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English, Finance, 1 season, 356 episodes, 6 days, 10 hours, 49 minutes
Wealth, Health, Mindset, and Relationships. These are the four cornerstones of happiness and success. Within each episode we share powerful thoughts and introduce you to influencers, thought leaders, and experts within these subjects. Become 365 driven and discover your true potential. Hosted by Tony Whatley, the "Side Hustle Millionaire", an active entrepreneur, business coach, best-selling author, and speaker.
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Pursue an Endgame of Freedom - with Jason Sisneros - EP 358

Jason Sisneros is a titan of entrepreneurship who has successfully navigated the high-stakes world of scaling, selling, and exiting businesses. Jason's journey is nothing short of inspirational, as he takes you through the rollercoaster ride from his initial setbacks to becoming a master of turnarounds and private equity. But it's what he does with his hard-earned freedom that truly captivates, as he delves into his philanthropic endeavors, his fight against domestic violence, and his passionate mission to eradicate child trafficking. His story is a powerful testament to the remarkable difference one individual can make in the world after achieving financial independence. Jason and Tony reflect on the deeper meaning behind entrepreneurship and the vital role it plays in shaping a purpose-driven life. They shed light on the intersection of business and personal values, discussing how true fulfillment often stems from helping others and standing up against societal control.  In a powerful call to action, Jason spotlights the necessity of civic engagement, particularly in the global fight against human trafficking. He provides an inside look at the commendable success of CERT Ministries in rescuing individuals from exploitation, underscoring the critical role of public awareness and intervention. This episode concludes with an empowering message of personal responsibility, urging listeners to remain vigilant and proactive in protecting our communities. This is an invitation to consider the expansive impact of financial freedom – an opportunity to create positive change and leave your mark on the world. Episode resources: Check out episode 224: Become an Avenger Against Authority - with Jason Sisneros Connect with Jason Sisneros: Website: Instagram: @thejasonsisneros Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
4/9/202456 minutes, 27 seconds
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Gratitude Drives Positive Impact - with Hunter Ballew - EP 357

Hunter Ballew returns to the 365 Driven podcast, bringing with him a story of triumph, faith, and entrepreneurial spirit that's sure to capture your attention. From acquiring Cornerstone Construction to the exploding success of RoofCon, Hunter's journey is a testament to what's possible when vision meets purpose. This conversation takes you behind the scenes of these monumental changes, showcasing the hard-earned lessons and strategies that have shaped his path from the outset of the pandemic to the present day. Hunter emphasizes the significance of having a clear vision and surrounding yourself with influential thinkers, a philosophy that has deeply impacted the roofing industry. Hunter explains how the introduction of personal development into professional spaces has cultivated a new breed of leadership, transforming the way the industry approaches growth and success. The presence of motivational speakers at industry events, a strategic move by Hunter, has sparked a cultural shift towards self-improvement and leadership. The core of Hunter's mission is to lead a revolt against mediocrity in all facets of life. Whether it's health, wealth, faith, growth, relationships, or legacy, this episode is an invitation to join a movement of community leadership that prioritizes purpose over profit. Episode resources: Check out episode 134: Don’t Let Your Latest Remain Your Greatest with Hunter Ballew Connect with Hunter Ballew: Website: Instagram: @redwhiteballew Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
4/2/202453 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Power of Visualization - with Tony Whatley - EP 356

Tony Whatley shares his practice on visualization, and how it has helped him achieve his own success and results. In this episode, we'll talk about The influence my mother had on me as a child Creating "Dream Boards" to visualize goals The science behind how your brain processes goals and why you need goals The story of the blue Dodge Viper A review of my 2018 vision board (see cover artwork) Connect with Tony  
3/26/202438 minutes, 11 seconds
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Reinvention - with Tony Whatley - EP 355

This special episode features Tony’s recent speech at the Movement Maker Live 2024 event in Nashville, TN hosted by Mike Fabber. In this speech, Tony talks about how he conquered the ever-looming shadow of self-doubt. He once grappled with the fear of stepping into the light, hesitant to share his thoughts and ideas with the world. Tony recounts how he turned an online forum into a multi-million dollar success, and unpacks the essence of personal reinvention. As he draws from the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books of his youth, Tony delves into a world where mere survival is not the goal—heroism is. He recalls a pivotal moment, a close call with mortality on the race track, that set his life on a course of audacious change, reminding us of the risks that lace the path to our dreams. Tony peels back the layers of his own transformation, from a hidden figure behind corporate giants to a voice that resonates with humor and vulnerability. He shares proven strategies for overcoming the terror of the spotlight, highlighting the triumphs of maintaining a victory log, and the potency of the ABCs of achievement: Action, Belief, and Consistency. This isn’t just a story; Tony is extending an invitation—to seize the pen, to make life not just an adventure, but your adventure. So, as we chart these untraveled roads, let's author a tale of purpose, potential, and the power of being the hero in your own story. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
3/19/202425 minutes, 1 second
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Business Succession Planning - with Laurie Barkman - EP 354

Laurie Barkman is known as the “Business Transition Sherpa”, and in this episode, she dives into the terrain of building, valuing, and selling your business. Laurie brings her expertise to the table, sharing strategies from her book "The Business Transition Handbook" to help entrepreneurs mitigate risks and enhance their company's worth. Her experiences as a CEO provide a practical backdrop, stressing the importance of maintaining focus during major transitions and preparing for the rigor of due diligence and integration. Laurie also peels back the emotional layers owners face when parting with their business, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful exit plan for all parties involved. Listen in as Laurie and Tony unpack the nuances of creating enterprise value, especially through strategic marketing. Reflecting on the evolution of retail in the digital age, this episode emphasizes the critical role of metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value, retention, and churn rates. These indicators are not just buzzwords; they're vital to a company's financial narrative and can dramatically influence its market value. Whether you're a tech startup guru or a small business owner, this discussion offers actionable insights on harnessing data to build a more resilient and valuable business. In this comprehensive discussion, Laurie and Tony also tackle the personal and pragmatic aspects of selling a business, from the initial readiness to the emotional aftermath. Laurie's tales of entrepreneurs post-sale highlight the transformational nature of these transactions. Don't miss out on these vital conversations that could shape the future of your business legacy. Key highlights: Creating Enterprise Value Through Strategic Marketing Building Valuable and Sustainable Businesses Understanding Business Valuation Multiples Navigating the Business Sale Process Private Equity Buyouts and Acquisitions Legacy and Entrepreneurship Transition Strategy Connect with Laurie Barkman: Website: Instagram: @lauriebarkman Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
3/12/202450 minutes, 14 seconds
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Sowing Seeds of Success - with Chris Lee - EP 353

Chris Lee is the entrepreneurial force behind Solgen Power, and his journey from a staggering bankruptcy to CEO of a multimillion-dollar company is nothing short of remarkable. Chris candidly shares the lessons learned from his early business failures, the emotional and financial toll of filing for bankruptcy, and the resilience it took to rebuild from a sub-400 credit score. His inspiring story is a testament to the mental fortitude required to overcome adversity and achieve success, offering valuable insights into the entrepreneurial spirit. Chris and Tony explore the intricate relationship between entrepreneurship, passion, and expertise. Chris takes you through the rebirth of his entrepreneurial journey with Solgen Power, emphasizing the strategic approach to business growth that includes both learning from past mistakes and seizing new opportunities. Chris delves into the mechanics of building a robust business model, the significance of pricing and marketing strategies, and the factors that influence a company's growth and valuation. He offers sage advice on avoiding "new money behavior," the allure of entrepreneurship, and the pitfalls of not understanding the true value of a company. This episode is not just a narrative of triumph over adversity but a masterclass in entrepreneurial wisdom, highlighting the importance of reinvesting in your business, understanding the sales process, and navigating acquisitions. Key highlights: Lessons From Nature and Entrepreneurship Building Enterprise Value for Successful Entrepreneurship Importance of Pricing and Marketing Strategy Maximizing Business Growth and Profit Growth Trajectory, and Acquisitions Connect with Chris Lee: Instagram: chrisleeqb Facebook: Chris Lee Podcast: The Founder Podcast Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
3/5/202454 minutes, 17 seconds
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Elevating Your Online Presence - with Pat Hilton - EP 352

Pat Hilton is back on the 365 Driven podcast, but this time Pat is interviewing Tony for his podcast, Iconic Messengers.  Starting an entrepreneurial journey can often feel like navigating a sea of hashtags and highlight reels, but this conversation with Pat pulls back the facade to reveal the core of authenticity in our digital personas. Pat and Tony reflect on their experiences, from humble beginnings to the peaks of business success, confronting the ethical dilemmas that test our integrity along the way. Tony's insights into the balance of personal touch and professional promotion on social media offer guidance for anyone looking to cultivate a genuine online brand that resonates with their audience. Tony and Pat discuss the critical elements of value-driven success and building confidence. This conversation is all about the art of building genuine connections and offering value in online communities, a strategy that has helped Tony grow multiple seven-figure businesses. Tony also tackles the dangers of ego, the scarcity mindset, and the importance of supporting others, understanding that true success extends beyond financial gains. He highlights the power of authenticity, expertise, and patience in creating a trusted authority, urging listeners to focus on competence and confidence in their professional pursuits.  The importance of sticking to a professional path and mastering a skill is emphasized, challenging the 'fake it till you make it' mentality. And if you're looking for inspiration, Tony's story is a testament to the influence of a great mentor, reminding us of the profound impact we can have on others and the entrepreneurial community at large. So, tune in and be inspired to take your brand and business to new heights with authenticity and intention. Key highlights: True Intention in Social Media Branding Value-Driven Success and Building Confidence Importance of Mindset for Success Success Beyond Revenue and Ego The Reality of Entrepreneurship and Success Importance of Focus and Skill Mastery Connect with Pat Hilton: Website: Instagram Page: @PatHiltonLive Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
2/27/202457 minutes, 18 seconds
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How to Grow an Audience - with Tony Whatley - EP 351

How to Grow an Audience – Episode 351 Mindset          Our time is limited, and relatively short          Push aside your ego. Be okay being a beginner, and sucking at things (stage right story).          Dealing with critics, haters, naysayers          Invest in skills. (Communication, Copywriting, Comedy, Production, Editing)          Be your own brand. Don’t work with mentors who overshadow or take credit for your brand. Be 1 of 1, not 1 of 1000’s. Groups are okay, but wear your own brand.          Purpose above Fear. Avoid regret. (write your Eulogy) Creating content to grow an audience          80/20 Rule. 80% of your content should be about things you enjoy doing. Things you’d do for free. 20% is focused on your expertise and your mastery.          Expertise vs Mastery (paid to do, vs successful)          Don’t copy the formats or edits of others. Be yourself.          Identify what makes you unique, and amplify this.          Don’t get ahead of your actual results. Results matter most. “Right Message, Wrong Person”          Entertain, Educate, or Encourage          Humor vs Inspiration          Quality vs Quantity          Be social and support others. Don’t post and ghost          Stay in your lanes of interests and topics Create an interesting life.          Pursue passions and interests.          Take on new challenges and share the journey          Visit interesting places          Read more books and learn from interesting people Consistency and Patience (12-month no-man’s land story) 365 Driven Advance. Costa Rica June 8-13, 2024          We don’t retreat, we Advance!          Hiking a rainforest along the Rio Celeste river          Jungle resort and beach resort          Business and Entrepreneurship presenters          Stepping away from your daily routine, and refreshing your mind          Building relationships ·         Visit
2/20/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 58 seconds
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Beware of Guru Clowns - with Chris Rood - EP 350

This special episode features an interview of Tony on the Beyond The Skills Podcast with Chris Rood. In this episode, you will hear how Tony transformed a car hobby into a multi-million dollar empire. Get behind the wheel with the man who fueled the growth of and, and learn how he's navigating life after the big sale. This episode revs up the conversation on the power of personal development and making a big mark in the business world. Tony opens up about his own quest for significance, the birth of his book "Side Hustle Millionaire," and the triumph over his fear of public speaking. The road to success isn’t free of speed bumps—Tony and Chris discuss the challenges of leaving the security of a 9-to-5, the awakening of 2020, and the indispensable role of social media in amplifying your personal brand and story. Tony and Chris also dive into the landscape of online influence and the importance of authenticity in an era filled with “gurus” and “experts.” With so many people out there claiming to be experts, giving advice, and trying to get you to buy their courses, it has become increasingly important to be able to distinguish the fakes from the real experts. Tony shares his perspective on staying grounded in your niche and the balance between humility and confidence. Key highlights: Success, Entrepreneurship, and Car Culture Personal Development and Impact in Entrepreneurship The Difference Between Influencers and Gurus Importance of Humility and Personal Growth Connect with Chris Rood: Website: Instagram: @realestaterood LinkedIn: Chris Rood YouTube: Chris Rood Facebook: Chris Rood Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
2/13/202454 minutes, 46 seconds
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Grab Their Attention with Marketing - with Jason Wojo - EP 349

Unlock the secrets to viral success and discover the hidden link between networking and net worth with digital marketing prodigy, Jason Wojo. He spills insider knowledge on creating content that resonates and the sacrifices necessary to achieve lasting triumphs in the realm of digital entrepreneurship. From early career choices that shape vital professional bonds to the nuanced art of pricing in an aggressive market, Jason's personal anecdotes and mentorship tales offer important insights for any aspiring digital marketer. Jason and Tony dive into the psychological shifts that accompany financial success and the relentless pursuit of genuine self-representation in a world full of stereotypes. This discussion, fueled by lessons of personal growth and transformation, explores the dynamics of wealth perception. Jason also demystifies the strategies that elevate social media reach and engagement. You'll learn the potency of collaboration and the magic of controversial content in building an online presence. He also delves into the essence of personal branding—harnessing authenticity and adversity to resonate with an audience. Lastly, he stresses the pivotal role of sacrifice and prioritization on the winding road to success. Tune in for a wealth of candid advice and transformative reflections that could very well reshape your path to digital dominance. Key highlights: Digital Marketing and Building Relationships Focus and Distraction Management in Entrepreneurship Increase Social Media Reach and Engagement Building a Personal Brand and Achieving Success Making Sacrifices for Success Connect with Jason Wojo: Website: Instagram: @thejasonwojo YouTube: @JasonWojoOfficial Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
2/6/202455 minutes, 1 second
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The Private Equity Game - with Adam Coffey - EP 348

Have you ever wondered how some businesses seem to skyrocket in value and experience seamless transitions, while others stagnate? Adam Coffey, the maestro of engineering multi-million-dollar exits, joins Tony to offer a map for entrepreneurs aiming to scale their enterprises and prepare for that lucrative sale. His unique blend of military discipline, airborne precision, and corporate lessons shape this conversation about the principles of creating a business that thrives with or without its founder. Picture a business landscape where only 20% of companies find a buyer. Now imagine that yours is one of them. This episode takes you through the looking glass into the world of strategic exits and valuations. Adam and Tony share personal anecdotes on buying businesses, discuss the impact of mentorship, and outline how to tell if your business is a lifestyle passion or a scalable venture. Plus, Adam breaks down the mechanics of business valuation and unveils the influence of private equity on your business's worth. Adam also lays out the strategies that can bolster your wealth and mitigate risk. He touches on the power of roll-over capital and the secrets behind selling a company not once, but multiple times. For those hungry for more, Adam's trio of books awaits to guide you further. Every entrepreneur with dreams of a grand exit and a lasting legacy won't want to miss the insights packed into this conversation. Tune in, and redefine your approach to entrepreneurship and your financial future. Key highlights: Maximizing Business Value and Successful Exits Building Sellable and Transitionable Businesses Buying Existing Businesses for Success Scaling Businesses Through Mergers and Acquisitions The Emotional Roller Coaster of Selling a Business Maximizing Wealth Through Asset Diversification Connect with Adam Coffey: Website: Get Adam’s books: The Private Equity Playbook: Management’s Guide to Working with Private Equity Empire Builder: The Road to a Billion The Exit-Strategy Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Selling Your Business Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/30/202459 minutes
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Why You Should Create Content - with Rob Cressy - EP 347

When you stand at the crossroads of a comfortable career and the magnetic pull of your true calling, the next step you take could redefine everything. That's the leap Rob Cressy, the vibrant creator's coach from the Arete syndicate, knows all too well. In this episode, Rob recounts his metamorphosis from mastering digital advertising to igniting his passion for mentoring and personal development. His narrative is not just about risk-taking; it's an inside look at the power of self-awareness and the cultivation of successful habits that can guide you to your life's purpose. Rob's candid reflection on how he harnessed his natural flair for teaching to carve out a new path is an inspiring journey that will resonate with anyone considering a bold move toward entrepreneurship. In this conversation lies the essential truth that progress is more than just the sum of consistent actions; it's about embracing a trajectory of continuous growth and learning. Rob and Tony dismantle the myth that consistency alone can pave the way to success, instead advocating for a relentless pursuit of personal development. Listen in for practical strategies on how to weave learning into your daily life. One area that requires consistency to grow your brand in today’s digital world, is creating content with your message. Rob will encourage you to get started if you haven’t already and emphasizes the importance of continuing to show up for yourself and your audience. If you're ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools to make consistent growth your stepping stone to success, this episode promises motivation and practical insights, brought to you by someone who's walked the talk. Key highlights: From Advertising to Coaching The Importance of Personal Growth  Building a Daily Growth Mindset Structure Creates Freedom Outlasting and Having a System Commitment to Creating Excellence Phases of Podcasting and Skill Development Connect with Rob Cressy: Website: Instagram: @rob_cressy Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/23/202459 minutes, 34 seconds
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FTC Targets Influencers and Marketers - with Anik Singal - EP 346

In this episode, you will step behind the curtain of digital marketing's legal battlefield with Anik Sigal, CEO of Lurn, who shares his struggle during an 18-month FTC investigation. Feel the weight of multimillion-dollar fines and the strain on mental health that comes with navigating the complex web of compliance and consumer protection. As Anik shares, even the most customer-centric businesses can find themselves in the crosshairs, leading to profound personal and professional ramifications. This conversation with Anik ventures into the emotional depths of facing legal scrutiny, where the risk of hefty fines for undisclosed paid promotions is just the tip of the iceberg. You will hear Anik’s personal stories that reveal not just the financial stakes but the human cost of FTC violations. Anik conveys the resilience needed to withstand such challenges, the importance of a supportive team, and the strength found in the loyalty of customers when the waves of adversity crash against the foundations of a business. This episode wraps up with a powerful takeaway on the significance of transparency and honest marketing. Anik emphasizes the imperative of meticulous income claim practices and the need for businesses to rigorously examine all facets of their operations. For entrepreneurs and marketers alike, this conversation is full of cautionary wisdom, offering insight into navigating modern business regulations with your integrity and consumer trust intact. Key highlights: FTC Investigations and Personal Experiences Navigating Legal Challenges With Investigators The Implications of Making Income Claims The Importance of Transparency in Marketing Importance of Compliance and Consumer Protection Connect with Anik Singal: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Anik Singal Twitter: @aniksingal Instagram: @anik Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/16/202457 minutes, 2 seconds
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How to Win in 2024 - EP 345

As we kick off a new year, listen in Tony brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure you're on the winning side of 2024. From setting realistic fitness and nutrition goals to the power of mindset and the art of removing toxic influences, Tony covers all the bases. He breaks down the strategies successful people use to overcome challenges, the importance of assigning dollar values to problems, and how expanding your perspective through travel can change your life and business for the better. This episode is packed with actionable insights for anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional life. Tony dives into the necessity of investing in yourself, developing skills that generate income, and the underestimated power of video content creation in today's market. Moreover, he stresses the importance of effective communication, taking calculated risks, and standing firm in your convictions—even if it means going against the grain. As a seasoned entrepreneur himself, he shares how embracing a bit of controversy and critique can fuel your growth and why being a thought leader requires the courage to engage in constructive debate and continuously seek knowledge. You will learn about the mindset shifts necessary for setting and achieving goals without tying your self-worth to them. There is just one question to ask yourself before you start setting and striving for goals in the New Year. Tune in and take away a treasure trove of wisdom that's sure to inspire and equip you for a transformative year ahead.  Key highlights: Removing Toxic Influences The Mindset of Successful People Investing in Skills and Creating Income The Importance of Creating Video Content Being a Thought Leader Recommended Business Books The Importance of Setting Realistic Goals Books mentioned in the episode: Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Marcus Aurelius Meditations Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/9/20241 hour, 16 minutes
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Conclusion - Chapters 9-11 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 344

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapters 9-11 "Conclusion" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 9 wraps up this exploration of "Side Hustle Millionaire," where Tony applauds your commitment to the entrepreneurial grind and underscores the importance of getting your business off the ground today. This journey isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about the mental toughness needed to succeed amidst the inevitable critics, haters, and naysayers. It's a chapter that's meant to bolster your resolve and prepare you for the highs and lows of your business adventure. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202442 minutes, 17 seconds
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Website - Chapter 8 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 343

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 8 "Website" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 8 dives into the art of creating a dynamic online presence that embodies your brand's essence and lays the foundation for success. This isn't just another tech talk; it's your blueprint to transform your side hustle into a million-dollar enterprise. Tony explains the power of a professional website—the digital face of your business—and reveals how, with today's intuitive tools, anyone can craft an online masterpiece that captivates and converts. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202416 minutes, 29 seconds
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Marketing - Chapter 7 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 342

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 7 "Marketing" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 7 breaks down how to make your small business a household name with the art of storytelling, and its transformative power in marketing. Tony shares insights on how a compelling narrative can make your brand an emotional favorite and foster customer loyalty. You'll discover that it's not only about the people you know but also about those who know you – and how to make sure they recognize you for all the right reasons. This chapter gives you the tools to craft a marketing strategy that's as effective as it is authentic. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202435 minutes, 33 seconds
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Structure - Chapter 6 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 341

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 6 "Structure" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 6 breaks down how to safeguard your personal assets and set up your business for success. Tony guides you through the maze of DBAs, LLCs, and Corporations, weighing the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. You'll gain clarity on how to reap the benefits of tax breaks, legal protections, and the nuances of liability that come with the right business entity. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this chapter is brimming with insights to fortify your venture against the unpredictable tides of the business world. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202411 minutes, 53 seconds
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Money - Chapter 5 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 340

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 5 "Money" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 5 covers how to master your company's financial health. Tony guides you through the world of online payment systems, explains how to keep your business cash positive, and demystifies the ever-important ROI. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be equipped to make smart spending decisions and stay in the good graces of Uncle Sam, all while keeping your business strong and steady. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202430 minutes, 24 seconds
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Branding - Chapter 4 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 339

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 4 "Branding" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 4 covers the topic of branding and how it can propel your business to the level of industry giants like Nike and Apple. This chapter equips you with the tools to establish a bond between your brand and your audience.  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/20248 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ideas - Chapter 3 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 338

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 3 "Ideas" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter 3 covers the art of evaluating business ideas. Tony walks you through a practical example of how to reverse-engineer your revenue goals to hit your target profit. By rating hypothetical business ideas on their interest, profit potential, and ease of startup, he demonstrates a methodical approach to selecting the most promising ventures. This strategy not only prioritizes your ideas but also propels you towards taking definitive action. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202454 minutes, 30 seconds
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Mindset - Chapter 2 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 337

This special episode is a series of the Audible Chapters of the book Side Hustle Millionaire. If you're just starting right now and you want to hear the entire book, go find Chapter 1 and you will find all of the chapters in sequence. Enjoy! This episode features Chapter 2 "Mindset" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Chapter two covers the mindset needed to start and maintain a business. Unlock your potential and shatter the barriers that keep you from starting your own business as Tony navigates the often tumultuous yet rewarding journey of entrepreneurship. You will be equipped with strategies to conquer the fear, financial constraints, and knowledge gaps that keep aspiring entrepreneurs stuck. Tony dissects the excuses that hold you back, advocating for a mindset shift where fear transforms into fuel, and perceived failures become the building blocks of success. By choosing confidence and embracing the inevitability of obstacles, you pave the way for an actionable roadmap to overcome the most common entrepreneurial hurdles. Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202437 minutes, 38 seconds
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Entrepreneur - Chapter 1 of Side Hustle Millionaire | EP 336

This special episode features Chapter 1 "Entrepreneur" of the book Side Hustle Millionaire by Tony Whatley. Happy New Year 365 Driven Society. When Tony first wrote his book Side Hustle Millionaire, which debuted in 2018, he had no idea the level of impact that it could create. That book climbed to the number one spot on Amazon in the small business category and also reached number 11 in all personal development books. Thousands of people have read that book, and it has made so many people start their businesses or be able to salvage some of the businesses that they already had existing, that maybe needed some things that were missing. It was an honor to be able to put that out there. The lives that this book impacted, and the messages that Tony receives on a weekly basis show him that he did it for the right reasons. For this new year, Tony wants to encourage more people to start their business and if you've already got a business, he hopes that you listen to the next few episodes and maybe you'll find some value in there that can improve your current business. Tony wanted to give this as a gift so that more people could access this information in hopes that it would encourage them to start their business and change their lives, putting freedom back in their own hands. This is his gift to you as a listener of 365 Driven and to celebrate five years of this show.  Chapter one covers the realities of entrepreneurship. Tony debunks the myth of overnight success and underscores the necessity for hard work, discipline, and strategic risk-taking. He reflects on his own experience of juggling an engineering career with his entrepreneurial ambitions, proving the effectiveness of running a side business.  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
1/1/202420 minutes, 38 seconds
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Podcasting Changes Your Life - with Erik Allen - EP 335

Erik Allen’s story of redemption and success unfolds in a powerful narrative that will inspire your own path to personal growth. Erik's transition from a challenging past to a purpose-driven life is a testament to the resilience we all have within us. Through this episode, you'll learn how podcasting can be more than just a medium for conversation; it's a dynamic tool for networking, building confidence, and fostering meaningful connections that propel us toward our goals. Erik recounts his shift from battling addiction to active entrepreneur and podcast host. He shares the lessons behind the creation of the Erik Allen Show, his leap into a world ruled by focused ambition, and the strategies that have helped him book influential guests. This episode is a guide to those seeking to use their voice as a way to connect and build lasting relationships while staying true to their entrepreneurial spirit. Erik also dives into the art of storytelling and its power in podcasting, emphasizing the growth that comes with genuinely engaging with your audience. Whether you're nurturing a new podcast or looking to scale your business, this episode offers wisdom on the importance of authenticity and perseverance. Key highlights: Podcasting for Personal Development Distractions' Impact on Goals and Mindset Strategies for Booking Big Name Guests Building a Successful Podcast, Overcoming Fears How Podcasting Builds Relationships and Confidence Personal Storytelling and Podcasting Power Connect with Erik Allen: Website: Instagram: @erikgallen Facebook: Erik Allen Media Twitter: @ErikGAllen TikTok: @erikallenmedia LinkedIn: Erik Allen YouTube: Erik Allen Media Podcast: The Erik Allen Show Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
12/26/202354 minutes, 47 seconds
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Consistent Content Creation - with Brian Hess - EP 334

