)

Leslie Khoo was caught cheating by wife - when his girlfriend messaged her. Leslie's girlfriend was sick of his lies, she wanted her 'investment' money back. Leslie was afraid of being caught, so scared that he strangled her at the Gardens by the Bay.  Then he burned her body until nothing was left but some hair, fabric and a bra hook...
09/11/202014 minutes 49 seconds
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EP 10: Leslie Khoo - Gardens by the Bay Murder (Part 1)

Leslie Khoo was married and had a son. He also had girlfriends. Plural.  Leslie pretended to be a rich business owner who drove a BMW. He was really bankrupt.  Leslie pretended to have 'investment opportunities', that never saw any profits.  On 12th July 2016, Cui Ya Jie, one of Leslie's 'girlfriends' began to see past his lies. She started to dig for the truth, and that's when he killed her in a black BMW at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay...  
02/11/202020 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 9: Jonaris Badlishah - the Rolex Murder

A watch that's literally to die for - the Rolex.    19th April 1998, Jonaris Badlishah murdered Sally Poh, bludgeoning her with a hammer then slitting her wrists with a box cutter - all for a Rolex watch.    The same day, he brought roses, cake, a bottle of whiskey and a very special present to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday at Lorong 18, Geylang...     Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast
27/10/202020 minutes 42 seconds
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EP 8: Mona Fandey - Popstar, Bomoh, Killer (Malaysia)

When her singing career didn't pan out, what's a girl to do but become - A BOMOH! In July 1993, under the pretext of helping Malaysian Assemblyman Mazlan Idris achieve his political ambitions through darker means - she didn't just separate the man and his money (2.5 million ringgit!), Mona separated the gentleman and his head, and legs, and arms. You get the idea...   Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast      
19/10/202022 minutes 35 seconds
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EP 7: Professor Khaw - The Yoga Ball Murders (Hong Kong)

What's the most dangerous weapon - a gun? A knife? Poison? How about a Yoga Ball?  On 22nd May 2015, Malaysian Professor Khaw Kim Sun murdered his wife and 15-year-old daughter with none other than a deadly yoga ball.  An avant-garde anesthesiologist, an extramarital affair. The backdrop to a tragedy that shook Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.   Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast    
12/10/202023 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 6: Ahmed Suradji - The Black Magic Killer (Indonesia)

In a twisted ritual, Ahmed Suradju would bring his victims into a sugar cane field. Under the guise of performing magic, they would allow themselves to be tied up and buried in a hole. He would then manually strangle them - a brutal task that took anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. He did this to 42 women over 11 years in the rural outskirts of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, Indonesia.   Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast
05/10/202022 minutes 18 seconds
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EP 5: Mount Vernon Double Death - Basically the Worst Robbers Ever

All they wanted to do was make some money as criminals, but they skipped straight from robbery... to MURDER! On 25th April 1978, Ong Chin Hock, Yeo Ching Boon and Ong Hwee Kuan planned an elaborate scheme to steal a gun from a policeman that ended in the murder of two innocents.  A policeman, stabbed to death. A taxi driver, bleeding out in an open drain... Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast
29/09/202013 minutes 28 seconds
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EP 4: Gabriel Lee - Killer Fiance

Just 8 years ago Gabriel Lee killed Elsie Lie because he thought she was the devil. He was diagnosed with psychosis. Days after proposing on a romantic trip to Genting Highlands, Gabriel gouged out her eyeballs. He threw them out of the window from their rented room where they landed in a grass patch at the foot of Block 663, Jurong West Street 65...   Instagram: ABriefCasePodcast          
21/09/20208 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 3: John Martin Scripps - The Garden City Butcher

Gerald Lowe, Sheila Damude, Darin Damude - these are three or John's confirmed murders. John Martin Scripps was an Englishman and spree killer who was sentenced to death on 19 April 1996. He was also the first Briton to be given the death penalty since Singapore's independence.  He'd pose as a tourist and befriend his victims, before butchering them up...  The Garden City Butcher.  Note: It's room 1511 not 1151, my bad!   Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast
14/09/202018 minutes 30 seconds
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EP 2: Mimi Wong - The First Woman Sentenced to Death in Independent Singapore

小三 (xiǎo sān) - mistress, side-chick, the other woman.    27th July 1973, Mimi Wong was hanged for the murder of her Japanese boyfriend's wife, Ayako Watanabe.  She had been Hiroshi Watanabe's 小三 for three years while he worked on a land reclamation project. Worried that the arrival of his wife would mean the end of their relationship, she killed Ayako at the Watanabe's semi-detached family home on Jalan Seaview...  Instagram: @ABriefCasePodcast
04/09/202018 minutes 10 seconds