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English, Sports, 6 seasons, 89 episodes, 3 days, 1 hour, 38 minutes
7Innings is a weekly Softball Podcast chronicling the Road to the Women's College World Series and beyond. The ESPN personalities covering the sport will shine a spotlight on the teams and players that make softball so special. No one has more fun talking about softball than us!
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Holy Ship-man... and Other Regionals Takeaways

Super Regionals are right around the corner and to kick it off the ladies first talk about the HISTORIC upset of UCLA at Regionals. Amanda, Maddi, Erin, Jess, Jenny and Kayla talk about last weeks regionals and their upcoming super's sights. Who will upset who, what teams will advance and what other surprises will be in store for softball fans around the US this weekend? Time will only tell but what we do know is that these teams need to be ready to fight through all 7innings this weekend... The road to Women's College World Series is anyone's game. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/24/202338 minutes, 25 seconds
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7Innings Live Selection Special

Selection Show Sunday is here and better than ever! Beth Mowins, Michele Smith and Amanda Scarborough broadcast out of our Bristol studios for 7Inings Live and talk about the newly released bracket. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/15/202346 minutes, 29 seconds
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Bubblish or Bubblicious?

It's the beginning of MAYhem. Jocelyn Alo fills Michele, Jen, Madison, Jenny, and Kayla in on what life's been like since she graduated. Everyone, including Jocelyn, is excited for Bedlam. The gang talks about the powerhouses like Arkansas and UCLA (who both had GREAT weekends) and discuss some teams struggling to end the season on a high note. The crew unpacks RPIs; who's in, who's out, and who's on the bubble. This episode wraps up with a fun would you rather question from the mail bag, come join us on the road to the Women's College World Series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/3/20231 hour, 50 seconds
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The Countdown Is ON

This week, Amanda, Michelle, Danielle, Madison, Jen, and Kayla start their countdown to WCWS as the regular season starts to wrap up. Amanda and Jenny start off by discussing the Texas SWEEP of Oklahoma State this past weekend. Michelle and Danielle hit on the PAC-12 , Washington, and Utah. Some cool highlights from this past week: Alabama Governor Kay Ivey officially declared April 21st as “Montana Fouts Day” in the state, SEC teams honored Alex Wilcox and raised awareness for Ovarian Cancer, Michigan dedicated their stadium to Coach Carol Hutchins and the Illinois vs Michigan State series was the first time 2 black head coaches had faced each other in a Power 5 matchup. And, as always, they shag some stats and open the mailbag. This and more on episode 11 of 7Innings Podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/26/202358 minutes, 25 seconds
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Dance-offs in Waco

Welcome to another fantastic episode of 7Innings Podcast! Amanda, Madison, Danielle, Erin, Kayla, and Michele join us this week. Amanda and Madison discuss Florida winning over UGA, Michele and Danielle talk Pac-12, Erin and Kayla update us with Oklahoma wins and Michele ponders if losing 1 game matters. The team breaks down Skylar Wallace & McKenna Gibson’s big weekend and we hear a great interview with Jen Schroeder and Sydney McKinney. Join us on the road to the Women's College World Series!     Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/19/202355 minutes, 27 seconds
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Dreams Do Come True

Courtney Lyle makes her 7Innings debut as podcast host on episode 9 today! Her and Jenny take off with Florida State sweeping Clemson on the road. It was the first time FSU has ever won three games against a top five opponent in the regular season. Erin and Danielle discuss Oklahoma and Texas Tech; the Sooners outscored Texas Tech 16-0 in 3 games. Madison and Jen talk non-conference clashes and the group weighs in on which mid-major has the best chance to host a regional this year. Megan Faraimo and Montana Fouts are crushing it with their teams and Jenny and Erin break down Northwestern, Minnesota and Maryland's recent games. We close this episode out with our fan-favorites: Shaggin' Stats and The Mailbag. Join us on the road to the Women's College World Series! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/12/202354 minutes, 52 seconds
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If You Can See It, You Can Be It

Holly Rowe makes her debut and returns as our host on the podcast! She speaks on the historical matchup we just witnessed between Oklahoma and Texas and how this game set a new NCAA attendance record. Kayla breaks down how UCLA swept Stanford and Jenny and Madison discuss the first win South Carolina has had against the Gators since 2003. A collective conversation ensues about an important topic female college athletes are facing: NIL deals. Where are we seeing NIL's the most in the Softball world and how are these deals impacting student athletes? Next, Amanda takes up the Clemson/LSU series that is about to happen and Madison and Jenny review Indiana and how they are the only Big 10 team still undefeated in conference play with 21 straight wins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/5/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 53 seconds
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Red River Rivalry Returns