What if the secret to business growth was staying true to your unique story and sharing it consistently? Tony’s guest today, Brian Hess, CEO and president of Pavement Group and founder of Top Contractor School, has proved it to be true. With over 630 podcast episodes churned out since 2019, Brian's dedication to consistency and authenticity has become a testament to the potential success that can be achieved. In this episode, Brian dives into the role that content creation plays in business. Every successful business has a unique narrative to share, and content can be an efficient tool to attract customers, grow faster, and build valuable networks. You know we are all about authenticity here, and this episode is no different. Brian emphasizes the vitality of authenticity and the potential success that comes from consistent content creation. Navigating the social media landscape can be tricky. There are benefits and drawbacks, and it's easy to get caught up comparing yourself to others. However, Brian and Tony have learned that the key is playing the long game. It's not about investing in shortcuts or buying followers; it's about authenticity, integrity, and serving others. This episode is full of insights that reaffirm the importance of persistence, commitment, and being genuine as pivotal ingredients for success. So tune in, take notes, and let's grow together. Key highlights: The Power and Impact of Podcasting Content's Role in Successful Trades Business The Value of Consistent Content Integrity and Long-Term Success Authenticity in Building Relationships Connect with Brian Hess: Website: Instagram: @realbrianhess Facebook: Brian Hess Twitter: @realbrianhess LinkedIn: Brian Hess Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
12/19/202356 minutes, 11 seconds
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Million in Debt to Decamillionaire - with Scott Oldford - EP 333

Ever found yourself in debt and felt like there's no way out? Tony’s guest, Scott Oldford, who was once $1 million in debt, shares his inspiring journey of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. He dives into his upcoming book, "Million in the Red," which offers hope and practical guidance for those finding themselves in debt and wanting out.  In this episode, Scott dissects failure, highlighting its transient nature and the invaluable role of a support system. He also opens up about the cycles of success and failure, and how they expose our true companions. Scott and Tony stress the dangers of complacency in success and the unpredictable role of luck in business. They share personal stories, emphasizing the importance of forming bonds with supportive and genuine individuals. Scott also delves into the realm of investing and entrepreneurship, debunking the myth that higher revenues translate to success. Scott and Tony discuss the value of constructive criticism and the role of mentors, and how success and wealth can sometimes strain friendships. They encourage you to cultivate authentic relationships and distance yourself from pessimistic people. Tune in for a no-holds-barred conversation on entrepreneurship, resilience, and personal growth. Key highlights: Scott’s Journey Through Debt and Resilience Overcoming Failure and Finding True Supporters Navigating Career Reinvention and Personal Growth Investing, Entrepreneurship, and Finding Fulfillment Importance of Honest Feedback Navigating Wealth and Friendship Connect with Scott Oldford: Website: Instagram: @scottoldford Get Scott’s free guide: The 21 Laws Of Scaling A Profitable Business Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
12/12/202354 minutes, 21 seconds
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Mindset of a Champion Fighter - with Alan Belcher - EP 332

Alan Belcher is a career fighter and a man with an impressive 10-fight winning streak. He has a very interesting backstory that began with a love for martial arts and kung fu movies as a child. You’ll hear about how a pivotal encounter with a bully during his middle school years sparked a fierce determination to become a formidable fighter. Alan shares his impressive record in various forms of martial arts and his business ventures beyond the fighting arena. This episode offers a wealth of insights into the mindset of a successful fighter and the business side of fighting. You’ll hear about the mental and emotional aspects of combat sports from a seasoned fighter who has more than 60 fights under his belt. Alan shares how the pursuit of trophies and titles has cultivated his emotional intelligence and deepened his self-awareness. Tony and Alan talk about the significance of realism and understanding oneself and one's opponent in making the decision to win. The wisdom Alan has gained from fighting applies to various areas of life and business and can teach us a lot about success, failure, and getting back up when you’re knocked down. Key highlights: Alan’s Path to Martial Arts and Fighting Emotional Control and Emotional Intelligence in Martial Arts Mental Aspect of Winning and Losing The Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts The Connection Between Athletics and Financial Success Connect with Alan Belcher: Instagram: @alanbelcherofficial Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
12/5/202346 minutes, 58 seconds
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Maximize Year-End Tax Savings with Tyler McBroom - EP 331

The countdown to year-end has begun! Tyler McBroom is back on the 365 Driven Podcast to discuss some killer tax strategies to maximize your year-end tax savings. Are you leaving money on the table? Tyler McBroom is a CPA and tax strategist, and he explains the significance of precise bookkeeping and dives into the critical distinction between a tax preparer and a tax strategist - it's all about proactive advice and maximized savings. Tyler lends his expertise, sharing a plethora of tax-saving maneuvers that can be implemented before the year ends. From the benefits of prepaying for services, setting up retirement plans, to the little-known Augusta rule, this episode is full of tax wisdom, but Tyler breaks it down in an easy-to-understand way. Tyler unravels the complex world of taxes by explaining deductions for business vehicles and real estate professionals. Tyler warns against the common pitfall of purchasing a vehicle solely for the tax deduction, stressing the importance of factoring in certain aspects. Real estate professionals, on the other hand, can harness the power of accelerated depreciation on qualified improvements for substantial savings.  Switching gears, Tyler dives into tax planning benefits for individuals and families. Did you know that even children and pets could be part of your tax-saving strategy? Tyler explores these unconventional (and completely legal) ideas along with more traditional ones like the standard deductions. Lastly, he delves into tax-free and investing strategies for small business owners. With an explanation on defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, profit sharing plans, and setting up a Roth IRA, this episode promises to offer a wealth of knowledge. So, don't miss the chance to keep more money before 2023 is over! Key highlights: Tax Planning Strategies for Business Owners Understanding Tax Deductions for Vehicle Purchases Real Estate and Business Tax Strategies Tax Planning and Deductions for Children Tax-Free Accounts and Investing Strategies Connect with Tyler McBroom: Get a FREE copy of Tyler’s book: Cash Flow and Grow Instagram: @tylermcbroom Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
11/28/202356 minutes, 52 seconds
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Advertise Your Business on YouTube - with Aleric Heck - EP 330

Unlock the potential of YouTube as a platform for your business with this insightful chat with Aleric Heck, founder of AdOutreach. Aleric takes you through his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, from his lemonade stand days, to successfully growing his YouTube channel, App Find, to over 577,000 subscribers. You will learn the secrets of YouTube ad campaigns, strategic targeting, and the importance of high-quality content in creating a powerful online presence. Aleric’s expertise in monetizing YouTube content and his unique insights into YouTube's algorithm can be your key to long-term success. Aleric dissects the role of ads in generating revenue, explains the strategy of running ads for instant results, and explores the key aspects of organic growth for a channel. Aleric shares his invaluable tips on optimizing YouTube ads for maximum ROI, highlighting the importance of split testing, effective budgeting, and understanding the difference between in-stream and in-feed ads.  Don't miss the chance to learn from Aleric’s tips on creating effective YouTube strategies for success. He will guide you through the process of creating high-quality videos, harnessing YouTube's algorithm, and utilizing paid advertising to amplify your reach. To top it off, Aleric generously offers a free 19-page PDF guide to set up a winning YouTube ad campaign. So tune in and turbocharge your YouTube journey with the power of strategic ad campaigns and effective content creation. Key highlights: YouTube's Potential for Monetization and Ads Maximizing YouTube Channel Growth Through Ads YouTube's Algorithm and Long-Term Growth YouTube Strategies for Success Optimizing YouTube Ads and Calculating ROI YouTube Ad Strategies for Maximizing Engagement Connect with Aleric Heck: Website: | Get Aleric’s Free 19-page YouTube Ad Strategy Guide:  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
11/21/202352 minutes, 38 seconds
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Using Artificial Intelligence For Visual Content - EP 329

In this episode, host Tony Whatley gets you caught up to speed with technology, and unveils the latest news on OpenAI and ChatGPT. There have been several amazing updates in the last few weeks, and these latest ones will certainly disrupt some industries. Connect with Tony at
11/14/202334 minutes, 49 seconds
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Everything Great is Uphill - EP 328

Ever found yourself staring at the steep path ahead, unsure of making that uphill climb? What if you knew the view from the top was worth the struggle? Tune in to this solo episode as Tony shares his experiences in Europe, the uphill climbs to magnificent castles, and draws parallels with the journey to success. As he takes you through his travels across countries and cultures, you'll also discover how to explore the world without breaking the bank. Drawing parallels between the uphill climb to the castles and cathedrals in Europe and our journey to success, Tony explains why anything worth having is always uphill. It's about putting in the effort, even when the path is clearly laid out. It's about not shying away from hard work and understanding that success doesn't come easy. If you're struggling, feeling stuck, or unsure of your next step, this episode is for you. As Tony shares his experiences and thoughts on life and success, you'll be inspired to take that next step, no matter how small, toward your goal.  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
11/7/202317 minutes, 39 seconds
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Learning to Lead - Ken Eslick - EP 327

Ken Eslick is a seasoned entrepreneur and a leadership expert in the recruiting industry. In this episode, Ken shares his remarkable journey from a kid with a knack for leadership to a professional recruiting leader. His experiences range from an epiphany in a Carl's Jr. parking lot that led him to the military, to 14 years in the corporate world, and ultimately a decade in recruiting. Ken candidly discusses his personal struggles as well as his distaste for corporate red tape. Ken also shares his experiences in the military and how they shaped him into the leader he is today. Ken and Tony talk about the lessons learned from basic training, the importance of military values, and why we shouldn't dismiss the corporate world's merits. Then, Tony and Ken share how they utilized their corporate experience in their own businesses. They stress the importance of organizational charts, balance sheets, communication strategies, and the value of "shamelessly stealing" best practices from large corporations to ensure success in small businesses. The discussion further explores two models for recruiting professionals - retained and contingent, the concept of leadership, and how it creates an environment for people to perform at their highest level. Listen in as they discuss the importance of not paying in advance for anticipated results and the necessity of personal growth, a thirst for knowledge, and an openness to change. Don't miss when they cover the power of a growth mindset and the importance of taking action to overcome fear. Key highlights: Leadership and Recruiting for Success From Desperation to the Army Corporate Experience in Small Business Leadership and Developing Potential Belief in Self and Growth Mindset Taking Action and Overcoming Fear Connect with Ken Eslick: Website: LinkedIn: Ken Eslick Instagram: @kenjeslick Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
10/31/202354 minutes, 48 seconds
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Turning Your Passion Into Profit - with Steven Rupp - EP 326

What if the spark of a lifelong passion could ignite the journey of your dreams, guiding you to a career you never envisioned? Today’s guest is here to inspire you to take big risks and follow your passion. Steven Rupp is the Technical Editor for Motor Trend Group (, which includes magazine brands such as Hot Rod and Automobile Magazine, and TV shows such as Top Gear America and Road Kill. Swapping corporate confines for the open road, Steven pursued his love for cars and carved a unique path in automotive journalism. With over 20 years experience as an automotive journalist, photographer, and car builder, Steven brings keen insights about pivoting careers, creative work and marketing, and doing what you are passionate about. Steven talks about the power of networking and how it steered him towards success. He also shares about the challenges of creating a balanced magazine like Super Chevy, highlighting the importance of continuous improvement, mentorship, and the art of listening more than note-taking. Steven offers insightful perspectives on the popular EV trend, sharing why converting your classic car to an EV may not always be the best financial decision. Steven also confronts the reality of businesses that fall victim to ego-driven decisions and discusses the importance of keeping your audience's needs at the forefront. He explains the value of understanding your customer base to effectively market your product or service. Tune in for invaluable insights, lessons, and stories.  Key highlights: Taking Risks and Pursuing Passion The Importance of Building a Network The Importance of Adaptation in Business Marketing to the Right Customers The Importance of Taking Risks Connect with Steven Rupp: Website: Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
10/24/202346 minutes, 3 seconds
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Leading and Coaching with Integrity - with Josh Kosnick - EP 325

We're cracking open the playbook to success with Josh Kosnick, founder of Kairos Coaching and Consulting, as we discuss how to lead and coach with integrity. Josh shares his rollercoaster ride from the world of finance and wealth management to the field of business coaching, giving us a front-row seat to his encounters with corporate nepotism and the silver lining he discovered by tweaking his business model amidst the COVID storm. This episode pushes the boundaries as we challenge the credibility of self-declared coaches who've never been in the trenches themselves. We take on the influencer marketing phenomenon, and stress the significance of organic and authentic content. Josh opens up about his decision to sell his companies, and how he redirected his focus towards recruiting and developing people. We share our top tips to becoming an effective coach, from selecting your tech stack to identifying and bridging skill gaps. We underline the need for entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zones on social media and invest in public speaking skills. This is a conversation all about enhancing your business, your life, and your bottom line in finances, so tune in for more! Key highlights: Coaching and Influencers in Business Leadership and Avoiding Narcissism Tips for Becoming a Coach Credibility and Authenticity in Business Importance of Being Uncomfortable on Social Media The Importance of Public Speaking Skills Opportunities for Business Growth and Support Connect with Josh Kosnick: Website: Instagram: @joshkosnick Podcast: Spartan Leadership Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley  
10/17/202353 minutes, 37 seconds
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Identify and Destroy Limiting Beliefs - EP 324

Are you wrestling with self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing true success and freedom? Or maybe your self-talk is keeping yourself from your dreams without even realizing it. How would your life change if you stopped holding yourself back from what you desire and deserve?  This episode is an earnest examination of these invisible handcuffs as Tony shares his journey of breaking free from these self-imposed constraints. Tony shines a light on the complex connection of self-worth and our choices, guiding us on a journey that will question our internal dialogue and its influence on our actions. Now that you have identified and acknowledged that your limiting beliefs are holding you back, how do you overcome them? This episode opens the doors to a new identity shaped by positive habits and vision. Tony dissects how past experiences and influences affect our beliefs, and how accepting accountability for them can pave the path to a brighter future. Listen in, free yourself from limiting beliefs, and embrace a life of limitless potential. Key highlights: Limiting Beliefs in Affordability and Dreams The Value of Vacations and Education Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Building Self-Confidence Building a New Identity Through Habits Visualizing and Achieving Your Dreams  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
10/10/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 41 seconds
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Zero to $300 Million Story of TapouT with Dan Caldwell - EP 323

Life has a funny way of taking you on unexpected paths. In this episode, you’ll hear the successful journey of Dan Caldwell, co-founder of the brand TapouT. From a law enforcement officer to a high flying entrepreneur, Dan's journey is not only inspiring but filled with invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. While a career pivot is no small feat, Dan's entrepreneurial drive, combined with a deep understanding of his audience, catapulted TapouT into becoming a $300 million dollar brand. Dan talks about the topic of managing cash flow during rapid business growth and shares practical advice about exploring financing options, building strong relationships with manufacturers and recognizing when to bring in external expertise. Dan candidly reflects on the post-acquisition roller coaster ride and the emotional challenge of losing control of the brand he built with so much passion. Dan and Tony also discuss the significance of cultivating entrepreneurial skills in today's students. So tune in to this incredible journey with Dan Caldwell, which ultimately explores the power of passion, persistence, and resilience in the world of entrepreneurship. This episode is a testimony to the fact that with the right mindset, you can tap into your potential, turn your passion into profit, and take the world by storm. Key highlights: Scaling a Martial Arts Brand Building a Brand Through Storytelling Company Growth and Cash Flow Management Small Business to Multi-Million Dollar Success Lessons in Business Growth and Acquisition Teaching Entrepreneurship in Education Connect with Dan Caldwell: LinkedIn: Dan Caldwell Instagram: @tapoutpunkass  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
10/3/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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Content Creation to Cashflow - EP 322

A few years ago, Tony was paralyzed by the fear of speaking in public, especially on camera. It's surreal to see how far he has come since then. This episode is a close look into Tony’s journey, revealing how he found his greater purpose and turned it into a successful business. He also shares the near-death experience that altered his perspective on fear and purpose, propelling him to become a public speaker, best-selling author, and podcaster. Creating valuable content consistently is a challenge, but it's not impossible. Tony debunks the fear associated with it and provides practical tips on how to ignore critics and continue creating content that resonates. He shares easy strategies for video recording and content creation that will help you get started without getting bogged down by the details. Join the live webinar “Content Creation to Cash Flow” on Wednesday 9/27 or catch the replay at: Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
9/26/202342 minutes, 1 second
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Anti-Funnel Marketing with Nicholas Kusmich - EP 321

Picture this: you're spending countless hours crafting the perfect organic marketing strategy, but is your return on effort (ROE) really worth it? Should you be considering paid advertising instead? In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Tony sits down with marketing guru Nicholas Kusmich to share his wisdom. Together, they unravel the complexities of ROE and ROI, explore the benefits of anti-funnel marketing, and delve into the nuances of organic versus paid advertising.  Ever wondered how to make your brand stand out in a crowd? Nicholas has you covered. He puts a spotlight on personal branding, targeting premium prospects, and the psychology of luxury buyers. In a landscape filled with funnels, Nicholas and Tony discuss how to carve out your unique category and truly differentiate your brand. They also delve into the concept of using paid advertising to amplify organic growth, leveraging existing content to increase exposure and drive business growth.  Nicholas also dissects strategies for effectively targeting and optimizing Facebook ads. Exploring key questions like whom your audience follows, where they frequent, and what they fund, he demystifies the process of identifying your target market. Key highlights: ROI and ROE in Advertising Importance Organic vs. Paid Advertising Reimagining Funnel Marketing Personal Branding and Targeting Premium Prospects Paid Advertising for Organic Growth Targeting and Optimizing Facebook Ads Opportunities for Business Growth and Support Connect with Nicholas Kusmich: Website: Twitter: @nicholaskusmich LinkedIn: Nicholas Kusmich Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
9/19/202349 minutes, 11 seconds
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Bringing Respect Back to the Trades with Andrew Aranda - EP 320

Imagine transforming your ideas into an eight-figure business, in a sector as significant as the service industry. That’s exactly what Andrew Aranda, founder and CEO of Pure Plumbing and Air, accomplished. His journey, from starting in his garage to building a dream office, is remarkable. Andrew and his wife, Alexis, combined their unique talents to create a powerhouse partnership. Andrew is on a mission to bring respect back to the trades at a time when these skills are highly sought after. In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Andrew shares his strategic approaches to business growth. He dives into his systems, from organized job descriptions, KPIs, and responsibilities set on different timelines. Andrew also impresses upon us the critical importance of customer service, and how a technician's cleanliness and organization can make or break trust with clients. It’s a masterclass in meticulous planning, discipline, and leading your team to success. Andrew opens up about his early struggles with prompting the wrong people, and firing those that were not the best fit. He shares what he has learned about how to make these tough but necessary decisions. Lastly, we get a glimpse of the man behind the eight-figure company, as he discusses the balancing act between work, physical health, spiritual wellness, family, and mental well-being. This episode is packed with life lessons and business strategies you won’t want to miss. Key highlights: Building an Eight-Figure Plumbing Company Promotions and Leadership in the Workplace The Importance of Having a Coach or Mentor Learning and Growing as Business Owners Balancing Life and Business  Connect with Andrew Aranda: Website: Instagram: @andyaranda1 Email: [email protected] Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
9/12/202358 minutes, 8 seconds
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5 Years of the 365 Driven Podcast - EP 319

Join Tony as he celebrates the fifth anniversary of the 365 Driven podcast. In this episode, he reflects on the journey of the podcast, the highs, the lows, and how it has consistently grown over the years. Tony also shares his personal experiences and lessons learned from starting a podcast and how he has managed to rank in the top 1% globally. Tony shares his experience of having his social media account disabled, and the lessons that came with it, along with an exciting announcement for the 365 Driven podcast. Key highlights: Tips for Building a Successful Podcast: Reflecting on 5 Years of Podcasting The Five C's of Audience Building The Impact of Having a Social Media Account Disabled Upcoming Event in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Video Content and Personal Growth Challenges Overcoming Critics and Naysayers Discipline, Accountability, and Showing Up Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
9/5/202348 minutes, 10 seconds
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Make Fitness a Non-Negotiable with Fraser Bayley - EP 318

What if, in the journey to better physical health, we discovered the path to enhanced mental wellness as well? Fraser Bayley is a fitness expert who has guided high-profile celebrities such as Chris Daughtry on their path to health and wellness, and in this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, he emphasizes the importance of making your health and fitness a non-negotiable. Fraser opens up about his own personal experiences with bipolar disorder, severe social anxiety, and ADHD, and how he used these struggles to develop a unique approach to fitness that goes beyond physicality. Discover how he utilized nutrition and supplementation to wean himself off of psych medications and enhance his mental health, transforming his life in the process. Fraser's journey explores the profound influence diet can have on our mental clarity and performance. He educates us about the detrimental impact of processed foods and inflammation and the benefits of making mindful lifestyle changes. He also shares his personal experience of quitting alcohol and the positive effects it had on his well-being. Fraser shares practical tips on navigating fitness challenges, the significance of self-care, the power of small wins, and the importance of an identity shift in overcoming such obstacles.  Fraser and Tony also discuss the importance of the quality of the calories we consume, staying hydrated, and maintaining a proper sleep routine. Fraser encourages you to elevate your baseline, commit to small changes, and be mindful of the body's feedback to adapt your lifestyle for the better. Whether you're just stepping foot onto your fitness journey or seeking to uplevel your health strategies, Fraser's insights are a goldmine of knowledge and motivation for personal growth and success. This is not just another fitness conversation, it's a lesson in life, resilience, and the power of the human spirit. Key highlights: Fraser’s Journey to Health The Link Between Physical Fitness and Mental Health  Diet's Effect on Brain Fog and Development Challenges and Identity Shifts The Importance of Prioritizing Self-Care Get Started With Fitness & Health Healthy Habits for 30 Days Upgrade Your Health and Fitness Strategies Encouragement for Personal Growth and Success Connect with Fraser Bayley: Instagram: @fraserbayley Facebook: Fraser Bayley Email: [email protected] Get Fraser’s free downloads: Superhuman Bloodwork Blueprint and Superhuman Travel Protocol Website: Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
8/29/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 39 seconds
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Real Estate Wholesaling Explained with Chris Rood - EP 317

Chris Rood is a self-made entrepreneur and an expert in wholesaling and real estate investment. Chris shares his inspiring journey from being diagnosed with learning disabilities and mental illnesses in his youth, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. His experiences hitting rock bottom and going to rehab led him to personal development and starting a business that would eventually provide a six-figure income before even graduating college. He further expanded his ventures into real estate, creating a flourishing empire and providing insight into the hard work and dedication required for success in entrepreneurship. In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Chris unpacks his fearless approach to risk-taking in entrepreneurship, and the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur versus being an employee. He shares how his relentless hustle, hard work, and understanding of business fundamentals have been the keys to his success. Chris emphasizes the idea of "choosing your hard", either working as an entrepreneur or as an employee, shedding light on the reality that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Chris takes us on his journey into real estate investing and wholesaling. He breaks down the basics of wholesaling real estate, highlighting how it's similiar to what Amazon does, and discusses the concept of sourcing deals for investors. Chris dives into the harsh realities of real estate investing, including the risks associated, and the deceptive promises of gurus. Finally, Chris provides valuable advice on how to connect with authentic individuals in business and avoid the fakes out there. Tune in to hear Chris's extraordinary story and gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship and real estate investment. Key highlights: Chris Rood's Journey in Entrepreneurship Personal Development and Risk-Taking in Entrepreneurship Exploring Entrepreneurship vs. Employment Introduction to Wholesaling Real Estate Real Estate Investing and Guru Mentors The Deception of Online Gurus  Connect with Chris Rood: Website: Instagram: @realestaterood LinkedIn: Chris Rood YouTube: Chris Rood Facebook: Chris Rood Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
8/22/202358 minutes, 19 seconds
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Build Happiness at Work with Lori-Ann Duguay - EP 316

What does it take for people to be happy at work? Today’s guest is here to tell us how to create a workplace culture that fosters happiness and fulfillment. Lori-Ann Duguay is a seasoned culture catalyst dedicated to transforming organizational cultures into more positive and productive environments. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Lori-Ann’s insights into leadership development and culture building are not to be missed. Tony and Lori-Ann delve into the crucial distinction between a leader and a manager, and how many organizations fall short in providing the necessary tools for people to evolve into effective people managers. Tony and Lori-Ann discuss the modern work environment and how leaders can improve productivity while offering their employees the flexibility of working from home. Lori-Ann shares valuable insights on the importance of soft skills in leadership roles, emphasizing the critical role emotional intelligence plays in a CEO's success. Leadership skills such as these are generally not covered in the traditional education system, yet they are incredibly important for a positive and productive workplace culture. You'll hear about the power of constructive feedback and understanding each team member's individual motivators to increase employee satisfaction and performance. Lori-Ann walks us through the four styles of motivation - dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness - and how understanding these can help create a motivating environment for everyone. Lori-Ann shares exciting news about her new book, The Happiness Factor launching today, how you can get your own copy, and what you will learn about building happiness in the workplace. Key highlights: What it Means to be a Culture Catalyst Manager vs Leader Flexibility and the Remote Workplace Increasing Employee Satisfaction and Performance Improving Workplace Culture and Communication Connect with Lori-Ann Duguay: Website: Instagram: @peoplepoweredsolutions LinkedIn: Lori-Ann Duguay Connect with Tony Whatley:Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
8/15/202358 minutes, 15 seconds
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On the Mic: Podcasting with Larry Roberts - EP 315

Larry Roberts pulls back the curtain on the podcasting universe in this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast. Larry Roberts is a podcasting powerhouse and the creative genius behind Red Hat Media. After burning out in the corporate world, Larry took a dive into a new realm of opportunities. His goal was simple: to find excitement in what he was doing every day. Since 2014, Larry has been making himself a household name within the podcasting industry, speaking on stages of national and global trade events including Podfest Multimedia Expo and Podcast Movement, hosting shows that reached the top 1.5% of podcasts, and being named to Podcast Magazine’s 40 Over 40 in Podcasting. In this episode, Larry shares his wild ride from listening to his first podcast episode, to hosting his own comedy show, leaving the corporate world, and plunging headfirst into the dynamic world of podcasting. He also shares his thoughts on understanding your podcast's purpose, setting practical expectations, and the power of consistency in everything from branding to content.  Larry gets into the nitty-gritty of personal branding in podcasting and gives you a master class on the art of stepping out from behind the mic to build connections with audiences and guests. Larry and Tony also explore the future of podcasting, emphasizing the importance of embracing video and YouTube for audience growth, and creating bite-sized content to grab attention. So, whether you're a podcasting novice or a seasoned pro, or just wanting to learn more about content creation, this episode promises a treasure trove of insights and humor.  Key highlights: Podcasting and Career Transitions The Power of Laughter and Comedy Common Mistakes in Podcasting The Importance of Consistency in Podcasting Niche Podcasting and Personal Fulfillment Personal Branding The Importance of Authenticity in Branding The Future of Podcasting and Video Episode resources: Book: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink Connect with Larry Roberts: Website: Instagram: @thelarryroberts LinkedIn: Larry Roberts Facebook: Larry Roberts Connect with Tony Whatley:Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
8/8/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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Demystifying Food Labels - with Jen Smiley - EP 314

