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Hindi, TV & Video, 1 season, 4 episodes, 58 minutes
We explain/summaries Hollywood and bollywood movie in hindi we also do many stuff related to movie
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Wild Child movie explained in hindi

Sixteen‑year‑old Poppy (Emma Roberts) has everything her unlimited credit cards can buy, and a spoiled attitude to match. After a final thoughtless prank, her exasperated father (Aidan Quinn) ships her off to boarding school in England. There, Poppy meets her match in a stern headmistress (Natasha ...
6/13/202125 minutes, 7 seconds
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Resident evil explained in hindi | summary

Underneath Raccoon City exists a genetic research facility called the Hive, owned by the Umbrella Corporation. A thief steals the genetically engineered T-virus and contaminates the Hive with it. In response, the facility's artificial intelligence, the Red Queen, seals the Hive and kills everyone inside. Alice awakens in the bathroom of a deserted mansion with temporary amnesia. She dresses, checks the mansion, and is tackled by an unknown person as a group of commandos led by James Shade breaks in. Alice's attacker is cuffed and then released when he claims to be Matt Addison, who just transferred as a cop in Raccoon P.D.
6/13/20219 minutes, 27 seconds
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2 Gun movie explain in hindi. Summary

Robert "Bobby" Trench (Washington) and Michael "Stig" Stigman (Wahlberg) are questioned by the US Border Patrol after meeting with drug lord Manny "Papi" Greco (Edward James Olmos) in Mexico. Unknown to Stig, Bobby is undercover DEA agent Trench who reports to his superior, Jessup (Robert John Burke), that he didn't get the cocaine from Papi they need to convict him. Against orders, Bobby remains undercover to assist Stig in robbing $3 million - in a bank vault in Tres Cruces, Texas - to prosecute Papi for money laundering. Bobby then meets with fellow DEA agent and ex, Deb Rees (Paula Patton), while Stig, an undercover Navy SEAL with ONI, meets with his commanding officer, LCDR Harold Quince (James Marsden), and is told to kill Bobby so they can fund covert operations. Bobby and Stig are surprised to find $43.125 million and not $3 million. Stig follows orders to betray Bobby and escape with the money, pulling his gun as Bobby is about to pull his. Stig wounds Bobby in the upper arm rather than kill him, and then sees Bobby's DEA badge. Unsure what to think, Stig leaves him in the desert.
6/13/202112 minutes, 32 seconds
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Tracers movie explained in hindi | summary

Cam is a New York City bike messenger struggling to make ends meet. He rents a garage from a woman, Angie, and her young son Joey. While on a run, Cam wrecks his bike after a stranger named Nikki causes an accident while escaping police officers. Cam is later accosted by Jerry and Hu, enforcers who take his check and cash, warning him that he is behind on payments for a $15,000 loan to the Tong, a local gang that controls Chinatown, and warn him not to miss another payment.Cam spends his free time trying to fix a 1967 Pontiac GTO, which was once his father's, to no avail.
6/13/202111 minutes, 16 seconds