Amanda, Michele, Jenny, Danielle, Madison and Kayla join us on this week's episode of the 7Innings Podcast. Kayla and Madison recap the Tennessee/Arkansas series over the weekend. Michele and Amanda discuss the Big 3 in the Big 12; Oklahoma, Oklahoma State & Texas all got sweeps in first week of conference play. Michele interviews Ryan Moore, founder of the Florida Gulf Coast Collegiate Softball League. Ryan explains how summer leagues are helping players get more playing time and exposure for those in the transfer portal. The group talks about how defenses have improved the last few years, and then look ahead to the big Texas/Oklahoma series this weekend. We wrap Red River Rivalry Returns with our favorite, Shaggin' Stats and Mailbag. Thanks for tuning in to another great episode of 7Innings Podcast! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/29/202352 minutes, 15 seconds
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Back in the Jersey

Amanda Scarborough and Michele Smith host this episode of "Back in the Jersey". We jump in to the best teams of the weekend from the PAC 12 and Jess Mendoza sits down with star pitcher, NiJaree Canady from Stanford, followed by a discussion on the trending of Freshman pitchers stepping up around the country. Other topics on the lineup card we chat about are the Sooners and Pokes, Big 10 conference play starting and the ACC roundup. Madison Shipman and Kayla Braud are looking forward to their Throwback Throwdown game on Saturday, where they’re calling Alabama/Tennessee on the SEC Network! They look back on their respective collegiate careers and remembering the fun they had competing against each other. We close out this episode with some Shaggin' Stats and remember the incredible 30 year pitching career of Dot Wilkinson who past away last week at 101 years old. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/23/202352 minutes, 21 seconds
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Smoking…Fast Replay Reviews

Episode 6 of the 7 Innings Podcast starts off with Amanda and Kayla taking a deep dive into the horns and tide followed by Jen and Madison going into the Cowgirls best 'noles. Michele and Jenny recap the Cal/UCLA game and everyone joins back to discuss the history of Replay Reviews and what this year will look like between conferences. The crew continues this episode getting into the Pac-12 rivalry series and SEC play from week 1. Amanda and Michele catch us up on anything notable from the weekend you may have missed and we conclude with our fan favorite, the mailbag. Join us on the road to the Women's College World Series!     Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/15/202354 minutes, 53 seconds
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Reach For The Sky

Today's episode kicks off with some discussion on the Judi Garman Softball Classic and what's happening out on the west coast. Michelle and Kayla talk SEC and acknowledge some hidden gems hiding in the background. Daniele and Madison get the ball rolling on upcoming conference play. The ladies even hit the controversial topics... Are games too long? Will the WCWS EVER leave OKC? And of course we shag some stats. Take a listen to see what the squad thinks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/8/202346 minutes, 18 seconds
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Playing With Pizzazz

Wrapping up week 3 of collegiate softball, the ladies discuss the Sooner’s rebounding from their loss to Baylor, recap Mary Nutter, talk about their favorite venues and so much more. Amanda, Michele, Madison, Kayla and Jenny are joined by a softball icon, Monica Abbott. The 2x Olympian shares milestones of her and talks about her decision to retire. They go on to discuss the life of a student athlete, travel fiascos and we even get one travel story from our own Kayla Braud. Join us next week as we get one week closer to the Women’s College World Series! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/1/202353 minutes, 47 seconds
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A Galentine’s Day Softball Bouquet

7Innings Podcast is back and better than ever for Season 6! The crew is back together and we don't waste any time diving into all things Softball in this first episode. Amanda, Jen, Kayla, Madison and Michele start off with a quick catch up on what does everyone do in the off-season? The Tax Act Clearwater Invitational kicks off this Thursday with Oklahoma State vs. TX A&M on ESPNU @ 10AM. The group gives a preview for what's to come and why this tournament is a must go to if you want to watch some phenomenal competition. Speaking of Oklahoma, we dive into what is going on with them and the Big 12 in general this season. We hear previews for the SEC, ACC and PAC12 and what we can expect as the season gets underway. Lastly, Michele touches on Carol Hutchins incredible career and retirement and we end the podcast with potential Player of the Year picks from the group. Join us each week, as we follow the road to the Women's College World Series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/13/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 39 seconds
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PAC-12's Revenge

With almost a week until the Women's College World Series starts, the crew unpack all the upsets of the Regionals over the weekend and make their own predictions of what's to come in this weekends Super Regionals. Holly Rowe interviews Jessica Allister and Jen Schroeder listens to Amy Hogue on Jo Evans, who announced she will be leaving Texas A&M after being the coach there since 1997. We hear heartfelt mementoes on her from the 7Innings podcasters on what Jo meant to them as a coach. The group talks about potential players of the year and ends our episode with some shaggin' stats and our fan favorite, the mailbag. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/25/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 3 seconds
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7Innings Live Selection Show Episode

Join us on 7Innings Live as Holly, Amanda, Michele and Courtney discuss the newly released bracket. Find out the 64 teams that made the cut as we continue to follow the road to the Women's College World Series! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/16/202245 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Power Is in the Female