Have you ever been puzzled by the confusing labels on your favorite food products? Well, you're not alone. This episode invites you on an eye-opening journey with expert food coach, Jen Smiley, to decode the truth about the food industry and how it often misrepresents facts to the consumer. Jen reveals the secrets behind oils in our food and the potentially harmful effects of the common ones, while revealing how she cracked the food industry code. Jen explains how food influences our health and well-being, particularly concerning inflammation, skin disorders, and gut wellness. She illuminates the significant part our diet plays in conditions like cancer, IBS, psoriasis, arthritis, and Hashimoto's, underscoring the transformative power of making food swaps. Jen's candid interactions with her large social media following provides an inspiring look at her authentic, day-to-day pursuit of enhanced health. Jen stresses the critical importance of reading labels and being equipped with the knowledge to make better food choices. She exposes the shocking truth about popular brands and their potentially harmful ingredients. Tune in to this enlightening episode, absorb Jen's wisdom, and start fueling your body with foods that won’t work against you. Key highlights: Why the food industry is misleading How our food impacts our health, wellbeing, and energy Inflammatory foods and healthier choices Why you should stay away from soda and energy drinks How Jen grew an engaged social media audience Where to start with food swaps Connect with Jen Smiley: Website: jensmiley.comJen’s Freebie: Instagram: @wakeupandreadthelabels Podcast: Wake Up and Read the Labels  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
8/1/202354 minutes, 39 seconds
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You Don't Deserve Success - with Robert Walsh - EP 313

Famed copywriting maestro and bestselling author, Robert Walsh, opens up the curtains to his thriving career in this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast. Robert tales of transformation from a blue-collar worker to an in-demand copywriter—working with big names like Donald Trump Jr and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank fame—are as riveting as they are inspiring. Tune in as Robert sheds light on his captivating transition, his early branding, and how he has brilliantly capitalized on the e-commerce and Facebook ad boom. Robert Walsh is a multi 9-figure earning copywriter and consultant. With over $200,000,000 in sales across him and his clients, his methods, as unconventional as they are, have been the go-to methodology for some of the biggest brands and influencers in the digital marketing industry. Robert's unique approach to copywriting is an eye-opener, shedding light on persuasive strategies and techniques that spark action. Ever controversial, his methodology might not appeal to everyone, but there's no denying its effectiveness. From harnessing the power of language that motivates, to understanding the importance of audience insight—Robert unpacks it all. Amidst lively discussions, Tony and Robert also explore the significance of authenticity, and how standing out in an industry is more about being true to oneself than following trends. Let's also talk humility in business—the often overlooked secret ingredient to success. Robert opens up about his humble beginnings, sharing how a blend of self-deprecating humor and humility has shaped his journey and landed him some of his biggest gigs. They’ve also got you covered with some action-packed tips to become a better copywriter and a bunch of resources for budding writers out there. Join in on this informative and entertaining episode with Robert Walsh, packed with invaluable lessons, strategies, and insider insights from the trenches of copywriting. Key highlights: Mastering the Art of Copywriting From Awkward Kid to Successful Copywriter Embracing Authenticity and Standing Out Copywriting Strategies and Techniques Creativity and Controversy in Marketing Effective Copywriting Techniques The Importance of Humility in Business Copywriting and Creative Resources for Success Connect with Robert Walsh: Website: Instagram: @Lucid.Rob Facebook: Robert Walsh Claim Your FREE Digital Copy of Robert’s #1 Best-Selling Book: The Lazy Copywrighter’s Guide to the Galaxy  Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
7/25/20231 hour, 11 seconds
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Being Real in a Digital World - with Mike Fabber - EP 312

At a time when people will say whatever they have to say not to get canceled, being real and authentic is not as common as it should be, but is critical for attracting the right people to your circle. If you are always worried about saying the wrong thing or having people upset with you for your stance on a topic, then you are going to have a harder time making meaningful connections and building your brand. You won't want to miss this episode as Tony sits down with the dynamic Mike Fabber, a renowned sports coach, high-performance success coach, speaker, and author who has cultivated a meaningful connection with his audience through social media and hosting events. Mike and Tony tackle the significance of authenticity and staying true to oneself even in the digital age, where being a thought leader is rare. They also dive into the passionate world of sports culture and its connection to the business world. Mike Fabber is the founder of UnleashU, which features leadership conferences that connect like-minded people for networking and an unforgettable experience. Mike is known as a "serial entrepreneur", owning several businesses and helping other businesses grow. He is also the Executive Director of the Joseph Patrick Fabber Memorial Foundation, with the mission to prevent suicide, anti-drugs, and anti-bullying. In this episode, Mike and Tony reflect on event planning amidst the pandemic and the lessons that were learned during that time. You will hear about what goes into planning a successful event and gain insights into the importance of taking risks and learning from mistakes. The discussion further extends to the world of digital marketing, the rise of the new app Threads, and the perils of digital scams. Lastly, Mike and Tony converse about the resilience required in business, opportunities for financial success, and ways to enhance your business. Quote from the episode: “You can have it all. You got to be willing to fight long enough and hard enough to have it.” - Mike Fabber Key highlights: Reflection on lessons from the Pandemic Why Tony calls his events Advance and not Retreat The economics of hosting events Why hard times make you better Building wealth in a down economy What you should be doing if you are making less than $10k a month How to start investing in yourself 2 easy ways to make $100,000 with limited skills Connect with Mike Fabber: Website: | Instagram: @thecoachmikefabber Facebook: Michael Fabber Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
7/18/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 44 seconds
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Advice on Hosting Events - with Tony Whatley - EP 311

In this episode I share some lessons and tips I've learned from completing five mastermind / retreat type events. Our previous events included: Zion National Park (Utah)  Glacier National Park (Montana)  Radford Racing School (Arizona)  Chichen Itza Mayan Pyramid (Playa del Carmen, Mexico)  Castles and Wineries (Lisbon & Porto, Portugal)  If these types of exploration events interest you, join us at
7/12/202327 minutes, 54 seconds
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Build a Mission Driven Business - with Trevor Farnes - EP 310

Having a mission that serves as your “why” is so valuable when building and scaling a business. A business that operates around a set of core values is going to stand out to customers as having integrity which will in turn build trust that will set you apart from competitors. Trevor Farnes and his business MTN OPS are an amazing example of what it looks like to filter all decisions through core values, stay true to a mission, and foster a culture of interdependence in which each team member plays a key role. Trevor Farnes is the Co-Founder and CEO of MTN OPS, which is a supplement company that Trevor originally started in an effort to combat his father’s heart disease. MTN OPS’ mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families and believes that the journey of transformation spiritually, physically, mentally, and socially is a journey to conquer. Through their program Conquer Hunger, Trevor’s company has been able to donate over 5 million meals to local families in need. Trevor looks at business not only as a means to an income, but also as an asset to do the things we’re supposed to do in life, and he strives to make a difference and help as many people as he can. In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Trevor talks about his own experience with depression, losing everything, and how he was able to fight back and become a hero to his younger self. Tony shares his story of how he overcame his pride and learned to ask for help during a difficult time in business. Tony and Trevor explore the advantages and disadvantages of franchising versus creating your own brand, and they emphasize the importance of core values and how they can help guide decision-making. They also discuss the importance of creating a safe space for employees and how interdependence is key to success. Finally, Tony and Trevor discuss the growth of MountainOps and how it has become a platform to help others. Quote from the episode: “You're most powerfully positioned to serve the person you once were.” - Trevor Farnes Key highlights: Trevor’s story of losing everything after getting involved in a franchise business model and how he was able to come back from that experience Why MTN OPS was created Franchise vs. starting your own business How MTN OPS’ core values have built trust with their customers Interdependance = teamwork  Why trials and hard times are important lessons Viewing business as an asset to help others Connect with Trevor Farnes: Website: Instagram: @mtnops | @trevorfarnes LinkedIn: MTN OPS | Trevor Farnes Facebook: MTN OPS | Trevor Farnes Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
7/4/202356 minutes, 22 seconds
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Uncovering the Ego Trap - with Zach Babcock - EP 309

Zachary Babcock needs no introduction as he is a three-peat guest on the podcast and always has a powerful message to share. On this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Tony and Zach discuss their frustrations with gurus in the personal development industry who have big egos that get in the way of being authentic, providing consistent value, and not getting caught up in always looking for the next shiny object. Tony and Zach share their own experiences with ego and self-awareness, emphasizing the importance of staying humble and true to your values.  Zach and Tony share their insight on how to evaluate influencers and spot scammers, and emphasize the importance of doing your own research on who you decide to listen to and pay attention to.  Zach shares his recent struggle with getting burnt out on making content when he realized it wasn’t aligned with who he is, and he dives into the importance of energy and intention when creating content. Zach and Tony discuss the importance of making ethical choices, the power of karma, and the dangers of buying fake followers.  Tune in to hear this engaging conversation about how to make sure you're following the right people, and how to live a life of integrity.  Key highlights: Quick recap on Zach’s story: He went to prison twice, was released in 2014, and completely turned his life around Why Zach and Tony are anti-guru Not letting your ego get the best of you The significance of working on your past, traumas, and triggers Tony’s perspective on social media: If you see it as a drain, that might be an indicator that you are following the wrong people “Posturing” on social media and why you shouldn’t do it Fake influencers and fake followers Doing the right thing always: Karma is real Don’t compromise on your values in the pursuit of money Episode resources: Check social media analytics at: Check out Zach’s upcoming event in St. Peters, MO on July 14: Connect with Zach Babcock: Website: Instagram: @realzachbabcock Connect with Tony Whatley: Instagram: @365driven Facebook: 365 Driven LinkedIn: Tony Whatley
6/27/20231 hour, 1 minute, 7 seconds
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Mastering SEO: Increase Traffic Without Ads - with Damon Burton - EP 308

In the business world, we hear a lot about the importance of SEO, but what exactly is it, and what do you need to know about it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and learning the basics could mean much more eyes on your content, which means more sales without increasing your advertising. That is what Damon Burton breaks down for us in this episode. Damon Burton is a search engine marketing expert who has beat billion-dollar companies at their own game and has proven strategies to grow your business. Damon is a Forbes contributor and an Amazon best-selling SEO book author that helps you show up higher on Google, without paying for ads. His clients include the Utah Jazz’s Team Store and businesses that have been featured on Shark Tank and recognized by Inc. In this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Tony and Damon discuss the importance of SEO for online businesses. They cover topics such as website redesign pitfalls, the basics of SEO, and the significance of blogs as a doorway to a website. Damon explains the importance of website structure and content, as well as the role of AI in creating and repurposing content. Damon shares his expertise and offers actionable tips for improving website visibility. He also emphasizes the need to show personal individuality and authenticity in order to build a personal brand that people can relate to. Key highlights: Where is the best place to host your website?  What's the deal with SEO plugins? What goes into SEO?  Key pieces that most sites are lacking Damon’s advice for someone that is just getting started with SEO How to target people in a specific location SEO for real estate agents How to build a personal brand Life lessons: learning and growing from your mistakes and other’s people's mistakes For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
6/20/202358 minutes, 43 seconds
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Unlock Your Business's Purchasing Power - with Jack McColl - EP 307

Right now is a crucial time to build up your purchasing power. With an uncertain economy and banks collapsing, it's only going to get more difficult to get access to the type of capital that Jack McColl breaks down in this episode. if you have this knowledge and you are prepared, that is going to put you that much further ahead of your competition. If you want to scale your business, buy more inventory, or hire employees without giving away any equity, then this episode is for you. Guaranteed you won’t learn this in business school, so take advantage of the knowledge Jack drops here. Jack McColl is the founder of where he helps entrepreneurs finance their businesses with 0% interest. Jack is a self-made mogul who went from having zero dollars in business credit to being approved for $500,000 in a little more than a year. He took what he learned and created Credit Stacking to share his technique with others. On this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Jack shares his expertise on how business owners can increase their purchasing power by building their credit. Jack explains the importance of having access to capital to fund and scale businesses, and how he was able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars using 0% interest business credit cards. Join Tony and Jack on this episode as they discuss how to maintain a low-risk business entity, how to avoid paying interest, and which banks offer the best business credit cards. They also share tips on building a strong personal credit profile and getting high-limit credit cards. Jack discusses the importance of having a business checking account and how it can help build a relationship with lenders. He also explains how to liquidate credit cards into cash and use it for real estate deals or other investments. Quote from the episode: “Funding businesses on zero percent interest business credit cards is the easiest way to raise money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you're not giving away any equity, you're not paying any interest, you're not bootstrapped.” - Jack McColl Key highlights: Personal vs. Business credit  Why business credit cards are better than giving away equity in your business Will business credit cards affect your personal credit score? How to get 0% interest for several years What do banks look at when approving you for credit? How to optimize or repair your personal credit profile Are there hidden agendas of 0% offers? How to liquidate credit into cash For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
6/13/202336 minutes, 43 seconds
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Create Momentum Through Micro-Actions - with Jason Starbuck - EP 306

Jason Starbuck shares his journey from running e-commerce stores to living in Thailand, competing in Muay Thai, and creating his current business MOVD - Entrepreneur Evolved. He emphasizes the importance of micro-actions in physical, mindset, and personal business areas to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Over the last 14 years, Jason Starbuck has created multiple web developments, owned 7 e-commerce stores, traveled to 13 countries, built a highly efficient call center, hired over 350 employees across multiple continents, and has generated millions of dollars through lead gen and e-commerce. Jason decided to create MOVD to help other entrepreneurs evolve and grow in all areas of life. Having money and material items alone will not bring fulfillment and happiness. All too often, people sacrifice their body, health, relationships, and peace for money, and then at some point realize it wasn’t worth it. Achieving peace, fulfillment, and happiness are ultimately the most important things in our lives, and that can be done through finding a balance while at the same time, having a very successful business and income that brings financial freedom. In this episode, Jason and Tony talk about their realization that so many people skip over important aspects of life in their pursuit of money. Pick up a fun hobby, prioritize important relationships, have a fitness routine, set boundaries with others, and keep promises to yourself. In today’s world, so many people walk around in a very stressed state, and we need to examine why. Money is not worth your peace, so tune in to hear how to achieve a more balanced life through micro-actions that build momentum. Quotes from the episode: “Create boundaries, learn to say no, and guard your happiness. Saying yes to everything means saying no to yourself.” "Money does not buy happiness, and there are too many people out there focusing on the financial things and thinking that, hey, I'm unhappy, I'm depressed. Focusing on peacefulness, fulfillment, happiness - these are the most important things in my life nowadays. Health is the number one priority.” Key highlights: Why Jason created his business MOVD How physical fitness rewires our brain and makes us successful in other areas Why you need a micro-action system in 3 areas: physical, mindset, and personal business  What Jason learned from Martial Arts and living in Thailand Examining our stress and finding peace and fulfillment  Creating boundaries and learning to say no The importance of doing things just for fun Why people criticize others The fitness side of entrepreneurship Tony’s mindset hack for consistent exercise For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
6/6/202351 minutes, 52 seconds
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Maximizing Business Valuation - with Lance Bachmann - EP 305

Lance Bachmann, also known as the Digital Lion, shares his journey from a troubled childhood to becoming a highly successful serial entrepreneur. According to Bachmann, the key to success in business is to focus on three essential areas: numbers, sales, and communication. Knowing how to read a P&L statement, understanding the sales process, and being able to communicate effectively are crucial for success. Bachmann also stresses the importance of believing in oneself and taking action. Lance Bachmann is a true son of Philadelphia: he was raised in the Northeast alongside his 14 brothers and sisters. With strong roots in his hometown and an unparalleled commitment to his family, Lance is a professional family man that can be trusted with anything. He was the youngest vice president in AT&T history and helped start before leaving to start his own company, 1SEO, in 2009. Since then, Bachmann has become a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner of multiple home service companies. When it comes to private equity deals and acquisitions, Lance emphasizes the importance of having processes, systems, teams, leadership, and cash flow in place for managing and operating a business with valuation in mind. He stresses the importance of being transparent and honest when it comes to partnerships and acquisitions, and all parties being upfront about expectations. Overall, Lance Bachmann's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, hard work, and a never-give-up attitude. His insights and experiences provide valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build successful businesses. So take action, believe in yourself, and unlock the secrets of successful entrepreneurship with Lance Bachmann. Quotes from the episode: "If you're gonna go start your own company, take action, and don't be afraid to fail. Failure is just a stepping stone to success." "I truly believe to own a company and see its scale, the leader has to be able to sell and communicate articulated vision and have people believe in them." Key highlights: How Lance got involved with SEO Advice to new business owners Why Lance chooses service-based businesses How do you create valuation or enterprise value? Why your business isn’t worth anything  Achieving generational wealth Selling with private equity Two things that kill deals: ego and time Why you should be operating your business with valuation in mind  For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
5/30/202354 minutes, 5 seconds
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Patriotism Is Not Exclusive - with Ian Wendt - EP 304

When building a brand, people often put their focus on the wrong areas and then wonder why the brand isn’t taking off. When we’re talking branding, especially apparel, people are usually buying into an idea or another person and what they stand for, and not necessarily just the products themselves. Building a message that you know other people need to hear is an essential first step in getting people to be interested in your brand. Find a community that will rally around that message, inspire them with your ideas, and they will want to buy what you create as their way of supporting your idea. This is the slow yet brilliant approach that led to the very successful launch of the apparel company Official Patriot Gear, owned by Ian Wendt. Ian Wendt is an expert in sales, an accomplished creative, speaker, and a marketing professional. Ian’s passion has always been about serving others by helping them to reach new levels of performance both in their professional and personal lives. With his successful history in communication sales, Ian turned his focus on launching his own brand and apparel company, Official Patriot Gear. Their message is simple: patriotism is not partisan or exclusive. He’s taking that message to the masses and drawing attention to some of the most controversial and polarizing subjects of today’s culture and society. At the age of 34, Ian has established himself as an influential leader and teacher. In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Ian Wendt talks about the importance of always chasing fulfillment, focusing on adding value to others, embracing challenges, not being afraid to reinvent yourself, and what it means to be a Patriot. Ian credits a lot of his success to making the decision to stop caring what other people think about him. Although we hear this advice a lot, few people have actually put that into action. Releasing the fear of judgment or how others may perceive you will free you to do so much more and align with people that will resonate with your message. That is how you build an unstoppable brand.  Key highlights: Fulfillment should be constant  How to be successful: Find gaps and find a way to fill them Put yourself in challenging situations so you can grow from them Society’s two biggest problems: Apathy and entitlement  The 3 things that drive people: Money, power, and control About Official Patriot Gear: What is it and how did it start? Why building an identity around politics is dangerous How to build a powerful brand Putting your audience into perspective if you think you don’t have a big enough following to make a difference in the world For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
5/23/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 59 seconds
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Recession-Proof Your Business - with Jeff Fenster - EP 303

If you’re in the business world, you have probably heard of the term “vertical integration". But what exactly does that mean? This very strategic business approach could be part of a number of moves you can make to build a rock-solid business that would weather a recession. Jeff Fenster is back on the 365 Driven podcast, and Jeff is an expert in vertical integration and serial entrepreneurship. Jeff Fenster is the CEO of Everbowl, a best-selling author, and podcast host. Jeff is an award-winning entrepreneur who credits his success to one thing: the art of building and maintaining relationships. His businesses range from a quick-serve restaurant chain, Payroll & HR company, a digital marketing agency, and a construction company. He was named a Top 100 Entrepreneur in America under the age of 35, a Top 40 Executive under 40 by the Business Journal, a finalist for CEO of the Year by Ernst & Young, and was named a Top Entrepreneur to follow for 2022. He has appeared on over 500 podcasts, created courses for LinkedIn Learning, and speaks across the country on entrepreneurial mindset, authentic networking, and vertical integration.  In this episode, Jeff delivers so much gold when it comes to building, growing, and protecting powerful businesses. As someone that has built and scaled various types of businesses, Jeff reveals where so many entrepreneurs go wrong which doesn’t allow their business to flourish and thrive. If you are tied to your business and you can’t take a vacation without it falling apart, this episode is for you. Another very important aspect of owning a business is making sure it is profitable. Jeff offers a different perspective here. What if instead of focusing on how to make more money in your business, you use your entrepreneurial problem-solving ability to come up with ways to keep more money? That is what vertical integration is all about and you are going to want to hear how Jeff does it.  Key highlights: What is vertical integration? Where a lot of entrepreneurs go wrong What not to do when hiring team members How to build great teams in your business Being an effective leader Lessons on ego and self-awareness Don't solve problems, erase problems Making your business recession-proof Why experience is overrated in building businesses Do you need a business partner? Jeff’s advice to beginners About Jeff’s upcoming podcast: The Success Formula  For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
5/16/202356 minutes, 56 seconds
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Be Authentic as F*ck - with Sun Yi - EP 302

You might already know about the importance of being authentic, but maybe you’re not exactly sure how to translate that over social media in order to attract your ideal customers. You don’t want to be so authentic and transparent that you don’t leave any mystery about you, and you also don’t want to share so much that you become uninteresting to listen to. There is definitely an art in owning who you are and what your unique talents are, and conveying that appropriately to your audience so that you stand out while showcasing your expertise. Sun Yi calls this the “goldilocks of personal branding.” Sun Yi is an entrepreneur, storyteller, and TEDx speaker. He is the founder of Night Owls, an award-winning digital agency in NYC. In 2022, he started Night Owl Nation, a community that practices storytelling together. Sun gained over 50k Instagram followers in only 6 months, and in this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, he reveals his content strategy and the common mistakes he sees people making on social media, and what you should actually be doing instead. So many people think if they post consistently, that will be enough to grow their following, but they are missing a key component. It is called “social media” for a reason. The interactions are meant to be a 2-way street. No one likes when someone just takes without giving anything in return. Instead of “posting and ghosting” think about how you can use your knowledge and abilities to serve with authenticity, and the right clientele will take notice. Key highlights: Sun’s content strategy and how he got 50k followers in 6 months Repurposing and recycling content What is a carousel on Instagram? The 3 necessary pieces of great content Why Sun has a consistent theme and colors on his Instagram page Don’t “post and ghost” Nuances about social media that Sun didn’t realize before The problem with influencer mentality How to land high-caliber clients Where to start if you are new to social media Why really great content might not perform well Common storytelling mistakes The importance of being relatable For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
5/9/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 37 seconds
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Unleash Your Rockstar - with Jonathan George - EP 301

In the personal development space, we often hear the advice to be authentic and to ensure we are operating from a place of authenticity, but what happens if you don’t know who you are? This happens more often than you might think, and even celebrities deal with identity struggles. In the entrepreneurial world, you have to have clarity in who you are, and who you are speaking to, or the disconnect will be apparent. Jonathan George is here on the 365 Driven Podcast to dive deep into personal branding and offer a different perspective on what exactly it all means and how to achieve it the right way. Jonathan George is the CEO of a Personal Branding Agency called Unleash Your Rockstar. His clients have amassed over 150 million online followers leading him to be dubbed “The Human Hitmaker.” As a specialist in creating, positioning, and expanding authentic rockstar personal brands to scale business brands, Jonathan has worked with top brands including Chanel, Universal, Sony ATV, Hulu, FOX, and Disney. As a thought leader on the topic, he also utilizes it as one of the hottest tools for self-development for GenZers and Millennials. In this episode, Jonathan explains why it is so crucial to understand who you are in this day and age. With social media, so many of us get caught up in comparing ourselves to others, leading to anxiety and overwhelm. If we haven't taken the time to overcome the insecurities we had as children, we can carry them into adulthood without even realizing it, and then we let those insecurities turn into excuses as to why we can’t go after our goals. With mental health on the decline, it is becoming increasingly important to break through the walls and barriers that are holding you back and be the person you are meant to be. Unleashing your rockstar means unapologetically being who you are. Key highlights: The mental effects of social media The number one thing that will hold you back from reaching your dreams  Jonathan’s rebirthing experience and how he found real confidence Why personal branding is more than just colors and fonts How Jonathan helps people figure out how they want to show up in the world Why you need to understand your weaknesses Learning how to tell your story in a way that connects to your audience  Oversharing: how do you know when it becomes too much? Crisis Management: How to diffuse situations you are not proud of Controlling how people perceive you Why your personal brand shouldn't be built around your business Why a personal brand is portable and can be pivoted for any business For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
5/2/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 28 seconds
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Millions of YouTube Subscribers - with Sean Cannell - EP 300

With the popularity of video content skyrocketing on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and of course YouTube, it is becoming more apparent that as an entrepreneur, you should be taking advantage of these platforms to reach your ideal customers. The most effective and powerful entrepreneurs are those that know how to tell their message, create engaging content, build that know, like, and trust factor, and bring people into their world. One of the most valuable skills in the modern era is knowing how to reach your customers through video content, and according to Sean Cannell, video podcasting is one of the biggest opportunities in 2023. In this episode of 365 Driven, Sean explains exactly what you need to get started with video content today. Sean Cannell is the CEO of Think Media and host of the Think Media Podcast. He is one of today’s leading online video experts and the world’s most-watched YouTube strategist. Sean has been featured on, CNBC, Social Media Examiner,, and After growing an eight-figure income as a “Tech YouTuber,” he built a multimillion-dollar online video education company that he still runs today. Sean is also an international speaker, coach, and prolific content creator. His mission is to help ten thousand purpose-driven people create a full-time living with YouTube. Creating video content can be intimidating and you might already have a bunch of excuses as to why you can’t get started. What is waiting for you on the other side of consistently releasing videos, is more leads, more impact, more customers, more purpose, more personal development, and more growth for your brand and business. Sean urges you to punch fear and perfection in the face, just get started where you are right now, and grow from there. Sean’s simple and accessible approach squashes any barriers or excuses you might have and sheds light on the important aspects that you should be paying attention to in order to gain traction with your content, whether that be long or short-form videos. If you haven’t thought about getting on YouTube, Sean reveals what you are missing out on, and why you should take advantage of the platform to optimize your brand. Key highlights: How Sean got started with video content Why entrepreneurs should release content on YouTube Getting over the fears and hurdles of starting with video content Do downloads, views, comments, and likes matter? Sean’s perfect video recipe for getting more views and attention on YouTube The biggest mistake that 99% of entrepreneurs are making with video content What makes a good YouTube thumbnail?  How to get people to click on your videos The importance of hooking people in within the first 3 seconds Key metrics for hacking the YouTube algorithm How to get started in the next 24 hours For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
4/25/202359 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sustaining Habits and Building Authority - with Chris Warnes - EP 299