On this week’s episode of the 7 Innings podcast, we spend the beginning of our show focusing on the softball community as we continue to mourn the loss of player Lauren Bernett. We take time to hear other athletes open up about their mental health struggles, and how they found help. The team talks upcoming conference tournaments and who will snag the last spots for Regionals. Jess Mendoza sits down with celebrated coach Mike Candrea. The softball moms of the game are honored and boy does it get emotional! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
5/4/202248 minutes, 10 seconds
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22 Doubles

We start this episode with who the team thinks is going to win in the PAC 12, followed by some discussions around Keely Rochard and Addison Barnard. Holly talks rules and umpires. Sister love and sister Softball-we hear from players and our hosts on the special bond they've formed with their sisters growing up together and playing Softball. As we lost a member of our Softball family this week, our hearts and deepest sympathies go out to the JMU Softball Team and the family of Lauren Bernett. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/28/202248 minutes, 6 seconds
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World Series W(h)ine Time

This week's lineup consists of some awesomeness in Austin, Cat Osterman's big day as she retires her jersey and a big weekend preview of upcoming games as we are less than a month out from the Softball Selection Show. Michele, Holly, Amanda and Danielle talk Thursday Throw Down and take a stab at World Series Trivia! Join us on this podcast episode as we inch closer to the Women's College World Series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/20/202248 minutes, 50 seconds
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We start off this episode with all things Oklahoma and the records this team is breaking this season. Will they make it to the postseason undefeated? Virginia Tech hangs onto the top spot in the ACC, Jess Mendoza sits down and gets real with the Godmother of Title IX, Billie Jean King as she describes her "Sheroes". A month away from the Selection Show, the crew talks RPI's and how the ACC is growing like never before. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/13/202247 minutes, 5 seconds
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All for Alex

Cheers to 7Innings becoming a TV show this episode! Amanda discusses the power of Oklahoma, the team discusses the Pac 12 conference and what to expect and Madison says you don't want to be an SEC pitcher this year. We feature Softball Dads and hear how they are contributing to the sport and their daughters. Former players remember Alex Wilcox and what she meant to them as teams wore teal last week to honor her. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
4/7/202245 minutes, 53 seconds
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Joan Joyce's Ripple Effect

This episode is dedicated to the legendary Joan Joyce who sadly passed away this week. Michele attributes her Olympic gold medal to Joyce, as she taught her how to pitch a drop ball. Our crew goes around and shares stories of Joan and the ripples of her coaching that will continue to be felt for years to come. The team talks of what teams got swept and pitchers who got beat this weekend, off the radar teams who are climbing up the ranks, a little WCWS nostalgia and SEC madness. Next week marks a special date as 7Innings will become a TV show. Be sure to tune in and join us on the road to the Women's College World Series! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/30/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 13 seconds
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She Broke the Scoreboard

Danielle Lawrie makes her debut and joins Beth, Michele, Kayla and Amanda on this weeks episode of the 7Innings Podcast. Megan Faraimo "breaks the scoreboard" and Beth brings in a surprise guest and Jen Schro sets the record straight for what a good battery team means. Holly interviews Texas's Janae Jefferson and as Women's History Month continues, Schro sits down with Tennessee's Coach Karen and coach Courtney Deifel of Arkansas. The crew talks about the upcoming Tennessee, Florida series and contemplates how long the Sooners can hold their 25-0 record. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/23/20221 hour, 1 minute, 2 seconds
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In episode 5 Holly interviews the "Queen of Home runs" Jocelyn Alo. On Friday, she broke the NCAA softball record with her 96th home run in her home state of Hawaii. Kayla leads us into SEC upsets during opening weekend. As we continue to shine a light on Women's History Month, we listen to Marissa Young  and Lisa Fernandez and the importance of pursing your dreams, diversity in the sport, and how their parents played a crucial role in their development. Beth and team dig into our new fan favorite - mail bag. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/16/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 26 seconds
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Keira Goerl-esque

On this episode of the 7Innings Podcast, we continue our celebration of Women's History Month with interviews from Debbie Hauer and Shelly Aguilar. They speak on playing the game and the impact Title IX has had on their lives as women. The team reminisces how UCLA in 1982 was the first team to claim the NCAA Women's College World Series Championship. Beth, Michele, Madison, Amanda and Jess discuss SEC opening weekend, and answer our listeners very own questions in our mail bag segment. Tune in to another episode as we continue on the road to the Women's College World Series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/9/202257 minutes, 45 seconds
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Oops She Did it Again

Today's episode marks the first day of Women's History Month and special guest Coach Carol Hutchins joins us as our Coach of the Week. With 1,676 winning games, Carol reflects on breaking records and her teams successes. The crew breaks down the Mary Nutter Tournament and talks the "Alo Effect" and upcoming matchups. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3/2/202254 minutes, 22 seconds
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Deuces Wild

For the second episode of Season 5, the crew breaks down the St. Pete Tournament, discusses the legacy of Coach Hutch at Michigan and the lookaheads for the Mary Nutter Tournament. Kayla shakes up Shaggin' Stats with an unexpected pick. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2/23/202254 minutes, 38 seconds