Too often when people fail at something that they have been working hard toward, the default reaction is to give up or rebound hard in the opposite direction, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. Or maybe the opposite is true and you reached a big milestone you have been aiming for, so you celebrate big and then fall off the wagon. When you fail at something or even reach your goal, that doesn’t have to be the end. Failure can be a great gift that teaches you very valuable lessons if you know how to pay attention. Success also teaches you a great deal, but don't lose sight of the habits that got you there. Sustainability and consistency are the keys. Chris Warnes is a great example of how to build and maintain a successful business and authority, and how to take failure as a lesson. Chris Warnes is a serial entrepreneur, independent watch dealer, business coach, life mentor, speaker, and author focused on self-awareness, purpose, spirituality, mindset, leadership, company culture, and the true meaning of entrepreneurship. After two tours in Iraq with the Army, Chris was awarded The Purple Heart and now lives, breathes, and teaches the warrior mindset. His companies operate from the culture and core values that he lives by and represents. His care for people, discipline, and accountability sets him apart from others. In over 15 years, Chris has built six companies, including online fitness coaching, a full-service gym, real estate investing, dealing high-end timepieces, Warrior Consulting, and most recently, a Non-Profit. Chris has recently also become two companies’ managing/equity partner for his leadership, expertise, and knowledge. In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Chris shares what he learned from a near-death experience while serving in the military, and why we need to shift how we view failure and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. The journey is more important than the finish line, and once you reach that finish line, don’t take it as an excuse to go back to old habits, but instead celebrate, and then get back to work. Chris also shares how he built his online presence and became an authority in the fitness industry, and now coaching space. People often think they don’t have the credibility or knowledge to be an authority in their space, but Chris and Tony offer a different perspective and share how you can get started creating content today.  Key highlights: What Chris learned about himself in combat after serving 2 tours in the military  Chris and Tony’s thoughts on 75 Hard Why you should see failure as a lesson How Chris pivoted his business to meet market demand How to create content that will build authority and an audience Chris’ words of advice for people that have a goal but are afraid to pursue it For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
4/18/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 52 seconds
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Lamborghinis & Airplanes - with Steve Currington - EP 298

To attract your ideal audience and the kind of people you want to be surrounded with, the key is to be your true self and stop trying to make everyone like you. No matter what you do, there will always be people that have negative things to say, and that can increase as you become more successful. Instead of being the person you think other people want you to be, or copying someone else you see online, build your own personal brand by being yourself and the right people will follow. Steve Currington has a great story of building his personal brand by being true to himself and following the guidance of a great coach. Steve Currington is a well-known mortgage banker and entrepreneur. He is a VP at CrossCountry Mortgage and has become a prominent figure in the industry. Steve has been recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the United States. Steve is also known for his philanthropic work in the Tulsa community and has been actively involved in a number of charitable organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, St. Jude, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and has been recognized for his contributions to the community. In addition to his professional and philanthropic work, Steve is also an avid car enthusiast and uses his love of cars to connect with people in the automobile industry. In 2019 Steve took his love of Lamborghini to the internet and created the YouTube channel LambroSteve to highlight his cars and share his experiences outside of the mortgage company he runs.  In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Steve and Tony discuss the true value of hiring a business coach and how to know if you are ready to make that commitment. Steve shares how he got into the mortgage business, how he overcame substance addictions and traded them for Lamborghinis and airplanes, and how he uses them as marketing strategies.  Key highlights: The true value of a business coach  How to become a leader before you are recognized as a leader How Steve found his “purple cow” Steve’s reasons for having exotic cars and an airplane Benefits of having expensive hobbies Why Steve decided to utilize social media more, and how he went viral on YouTube The Lambo effect For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
4/11/202355 minutes, 22 seconds
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What Is Your Purpose? - with Jesse Elder - EP 297

Everyone wants to find their purpose and operate from that place, but what if we are chasing our purpose in the wrong way? Purpose is not something you have to achieve, it is what you are. You are either allowing yourself to be who and what you are, or you are restricting who and what you are. Every person has a unique function and by being who you are meant to be, there are amazing byproducts. Jesse Elder helps people dig into who they truly are and live a life that is authentically aligned with that unique purpose and vision. Jesse Elder is a speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, and all-around lover of life. He has devoted his life to sharing his principles of self-mastery with people all around the world. Through his popular Mind Vitamin videos, online courses, events, and private coaching, Jesse teaches others how to create their own success and fulfillment, reclaim their personal freedom, and master their reality.  In this episode of the 365 Driven podcast, Jesse shares his upbringing of being homeschooled, watching his dad get arrested and go to prison for standing up for his beliefs, and how that shaped his view of the world. Jesse talks about his experience growing up learning martial arts, and how getting into a fight at 19 gave him the reality check that propelled him to question everything he thought he knew. He realized everyone feels like they know the truth, but we all can’t think the same thing about everything. Jesse had been seeking the truth, but he came to realize that he never actually wanted to feel as though he had arrived at the truth. He stopped asking what is true and started asking what is useful. Tune in for more. Key highlights: The purpose of pain Our relationship with fear The problem with inauthenticity  How to stay connected to your intuition How Jesse helps people connect to their true purpose How to be emotionally sovereign  A simple exercise to get connected to your purpose  How to create content that people will resonate with For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
4/4/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 31 seconds
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Wants Vs Needs - with Tony Whatley EP 296

In this episode I share some mindset awareness, specifically around living with wants vs needs, materials vs memories, and why you should invest more in experiences and memories. I also announce our next live, in-person event! We're going to Portugal on July 3-7, 2023. The event is limited to 40 attendees. You will find information at
3/28/202334 minutes, 59 seconds
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Reinvention Over Rehabilitation - with Angie Manson - EP 295

The definition of rehabilitation is to restore someone to their former condition, but a more helpful and empowering method is reinvention. We always want to be improving and gaining skills that make us better humans, and it is totally possible to completely reinvent ourselves into whatever version we want to be. Today’s guest has an incredible comeback story of going from facing prison time for a felony, to being a successful CEO of Elevate Addiction Services.  Angie Manson began drinking and using drugs at just 11 years old, was arrested and went to rehab at 16, and faced 10 years in prison at 21 years old. Due to a compassionate judge, Angie was sentenced to treatment instead. A couple of months in, she started working and giving back and realized her true purpose was to help others overcome the struggles she once faced. After completing 3-years of probation and working full-time in treatment, that same Judge erased all of Angie’s criminal record and gave her a completely clean slate. Angie used the opportunity to turn her life around and reinvent herself. Angie has now worked in alcohol and drug rehabilitation full-time for 28 years and empowers individuals to stay sober and reach their true potential with her unique and copyrighted method.  In this episode, Angie shares her story of what led to her addiction early in her life, and emphasizes the importance of parents having those tough, but very necessary conversations about drugs and alcohol with their children sooner rather than later. With the current opioid overdose crisis in our country, largely due to accidental Fentanyl ingestion, it has become even more important for parents to be aware of the hazards and prevention. Angie also dives into the topic of how to be an effective leader of an organization, personal branding, scaling, and using criticism to your benefit. Key highlights: Angie’s comeback story of being addicted to drugs and alcohol, facing prison time, and eventually completely reinventing herself as a successful CEO Angie’s advice to parents to look at clues that their kids may be getting into substance abuse What people need to know about the Fentanyl crisis  Why Angie’s approach to overcoming addiction works and changes lives How Angie grew her company from a small team to one of 100 team members currently  Why EQ matters more than IQ when it comes to running a company Qualities of a great leader Growing pains Angie saw as a business owner Angie’s advice to business owners in hiring team members Personal branding and owning your uniqueness  How to handle haters and critics and use criticism to your benefit For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
3/21/202356 minutes, 13 seconds
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Manufacturing Influence - with Ulyses Osuna - EP 294

With people paying for blue check marks and seeking quick ways to get known in their industry, more people want to know how they can fast-track their influence. While it is true that slowly and steadily building that know, like, and trust factor will greatly benefit you, we have seen that the universe loves speed. It is also true that there are unethical and frowned-upon ways to gain an audience, but there are always routes to manufacture influence with integrity and honesty if you want to establish trust and authority faster. Ulyses Osuna is here on the 365 Driven Podcast to talk all things media, PR, and everything you need to know to get known in the industry. Ulyses is the CEO of Influencer Press where he manages publicity for clients and helps them get known quicker. He has been featured in Forbes, and contributed to,,, and With Ulyses’ help, his clients have gotten 13 million views, and thousands of articles published.  In this episode, Ulyses shares why he got interested in PR at only 17 years old, and the very hard lessons he had to learn about the industry. As a young entrepreneur that wanted to reach the limelight as fast as possible, Ulyses knows that people are looking for someone to guide them to fast, yet honest strategies to increase their influence. With a lot of dishonesty in the media, the importance of building your influence with honesty is key to making yourself stand out in the crowd and building a loyal following that will carry over for decades. Ulyses covers how he helps his clients control what people think about them, the importance of personal branding, and his opinion on paying to get verified online.  Key highlights: The hard lessons Ulyses learned when getting into the industry  The importance of being honest on social media The problems with cancel culture  Where Ulyses’ passion came from Why media and PR are so alluring How to win in any industry Ulyses' opinion on paying to be featured in articles or for verification on social media How Ulyses works with clients to control what people see and think about them The PR snowball system Using podcast guesting as a PR pitch deck What do paid events look like? Why is personal branding important? Why should someone hire an agency and look to build their influence? For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
3/14/202356 minutes, 29 seconds
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How To Become Powerful - with Robert Greene - EP 293

Humans are incredibly powerful creatures, and we all want to portray our sense of power and never want to appear weak. Sometimes certain habits or insecurities can counteract this, but luckily today’s guest is an expert in what it takes to be truly powerful.  Robert Greene is an author and speaker known for his books on strategy, power, and seduction. Robert is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law, Mastery, The Laws of Human Nature, and most recently, The Daily Laws. Robert’s first book The 48 Laws of Power was released in 1998 and condensed 3 thousand years of the history of power into these very influential laws that are highly regarded by anyone seeking to unlock their true power. In this episode, Robert and Tony have a very deep and insightful conversation as they dive into several of Robert’s Laws of Power. After leaving over 60 jobs, Robert shares his realization that he was not meant to work for someone else, and what inspired him to write a book about power without first having any reputation. Whether you are a business owner or feeling frustrated at your corporate job, Robert’s insight is highly valuable and will help you position yourself as someone of power. In today’s digital world with the ease of sharing anything we want online, it has become even more critical to understand what it takes to be powerful.  Key highlights: Robert’s background and why he decided to become an author after leaving over 60 different jobs Law #1: Never outshine the master Robert’s advice to people feeling frustrated with their boss at work Law #4: Always say less than necessary  How does law #4 apply to social media? Using absence to create respect Law #9: Win through your actions and not through arguments  Law #15: Crush your enemy totally Law #18: Do not build fortresses to protect yourself  Law #25: Recreate yourself Law #28: Interact with boldness  Robert reflects on having a stroke in 2018 and what he learned about life, death, and mortality For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
3/7/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 39 seconds
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Billion Dollar Journey - with Alex Hormozi - EP 292

If there is a skill you want to learn or knowledge you want to acquire, the information is out there, whether that be through books, podcasts, or online. While consuming content and learning from others can teach you a great deal, the best way to learn is by actually playing the part and diving into whatever it is you want to do. Once you have the foundation, the information will be more likely to stick because it becomes applicable. Oftentimes, people get stuck in a consumption cycle and never actually apply it, but today’s guest is here to urge you to get started as he shares his billion-dollar journey.  Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. In 2013, he started his first brick & mortar business, and within three years, he successfully scaled his business to six locations. He then sold his locations and spent two years turning 32+ brick & mortar businesses around using that same model. He then packaged his process into a licensing model which scaled to over 4000+ locations in 4 years and he also founded and scaled three other companies to $120M+ in cumulative sales in that same time frame. Alex scaled and exited 7 companies and transitioned from CEO to the owner/shareholder position in these companies in 2020, and founded as a way to invest in other businesses. Alex is known for his expertise in customer acquisition and monetization. In this episode, Alex shares what he has learned from being who he wants to be online, and why he thinks so many people struggle to make content that converts. Alex explains how he learned some of the skills he applies in his businesses today, and why people fail to take action despite knowing what do to. He shares how he develops habits without having the “perfect” morning routine. Alex also dives into the 4 things you need to start a business, and the question everyone wants to know: What does content creation look like in the Hormozi household? Tune in for more. Key highlights: The problem with a lot of content Who Alex has looked to as a mentor or teacher Alex’s views on college - is it necessary? Alex’s advice to start a habit Thoughts on morning routines What Alex learned from having a brick-and-mortar business The 4 things you need to start a business What Alex likes about brick-and-mortar vs. online space type of businesses What content creation looks like in the Hormozi house How often Alex and Leila release content online What does their content team look like? What is the deal with the Hormozi font? Sneak peek of Alex’s next book For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
2/28/202355 minutes, 28 seconds
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My First Million - with Tony Whatley - EP 291

Tony’s journey to his first million involved a combination of an engineering career, a couple of side hustle businesses, and long hours of putting in the work to get to where he is today. Through this journey, there have been countless important lessons that all business owners need to know. Although your business may be totally different in terms of your services or products, the takeaways remain the same and apply across the board to all types of businesses. From humble beginnings, Tony learned early on the value of working hard for what he wanted. Having started working at 15 years old, each job along the way revealed a valuable lesson that would carry into life and entrepreneurship. One theme remains the same: relationships are incredibly valuable and can reap rewards for decades, so make sure to do right by others. Your first million is possible, but you need to invest in the skills that will get you there and learn from all the lessons along the way. Key highlights: Tony shares his upbringing, lessons from his parents, and his first job How Tony got into the entrepreneur world Tony’s tips for getting more people into your group or website The difference between a community leader and an influencer The importance of building relationships with integrity Being proactive and not reactive when dealing with common customer complaints How do you get recognized in your industry? What is vertical integration? For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
2/21/20231 hour, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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Forged Through Adversity - with Marcus Aurelius Anderson - EP 290

Adversity is the catalyst or litmus test of why we do what we do because it makes us question whether we are doing things for the right reasons. We know that adversity and hardship make us better, but some people hope it doesn’t have to be that way because they want to take the easy or quick route to their goals. If you feel like you haven’t faced much adversity in your life, the hard truth is that chances are, you have been living in mediocrity and need to seek adversity or else you will continue to stay stuck. Marcus Aurelius Anderson viewed his adversity as a gift and used it to inspire and teach others how to use hardships to create a meaningful and fulfilled life. Marcus Aurelius Anderson is back on the 365 Driven podcast, and you can check out episode 23 with Marcus in the episode resources. Marcus is a proud veteran, author of “The Gift of Adversity”, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker, and High-Performance Mindset Coach. He is the creator of the Acta Non Verba movement and host of the Acta Non Verba podcast. While preparing to deploy with the U.S. Army, Marcus suffered a severe spinal injury that left him paralyzed, and his life was turned upside down. In an instant, he went from preparing for war on the battlefield to a war within his own body and mind. After dying on the operating table twice, the surgeons saved his life but told him he’d never walk again. Having no other option, Marcus started doing some in-depth soul-searching, looking for the lesson to be learned from his injury. Once he started seeing his adversity as a gift instead of a curse, everything changed. In this episode, Marcus is real and honest about why people fail to move toward their goals and purpose in life. We are either moving closer to our goals, or moving further away, so it becomes essential to put ourselves in situations in which we are uncomfortable and lean into that feeling because that is where growth happens. Creating adversity can look like pushing yourself in the gym, or hiring a coach that will call you out on your excuses and push you to do what needs to be done to get the results you want.  Quote from the episode:  “Be careful that what you're doing right now to escape your adversity isn't creating more down the line, because it will be waiting for you.” - Marcus Aurelius Anderson  Key highlights: What keeps people stuck? The concept of aggressive patience The difference between stupidity and ignorance  How do we get people to break the cycle of thinking they need to just get to the finish line instead see that it needs to be an acceleration through the finish line?  How can we create adversity for ourselves? The importance of boundaries and saying “no” to what isn’t aligned with your goals Why you need to put yourself first above everyone else  The problem with the “must be nice” mentality Why you shouldn’t overshare on social media The 2 ways to deal with adversity: correctly or again For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
2/14/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 17 seconds
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Build Unconventional Wealth - with Pejman Ghadimi - EP 289

In today’s world of social media and instant gratification, people are looking for shortcuts to wealth and want that influence and the ability to buy fancy cars. They see people on social media with flashy cars and expensive watches, but oftentimes, they are not thinking of what it took to get there. Maybe that person is just faking the influence and wealth as we have discussed in other episodes, or maybe they truly have built the wealth to get there, but it is probably a longer, more challenging path than people realize. Pejman Ghadimi is back on the 365 Driven podcast to demystify what it takes to get on the path to wealth, how that can be done by unconventional means, and since Tony and Pejman are both car guys, they also dive into a little about exotic cars. Pejman Ghadimi is a self-made entrepreneur, philosopher, author, and the creator of the wealth transfer methodology. Over the last 20 years, Pejman has built several businesses ranging from a one-of-a-kind investment firm that focuses on alternative asset management known as 1 OFF Investments, to a series of online education businesses including Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks, and Watch Trading Academy. These platforms have forced people to rethink their understanding of business, luxury assets, and money management. Pejman's companies have grossed well over $420,000,000.00 in combined revenue. Pejman is an example of how resourcefulness and self-education are the two most powerful keys to success. He was also featured on Netflix’s Fastest Car Season 2. In this episode, Pejman explains that having a path to wealth comes from having a path as a human and acquiring skills along the way no matter what types of jobs you start out in. Very successful people rarely share about their first job and the 10-20 years of struggling and lessons that it took to get them to where they are because oftentimes people don’t want to hear about that. It’s a very important piece of the journey that people need to realize and research for themselves. Listening and talking to people that have what you want can help shortcut the learning, but not the result, so starting to build that wealth now is going to be key.  Key highlights: For someone that thinks that they do not have a path to wealth, how do they start?  People don’t understand the path to success and they think it’s not possible due to having a fixed mindset around it Acquiring skills and knowledge to get to that next level What do you need to know to buy an exotic car? What do you need to assess? As a society, we focus on the wrong things: fear and negativity Greatness will always be in demand because it is in short supply If you find someone that will share how they got there, pay attention to what they say Real success is having a choice and living life through your own value system For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
2/7/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 35 seconds
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Planning, Productivity, and People - with Emily Frisella - EP 288

So many people struggle with proper planning and claim that they don’t have enough time to do what will move the needle forward in either their business, fitness, relationships, or personal development. Those of us that are 365 driven are always aiming to reach the next level in various aspects of life while learning how to balance it all. Some people are really disciplined in their business, but struggle to prioritize in other areas. The hard truth is that they just aren’t doing it right, and today’s guest is here to share the hacks we need to be a better planner, maximize productivity, and prioritize the relationships that matter most. Emily Frisella is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who started her first brick-and-mortar business at the age of 20. She is the Founder of The Paper & Plan Co., A twice published best-selling cookbook author, Co-host of Curious Me Podcast, Founder of The Women in Business Workshop, COO of 44Seven Media & the Arete Syndicate, a Business Coach, and a speaker. Emily’s latest book “Relationships First: People, Passion, and Profit” explains the importance of nurturing relationships for both personal and professional success. As a business owner of several businesses, Emily has planning and productivity down to a science and she shares her best tips in this episode. With so many distractions around, such as social media and people demanding our time and attention, learning to balance it all to focus on what needs to get done, can be very overwhelming. Emily explains that so many people overestimate their brain power and ability to remember every single thing that needs to get done, and also may struggle with setting boundaries with others when it comes to protecting their time. In order to be productive in all areas when it comes to business, fitness, and personal life, learning to plan in a way that works best for you (not what someone else says is the “perfect” schedule) is going to be key.  Key highlights: Why do people struggle with planning?  How to set and achieve goals How planning makes you a better boss/manager  Emily’s tip: “Do first what you do not want to do most” Emily’s productivity tools and hacks How to set boundaries and protect your time How Emily prioritizes all her tasks Emily explains her “dungeon days”  Making a schedule that works best for you  Being mindful of ways to pour into people in all aspects of your life Relationship advice if you always feel like you need to be the problem solver For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
1/31/202355 minutes, 14 seconds
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Integrity Vs Influence - with Tony Whatley - EP 287

Too many people are trading integrity for influence and trying to gain fake followers and fake notoriety to appear as though they are influential, but if it’s not real, what is the point? Do those fake followers and fake blue check marks matter if they aren’t actually providing real value to the world? Fake PR might work to fool people into thinking those fake influencers are more wealthy and successful than they are, but if that means sacrificing integrity to get there, those tactics are going to have long-term effects, and keeping up the fakeness will become unsustainable.  Our world is craving authenticity, and eventually, the fakes will be revealed. True influence is earned by making an impact and consistently providing value to others. Too many people want to skip the impact part, but that is what matters. It’s about the long game when it comes to influence, and if someone can’t provide value, they don’t deserve the influence. Let’s make 2023 the year of authenticity and the year we stop supporting the fakers. So how do you spot the fakes and frauds in the influence space? Tune in to find out the telltale signs of a fake influencer.  Key highlights: Stop trading integrity for influence  Why people do fake PR What are things people can fake in the influencer space?  What are things you can’t fake?  How to spot fakes and frauds in the influencer space How to know someone is real and authentic  Tony explains “Pay to Play” type of events Avoid groups that teach you fake stuff and start supporting real and authentic people For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
1/24/202337 minutes, 24 seconds
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Your Silence is Killing You - with Scott Harvey - EP 286

We’re living in a “cancel culture” society where we’re so afraid of saying the wrong thing, that we decide to say nothing. But what if our silence is more dangerous and damaging than expressing what we really think? We don’t all have to have the same opinions and agree on every topic, but it’s important that we have the opportunity to express differing opinions and learn from each other. It’s also important to listen to people that have different views than us. If we silence opposing opinions then we are not challenged and are no longer growing and getting better. This just creates an echo chamber that won’t give us an opportunity to really think about how things can be improved. Today’s guest explains why calling attention to the elephant in the room is important. Scott Harvey spent 20 years as a hostage negotiator and public information officer and is not afraid to have difficult conversations. As a professional speaker and communication coach, he speaks to tens of thousands of people each year teaching them the tactics they need to speak with confidence and build their influence. Scott believes that in our "cancel culture" world, our silence is killing us because our reputation and our organizations suffer. Luckily, we can learn communication skills and how to effectively have hard and necessary conversations. In this episode, Scott explains that we can’t influence real change and have a voice if we are too worried to speak up. Having the fear of saying the wrong thing is a good thing because of course we don’t intend to hurt anyone, but it's important to note that it is easier to defend your action than your inaction. People might mistake your silence for apathy, so just be real because our world is desperate for authenticity. Key highlights: Why Scott retired from the police world and stepped into the speaking world Scott's thoughts on cancel culture The danger in silencing opposing opinions How to influence real change, and it isn't through social media Why you should challenge yourself to listen to both sides and form your own opinion Scott's opinion on why people stay silent  Take time to listen to critics because they might have something that makes you better Why people unfollowing you and unsubscribing is actually a good thing How to approach difficult conversations Tips for building rapport and trust with your audience For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
1/17/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Importance of Strength Training - with James Gerland - EP 285

During this time of year, a lot of you are thinking “new year, new me” and setting really ambitious goals with great intentions, saying you’ll make health a priority this year, but then not long after, many people fall off the wagon. Today’s guest is just what we all need to light a fire under us to make physical fitness a top priority this year. James Gerland is on the 365 Driven Podcast to explain the importance of strength training not only for our physical health but all aspects of life including mental health and personal development. James Gerland is the founder of AMMP Labs and is building a brand of performance-oriented gyms. James has been a high-performance coach for 19 years and takes his clients’ results and happiness very seriously. He specializes in hypertrophy training, strength and conditioning, bodybuilding, fat loss, and mobility. He works with high-level athletes from UFC, NFL, IFBB, NPC, college football athletes, and anyone looking to optimize their physique in a sustainable way. What makes James different from other strength and performance coaches is that he wants people to be safe and continue progressing in all areas of life. In this episode, James shares how he helps people make fitness a habit and get the momentum to make it a lifestyle instead of trying for a bit, and eventually giving up. He is not about short-term gains and results, because making fitness and nutrition a top priority all throughout our lives is going to be key for longevity and feeling our best, which will transfer into all areas of life. James also gets into the topic of supplements, such as: What makes good supplements? Do you need supplements? Should you cycle off of certain supplements? Tune in for more. Key highlights: Why James decided to become a strength and conditioning coach James critiques the “new” way of fitness Fitness isn't just about changing your body  The first 21 days is when habits are formed What if someone is coming in at ground zero? Tony’s message to people that continually feel like they “fell off the wagon” The importance of rest and recovery for long-term goals Why the majority of what we see online about fitness is wrong Are free weights or machines better? Which machine types are the best? How James builds programs for beginners The 80/20 rule is BS when it comes to nutrition and exercise because should be 100% for both The importance of learning posture and stabilizing before throwing weight on the bar The problem with workout programs that are not customized to each person “Master the weight, don’t let the weight master you” (no ego pulls) Why a lot of commercial gyms are designed incorrectly What James suggests to people that feel they have hit a plateau The importance of setting up your lifts correctly to avoid injury and hit muscles correctly For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
1/10/202359 minutes, 13 seconds
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How To Win in 2023 - with Tony Whatley - EP 284

Happy New Year and welcome back to the 365 Driven Podcast! Last year, Tony released an episode titled “How to Win in 2022” and it was one of the most downloaded episodes of last year. This year, Tony is back with more actionable advice on how to win this year, and the messages are not the same as the previous year.  While planning for personal and professional growth this year, it is unavoidable to address the big elephant in the room: recession. With all the indicators bring present, it is essential to make a plan to not just survive this market, but to know what is needed to thrive and make this your best year yet. All of the “get rich quick” schemes of previous years are not going to work in a recession. Tony encourages you to take advice from someone that has been in business during a recession and knows what it takes to stay above the competition. Tony built his first business in the recession of 2001, and used the 2007-2009 recession to invest and grow his online retail company, which became a 7 figure business. It’s easy to be successful in a growth economy, but with the current market trends, you want to learn what it takes to use the market to your advantage and grow exponentially in 2023. Most people will focus on doom and gloom and consider quitting, but winners see these moments as an opportunity. So how do you win when your competition is backing down? Tune in to learn how to win in 2023. Key highlights: Tony addresses the topic of recession and all the indicators being present Tony shares his history with recessions The biggest growth comes during and shortly after a recession  This is the time to play the “buy low, sell high” game How to stand out on social media Which social media platforms are showing growth? How to grow your email list Adjusting your offer for the current market Tony challenges you to get in the best shape of your life mentally and physically this year  For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
1/3/202320 minutes, 45 seconds
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School Teacher to Millionaire CEO - with Lisa Collum - EP 283

Entrepreneurship doesn’t always look like what we see in movies or on social media. You don’t need a big fancy office, expensive equipment, and a big team of people to be successful. You need the willingness to learn and change directions if needed. That might mean failing a few times and feeling like you have no idea what you are doing. Successful entrepreneurs know that finding success lies in figuring things out as you go, asking for help when needed, and knowing when it is time to pivot. Today’s guest is a former teacher who took $100 and turned it into a multi-million dollar company without any business experience, no business degree, and learned everything along the way.  Lisa Collum is the founder of a curriculum company, Top Score Writing, Inc. While teaching at a Title I school, Lisa developed an innovative step-by-step program proven to dramatically increase writing scores on standardized assessments. The results of her curriculum attracted a lot of attention, and she was even investigated by the board of education twice because they didn't believe the results she got were possible. School officials were calling her wanting to know her secrets, and from there, her company was born and is now used nationwide. As a busy entrepreneur and mother of four, Lisa is also the owner of a nonprofit, Coastal Middle and High School, which is a part of her mission to help all children succeed. Lisa’s message in this episode is to go for it without waiting to have the “perfect" plan otherwise, you'll never start. Figure it out as you go, fail a few times, and keep moving. If you can identify a problem that others don’t know they have, and be the person committed to finding the solution, you will be successful. So many people see an opportunity for success but talk themselves out of it thinking it will be too hard or that they don’t have the resources. The key is to know that you may not know all the answers now, but you can figure out where to find them. Another huge part of the equation is finding what you are passionate about, and committing to helping people in that area. If you are not in your business for the right reasons, you will burn out and be unfulfilled. Tune in to hear more of Lisa’s inspiring story of going from teacher to CEO.  Key highlights: Lisa’s story of growing up and knowing she wanted to be a teacher ever since she could remember  How Lisa took her first class of students from a pass rate of 38% to 95% on the state writing test, and then to 100% in the years after  Leaving her teaching job and being contacted by schools to sell her writing curriculum  How one $75 binder sold turned into multiple binders and is now a nationwide company Tony shares how he stumbled his way into entrepreneurship as well  You don’t need to start with a big team - go slow and build as you grow The struggle between humility and owning your success Why we should stop the idea that we need to be discrete about money Building a business sometimes means identifying a problem that people don't even know they have  Lisa’s story of answering the phone pretending to be different people in the beginning stages of her company Lisa’s advice to people just building a business  The most successful people don't think about “How am I going to do that?” They ask, “Who do I know that can do this?”  When is it time to hire help in your company and how do you let go of control? The importance of having a passion for whatever you are doing in your business For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
12/27/202257 minutes, 57 seconds
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Using PR To Amplify Authority - with Jeremy Ryan Slate - EP 282

A lot of people confuse the difference between PR and marketing, but the purpose of PR is to get people to have a certain idea and feeling about you. This is where you build your “know, like, and trust” factor. Respect will not just be handed to you, and just because you put content out, does not mean the customers will come. You have to make sure you are consistently offering value and working on building that relationship with your audience to the point that they view you as an authority figure in your niche. Podcasts are a great way to do this, but people focus on the wrong things when they get started. Today’s guest is here to break it all down by explaining the key differences between PR and marketing, and where to put your efforts so that you build trust, leading to getting more people through your sales door. Jeremy Ryan Slate is back on the 365 Driven Podcast for a third time to share his tips to stop wasting energy on the wrong metrics in your PR efforts. Jeremy is the founder of the "Create Your Own Life" Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He is a former champion powerlifter turned new media entrepreneur, and he specializes in using podcasting and new media to create trust and opinion leader status. Jeremy was named the #1 Podcast to Listen to by INC Magazine in 2019, as well as being named a Top Influencer by Forbes. After his success in podcasting, Jeremy and his wife Brielle Slate founded "Command Your Brand" to help entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on podcasts. In this episode, Jeremy and Tony discuss the unique opportunities that podcasting presents due to there being no gatekeeper. This means that anyone that wants to get their message out, can do so with podcasting, but sadly the number of podcasts that die out due to “pod fade” is very high. What causes this? Jeremy says that it is due to people putting too much focus on the wrong metrics instead of making sure they have a solid business foundation, and then using their podcast as a PR vehicle that brings people in with the knowledge and value they have to offer. Just starting a podcast won’t mean the audience will come, so tune in to learn how you can set yourself up as an authority in your space and avoid these common mistakes. Key highlights: Why Jeremy believes that traditional media is dead and podcasting is now the media What is “pod fade” and why does it happen? What is the difference between PR and marketing? Should you focus on download numbers when you first launch a podcast? Common mistakes people make when starting a podcast for their business Why Jeremy is particular about the type of clients he works with What NOT to do as a podcast guest Why over-pitching yourself and your offer is bad PR What Jeremy would say to someone that wants to get their message out there How to get people to remember you and your message  How to respectfully disagree with people online Jeremy and Tony’s thoughts on the divisiveness happening right now, and how to spot the BS For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
12/20/202258 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Truth About Network Marketing - with Toni Vanschoyck - EP 281

There are a lot of opinions about network marketing, and with that, come many skeptics. You might have heard this business model called a “pyramid scheme”, which has the connotation that only the people at the top are gaining at the expense of others, and that is it difficult to make a lot of money, but done right, it can change lives. Network marketing has gotten a bad stigma over the years, but today’s guest is on a mission to change the perception of this industry and show others the great things that it can do for people.  Toni Vanschoyck has been working with start-up network marketing companies for over 20 years after owning 2 successful traditional businesses that she started after being burnt out from her corporate job. She has now earned millions with her network marketing business, has sat on advisory boards, and has also been a liaison and helped small startups and small business owners through using social media, increasing sales goals, relationship building, and retention of current customers and representatives. Toni has also written three best-selling Amazon books under the series “Effing Simple” and has created the first CRM campaign for network marketers and small business owners. In this episode, Toni is honest about the fact that she also used to be a skeptic about network marketing, until she realized that she just wasn’t doing it right. Toni learned that in order to be successful in network marketing, you can’t be ego-driven. Being a person of service, leading with value, and always having the objective of helping people first, is what will lead to success, and that goes for any business. She emphasizes the importance of having systems in place and explains what she teaches people in order to lead them to a path of success in this industry. Toni explains the benefits of joining a networking marketing business vs. a franchise model, and also encourages everyone to be bold and speak your truth instead of conforming to what others want you to be. So many people can be quick to judge, but once we take the time to get educated, the judgment fades away.  Key highlights: Toni’s background and how she got into network marketing Why she is on a mission to change the perception of network marketing The importance of having a system in place for everything Business has never been easier than it is now because you can learn from others  Why does networking marketing have a bad stigma?  How Corporate America is similar to a “pyramid scheme” What is the risk in joining a networking marketing company compared to a regular entrepreneur journey? The benefit of joining networking marketing or franchises How to make the income you want with network marketing How to overcome the fear of selling The importance of leading with value and always looking to help others Stress management and taking care of yourself need to be a priority Toni encourages people to speak their minds and she shares her story of having to advocate for her son and his medical needs, and how people come to her for help to advocate for themselves Don’t be afraid to be bold about your opinions, show up with research and facts, have an open mind, and be a thought leader Toni’s advice to someone that doesn't know how to start in network marketing, in business, or their career in general For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
12/13/202256 minutes, 44 seconds
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Fear is Lying to You - with Setema Gali - EP 280

Fear often keeps people from going after what they really want in life and keeps them complacent in a job or position in which they are not utilizing their full potential. This is because we’re taught to lie and say the “right” thing instead of what we actually want and what’s real in our hearts. This leads to people living an average life due to fear of looking dumb to others, having people laugh at their goals, and because of fear of failure. Successful people know that failure is not something to avoid or be fearful of. Failure is the path to greatness. Important lessons lie in failure, so don’t let your fear hold you back and lie to you about what you actually want in life. This episode is packed with lessons, wisdom, and a success story that was built from pushing fear aside and putting in the necessary hard work to be great. Setema Gali is a former NFL player for the New England Patriots and won the Super Bowl in 2002. Setema is honest about the extreme dedication it took to get him there, his transition out of football and into being a mortgage broker, and the adversity he faced after the 2008 market crash. From being a successful professional football player to losing it all and selling his Super Bowl ring, Setema shares what he learned as he reinvented himself and came back stronger and more grateful than ever. Now he helps others realize their potential, and he speaks on stages breaking down old barriers, weak stories, and mediocre results. Through his coaching programs, live immersion events, digital trainings, and daily podcast, Setema has changed the lives of thousands of people, helping them set their dreams high and their commitment higher. Setema believes that having the ability to have calm energy about you is a superpower, and in today’s world with so many distractions pulling us in different directions and the polarity that we are exposed to on a daily basis, learning to control our emotions and being aware of our energy, is a very important skill. You don’t want to miss Setema’s comeback story and the incredible insight he shares in this episode.  Key highlights: Setema’s background and childhood growing up as an uncoordinated child that didn’t even like football at first What sports taught Setema at an early age What Tony learned from sports growing up Why do people have a fear of going after their goals? Emotional control is a strength and high performers usually have their emotions in check Being aware of the energy you give off You should be the same person online that you are in person Being real in a world of filters and fake influencers  Tony’s advice for hiring or promoting someone People undervalue time nowadays - don't fall for get-rich-quick schemes - time is not something you can shortcut People overestimate what they can do in one year, and underestimate what they can do in 10 years What post-NFL looked like for Setema including being depressed and losing everything How Setema reinvented himself by joining a company, getting into sales, and eventually following his calling to help others reach their goals For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
12/6/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 27 seconds
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Becoming The Side Hustle Millionaire - with Desiree Maya - EP 279

Desiree Maya, host of the "Born Unbreakable" podcast, interviews Tony Whatley. Follow Desiree at Follow Tony at  
11/29/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 36 seconds
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Bold Moves and Words - with Zachary Babcock - EP 278

Entrepreneurship involves a great deal of risk, yet so many people are too afraid to take a risk that could change their life significantly for the better. When we remove risk, we also remove the reward. With risk removal, there is a cost and it is usually the reduction of the ROI you will get from taking a leap toward your vision and greater purpose. Zachary Babcock understands the gain that happens when you put yourself out there, commit to personal development, but stay true to your value and do the right thing by others. Zach is back on the 365 Driven podcast for the third time for a fun and candid conversation with Tony about why hustle culture is outdated, why revenue doesn’t matter, and why critical thinkers are hard to come by nowadays. Both Zach and Tony think back to when they began their personal development journeys and the lessons they learned getting to where they are now. Both of them have made tremendous strides in improving how to communicate with others and get their message out to the world. Zach served 5 years in prison before building his brand, and Tony went from being terrified of public speaking, to now being an award-winning speaker, delivering his message on stages all over the world.  Showing up consistently, letting go of what other people might think, and following your gut, are key to reaching your potential. Zach shares the habits that he focuses on each and every day that led to him being able to help people build a celebrity brand and explosive business with his top-rated podcast, Underdog Empowerment. Key highlights: Zach’s background of rehab, trauma, and prison and how he turned his life around by putting in the work every day Tony’s vision for the 365 Driven brand Too many people are not focusing on the long game and building something meaningful Focus on serving people and helping people and success and money will follow Purpose is fluid and changes with age Why time feels like it goes faster as we get older Why critical thinking is becoming rare What does it mean to be a thought leader? What Zach and Tony have learned from podcasting How to be a better storyteller Tony’s story about being terrified of public speaking and how he overcame it Is your purpose strong enough to not care about haters and people that criticize?  Consistency over time: Show up consistently and get the results that come with that For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
11/22/202254 minutes, 32 seconds
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Find Your Freedom - with Tony Whatley - EP 277

Are you living in freedom? Financial freedom, time freedom, location freedom, and mental freedom are goals that we should be striving for, but what does that look like? Tony broke each of these down in his speech at the Cash Profit Live event hosted by Tyler McBroom in West Palm Beach, FL on November 9, 2022. Financial freedom isn’t just about how much money you make, but more about the ability to control what comes in and knowing how to acquire more if that is what you desire. It is not relying on a job in which we have no control over how much we make but instead creating an income for ourselves that is limitless. While it is true that money won’t buy happiness or fulfillment, it can give you more of your time. Time is valuable. We are only given one life and we get to decide how we spend it. We can’t manage time, but we can learn to manage our tasks. Tony shares his tips to guard your time without being overwhelmed with a bunch of to-do lists. Learn to prioritize the tasks that will move the needle forward not only in your work but also in your personal life. Making time for what is important to you outside of your work, is also key. Location freedom means being able to travel and work when and where suits your life best. Maybe you are tired of commuting and spending a large amount of your time in an office and not having the time to take vacations when you want. Entrepreneurship can allow the freedom to take time away when you want, and choose your work location.  Mental freedom comes after realizing that we are not put on this Earth to please everyone. Tony shares his near-death experience and the new perspective on life that he was able to walk away with. Mental freedom is about not requiring anyone else’s approval, knowing your life's purpose, and going after it despite any fears. Fear and confidence are both imaginary, and you decide which one you want to live with. Key highlights: Put passion and purpose before profit and provide value to as many people as possible Do the right thing not the easy thing ABC: Action, belief, consistency - in that order Tony‘s advice to guard time for things that are important without getting overwhelmed with everything  What it means to be a thought leader Tony’s near-death experience and what he learned from it Put your purpose above your fears because our time is too valuable to waste For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
11/15/202255 minutes, 4 seconds
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Small Details Create Big Results - with Tony Whatley - EP 276

Small details matter when you are trying to build your personal brand or your social media. Today’s episode is a solo in which Tony dives into the aspects that business owners tend to forget about when it comes to building their brand and making a name for themselves. Although they are small details, they have a big impact on establishing your brand and setting you apart from others. When you’re just getting started, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on fancy camera equipment. Tony shares tips for creating engaging content by using just your phone and learning about proper lighting. Tony is honest about his regrets in not investing in himself at a earlier age when it comes to public speaking skills and formal training in how to be entertaining. Don’t let a fear of public speaking or lack of confidence in your skills keep you from putting yourself out there. We all start somewhere, and this episode offers a simple starting point to help you work your way up to being a dynamic speaker. Tune in to find out common mistakes business owners make in creating their brand, and how to avoid them to position yourself as an authority in your niche. Key highlights: Why you should get professional headshots Tony’s tips for shooting content for social media Why you should stop representing brands that aren’t your own Building a professional studio The difference between speakers and presenters and how you can get started working on your speaking skills For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
11/8/202228 minutes, 2 seconds
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High-Performance Leadership - with Dr. Jamie Meyer - EP 275

Spending several years getting a degree or working your way up a certain company, doesn’t mean you can’t eventually pivot away from that industry to try something new that you might enjoy more. A lot of times, people get caught up in what Tony calls a “sunk cost fallacy” and they think that because they invested time or money into something, that going a different direction would be a waste, but that isn’t true. You can’t get the time or money back, so don’t be afraid to take the knowledge and lessons you learned, and switch gears to something that makes you happy and better fits your lifestyle. Today’s guest did just that and went from being a medical doctor to working in the car industry. Dr. Jamie Meyer has served on the SEMA Board of Directors since 2018, and has taken the role as President of the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show and media company. Jamie has a long history in motorsports and racing, and will lead the PRI team in increasing engagement and support for the industry through enhanced programs and services for the motorsports community. He recently left a very successful 15-year career at General Motors, where he served as the Advanced Performance Parts program manager, the performance marketing manager, as well as several marketing and advertising roles. In this episode of the 365 Driven Podcast, Dr. Jamie Meyers shares his journey of pivoting from the medical industry to cars, and his advice for people that are scared of transitioning from one industry to another. Jamie urges leaders to not be afraid to make mistakes but to make sure to learn from them. Jamie and Tony discuss recent changes in the car industry and offer advice to those looking to get involved with this industry. Tune in for more. Key highlights: How Dr. Jamie Meyes went from being a doctor to being involved with cars His advice to someone that is scared to pivot The secret that Jamie has learned about leadership Is leadership something you can learn?  How Jamie views mistakes Changes Jamie and Tony have noticed in the car industry with government regulations How to get involved in the car industry The surprising benefits of “micro-influencers” Everyone needs to become more politically active because regulations could be coming to your industry The importance of the upcoming midterm elections  For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
11/1/202252 minutes, 20 seconds
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You Are Losing Thousands in Taxes - with Tyler McBroom - EP 274

Tyler McBroom is back for a timely episode as we are now in the 4th quarter of 2022, and it’s time to make sure you have your business finances in order before the year ends. A lot of business owners don’t know that they could be saving thousands of dollars in taxes every year by being aware of various tax codes. By becoming educated, preparing, and even working with a tax professional like Tyler, you could be keeping a lot more of your money. Owning a business is not just about how much money your business can make, but how much you actually get to keep.  Tyler McBroom is a CPA, tax professional, international speaker, and #1 bestselling author. His mission is to help business owners everywhere grow their profits while paying as little tax as legally possible. Whether it's discussing tax strategies or the fundamentals of business, Tyler has a passion for teaching others and does so through books such as his first release and #1 bestseller, "Cash Flow and Grow", as well as across his various social media channels. In this episode, Tyler addresses some myths and misconceptions surrounding taxes, such as “why should I make more money if I’ll just be taxed more?” and the also common “rich people don’t pay taxes” thought. Tyler shares some tools you can use to budget and allocate money, the politics of taxes, and a lot of tax tips that you might not have ever heard of, but can save you a lot of money in the upcoming tax season. Tune in, takes notes, and start planning to finish 2022 strong. Key highlights: How much Tyler saves his clients on average Why “profit first” may not work for you Tools you can use to budget and allocate money  The difference between CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers 2 types of tax planning: permanent savings vs. tax deferring The difference between capital gains and personal income tax The politics of taxes Why does the whole world seem to be dealing with inflation? Tyler’s tax tips to save money How you can save money by hiring your kids for your business The Augusta rule: you can rent your house out for 2 weeks a year Tyler’s live event coming up Tyler’s advice for taking the next steps to save money with taxes For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
10/25/202252 minutes, 30 seconds
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Selling With Integrity - with Shawn French - EP 273

For many of us growing up, it was instilled in us to watch out for salespeople because of the stigma around them that all they want to do is get your money and they don’t actually care about what you want. It is often hard to undo these ideas that were passed down to us as children, but the truth is that real salespeople are not sleazy or just trying to make a sale. A good salesperson knows how to listen to what their customer needs, and can make suggestions based on what is best for the customer and not the salesperson. In this episode, Shawn French shares massive value with tips on how to sell with integrity. Shawn French is an author and sales performance coach that has had a high level of success in the corporate sales environment. Throughout his career, he has discovered the main driver in his performance over the years. He does what he needs to do on a consistent basis, whereas others give up and go home when things get hard. Shawn's mission is to educate other sales professionals and sales organizations that their habits and intentional activity are paramount in their sales success. Shawn went from broke to high 6-figures in 6 months and now he's on a mission to help others create the same results. People fail to realize that our entire life is sales and we are constantly selling ourselves whether we realize it or not. Shawn addresses the common objections that salespeople usually get from potential customers, and how to counteract them without being pushy or overwhelming the other person. He says that “no” should not be feared. Not putting yourself out there enough is what you should fear. Don’t be afraid of objections, but instead learn to view them as buying signals and be a great enough active listener that you can counteract their struggles and become someone they can trust to solve their problems.  Key highlights: Why is there a stigma or icky feeling around sales? People fail to realize that our entire life is selling How to handle situations where you are not sure if you can meet their needs Strong characteristics for someone to be in sales If you focus on the activity and not the goal, you will reach success faster How many touches are needed to make a sale? The importance of the follow-up What most people tend to overlook when they get into sales Learn the scripts but make them your own How to overcome objections The importance of active listening to counteract customer struggles How to get invited to bigger rooms  What you need to know before trying to get as a guest on someone’s podcast For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
10/18/20221 hour, 1 minute, 15 seconds
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Earn Millions & Find Meaning - with Tanner Chidester - EP 272

While earning money, acquiring a large following, and collecting awards is very admirable, the real happiness and significance in life lie in who we surround ourselves with and the meaning in our lives. It is imperative not to lose sight of what is really important in life, such as the freedom to live the lifestyle you want and spend time with the people that matter most. Don’t get so busy chasing accolades and money that you forget about what is truly important in life. Today's guest emphasizes not comparing yourselves to others around you, but instead focusing on your own acceleration and happiness. Tanner Chidester is the founder & CEO of Elite CEOs and he has generated close to 50 million dollars in sales in the online coaching world. After discovering powerful, repeatable strategies, Tanner’s success went on to disrupt the coaching industry forever. With others wanting to know how he was doing it, Tanner began business coaching on these same strategies and paving the way for simplicity in a traditionally complex online arena. Since then, Tanner’s business has organically evolved into the coaching empire we know today: Elite CEOs. With his team by his side, Tanner is now on a mission to turn as many online coaches as possible into millionaires. In addition, Tanner now owns 3 portfolio companies and is trying to expand into more as he takes the next steps in his business career. He also happens to have grown up in the same small Texas town where Tony was also raised. In this episode, Tanner shares his journey of growing up in a small town and wanting more for himself. Once he was introduced to the business world, he saw the power of what was possible and how to break the old beliefs around money that he learned growing up. Tanner also dives into the topic of low vs. high ticket offers, and how he grew his social media following. Tune in for more. Key highlights: Introduction to Tanner and the benefits of growing up in the small town where both he and Tony were raised and went to school How Tanner got introduced to the business world Tanner’s advice to someone that has old beliefs about money Selling low-ticket vs. high-ticket items Tanner’s advice for growing a social following How he made his first million Happiness lies in the progression of growth Don’t compare yourself to others and their growth, just pay attention to your acceleration How to scale your business without sacrificing your family and lifestyle Working more does not equal more success Tony’s near-death experience that put life into perspective Don't pay attention to the critics on the sidelines For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
10/11/202258 minutes, 29 seconds
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Build Wealth With Real Estate - with Ryan Dossey - EP 271

Real estate is an asset that can be bought for less than what it is currently worth, making it a great opportunity to build your wealth. In this episode, Ryan Dossey explains the idea of “wholesaling” real estate, including what it looks like and how it is different than buying and flipping houses. While he was stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, Ryan took a $3,000 investment and turned it into $10,000 in just a few hours of work, and learned the power of wholesaling real estate. Now he coaches others on how to achieve the same success he has found. Ryan Dossey is the founder of Ballpoint Marketing, Call Porter, and runs a mastermind called Create Cash Flow. Ryan has helped generate Over $50M off-market for real estate investors, clients, and students. In this episode, Ryan shares his story of having the confidence to jump into real estate with just $3,000 and why he is passionate about helping others build wealth by wholesaling homes.  Key highlights: Going from selling car warranties to real estate Ryan’s advice to get paid for the opportunities that you generate vs. the hours that you put in The meaning of “campaign” in business Why would someone go with Ryan vs. a real estate agent? How not to judge potential clients Ryan's forecast of the real estate market Wholesaling vs. flipping houses Mistakes Ryan sees in the “flip” market Why Ryan decided to vertically integrate his businesses and what that means and looks like How coaches can accelerate your knowledge How to snap out of the mindset of focusing on money Ryan’s advice to get started in real estate or entrepreneurship For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
10/4/202255 minutes, 7 seconds
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Fancy Cars & Making Money - with Tony Whatley - EP 270

Tony Whatley talks about his passion for performance cars, and how so few understand the missed business opportunities that come with owning them. Ordinary people view cars as a waste of money or "depreciating assets" because they don't understand how the car game is played. In this episode: Learn how automotive clubs and communities can generate millions in sales, referrals, and opportunities. Why you should never lease a Lambo for clout. Learn what type of vehicles to buy that can actually increase in value, as you own and enjoy them. Discover business tax benefits for certain vehicle purchases.
9/27/202236 minutes, 59 seconds
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When Social Media is Unsafe - with Kim Karr - EP 269

With the prevalence of cyber bullying and the alarming rate of suicide, especially in young teenagers, it is important that we all become more aware of the detrimental effects of social media. Although bullying has been an issue for all generations, the youth of today are dealing with a different type of bullying that can feel almost impossible to escape from. Avoiding where the bully might hang out, or running to the safety of your home doesn’t work anymore because the bullies can be found all over the devices so many of us are attached to. In this episode, Tony talks to Kim Karr about the very important work she is doing to combat cyber bullying and educating others on how to be a “digital first responder.” Kim Karr is a co-founder of the non-profit called #ICANHELP where she shows students and adults how to use Digital4Good. #ICANHELP is an effective, outcome-based program, and has received recognition from Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees and major tech companies like Google, Twitter + Facebook. #ICANHELP celebrates youth innovation, empowers digital changemakers and promotes digital safety. Kim has presented the #ICANHELP program to over 470,000 students, has impacted 12.5 million, and has been instrumental in taking down a thousand negative social media sites. Kim shares why she started her non-profit after 13 years of teaching and why it is so important for everyone to learn how to use social media for good and uplifting others, instead of tearing each other down. So many people don’t know how to respectfully disagree with others or even filter the type of content they are taking in every day. Kim also shares how to talk to youth about using social media in a safer and more productive manner. Key highlights: How Kim got involved in her mission of teaching others how to use social media appropriately We need to focus on people first and realize their behavior can be an indication of something being wrong The shift that is happening of people wanting realness online The stats of cyberbullying and how depression and anxiety have increased dramatically during COVID 50% of kids are addicted to a device and ADHD is rising Suicide has increased 200% for 10-14-year-olds in recent years We’re not in a mental health crisis, we’re in a mental management crisis Tony’s experience with a bully growing up How to be a digital-first responder What should parents look for to keep their kids safe? We all need to learn how to manage our social media use Freedom of speech shouldn't apply to hurting other people for no reason How Tony forms his opinions based on research and not a knee-jerk reaction Kim’s thoughts on “cancel culture” The algorithm is real - people just see what they want to see and get brainwashed How Tony identifies in politics Polarizing content gets attention and people fall into the trap - you have to be careful with what you consume Not controlling your emotions is a sign of weakness What Kim’s nonprofit helps with Kim’s “Digital For Good” event and how you can get involved to get visibility for your brand For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
9/20/202254 minutes, 33 seconds
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Hard Truth About Coaches - with Mike Claudio - EP 268

The coaching industry sometimes gets a bad rap due to the fake coaches out there, but that is because a lot of coaches are chasing money and not actual impact. So many of them are targeting the wrong audience and can’t deliver the guidance and results that their targeted audience is looking for. Maybe they have the answers to a certain problem but are placing their offer in front of the wrong people, overcharging, and then not delivering. With the industry having a low barrier to entry, there are going to be people out there not operating ethically. This in turn makes them look like a fraud. Operating in ethics and integrity is what separates great coaches from the rest.  In this episode, Tony talks to fellow business coach Mike Claudio all about how to find the right coach for you. Mike Claudio is a husband, father, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who focuses on making an impact with every conversation he has. He is the owner of WinRate consulting, a business coaching and consulting company focused on the construction industry, and the founder of A Champions Shoes, which is a nonprofit with a mission to foster confidence in children by providing new, name-brand shoes to kids all over the country. He is also the host of The Big Stud Podcast, and author of #TooStrong: How to Win Fast and Win Often in a World Full of Obstacles. Mike and Tony are both coaches that do not shy away from the honest and hard truth of what it takes to build a successful business. Mike has coached over 300 companies successfully by operating with a “help first” mentality and emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and accountability. Tune in to learn the truth about the coaching industry. Key highlights: Why people don't get big results from a $1000 course Lack of self-awareness is what costs and wastes so much time and money How Tony and Mike attract the right people into their coaching programs How the most effective leaders operate Why the coaching industry gets a bad rap at times Mike’s turning point of when he decided to coach other people in their businesses What makes a great coach? You don't have to have the "normal" business hours of everyone else Tony’s morning routine and why he doesn't work out in the morning  Tony’s advice for structuring your day the way that is best for you  Mike explains why coaching costs what it does: It's not about what it costs now, but where you want to be in 12 months How to find the right coach for you For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
9/13/202257 minutes, 52 seconds
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Odd People and Awareness - with Kyree Oliver - EP 267

We have all heard the advice, “fake it until you make it”, but there are issues with this mentality because it comes off unauthentic, which in turn makes it difficult for you to get respect. Making genuine connections, building rapport, and being self-aware, is going to take you much further toward your goals. In this episode, Kyree Oliver emphasizes the importance of being authentic in a world full of people being fake. Kyree Oliver is a former Division-1 football player and current digital marketer/men's coach. He attributes most of his success in business to his ability to understand and empathize with almost anybody in almost any position. This has lead to $100 million in revenue generated from Facebook ads as well as thousands of lives changed through his coaching and speaking. With his interest in human psychology and ability to be very self-aware, he helps other men to settle their souls. There is much less stress in being who you really are instead of trying to fake your way into certain groups that you think might aid in your success. You won't get the respect of the people you want respect from, because they will know you aren’t being authentic. In this episode, Kyree and Tony talk about the importance of doing the inner work to love and know yourself and create authentic content that will foster rapport and attract genuine connections.  Key highlights: How Kyree got interested in human psychology How Kyree helps men with their masculinity and finding their soul How to tell if a man is full of BS by looking at their wife when they're talking The value of earning your way into rooms with influential people vs. paying to spend time around them Tony and Kyree’s thoughts on unethical coaches  The problem with the “fake it until you make it” mentality Don’t burn your integrity for your business How to create authentic content Tony and Kyree’s social media engagement strategy Dealing with negative comments online Knowing if you should join a group or not Becoming self-aware and doing internal work to actually love yourself Find out how people view you For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
9/6/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 16 seconds
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Why Your Brand Sucks - with David Brier - EP 266

Social media is a very useful tool for attracting your ideal audience and networking, but so many entrepreneurs aren’t using it in the right way and leveraging its power for good. Today’s guest is here to tell us everything we are doing wrong with social media.  David Brier has been called a “mad genius” by the incredible Claude Silver of VaynerMedia, “brilliant with branding” by Shark Tank’s Daymond John, and “a branding genius” by Grant Cardone. David is the recipient of over 330 international awards in design and branding, and he is also the author of the “branding bible,” his #1 Amazon bestselling book, “BRAND INTERVENTION, 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have Into the Brand You Need.” In this episode, David is candid about his thoughts regarding current social media trends, why you should stop being an echo chamber of someone else, and why so many entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong metrics. David and Tony share how to build authentic relationships and build a network, and why you should stop giving your energy to people on social media that aren’t paying attention to you. With so much noise out there on social media, in this episode, you will get the truth about how you should be using it to build your brand and legacy. Key highlights: Why David believes people don’t need to be motivated David’s thoughts on current social media trends How not to become an echo chamber of someone else on social media The difference between fame and legacy and why so many entrepreneurs are focusing on the wrong metrics Why you should put positive energy out there and acknowledge people’s positive efforts How Tony built online businesses just by answering people’s questions Why you should stop giving energy to people that aren’t paying attention to you If you want to connect with someone you look up to, build relationship capital first, and don’t ask for something first Who is doing things right on social media and what are they doing? Why you should be focusing on making reels What leveraging really means For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
8/30/20221 hour, 7 minutes
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How To Live An Interesting Life - with Tony Whatley - EP265

Host Tony Whatley celebrates 4 years of this podcast, and shares how we can all decide to live a more interesting life. Thank you for being part of this journey. If you enjoy the show, tell your friends about it! Follow / Contact Tony on Instagram @365driven Visit our website at
8/23/202234 minutes, 57 seconds
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Become Your True Self - with Mike Fallat - EP 264

You may have heard before that being an entrepreneur is a constant journey of self-development and self-discovery, and you might feel like you are still on that path to discovering what aligns with your true identity. Being yourself and projecting your unique personality and talents to the world, will attract colleagues, collaborators, and customers that are also aligned with your mission. In this episode, Tony talks to Mike Fallat about their transformations through the last couple of years and becoming more aligned with their true values and identity.  Mike Fallat is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing & The Million Dollar Book Agency, and he helps entrepreneurs get their books published and show them how to use their books as a gateway to revenue streams. In this episode, Mike and Tony share advice about listening to your instinct regarding people you should be connecting with and spending energy on, how to appear more confident when connecting with others, and how to guard your schedule to avoid a constant feeling of overwhelm and a never-ending to-do list. Mike also dives into what writing a book can do for your social proof. Tune in to hear more! Key highlights: People that keep moving forward are what inspire people Are you choosing your wardrobe trying to impress other people?  On your entrepreneurial journey, you might start out not knowing yourself Tony’s advice to appear more confident and trusting when connecting with others Mike’s advice for connecting with people and being memorable Mike becoming his true self  The shift that happened in 2020  Getting over the hurdle of being an outcast Listening to your instinct regarding other people’s energy and being able to make quick decisions in your business Making moves after attending an event or mastermind How will you guard your time? Tips for getting started with writing your book How to manage your energy and get your day started the way that works for you Overcoming imposter syndrome How writing a book will help you reach your audience The social proof you get from writing a book Quote from the episode:  “Your income is directly tied to how well you articulate your solutions.” For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
8/16/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 25 seconds
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Friendly Reminders to a Million People - with Scott Tatum - EP 263

We have all heard the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” Sometimes as business owners, we pour ourselves into our business and try to give what we can for our families, and this might leave nothing left for ourselves. Today’s guest emphasizes the importance of being a “self-care savage” and going down the path of becoming mentally independent by doing the critical mindset work. Scott Tatum is the founder of @UcanOutdoors, and he delivers daily “Friendly Reminders” via Instagram and TikTok where he has over 1 million followers combined, and over 6 million views on his quick and inspiring videos. From his Friendly Reminders, Scott reminds us that self-care and taking accountability for your own self-growth are vital to well-being and healing. Scott is a Nomad/Hiker/Explorer/Outdoor enthusiast advocating for Self Care, Mental Health, and our Public Lands. Scott utilizes the outdoors for his own form of therapy to heal the mind, body, and soul, which inspired him to spread his message to others.  In this episode, Scott shares his story of being stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and feeling like he was close to giving up hope in life. Through getting in touch with nature, he connected with himself and believes nature is the antidote for healing. Sometimes changing our surroundings can be such a powerful tool that aids in helping us connect to who we truly are, and undoing the beliefs that have been ingrained in us since childhood. Tune in for a powerful episode! How Scott utilizes outdoors as a form of therapy How he got started making videos  Scott’s advice for getting started with social media and stop worrying about what others will think We all have trauma and damage from the past and we need to deal with it because we carry it every day You cannot be your best for people if you're not your best for yourself What Scott would tell his younger self Where Tony got his confidence It is hard to build confidence if you haven’t dealt with what is holding you back We were a sponge to the beliefs around us as kids and we have to question if those beliefs are serving us currently How Scott got past the negative feelings toward a difficult childhood Look inward instead of continuing to look at everyone else and copy them How Scott got out of his cycle of self-sabotage by connecting with nature and how it saved his life The importance of connecting to nature and isolating  For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
8/9/20221 hour, 3 seconds
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Real Success Isn't About Money - with Wylie McGraw - EP 262

With the constant bombardment of advice on how to be successful whether it’s a video on social media, a new book, or a seminar, it can be challenging to figure out what success actually means to you. You might hear that success requires doing whatever it takes, no matter how you feel about it, but today's guest is here to provide a very different perspective on success and what it means to live a truly fulfilled life. Wylie McGraw is a performance accelerator and he helps leaders of fortune 500 companies and other organizations to enhance their leadership and avoid burnout.  In this episode, Wylie explains how you can harness your fear and turn it into something you can use instead of letting it control you and hold you back from doing things that will force you to grow and showcase your unique talents. Wylie also shares his definition of success, and it has nothing to do with money. He works with highly successful people that are miserable because they have built their success on the backs of unresolved stress, and never took the time to take a deep dive into themselves to figure out what really matters to them. You won’t regret not making more money, but you will regret not becoming the best version of yourself. Tune in to hear the truth about what real success looks like. Key highlights Introduction to Wylie and his background in bull riding Wylie’s advice for people that retreat when they are scared The only want to grow is to embrace uncomfortable situations and use the power of fear and harness it How Wylie defines success Wylie’s experience in the military Embracing our unique qualities and where our performance is maximized Seek environments that challenge you and expose who you are We should want to emulate how well someone is living their life not how much they have achieved  Tony’s thoughts on a popular social media post complaining about being a small business owner Tony’s thoughts on Dave Chapelle's most recent special No financial milestone will make you happy if you don't address everything else going on inside you Failure is in its own way success because it means you’re learning The truest value of life is peace and freedom Overconsumption of everyone else’s content will lead to stifled feelings For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
8/2/202258 minutes, 58 seconds
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Are You a Visionary or Integrator? - with Tomas Keenan - EP 261

Do your strengths lie in creating a vision for your company and always coming up with new ideas, or are you more of the person that makes things happen and keeps everything running smoothly? In this episode, you’ll learn about the differences between being a visionary and an integrator, the strengths and weaknesses of both, and why companies need both to balance each other out. Today’s guest, Tomas Keenan, explains how to know whether you are a visionary or an integrator, and why you need to partner with someone with the opposite skillset.  Tomas Keenan works with Entrepreneurs who refuse to be average and are crushing 7+ figures in business. His expertise and experience have landed him features in Mobile Electronics Magazine, CE Outlook, CEO Blog Nation, Fit Small Business, The Startup Growth, The Goodmen Project, and several blogs and podcasts. Tomas is also a sought-after public speaker, 2X bestselling author, and host of the Step It Up Entrepreneur Podcast. He has interviewed industry leaders, influencers, high-level business and success coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world. Tomas believes the key to success is making progress every day, no matter how small the feat. Tomas shares his experience in finding his purpose, and his passion for helping others do the same. His advice involves removing limiting factors from your life to make room for things more aligned with your purpose and how to get your mindset right regarding those difficult decisions that will ultimately lead you on your path to greatness.  Key highlights People overlook the skill of observing and asking the right questions The world needs fewer people that are looking for a transactional relationship and more who are looking for lifetime relationships  How to know if you are a visionary or integrator Can you be both a visionary and an integrator? Should you be business partners with friends? The importance of choosing business partners wisely What to do if you lose passion for your business Tomas’ journey of finding his purpose Tony’s journey of finding his purpose Tomas’ realization that he wasn’t living his core value Letting go of things to make room for more (business partners, companies that don't align with your purpose, or clients that are not ideal) People that are still trading time for money struggle to see the value of high-ticket coaching The mindset in leaving jobs that aren't serving you Books Tomas and Tony recommend For resources and links mentioned in this episode, visit:
7/26/202256 minutes, 56 seconds
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Recognizing Opportunity and Learning as You Go - with Miguel Garcia - EP260

Sometimes an opportunity might present itself before we feel ready to take action, but we can’t always wait for the perfect time, because we may never feel fully prepared. Today’s guest is an inspiring example of what it looks like to recognize a great opportunity and figure it all out along the way. Miguel Garcia is a first-generation immigrant from Mexico, and a serial entrepreneur for over 20 years.  Miguel has built 8 companies from the ground up and gained valuable experience from exiting some of them for millions of dollars. He has built companies specializing in firearms and tactical gear retail, ammunition manufacturing, telecommunications, construction projects, government contracts, imported food products, consumer health products, manufacturing, and retail. Miguel has also been married for 38 years and is the father of 15 children, so he learned how to balance his businesses while keeping his family as his number one priority. He is a seasoned executive with strategic growth and problem-solving skills, with a great ability to take action. In this episode, Miguel shares his experience coming to The United States as a high school student who barely knew any English and seeing the opportunities this country had to offer. Miguel learned that you don’t have to know everything to be successful, you just have to be willing to do what it takes to figure it out along the way. Tune in to hear Miguel’s journey into entrepreneurship, his advice when having a business acquired, and how to make sure your family is always your number one focus. Key highlights Introduction to Miguel and his backstory of immigrating to The United States and becoming a business owner First-generation immigrants are succeeding at a faster rate because they know the oppression of other countries Going from a one-bedroom apartment with 9 people to helping his parents buy their first home The benefits that America offers over other countries Life after high school, going to college, and getting into the workforce Miguel's first experience with entrepreneurship  Opening his first retail store in May 2006 Getting into military bases with his store which grew to 30 stores People are the key to creating your success Pros and cons between storefront business and online business Being copied by a competitor The mental and emotional aspects of going through an acquisition Covering your bases in an acquisition Miguel is joining the 365 driven coaches Advice for parents that are business owners and building your business around your family The significance of having a mentor and investing in yourself For more information about this episode, visit:
7/19/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 59 seconds
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Community Building and the Future of Web 3 - with Heather Parady - EP 259

Lately, you might be hearing a lot about NFTs, Web 3, and blockchain technology, but what does that all mean, and how could it affect you or your company? Today’s guest Heather Parady is here to break it all down for us. Heather is the host of the Unconventional Leaders podcast, the viral podcast Web 3 and NFTs for Newbies, and her newest podcast, Community Builders in Web 3. She is also the founder of the Content Lab and helps mission-driven leaders spread their messages through content marketing strategies. In this episode, Heather starts with a few tips to improve your storytelling for marketing purposes, and then dives right into everything you need to know about NFT’s, blockchain, web 3, and how absolutely essential it is to build a community. She shares what you need to pay attention to right now as a business owner in this fast-moving tech world, and different ways you can facilitate experiences for your community. Tune in to hear more! Key highlights Introduction to Heather Trying something new as an entrepreneur, such as acting or improv classes The idea of mental freedom Why Tony and Heather classify themselves as creatives first, then as entrepreneurs Making your storytelling relevant to your audience when marketing How Heather's podcast Web 3 and NFTs for Newbies went viral and got 1 million downloads in 8 months What is an NFT exactly? What is a blockchain? The benefits of blockchain for businesses The difference between web 1, 2, and 3 Web 3 is focused on community building  Thoughts on the Metaverse What should you start paying attention to right now as a business owner in this new tech world? What are POAPS? Why you need a crypto wallet Websites you can go to make a wallet Audience vs. community Different ways you can facilitate experiences for your community For more information about this episode, visit:
7/12/202253 minutes, 24 seconds
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Going From Worrier to Warrior - with Chris Saunders - EP258

Negative experiences from our past can remain in our subconscious and affect us throughout our lives if we do not address and overcome them. Without even being aware of our traumas, we might be held back by them, not reaching our fullest potential, and trying to overcompensate to push away the pain. Today’s guest went through just that.  Chris Saunders is the president of Integrated Communications, which is a field mobility company, and he also leads a Marketing Agency called Yonder Digital. Chris is a member of the Arete Syndicate and he is a successful entrepreneur with a very inspiring story of how he went from someone that was always fearful of uncertainty, to now one of the strongest people he knows. Chris faced very difficult times recently, as most of us did, but this forced him to face the childhood trauma that he had been trying to push away for so long. In this episode, Chris shares his story of battling hopelessness and desperation, and knowing when it was time to ask for help. Through a special kind of therapy called EDMR, he was finally able to face his traumas and start to truly live in the present, and finally call the shots in his own life. Everyone deals with adversity, but winners realize it is the past that makes us who we are. Tune in to hear Chris’ story.  Key highlights Introduction to Chris The childhood trauma Chris endured that made it difficult to connect to his true self The massive shift Chris went through after investing in himself through the Arete Syndicate How Chris' business was affected in recent times Chris’ experience with EMDR therapy How the Arete syndicate saved Chris' life Chris' experience with 75 hard Tony’s experience with high functioning depression How things happen FOR us not TO us The purpose statement Chris says every day to stay connected to his “why” The purpose statement he says with his kids every day What’s next for Chris: A safe zone for men For more information about this episode, visit:
7/5/202259 minutes, 28 seconds
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Earn Money With Videos - with Ken Okazaki - EP257

Ken Okazaki is referred to as "the Video Marketing Guy." He has worked with international TV celebrities, CEOs, and business owners who know they need to be on video but lack the time, skills, or confidence to get started. Ken is the founder of Oz Media Global, a video marketing agency, and he loves helping businesses plan, optimize and launch their video campaigns. Ken has been able to learn what has worked with his world-class clients, and systematize the process to help businesses of all sizes. He teaches coaches, trainers, and consultants to create irresistible videos that land them leads and sales. With Ken's help, his clients have generated millions of dollars in extra profit from video marketing.  Ken has developed a system for video content production, a combination of hooks, triggers, and techniques to get viewers to take the desired action. This is an episode you will definitely want to take notes on and listen to a few times as Ken is very generous in giving a wealth of information on how you can create videos that capture your audience and convert that to dollars. Ken goes step by step through the process that he uses for his clients when creating video ads that use psychology to get people to want to take action after watching. Tune in to hear the most common video mistakes people make, and learn how you can look like a pro. Key highlights Introduction to Ken and his journey as an entrepreneur Ken’s background as a large event planner in Japan The work and time that goes into planning and executing a large event The “sweet spot” of when to promote an event Getting hired for Jordan Belfort's world tour Japan event and why it didn’t happen Why you should be using video for marketing Tony’s tips for reels and TikTok Ken’s advice for creating powerful video ads using psychology The importance of going the shortest distance to make someone feel emotion with your video Why you shouldn’t buy any new equipment and use the things you have already to make videos Ken’s Storytelling format: HILDA - Hook, introduction, lead, deliver, ask Ken’s advice for beginners Ken’s thoughts on virtual backgrounds Lighting tips and tricks to look like a pro The most common mistake people make with their background that makes them look like an amateur  Where you should have light sources in your video to flatter you most What is next for Ken? Ken’s advice to someone struggling to start with video content For more information about this episode, visit:
6/28/202255 minutes, 48 seconds
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Knowing When to Quit - with Rich Cardona - EP255

Rich Cardona is a retired Marine aviator, former Amazon employee, media company owner, podcaster, and most importantly, a proud girl dad. Rich is very focused on optimizing life with efficiency, routine, and manifestation, which has led him to where he is today. Rich’s business focus is podcast production and video content for 7-8 figure CEOs, and his journey to building his business involved a lot of letting go of things that didn’t align with his aspirations and vision for his life.  In this episode, Rich emphasizes how powerful it is to limit your availability, which means letting go of what doesn't serve the bigger picture you have for yourself. Although saying “no” can feel difficult, a lot of things are not worth letting go of your dream. That might mean waking up earlier, spending less time on social media, or even walking away from a position that you know is limiting your potential, just as Rich did. Tune in to hear Rich explain the power of “addition through subtraction.” Key highlights: Introduction to Rich and his background as a marine and Amazon employee How he quit his job at Amazon to be an entrepreneur Tony’s advice for becoming a leader in your company even if your company doesn't put you on that path Why Rich applied to entry-level positions after quitting Amazon How a lot of people are limiting themselves in what they are willing to do and learn Knowing which doors to shut and avoiding “shiny object syndrome” When to stop consuming content and take action How to get unique content when meeting your role models How Rich got the idea for his globally ranked podcast, NFTs for Newbies Clues that you should consider a pivot Are you rolling with people you are not aligned with?  The price of your dream is letting go of the thing you're doing right now Sacrifices don't always mean you're losing something The power of saying “no” is one of the best skill sets you can have The value of your proximity Addition through subtraction and being in a “no” period The local vs. global benefit What Rich has learned from a social media hiatus The power of conceptualizing and visualizing what you want Your subconscious looks for opportunities to meet your goals Quote from the episode: “The world will give you more of what you give attention and energy to.” For more information about this episode, visit:
6/14/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 24 seconds
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Uncertain Times Bring Opportunity for Exploration - with Joan Ball - EP254

Joan Ball is an associate professor in the Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University in New York City and the founder of WOMB Service Design Lab, an action research consultancy where she works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help people learn to thrive in uncertain times. Joan works with leaders of all experience levels and helps them to navigate and thrive through times of change and embrace the idea of pausing and inquiring. Disruptions and uncertainty happen to everyone, but learning to pivot around or push through is not always the best option. Joan is passionate about changing how we view uncharted territory and see it as a great opportunity to inquire about our true goals and wishes, and explore new routes that will set us on the path to living our own version of a fulfilled life. So many of us get caught up in a game of comparison and think that there is only one path to success, and if we don’t follow that path, we have failed. In this episode, Joan invites you to spend more time pausing and doing the work to make sure your identity and goals are in alignment. Her work lives in the space between ambition, impact, and well-being at a time when we are forced to reimagine what it means to live meaningful and successful lives in a rapidly changing world.  Key highlights: Introduction to Joan and how she got to where she is now Why do we pursue other people’s dreams? Joan explains the idea of time boxed experiments and active waiting Navigating no man’s land We all have the capacity to persevere or panic, so how do we amplify the perseverance part? What are some indicators that change is needed? Practicing pause and inquiry Self-identity and direction - Who will I be and where am I going? Tony’s experience with a micromanager and having a hard conversation What are you avoiding that you know you need to confront? “What now” moments - assessing what your options are in a situation that is not ideal for us Connecting your goals to the steps that it takes to get there The significance of pausing and assessing our happiness with where we are currently Sometimes the next step is going backward for a little while Not getting caught up with your ego and comparison game, sometimes we are happier with less The idea of a “true north” is dead Calibrating your journey and goals with your values If you are in the midst of change with no direction, what is the first step to take? Quote from the episode: “I'd rather prevent unhappiness perhaps, than always have to be happy.” For more information about this episode, visit:
6/7/202259 minutes, 17 seconds
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We Don't Retreat, We Advance - EP253

This special episode was recorded at our 365 Driven "Advance" live event in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We interviewed a dozen entrepreneurs, and asked them to share their tips and advice. Co-Hosted with Jeremy Slate, of the "Create Your Own Life" podcast.
6/3/202257 minutes, 28 seconds
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Are You Living in Freedom? - EP252

Tony Whatley delivered this closing speech about Freedom at the 365 Driven "Advance 4" event on May 21, 2022, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Tony speaks about 3 types of freedom we should all be striving for: financial freedom, time freedom, and mental freedom. Financial freedom isn't just about the numbers, but more so about the freedom to choose where your money is coming from and have the ability to make decisions that will bring in more money if that is what you want. It’s not being tied to a company or job where you don’t have control of the money you can acquire.  The next is time freedom. Tony talks about how we have been sold an idea that we have to hustle all the time in order to be successful. In reality, we should be intentionally delegating tasks to others in order to free up time for things that we enjoy. This is the key to scaling a business while getting your time back. Focus on your strengths and get help with everything else. The last freedom is mental freedom. Tony shares about his near death experience and the perspective on life he gained from going through that. The truth that we all have to face is that we will die someday. Wasting time and energy on what other people are going to think, or fearing judgment is a waste of time and holds us back from taking action, making a real impact, and creating a life we are truly proud of.  Key highlights: How Tony started his first company by teaching himself how to build websites Being more focused on giving than receiving Selling Tony’s first company at age 34 Developing money maturity Providing value to others You don't have to work 24/7 How to scale your business while getting your time back Getting rid of negative or toxic people How Tony’s parents instilled discipline in him Being fired from his corporate job His near-death experience and what he took away from that Action, belief, consistency- take the action before you have the belief How Tony got better at public speaking Losing the fear of judgment Quote from the episode: “Regret is avoidable, but only with action.” For more information about this episode, visit:
5/31/202250 minutes, 1 second
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How to Get Superhuman Confidence - with Ed Mylett - EP251

Ed Mylett is back on the 365 Driven podcast, and you already know this will be an episode packed with lessons and advice from Ed that you are going to want to take notes on. Ed is an incredibly successful businessman, creator of the Arete Syndicate, and one of Tony’s mentors. Since being on the podcast in April 2020, Ed has gone through the loss of his dad and spent the last year writing his upcoming book, The Power of One More, which is a very in-depth guide full of Ed’s powerful strategies and insight that will guide you to a happier and more successful life. In this episode, Ed takes us through some life changing lessons that are included in his book that will benefit anyone, no matter what stage you are in your life. Tony and Ed’s conversation brings out a side of Ed that no one has asked about before. Ed exposes how our society is programmed to avoid pain, which is keeping everyone stuck and repeating the history of those before us. You are sure to hear a perspective from Ed that other people don’t talk about because it is hard to hear, but he doesn’t shy away from the truth bombs that are guaranteed to motivate you to take action in making the changes necessary to reach the potential you didn’t think was possible. Key highlights: Introduction to Ed and what he has been up to the past year Dealing with the recent loss of his father The concept of “Beginning with the end in mind” from Think and Grow Rich The concept of “memento mori” We all have visions on our life, the issue is depth perception, you think its further away than it is You are one decision away, one meeting, one relationship, one thought, one book, one podcast away from a different life Most people don't meet their highest self because they are not willing to go through the pain of getting there How Ed developed his listening skills as a child Truth bomb that’s hard to hear: “The most insidious form of child neglect is a parent not pursuing their ultimate potential. You’re instilling in that child that it's okay to settle.” Most lessons our kids learn are caught not taught We are programed to avoid pain and not do hard things Successful people pursue the inconvenient thing How our parents instill their limitations in us Why Ed is different from other people on social media A different view of Ed: What his dogs mean to him How to balance being successful and maintaining your family/parenting Most people are operating out of their memory and history, but happy people operate out of their imagination and dreams How to get your kids to be dreamers and have high confidence Surround yourself with people that say “imagine when” not “remember when” Your identity is the thermostat setting of your life How to train your RAS (reticular activating system) Anger is the manifestation of fear The importance of finding emotional control in stressful situation: equanimity How his book will apply to everyone How to get access to Ed’s virtual event for free Quotes from the episode: “It's not the events of our lives that define us, it's the meaning we attach to it.” “On the other side of temporary pain, you get introduced to your other self.” “What if the highest potential exists in something we haven't even started yet?” “Success is where your life matches the blueprint you have for it. You come up with a blueprint for your life and you get it” For more information about this episode, visit:
5/24/202256 minutes, 29 seconds
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Through Adversity Comes Opportunity - with Cynthia Thurlow - EP250

Cynthia Thurlow is the CEO and founder of Everyday Wellness Project, and she’s the host of Everyday Wellness podcast, which was listed in “20 podcasts that will help you grow in 2020” by Entrepreneur magazine. Cynthia is an expert in nutrition and intermittent fasting, and she has a viral Tedx talk on this subject that has been viewed over 11 million times. She was also one of Tony’s earliest coaching clients, and a former guest on the show from 2019, although so much has happened since then, including the release of her book: Intermittent Fasting Transformation. Cynthia has been a nurse practitioner for over 20 years, and in this episode she shares all about her huge career shift, and the major catalyst in her life that set her on a path of opportunity and success. Through dealing with a major health scare, she learned that the toughest times can allow us to have the opportunity to grow into the people we’re meant to be.  Key highlights: Cynthia’s experience as a 2x Tedx speaker How she got on stage 27 days after being hospitalized and almost dying How her second Tedx talk was a powerful catalyst for opportunity How that talk led to Cynthia’s book that sold 14k copies in the first month When you are in difficult circumstances, focus on what you can to get through it Cynthia’s advice to do the 3 things you don't want to do first thing in the morning and set up your day for success Tony’s advice for when the people close to you don't understand or acknowledge what you're doing Why Cynthia left her job as a medical professional Tony’s advice to create boundaries with people that bring you down A big cultural difference between the US and UK and how we value our careers How our culture has an unhealthy relationship with our careers and we are exceedingly toxic with labels and expectations You can’t serve everyone in your business- you have to know your avatar first and serve them You can't have a big casting net or you won't catch anyone People are looking for specialists, not generalists, so you need to be specific in who you serve Podcasting is the new networking Tony’s tip for fewer filler words while podcasting Be intentional about personal development How Cynthia deals with imposter syndrome For more information about this episode, visit:
5/17/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 47 seconds
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Fake Media Influence Exposed - with Kimanzi Constable - EP249

Kimanzi Constable is an author of four books and a freelance writer whose articles have been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, SUCCESS Magazine, NBC, CBS, FOX, and 80 other publications and magazines. He's a global traveler and digital nomad that has been to 83 countries and counting. He started his first business at just 19 years old, after having been previously homeless, dropping out of high school, and living in a shelter for 18 months. In 2011, Kimanzi discovered business podcasts and dove into writing his first book.  In this episode, Kimanzi shares all about the lessons he learned along the way, and everything you need to know about paid publications vs. pay-to-play PR. He explains just how he built an audience and took his business to the next level through writing articles. He walks you through how to pitch yourself to publications, and what being published can do for you and your credibility. Kimanzi also reveals how you can ruin your credibility by taking shortcuts and playing into the fake media influence games. Quote from the episode: “Be the person that goes out and finds the information, the scoops, the stories, and brings it to the people. And you’ll get the same notoriety over time and hopefully some success behind that.” Key highlights: Kimanzi’s background that led to being an author and freelance writer How he built an audience by guest posting Tony’s experience with getting published in magazines Pay to play vs. getting paid to write Tips on how to pitch yourself to publications What a good article contains: it's not about you, it's about what you can provide His thoughts on HARO (Help a reporter out) How to pitch to a contributor and why you should pitch to them to feature you Tony’s tips on pitching yourself a podcast guest What editors look for when vetting you Recommendations for cleaning up your Linkedin How social proof relates to your ideal client Should you care about social proof? Does being verified on IG matter? Why you should want to be published and what it does for you and your credibility For more information about this episode, visit:
5/10/202255 minutes, 43 seconds
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Creating Balance Between Life and Business - with Jaime Villalovos - EP248

Jaime Villalovos has an incredible story of strength, perseverance, and growth mindset that took her from a childhood of welfare and food stamps, to being a 7-figure earner before the age of 30. She has helped thousands of people to successfully start their own business, and has coached many to become leaders earning multiple 6 and 7 figure incomes. Through her Happy and Strong movement, Jaime coaches leaders and entrepreneurs on how to build their dream life with more success in business and more balance, wellness, and fulfillment. Being known as the “balance queen”, Jaime has achieved all this with an inspiring marriage, raising four children, being a philanthropist, and staying involved with her church and community. In this episode. Jaime shares all about her background and journey to achieving all that she set out to do. Her story is also a testament to the power of finding a great mentor and realizing that to unlock the doors that you want to open, sometimes you have to seek those that have already found the key and check your ego at the door when it comes to following their advice. Jaime also dives into the importance of not staying stagnant and continuing to set goals, yet finding the perfect balance to not let work control your life, because the true goal is happiness. Quote from the episode: “The great ones, the champions, the 1%ers, it’s not just a business plan, it’s not just goals, it’s like an emotional game plan. What keeps them going when things are tough, when things are hard, when they want to quit, when they want to flip on the TV, and instead they turn it off and they make 10 more phone calls.” Key highlights: Jaime’s story growing up poor in a small rural town and how that inspired her to do better The importance of finding a great mentor or coach Jaime’s tips for reaching out to a mentor you aren’t connected to Tony’s advice for connecting with mentors How our entrepreneur journey changes through life’s phases What a good team can do for your business How Jaime trains and hires staff Tony’s time saving hacks for training new employees/team members Why you need an emotional game plan for when things get hard The importance of growth and new challenges Challenging your belief system Jaime’s process for setting big goals How Jaime defines happiness and success How a mentor might be able to help you see where you are stuck Why you need fulfillment and contribution goals instead of a money “finish line” Jaime’s new book Happy and Strong launching May 17 For more information about this episode, visit:
5/3/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 28 seconds
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What Story Have You Avoided Writing? - with Chandler Bolt - EP247

Chandler Bolt is the CEO of Self-Publishing School & He has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30, and at one time, he was a broke college dropout that became a multi million dollar business owner in 18 months. Chandler is the author of 7 bestselling books, including his most recent book titled “Published.” Self Publishing School was an INC 5000 company the last 3 years in a row, as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the US.  In this episode of 365 Driven, Chandler breaks down everything you need to know to get started writing a best-selling book. Even if you think these lessons might not apply to you, Chandler explains that writing a book is one of the most valuable things you can do to build an impact and establish yourself as an expert in your field. If getting started sounds overwhelming, Chandler very simply breaks down just how anyone can get started with the writing process, as well as the do’s and don'ts of publishing a book. Quote from the episode: “If you’re thinking about starting a business, sell then build. Until you have revenue, you don’t have a business, you have a business idea.” Key highlights: Chandler’s story of dropping out of college and continuing to get educated What led Chandler to start a publishing company It someone keeps coming for you for a thing, that might be what you should start a business around How Tony used his audience to get an idea for a business Chander’s failure of a business and how that led to a successful business How to build a business before you launch The difference between cash flow positive, neutral, and negative The riches are in the niches- be specific in who you are helping, then expand later A book is one of the most valuable things you can do to build an impact  Mistakes authors make when writing a book Chandler’s two rules for publishing What doesn’t matter when you're getting started on your book The M.O.R.E. writing method Chandler’s opinion of ghost writing Should we judge a book by its cover? Tips for marketing- why you need to market your book Do you need a website? How to get people to review your book How to get a free copy of Chandler’s new book For more information about this episode, visit:
4/26/202252 minutes, 43 seconds
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Become Visible to Become Profitable - with Dhomonique Murphy - EP246

Dhomonique Murphy is the #1 Go-To Industry Expert on Storytelling, Media Relations & Getting Featured on TV. She is a 3x Emmy Award Winning Storyteller, Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Celebrity Interviewer, and is best known for helping individuals and companies capture attention, reach larger audiences, and get massive exposure for their brands through the fine art of strategic storytelling. Dhomonique is also Founder & President of Media Mastery Now, America’s Premiere Media Training Agency where she helps individuals and companies use the power of story and TV media to build their brands and businesses. She is also a beauty queen titleholder and has been featured on stages across the nation. In this episode of 365 Driven, Dhomonique breaks down exactly how you can use visibility to build your credibility, which in turn will lead to profitability. You won’t want to miss her tips for capturing the attention of media outlets, and what not to do when sending a pitch. Her methods help her clients leverage the power of storytelling to increase their visibility and the “know, like, and trust” factor to explode their brands, and she fully believes that you can do it too. Quote from the episode: “There’s a lesson in everything if we’re looking up instead of down.” Key highlights: Dhomonique’s background growing up in theater and being an extroverted child Experiencing her first failure and the lesson she learned Why everyone needs to drop the victim mentality Her story of wanting to be an entrepreneur and dealing with naysayers  Being fired from her news anchor job The event that led to her first Emmy How visibility leads to credibility which leads to profitability  How to pitch to media outlets How to catch the attention of media outlets Tips for overcoming doubt/imposter syndrome The affirmations Dhomonique tells herself everyday For more information about this episode, visit:
4/19/20221 hour, 8 seconds
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The Truth About Digital Marketers - with Chans Weber - EP245

With 10 plus years of experience in digital marketing, Chans Weber is here to talk all things digital marketing, and what you should know before you think about hiring a team to do this for you. Chans is known for his skill in transforming companies’ visions and goals into tangible revenue. He is the Founder of Agile & Co, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses optimize their marketing strategy, and it has evolved into one of the most prolific digital marketing agencies in the country.  In this episode of 365 Driven, Chans breaks down exactly what a digital marketing team can do for you, and what most people don’t understand about digital marketing. Without taking the time to understand this area of business, it is easy to get connected with the wrong team that won’t actually help your business. Tune in to learn all about SEO and what every business owner needs to understand about digital marketing, even if you plan to have someone else do it for you. Quote from the episode: “The best thing that you can do for yourself is understand enough to be dangerous and talk about the world before you start that interview process and you hire somebody.” Key highlights: The issue with people thinking they should have quick success Dimensions of digital marketing that people don't understand What small business can understand about digital marketing What SEO services do How you might get down ranked from google’s algorithm and suppress your content Intent driven marketing vs. audience based marketing Lifetime value of a customer that people aren't paying attention to Chans’ story of rock bottom before starting his business Chans’ hardest business experience Tony's opinion on business partners The value of recurring revenue contracts if it fits your industry What should people be looking for when hiring a digital marketing team The importance of having a relationship with your digital marketing company Where some small business owners fail as far as organic marketing Why old school marketing works For more information about this episode, visit:
4/12/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 17 seconds
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Motivation is a Myth - with Jill Sinclair - EP244

Jill Sinclair is an author, TV personality, keynote speaker, executive coach, and mentor with a “get things done” mentality. She teaches others how to unlock their potential and stop letting excuses prevent them from taking action and making things happen. Having overcome a traumatic childhood, Jill doesn’t let her past have power over her. Through having 73 jobs and counting, Jill knows that we all have the power to choose our own path, and she is passionate about helping others to take those action steps and stop the procrasting and overthinking that are preventing success.  Jill’s tenacious spirit is contagious, and in this episode you will feel the passion and drive she has to spread her message that we are the only ones holding ourselves back with excuses, lack of accountability, and waiting for the day that motivation will magically appear. You will hear her hacks for tricking your mind to want to do the things that will move you forward, and how to rewire your brain for positivity.  Quote from the episode: “If it is to be, it is up to me.” Key highlights: Overcoming a difficult upbringing and how she chose to create her own path in life Why you should tell people your goals Transformation can happen in a shorter time than you think How Jill works with her clients to get them to take the action steps and not overthink Jill’s mission to change lives The importance of knowing your why - motivation isn't enough The difference between successful people and average people Take accountability for wherever you are The fear of success Flipping the switch on responsibility that success gives you Rewire your brain for positivity For more information about this episode, visit:
4/5/20221 hour, 1 minute, 25 seconds
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Betting on Yourself - with Michael Burns - EP243

Michael Burns is a real estate investor, and has flipped over 40 properties in a year. He's the Founder of Lifestyle Lending Mortgages and The Burnz Team real estate companies, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is also the host of the podcast, Freedom Lifestyle Experience. Michael shares all about his journey to where he is now, which involved enduring hearing “no” 94 times before his first real estate offer was accepted. Michael is an example of true perseverance, and the incredible things that can happen when you bet on yourself. Overnight successes don’t happen. Success comes from being patient and putting in the necessary work each and every day. You have to be willing to be humble and know that you might not be very good the first time you try something, but being willing to push through and improve, is what will set you apart from others that will sit on the sidelines and not achieve their goals. In this episode, Michael gives us a pep talk on getting your mindset right to go after the life you want.  Key highlights: Michael’s story of getting into real estate What the public might not know about real estate Michael’s first “no” (spoiler: it wasn't that bad) Demystifying your idols You get freedom when you don't worry about what other people think Overnight success doesn't happen, Impatience costs people the fortune What you don’t need to start a business How to attract clients to you and your business Quote from the episode: “You have to be willing to suck at something before you can be good at it. Be humble and know it’s a part of the process.” For more information about this episode, visit:
3/29/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 33 seconds
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Build Strength in All Areas - with Stephen Miller - EP242

Stephen Miller is a former pro MMA fighter, martial arts expert, Strongman performer with 5 world records to his credit, author, speaker, and owner of Legacy 365. He is a renowned motivator of people, and has spoken to crowds as large as 60,000 and shared the stage with other great speakers and thought leaders. He has produced an intensive coaching system called “Circle Builders,” and has authored The 30-Day Family Challenge, Dynamite Comes in Small Packages, The Adullam Experience, and his upcoming book, Circle Builders. In today’s episode, Stephen dives into the concept of “circle building”, to help others build more complete lives, families, and companies. Stephen shares the 7 values that he believes are most important for everyone to incorporate and focus on in order to yield exponential growth in the entirety of our lives. Key highlights: Stephen’s recommendations for real world self defense  Each of Stephen’s world records His story setting a world record on Ripley’s Believe It or Not The injuries he sustained while setting world records The 7 values Legacy 365 focuses on  The great mystery of spirituality His new book coming out: Circle Builders Stephen’s advice for getting started with personal development Quote from the episode: “The legacy you want to leave is the legacy you must live.” For more information about this episode, visit:
3/22/202256 minutes, 28 seconds
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Authenticity Creates Opportunity - with Ken Joslin - EP241

Ken Joslin is a serial entrepreneur, host of the podcast As the Leader Grows, former pastor turned coach, best-selling author, massive event organizer, and much more. He spent the last 25 years between vocational ministry and real estate, and his passion is serving others, teaching the principles of GSD (Grow, Stack, Drive) through his coaching and consulting community. We have heard many times how important our “circle” of people are, and how we are the sum of those that we spend the most time with, but how do you attract the right people into your community, corner, or circle? How do you get a seat at the table with those people that will inspire you to level up, and help you get to places you never dreamed possible? Ken emphasizes that the most important piece that so many people overlook, is authenticity and serving other people, which leads to a fulfilled life. Key highlights: How to get the wrong people out of your life the right way How to attract the right people by growing yourself and serving others We can learn from people we dislike or disagree with, instead of criticizing If you are teachable, you are not a critic  Our world is hungry for authentic leaders who live a life of humility There is a fine line between authenticity and oversharing You don't want to surround yourself with “yes men” you need people that will be objective  The characteristics Ken sees in authentic people Ken’s major tips for you if you’re struggling with authenticity Quote from the episode: “Excuses will always be there, opportunities wont. When opportunity knocks, it’s too late to prepare” For more information about this episode, visit:
3/15/202253 minutes, 14 seconds
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Your Purpose Changes With Time - with Stu Massengill- EP240

Stu Massengill has accomplished many things from building an 8-figure business at 20 years old, to beating cancer at 24 years old. He is on a mission to help people to fall in love with what they do. Stu is a Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins and the host of the podcast, Finding Direction, where he interviews people who live passionate and fulfilling lives, and learn tactics from them about how to find one’s direction in life. Stu helps others who are lost, and leads them down a path of creating a life full of passion and fulfillment. In this episode, Stu dives deep into the concept of finding your purpose and direction in life, and how that can change with time. He shares his story of being a shy kid that struggled to make conversations with others, to going up to strangers and building connections with people that would push him to dream bigger. Sometimes going after your goals means disassociating with people that are bringing you down, and seeking out people that will make you uncomfortable, in a positive and productive way that will elevate toward action.  Key highlights: Tony and Stu relate skateboarding to entrepreneurship The darkest time in Stu’s life when the network marketing company he was involved in, closed its doors Look for the blessings and lessons in the difficult times and take that to your next journey We need to embrace the unknown and see it as exciting Deep dive into the fear of success and self awareness  Why you need to be selfishly unselfish and disassociate from people that are bringing you down How to become a more effective communicator and networker Addressing fears as an introvert Quote from the episode: “The pain of discipline weighs ounces, the pain of regret weighs tons.” For more information about this episode, visit:
3/8/202253 minutes, 39 seconds
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Leave Your Imprint on the World - with Bobby Sausalito - EP239

Bobby Sausalito is a comedian, political commentator, and internet personality. He makes comedy videos about politics, the economy, current events, America, and freedom. Bobby has acquired a social media presence with over 140,000 followers and received tens of millions of video views and counting. His mission is to deliver the truth in a consumable and humorous way. In this episode, Bobby shares how he got started making funny videos online, and his belief that everyone needs to find a way to leave their thoughts and impression on the world. Bobby believes that through being a thought leader and being courageous enough to share your thoughts, you can leave a very impactful imprint on the world for generations to come. Our society is in need of leaders, and Bobby believes that these important conversations that need to be had, and ideas that need to be shared, could save the world. He also gives us a lesson in personal branding, content strategy, and how you can easily and quickly create content to attract your ideal audience.  Key highlights: How Bobby got started making funny videos The importance of leaving an imprint on the world What he thinks makes a thought leader The key to getting other people addicted to your content Being raw on social media How to put out more content faster How to capture your audience’s attention Personal branding  Content strategy and simplifying things to create things everyday For more information about this episode, visit:
3/1/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 48 seconds
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Creating Meaningful Connections on Social Media - with Brian Covey - EP238

Brian Covey went from an Olympic USA Soccer Player to VP of one of the largest mortgage companies in America. Learning to be adaptable, keep fitness a priority, and maintaining a growth mindset became masteries for Brian very early as his career was affected by the 2007 market crash shortly after his soccer days came to an end. Brian is an executive at LoanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top rated podcaster, an author, an investor and a proud soccer dad. It’s Brian’s mission with his new book, “Conversations with Covey”, to highlight some of the most incredible stories he’s gotten to share on his podcast, the Brian Covey Show. In this episode, Brian dives into his mission to help others realize their potential and know that we should all be in a place in which we are embraced for our talents and individuality, instead of being suppressed to fit into a box that others may want us to fit into. Brian also shares strategies on how to build meaningful connections with others online that may end up changing the trajectory of your life. Key highlights: Brian’s journey from pro soccer player, to corporate, to entrepreneur Why Brian and Tony choose to be real on social media Brian shares that the people closest people to him were the biggest naysayers The importance of hiring other people to help you so you can focus on your strengths Find role models and take what you like and leave what you don't How to use social media in a meaningful and productive way Getting to a better version of you involves asking for help For more information about this episode, visit:
2/22/202258 minutes, 30 seconds
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How to Scale Your Business - with Nick Bradley - EP237

Nick Bradley is a world-renowned business growth expert, who works with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors, building high-value companies. Over the last decade, he has built, bought and sold 24 businesses with a combined valuation of $5.2 billion dollars. Nick also works with Private Equity and Venture Capital firms across the UK and the US, leading business turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and scale-ups. He is also the co-founder of The Fielding Group, a growth consultancy that helps companies improve business performance. His mission is to help create business empires with impact, bringing entrepreneurial skills and mindset to people all over the world as a driving force of progression and prosperity. In this episode, Nick breaks down how to build companies with valuation in mind, and prepare for an acquisition. You may be surprised to find out that your business might not be worth anything to a buyer, and Nick will reveal what buyers actually look for. He also dives into how you can scale your business, and why growth and scaling are not the same thing. Key highlights: How to appeal to buyers and prepare for acquisition Your business may not be worth anything (99% of business aren’t worth anything to a buyer) Nick’s beginning into entrepreneurship - from corporate to entrepreneur Some of the myths of having a business that people believe What buyers look for and why they buy What Nick looks for as an investor Why you need to get to the point of firing yourself "The Great Resignation" The difference between growth and scale Where people fail at scaling The process of acquisition/exit For more information about this episode, visit:
2/15/202252 minutes, 54 seconds
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From Fired to Owning the Company - with Marie Cosgrove - EP236

Marie Cosgrove is an entrepreneur and speaker, and her life in itself is a miracle and a story of tenacity and faith. Having been born into poverty, Marie has an incredibly inspiring story of persevering through a tumultuous childhood, abusive marriage, raising four children on her own, and struggling to make her way in the business world. She climbed the ladder in her job at a company, but was fired when she refused a pay cut. 2 years later, she bought the company that fired her. We all face hardships in our personal and professional lives, and Marie now helps others to discover how to use those hardships to propel them forward. Marie turned the lessons of adversity into advantage, and in today’s episode, she shares what she has learned from her successes and failures. Your background, money, or success are not what give you value in life, and the titles you acquire throughout your life are not your identity. We all want to leave a legacy and impact in this world, and can do so despite where we came from. Key Highlights Marie shares the story of her mother’s accident, her grandmother’s incredible faith that led to Marie's miraculous birth, and the difficult childhood she endured Leaving an abusive marriage, raising 4 children on her own, and succeeding in her career despite her personal struggles Being fired from her job, starting a business, and coming back to buy the company that fired her Decisions that people take lightly have huge impacts How to tell frauds from real speakers For more information about this episode, visit:
2/8/202252 minutes, 54 seconds
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Protecting Your Mental Real Estate - with April Garcia - EP235

April Garcia is an international business advisor, performance coach, host of her podcast PivotMe, and creator of the breakthrough digital course on time management and productivity. By age 20, April had already started on her path of entrepreneurship as a real estate investor, had started her first company, and bought her first house. She graduated from numerous leadership academies, climbed the ladder as a top performer in the Financial and Telecom industry, built several businesses, and advised both U.S. and international corporations from start-up to billion-dollar businesses. April is an amazing resource for insight regarding growing revenue, increasing productivity, and helping business owners find balance to enjoy the life they earned. In this episode, April and Tony share the necessary life transitions that are required when you want to level up in life or in your career. Your mindset and those that you surround yourself with, are key in this pivotal time. It becomes essential to do the difficult internal work, and also surround yourself with others that will lift you up along the way.   Key Highlights April shares about her rebellious teenage years and gives insight on how she got to where she is today April walks us through her transition from her corporate job to entrepreneurship and the mindset shifts that were necessary to get there Why you may need to spend less time with your “default peer group” and find your “designed peer group” Why you need to focus on what can go right instead of harboring on everything that can go wrong Evolving to reach your goals For more information about this episode, visit:
2/1/202254 minutes, 51 seconds
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Business Lessons from Ridetech - with Bret Voelkel - EP234

Bret Voelkel is the founder of Air Ride Technologies, which later rebranded as Ridetech, and was eventually acquired by Fox Factory in 2019. Now in his retirement, Bret owns four businesses, and shares the hard lessons and wisdom with entrepreneurs, and those aspiring to build a business.  Through building and owning multiple companies, and going through the trials and tribulations that come with starting a business, Bret learned some difficult lessons along the way. He shares his advice and tips for maintaining relationships with your consumers, the significance of great branding, the necessity of outsourcing, what to expect when putting your business on the market, and much more.  Key Highlights The lessons Brett has learned from the companies he worked for or built You are who you surround yourself with, and knowing this can change your life and your business One of Bret’s first business lessons involving a lawsuit with another company Why a patent is just a marketing device How to grow and maintain being number one Bret’s story of his 6 year old daughter creating his company logo Why you should outsource and why you can't afford not to Bret’s advice to new business owners For more information about this episode, visit:
1/25/202253 minutes, 52 seconds
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Overcoming Trials With Triumph - with Patti Katter - EP233

Patti Katter is the spouse of a US Military Veteran who was severely wounded in war, and became his caregiver at 33 years old. Through advocating for her husband and getting him the care he needed, Patti found that one of life’s greatest joys is helping others. Patti is also the host of the Podcast Wake Up With Patti Katter, a podcast with a wealth of inspiring and motivational stories from others that have overcome tremendous difficulties. In this episode, Patti and Tony discuss the significance in finding your purpose through genuinely wanting to help others. This will lead you to more success than chasing dollars ever will. Finding fulfillment in connecting with other people will build your legacy and lead you on a path of a purpose driven life. Key Highlights Patti and Tony discuss why we are so lucky to live in America and the importance of being patriotic Patti shares her story of learning about her husband’s injury while serving in the US Military while in Iraq, and his diagnosis of a head injury, which led to Patti being his caregiver and advocating for veterans to get the help they need. Tony stresses the importance of attributing a dollar amount to the tasks you do daily to make sure you are paying yourself appropriately in your business. Patti highlights the significance in rooting yourself in helping others to find your purpose. For more information about this episode, visit:
1/18/202248 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Power of Getting Specific - with Mark Drager - EP232

Mark Drager is a pro-conversationalist, host, and moderator. He brings energy, wit, vulnerability, and insightful questions to connect extraordinary people with engaged audiences. He's the host of the We Do Hard Things Podcast - a show about facing fears, taking big risks, and chasing down dreams. With an impressive background that includes working with NBA players, launching startups, transforming international brands, and founding a marketing agency, Mark is here today to share the lessons he learned along the way. Listen in as Mark shares his story of going from being on social assistance and barely having enough to get by, to the success he has found today. Mark shares the importance of getting specific with your messaging, and how you can help others with what you have to offer. You don't want to miss the value Mark is sharing with the 365 Driven society in this episode. For more information about this episode, visit:
1/11/202256 minutes, 9 seconds
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How To Win in 2022 - with Tony Whatley - EP231

My most valuable strategies and tactics to help make 2022 your best year, possible. Let's attack this new year, together! -Tony  
1/3/202259 minutes, 7 seconds
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How To Confront Your Resistance - with Jeramiah Solven - EP230

Jeramiah Solven is a high-performance coach and the entrepreneur behind the leadership training company, “Conquer Academy”. He is a former Army Ranger Officer who is versed in the grit, discipline, mental toughness, and leadership it takes to win at war, business, and going after your goals. He coaches others on how to defeat their excuses and conquer their goals. Jeramiah has coached hundreds of people to success, including CEOs, aviators, and billion-dollar CEOs. He has been featured on platforms like, and TEDx. Beyond his coaching and speaking career, he is an extreme long-distance runner, MMA fighter, and author of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Fitness E-Book, The Whole Man Project. In this episode of 365 Driven, Jeramiah explains his unique approach to setting and reaching goals. This involves being clear on what you are avoiding, address it, and craft your goals around that. Addressing your vices and digging deep to find your big “why”, are all a part of Jeramiah’s method. You don’t want to miss these mental hacks! For more information about this episode, visit:
12/21/202155 minutes, 29 seconds
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From Fired to Focused - with John Tarnoff - EP 229

John Tarnoff is an executive and career transition coach, speaker, and author who supports mid and late-career professionals in defining, planning, and achieving more meaningful and sustainable careers. Having been fired from 39% of jobs during his 35 years as a film producer, studio executive and tech entrepreneur, he learned how to turn setbacks into successes. He reinvented his own career at 50, earning a master’s degree in counseling psychology to share his career lessons with others.   Since leaving entertainment in 2010, John has coached individuals and groups, including Bank of America, Bridgewater Assoc., Levi-Strauss, Softbank, TD Ameritrade, and Thrive Global. He has been named a Top Influencer in Aging by PBS/NextAvenue.   John is the author of the best-selling book, Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50, and is here today on the 365 Driven podcast to share his lessons on career transition in your 50’s and beyond. John and Tony discuss how the events of 2020 have changed the traditional office setting, and what is expected looking forward.   For more information about this episode, visit:
12/14/202155 minutes, 35 seconds
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Savage Marketing Tactics - with Jeff J Hunter - EP228

Jeff J Hunter is known as "The King of Outsourcing." He founded VA Staffer, a virtual assistant and marketing agency that helps entrepreneurs and start ups build and scale remote teams to dominate their category. Jeff is the creator of the CORE Branding Method, and host of the "Savage Marketer Podcast."   In this episode, Jeff is here to tell you to let go of the idea that you have to make everyone happy. By being your authentic and true self, you will attract your ideal customers. Jeff shares the pillars of his signature CORE branding method, and what it means to be a savage marketer.   For more information about this episode, visit:
12/7/202152 minutes, 29 seconds
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The American Dream Isn't True Freedom - With Tony Whatley - EP227

By most accounts, I've lived what most would refer to as "The American Dream". I grew up without money, watching my parents work extremely hard. I put myself through college, earned a high salary, and built companies worth millions. I used to think I had experienced freedom, during the first 40 years of my life. I was wrong about that. It's because I lacked awareness about what real freedom is. You'll hear about it in this episode. Tony
11/30/20211 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds
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Win by Supporting Your Competition - with Trevor Doelling - EP226

Trevor Doelling built the company Texas Speed and Performance, along with his business partner back in 2003. He has a passion for cars and racing, and figured out how to turn his passion into profit, and go from 0 to 8 figures.   On today's episode, Trevor shares all about the secret to a successful partnership with a friend or family member, why you should support your competition, how to spot red flags in customers, and the process of ultimately having your business acquired.   Whether you are in the automotive world, or a completely different space, you don't want to miss Trevor's deep dive into leadership principles, branding, marketing, and positioning.   For more information about this episode, visit:
11/23/20211 hour, 14 minutes, 15 seconds
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From Homeless to Heartfelt Leader - with Stephen Scoggins - EP225

Stephen Scoggins is an award-winning, multi-million-dollar serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and creator of The Transform U Playbook, a proprietary Life Mastery System dedicated to guiding others toward lasting breakthroughs in any area of life. His thought leadership has been featured all over the country in notable outlets such as EO Fire, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and many more.   Listen in as Stephen tells his story and experience with over three decades of setbacks, failures, breakdowns, losses, successes, and comebacks. His journey has come with a wealth of lessons along the way, and he is here to share that on this episode.   For more information about this episode, visit:
11/16/202148 minutes, 35 seconds
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Become an Avenger Against Authority - with Jason Sisneros - EP224

Jason Sisneros is a public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, business architect, stand-up comic, best-selling author, and host of the Bald Avenger Podcast. Jason is passionate about inspiring others to live with purpose. In a world where we are being driven against each other, he believes the most powerful thing we can do is lift each other up.    Listen in as Jason shares about how his difficult past led to him to a mission of easing the suffering of others and giving choice to the choice-less. Jason encourages us to have courage, question, and think for ourselves before it is too late.   For more information about this episode, visit:
11/9/202150 minutes, 47 seconds
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Awakening Your Inner Master- with Princeton Clark - EP 223

Princeton Clark has been an entrepreneur for 20 years and is the Founder/CEO of Evolved Mastery, a coaching and training system. His story involves abuse, struggling with deep depression, abusing drugs and alcohol, to a failed suicide attempt. From that day, Princeton's perspective on life was forever changed. His mission and passion is to help others to find their purpose and begin a journey of self-mastery. He is the author of the book "Awakening Your Inner Master: The Journey of Self-Mastery", host of the Evolved Mastery Podcast, and he will be joining us as a guest speaker at our upcoming event in Tucson, Arizona.   Listen in as Princeton shares his story, and challenges you to begin on a path of self-mastery. You won't want to miss his insight and perspective on how to find your power and purpose, and keep the fire going.   For more information about this episode, visit:
11/2/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Who What & How of Live Events - EP222

In today’s episode, Tony shares the reasons that live events are valuable for you and your business, and how to decide what events are worth your time. He covers what goes on behind the scenes of planning these type of events, and the important details you might not think about. As someone that has attended hundreds of events, Tony has gained a lot of perspective, and has taken notes on what makes an event truly powerful.    For more information about this episode, visit:
10/27/202131 minutes, 40 seconds
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Own Your Freedom - with David Phelps - EP221

David Phelps is a nationally recognized keynote speaker, and author of the book "Own Your Freedom." His book teaches you how to stop trading your time for dollars, and make your money work for you. David spent 20 years as a dentist until his daughter's health battle made him realize he wasn't living life on his own terms. Listen in as David shares what it means to have freedom through passive income, and why we need to separate our time from our income.  For more information about this episode, visit
10/20/202154 minutes, 36 seconds
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Fear is Necessary for Growth - with Daniel Gomez - EP220

Daniel Gomez is back on the 365 Driven Podcast after 3 years, and was first featured on the show on episode 3. Daniel is an Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Podcast of the Year Recipient. Daniel speaks and coaches at events all over the world. He is the International Best-Selling Author of "You Were Born to Fly", a book written with the purpose of inspiring and helping people form high-performance habits and confidence to be the leaders of their own destiny. Daniel’s passion and ability to unlock potential in people has made him a highly sought-out speaker for top organizations, including the U.S. Air Force.  Daniel and Tony are both motivational speakers, and are passionate about helping others to better themselves and tap into their true potential. But where do motivational speakers pull their motivation from? Listen in as Daniel and Tony give the tough love and words of encouragement that everyone needs right now. For more information about this episode, visit
10/12/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 9 seconds
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How to Overcome Your Villains - with Heather Monahan - EP219

Heather Monahan is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, TedX speaker, board member of Healthlynked Corporation, and host of the podcast, "Creating Confidence with Heather Monahan." She is a former C-suite executive in media, and was named one of the most influential women in radio in 2017, and Thrive Global named her a Limit Breaking Female Founder in 2018. Heather’s book Confidence Creator shot to #1 on Amazon’s Business Biographies and Business Motivation lists the first week it debuted on Amazon. Her new book Overcome Your Villains is available for pre-order now. Heather shares her advice for aspiring and current entrepreneurs, and will teach you how to learn to be more confident, and let go of others that are holding you back.  For more information about this episode, visit
10/5/202155 minutes, 9 seconds
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Tax Strategies To Win At Business - with Tyler McBroom - EP218

Tyler McBroom is a CPA, tax professional, international speaker, and bestselling author. His mission is to help business owners everywhere grow their profits while paying as little tax as legally possible.  In this episode, Tyler will teach you how to be proactive, and not reactive when it comes to filing taxes for your business. You might think you have until February or March start thinking your taxes, but Tyler warns that if you wait that long, you are too late.  With less than 100 days left in 2021, you don't want to miss this episode. For more information about this episode, visit To learn about our upcoming 365 Driven event, visit
9/28/202159 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Dark Side of Competition - with Ed Mylett - EP217

This week, we are replaying our most downloaded episode to date. It is a powerful interview, unlike any this guest has done before. Whether you are a new listener, or have heard this one before, you don't want to miss hearing from entrepreneur, Ed Mylett. Ed Mylett went from zero to being worth hundreds of millions. No, he didn’t win the lotto, he simply mastered the game of entrepreneurship. He has built 9-figure revenue businesses, and now holds ownership stakes in 23 different companies. Ed is also one of the most inspirational and dynamic speakers you will ever witness on stage, and he creates incredible daily content for the millions who follow him on social media. He also hosts the Top-5 rated Apple podcast, “The Ed Mylett Show”. For more information about this episode, visit To learn about our upcoming 365 Driven event, visit
9/21/202159 minutes, 16 seconds
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Get Off the Hamster Wheel of Life - with Dwight Heck - EP 216

Dwight Heck is the founder of Give a Heck Financial, and he started his career in finance after being tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Dwight is a single dad to his five children, and spent many stressful years wondering where all his money was going. He was tired of living in quiet desperation, so in 2002 he decided to make a change. Now, he is very passionate about helping others take control of their finances and live a purposeful life.  In this episode, Dwight shares his story and the struggles he faced that led him to spend the last 19 years helping families and businesses thrive. For more information about this episode, visit To learn about our upcoming 365 Driven event, visit
9/14/20211 hour, 1 minute, 57 seconds
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What It Means To Be A "Go-Giver" - with Bob Burg - EP 215

Bob Burg is the coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver, which has sold over one million copies and been translated into 30 languages. Bob is a much sought-after speaker at sales and leadership conferences, and is committed to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit in us all. Listen in as Bob shares the lessons that led to the creation of his bestselling book, what it means to be a "Go-Giver", and the Five Laws that will bring you both personal effectiveness and professional success. For additional information about this episode, visit:
9/7/202130 minutes, 54 seconds
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How to be Happier and Make an Impact - with Scott Simons - EP 214

Scott Simons is a great friend and business partner, general manager, and a managing partner of 5 automotive dealerships. Scott is also going to be a speaker at our upcoming 365 Driven event in November.  Listen in to get an impactful preview of Scott's insight surrounding business, being an employer, following your passion, and just being an all around happier more productive person.  For additional information about this episode, visit:
8/31/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 18 seconds
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Take Charge of Your Health and Fitness - With Joel Staley - EP213

Joel Staley is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and fitness coach who is passionate about helping other dads get into the best shape of their lives. He is the author of "Dad's Guide to Building A Great Physique", and has helped thousands of men lose 25-50 lbs of fat, and taught them how to keep it off for good. Joel was able to build his coaching business to 7-figures in only a few short years.  In this episode, Joel shares his strategy to shed fat and get into great shape. You’ll be surprised to know it doesn't involve counting calories, lots of meal prepping, or giving up the foods we actually enjoy. Listen in to hear Joel’s fat burning secret and why getting into better shape should be a top priority in your life.  For additional information about this episode, visit:
8/24/202150 minutes, 41 seconds
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How to Use LinkedIn to Make Meaningful Connections - With Joshua Lee - EP212

Joshua Lee is the CEO and founder of StandOut Authority, working with entrepreneurs to help humanize your professional or company brand on LinkedIn using authentic, inspirational engagement. He is known as “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn” and is proud of that nickname. He doesn’t believe in the “B2B” or “B2C” mindset, but instead reminds us of the significance of real human connections. Listen in as Joshua shares why you should be using LinkedIn to connect to your ideal audience by building long-term and lasting relationships that flourish.  For additional information about this episode, visit:
8/17/202154 minutes, 50 seconds
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Propel Yourself and Your Business Forward - With Lea Woodford - EP211

Today, we have our first ever repeat guest on the 365 Driven podcast. Lea Woodford is an award-winning speaker and the CEO of SmartFem Media Group. She hosts and produces an online magazine,, and an international TV show which airs on Amazon Prime in both the US and in Europe. Her shows are also streaming on The ROKU Network. In this episode, we discuss why job security does not exist, and the importance of surrounding yourself with others that will propel you forward. We also discuss the upcoming 365 Driven event happening in November, where Lea will be taking the stage to share even more incredible insight with us. For additional information about this episode, visit:
8/10/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 21 seconds
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Learn to Embrace Change and Uncertainty - EP210

Do you take the same route to work everyday, always go to the same restaurant, or choose the same seat each day at a multi-day event? I'm going to share insight on how we need to grow by embracing, and even crave change and uncertainty. Making small changes in our lives will help build the habits that successful entrepreneurs need.  I  also share information about a 365 Driven event coming up in November. For additional information about this episode, visit:
8/3/202120 minutes, 36 seconds
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Stop Waiting For The Perfect Moment - With Lauren Bateman - EP209

Lauren Bateman is a former research scientist turned music teacher. She quit her job, and built a business teaching people how to play the guitar, and eventually she opened multiple music schools. This was all without a degree in music, or a teaching credential. Now, Lauren has a thriving YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, where she teaches people how to play guitar. Lauren shares valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as tips for creating a successful YouTube channel. Tony also shares information about a 365 Driven event coming up in November. For additional information about this episode, visit:
7/27/20211 hour, 1 minute, 27 seconds
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Shedding the Old Version of Yourself- With Pat Hilton- EP208

Pat Hilton is the founder of Acoustic Force Media, and has been called "The Embodiment of Hustle" by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is also the Co-Founder of the Business and Buds podcast, and is a talented musician. Pat used to travel and entertain crowds with his music, until he decided to let go of his guitar and follow his calling to help leaders market online. For additional information about this episode, visit:
7/20/202159 minutes, 8 seconds
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Stop Faking It, Start Making It - With Jonathan Turner - EP207

Jonathan Turner is the best-selling author of "Stop Faking It, Start Making It" a book that teaches wealth creation principles. Jonathan is also Chief Investment Officer for Clarus Merchant Services, and has previously spent a decade as a Financial Advisor. Motivated by cars, Jonathan figured out how to attain them by positioning himself around those who understood how to grow and manage money, asked the right questions, and executed on the work. Jonathan has also discovered that building a personal brand and working on effective communication has unlocked unlimited potential for opportunity.
7/12/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 7 seconds
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Hard At Work Or Hardly Working? - With Tony Whatley - EP206

Is time equal to money? Are you hard at work, or hardly working? Do you know a "Bubba" at your jobsite or company? Here are some perspectives I've learned after working over 20 years in corporate and as an entrepreneur at the same time.  
6/29/202139 minutes, 20 seconds
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Why Your Business Isn't Worth Anything - With Michelle Seiler-Tucker - EP205

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. As a 20-year expert in the Mergers & Acquisitions industry, she is regarded as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses. Her and her firm have sold over a thousand businesses in almost every vertical and have a remarkable track record of success. Michelle is also Co-Author of the best-selling book "Exit Rich; The 6 P Method To Sell Your Business For Huge Profit" released in June 2021.
6/21/20211 hour, 1 minute, 5 seconds
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365 Driven Advance - Montana Recap - EP204

I just got home from our amazing event in Whitefish, Montana. In this episode, I'll share some takeaways from each of the guest speakers, and the event itself. Hopefully we'll see you at our next event! Join us at
6/14/202134 minutes, 39 seconds
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Show Up And Sell - With Kate Hore-Lacy - EP203

Kate Hore-Lacy is a client attraction strategist, mindset mentor and is known as "the sales yogi". She has addressed worldwide audiences through summits, videos and workshops to rave reviews and with over 30,000 followers of her daily videos, has recently been named a LinkedIn sales star. Kate helps GOOD people make GREAT money. Her calling is to  empower a new wave of entrepreneurs to create authentic confidence, own their greatness, and affect thousands of lives.
5/31/202156 minutes, 23 seconds
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How To Talk Funny - With David Nihill - EP202

David Nihill is an Irish best-selling author whose book "Do You Talk Funny?" has been listed as the #1 in the world on public speaking and storytelling by Book Authority. He's taught at Oxford and Stanford University, and been featured by and Lifehacker. His videos have been viewed over 50 million times, and has called him one of the best speaking coaches out there which is ironic, since he's always been afraid of public speaking.
5/24/202154 minutes, 51 seconds
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Create Magic In Your Operation - With Lee Cockerell - EP201

Lee Cockerell retired as the Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida; A position he held for ten years. His responsibilities encompassed a diverse mix of operations, which included 20 resort hotels with over 24,000 Guest rooms, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, 5 golf courses, a shopping village & nighttime entertainment complex. Lee is author of six books on leadership, management and world class customer service, and founder of
5/17/20211 hour, 1 minute, 8 seconds
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365 Driven Episode 200 - My Reflection & Vision

Here we are at episode 200 of the 365 Driven podcast. In this episode, I do some recaps on the last three years of the brand, and what impactful actions I've taken to get where I am today. Thank you for being a member of the 365 Driven Society, and your continued support of this mission to help fellow entrepreneurs. I'm honored to have you in this group. If this show has impacted you in any way, I'd greatly appreciate a 5-star review on the Apple podcast app. That's how this show gets ranked, and how more people discover it. I look forward to the next 200 episodes! Tony Whatley
5/10/202146 minutes, 19 seconds
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Turn Setbacks Into Rocket Fuel - With Mike Ciorrocco - EP0199

Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco is the CEO of People Building, Inc., and author of "Rocket Fuel - Convert Setbacks & Become Unstoppable" He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020. C-Roc had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.
5/3/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 1 second
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Make A Game Of Great Habits - With Will Moore - EP0198

Will Moore is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, habits expert, and happiness builder. After exiting his delivery startup for $323 Million in 2019, he’s made it his mission to help others become an entrepreneur of the most important business they’ll ever run, their life! He gamifies this process by using the latest in science and technology to reduce the friction of replacing failure habits with success habits in the 5 Core areas; Mindset, Career & Finances, Relationships, Physical Health, and Emotional & Giving Back.
4/26/202155 minutes, 43 seconds
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No Nonsense Business Talk - With Mike Alden - EP0197

Michael Alden, Esq. is a CEO, entrepreneur and 3-time Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author. He was named by the Boston Business Journal as one of Boston’s “40 Under 40” and was a winner of SmartCEOs Future 50 awards largely based on his accomplishment of growing a small call center into a comprehensive multi-million dollar marketing firm ranked by Inc. Magazine for three years in a row as one of the nation’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies. He is a regular guest on national and local podcasts and television shows and also hosts the podcast The Alden Report in which he features internationally recognized leaders in the business world. 
4/19/20211 hour, 19 seconds
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We Only Get One Shot At Life - With Craig Schulze - EP0196

Craig Schulze is a serial entrepreneur who started his career as a personal trainer before becoming a business owner. He's owned 5 gyms, and set up 22 gym franchises under his brand. Craig has also built a few other 7-figure businesses, but his wealth came through property investments. Nowadays, he's Founder and Host of the One-Shot Movement which has a book, podcast, and content ecosystem.
4/12/20211 hour, 1 minute, 21 seconds
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Small Events Make Big Impact - With Michelle Villalobos - EP0195

Michelle Villalobos is CEO of Superstar Activator, and is a business alignment strategist and speaker. She also hosts the podcast "Awaken Your Inner Superstar" Michelle works with influencers, thought leaders and other superstar entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and monetize their expertise in joyful, energy-rich ways. In her new book her book "Small Events Big Impact" she wrote the definitive guide for creating and profiting from retreats, seminars and masterminds.
4/5/202154 minutes, 30 seconds
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Dancing With Your Dreams - With Mario Nawfal - EP0194

Mario Nawfal is Founder of the Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate that operates in more than 40 countries. He was also the Founder of Froothie, an e-commerce business that sold premium blenders worldwide. Nowadays, Mario travels the world Latin dancing while leading a large community of entrepreneurs and business leaders.
3/29/202155 minutes, 35 seconds
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Build A Vertically Integrated Lifestyle - With Ruben Kanya - EP0193

Ruben Kanya is Founder and Director of Invested Talent, a marketing agency that serves thought leaders by repurposing their podcast & video content. He is also host of "The Real Estate Experiment Podcast" with guests who collectively own and control more than $2 Billion worth of real estate. Ruben is a TEDX Speaker, FinTech consultant, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur seeking for vertical integration in every single opportunity that he and his team takes and is a true believer of strategic partnerships and branding.
3/25/202159 minutes, 8 seconds
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Embrace Patience To Achieve Excellence - With Travis Chappell - EP0192

Travis Chappell is Founder and CEO of a software that helps podcast hosts and guests connect to deliver incredible episodes to audiences worldwide. Travis is host of the top-rated podcast "Build Your Network" with hundreds of episodes recorded, of some of the most influential and amazing people on the planet. Travis is a master networker and has built meaningful relationships with numerous people that most would consider unreachable. He's been featured in Entrepreneur, NASDAQ, Yahoo Finance, and Forbes.
3/22/202154 minutes, 47 seconds
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From Startup to Billion-Dollar Exit - With Alec Stern - EP0191

Alec Stern is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and investor. He has become known as "America's Startup Success Expert" for performing hundreds of keynote speeches worldwide at top conferences. He's been a co-founder or founding team member of 8 startups with 5 exits - 2 IPOs and 3 acquisitions. As a primary member of Constant Contact's founding team Alec was one of the original 3 who started the company in an attic. Alec was with the company for 18 years from start-up, to IPO, to a $1.1 Billion-dollar acquisition. Recently, Alec was selected to the Influence 100 Authority List by Influence Magazine and was recognized as The World Authority for Entrepreneurship by The Credible Source. 2020, Alec was a 2-time Visionary Award winner at top conferences
3/15/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 25 seconds
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Be The Best Solution To A Common Problem - With John Lee Dumas - EP0190

John Lee Dumas is Founder and Host of the top-rated entrepreneurship podcast, "Entrepreneurs On Fire", and has interviewed over 3,000 of the most influential and famous people on this planet. He's featured guests such as Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and many more. After hosting these amazing people, he began to notice characteristics and habits that they had in common, which became the basis of his new book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success.
3/8/202139 minutes, 43 seconds
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Get Discovered On The Internet - With Dennis Yu - EP0189

Dennis Yu is a search engine engineer who built the analytics at Yahoo! Nowadays he's the Founder and CEO of BlitzMetrics, where he has spent a billion dollars of other people's money on Facebook ads while learning how to build a certification for digital marketers. You can watch him on CNN, NPR, the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets. And he's going to hire another 200 people this year, since his goal is creating as many jobs as possible.
3/1/202147 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Become The Hero Inside You - With Chris Zaino - EP0188

Dr. Chris Zaino is a world-renowned speaker, author, entrepreneur, Former Mr America, Mr. Universe and IFBB Pro bodybuilder. After defying a deadly terminal disease in his late 20's, Chris leveraged his experience to get his doctorate and building one of the largest wellness clinics in the world, seeing thousands weekly. Chris created the “IAmHeroProject”,to resurrect Heroes from the complacency of their secret identity, so they may live heroic lives once again.
2/24/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 13 seconds
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Pursuing Our Unknown Purpose - With Michael Cirillo - EP0187

Michael Cirillo is the co-founder and CEO of FlexDealer - a marketing technology company in the automotive industry. He knows what it takes to go from zero to launch with nothing but an idea. Michael is also the host of the industry’s top podcast, The Dealer Playbook, which helps his audience understand that thriving in life is the key to growing in business and beyond. His side hustle is his mission to help early stage or aspiring entrepreneurs go from idea to launch, fast.
2/18/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Building Relationship Capital & Influence - With D'Andre Evans - EP0186

D'Andre Evans is the Founder and Host of the Top 100 business podcast, Level Up Daily. D'Andre interviews world class entrepreneurs to bring value to those who seek to become better than they were yesterday. He has interviewed and worked with many special guests such as David Meltzer, Jason Stone, Alex Wolf, Brad Lea, Danielle Lombard, Timothy Sykes and many more. His mission is to provide the tools and resources you need to win within your life and career.
2/12/202154 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Visualize Yourself Into Television - With Jen Gottlieb - EP0185

Jen Gottlieb had a 14-season run as a co-host on VH1 and a starring role in a Broadway national tour, and later co-founded Super Connector Media, a full service PR agency. Jen is also the co-creator and host of "Unfair Advantage Live," the world’s premier publicity event connecting entrepreneurs to the media. Jen’s ultimate passion is helping experts and entrepreneurs gain the confidence and knowledge to get into the mainstream media, or on the stages of major events; giving them the authority and social proof to place them at the top of their industry.
2/9/202155 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Masterminds Elevate All - With Brad Hart - EP0184

Brad Hart is a founding member of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) speaking/training team led by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, a self education movement which has helped tens of thousands of people to launch their own masterminds. From co-leading a mastermind of 52 people in China and Hong Kong, to holding mastermind groups in Bali, Italy, Greece and all over the US, Brad has been a part of 30+ masterminds and started over 10 himself, including a local weekly mastermind group with 500 members.
2/5/202155 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Make Shift Happen - With Anthony Trucks - EP0183

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player and American Ninja Warrior athlete, turned serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker. He has one serious super-power; The ability to use his identity as a tool to execute, so that consistency becomes easy. He teaches people how to start training for their most ambitious desires, and uses the power of identity to help them achieve their dream. He calls this process The Shift Method. How would you like to learn how to execute in life so that all the hard things become easy? Well, listen in!
2/1/202152 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Author Sells Over 30 Million Books - With Sharon Lechter - EP0182

Sharon Lechter is internationally recognized as a financial literacy expert, keynote speaker and business mentor. She is a New York Times Bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and has enjoyed a 35 year career as a licensed CPA.  She has advised two US Presidents on the topic of financial literacy. Sharon co-authored the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad and 14 other books in the Rich Dad series.  In 2008, when the economy crashed, she was asked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to help re-energize the teachings of Napoleon Hill.  Her best-selling books with the Foundation include Three Feet from Gold, Outwitting the Devil and Think and Grow Rich for Women and Success and Something Greater.  She is also featured in the movie Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy and on the national television series World’s Greatest Motivators. Sharon is currently launching her newest title, Exit Rich to support entrepreneurs in building value and scalability in their businesses so they can be in the position of greatest potential.
1/25/202157 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bootstrapping A Legacy - With Henry Walker - EP0181

Henry Walker is the founder and CEO of Legacy Barbell, one of the premier competitive bodybuilding gyms in Houston, Texas. Although his business has grown year after year, it certainly wasn't an easy journey. This episode will inspire you to show up and do the work. You'll ask yourself "How bad do you want it?" Here is how Henry answered that question.
1/18/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 59 seconds
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Broke Musician Makes Marketing Millions - With Jeff Lerner - EP0180

Jeff Lerner started his career as a jazz musician, but in 2008 he started learning about online business. Since then he has generated tens of millions of dollars in online sales, built a real estate investment company, founded a 2x INC5000 digital agency and embarked on a personal journey of "excellence in life". Jeff sold his marketing agency in 2018, and made a full-time commitment to live the life he choses, supporting his community (ENTRE Nation) and his teaching company (ENTRE Institute) while spending as much time as possible with his wife and 4 children.
1/11/202153 minutes, 30 seconds
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Building Your Audience In 2021 - With Tony Whatley - EP0179

Happy New Year! In this episode I share the tactics to help you grow your social media audience, influence, and personal brand. I discuss the five platforms that I utilize, and how to maximize each of them. Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Podcasts  
1/3/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

We Level Up In Games And Life - With Eric Siu - EP0178

Eric Siu is the CEO of content intelligence software ClickFlow, which helps you grow your traffic while looking like a genius. He also owns ad agency Single Grain and has worked with companies such as Amazon, Airbnb, Salesforce and Uber to acquire more customers. He hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Leveling Up, which combined have over 30 million downloads to date. He also speaks frequently around the world on marketing and SaaS.
12/28/202047 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Makes A Great Leader - With Orson Wells - EP0177

Orson Wells has dedicated over 20 years of his professional life to researching and developing high performing leaders, individuals and organizations. He is a coach, trainer and advisor that has worked with business leaders at the highest level to help them overcome the challenges of leadership, improve their performance, build a confident resilience, and reignite their passion for purpose. In this episode, we discuss what makes a great leader.
12/21/20201 hour, 6 minutes, 23 seconds
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Step Into Your Spotlight - With Gary Barnes - EP0176

Gary Barnes is “The Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach”, a popular national and international speaker & award winning #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author of 9 books. He's been featured in the Boston Globe, LA Daily News, Miami Herald, and seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS & TEDx. He has created several companies personally selling over $280M dollars in products and services. Gary also understands dealing with adversity. In 1988 he was told that he would be in a wheelchair or dead within 10 years.
12/14/202059 minutes, 36 seconds
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Living A Life Of Intention - With Michelle Mras - EP0175

Michelle Mras is an award winning, internationally recognized inspirational speaker, published author, intuitive leader, wife, and mother who has been stirring audiences and individuals to action through her compelling message of self discovery and living a life of intention. Choosing to live her life with intention is the defining element shaping every endeavor Michelle undertakes.  Her fiery spirit and passion, drives her to candidly share the key moments that transformed her into the irresistible force she is today.
12/7/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 21 seconds
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Going Hard Til You Collapse - With Brian Nabavi - EP0174

Brian Nabavi is founder and CEO of Til You Collapse, an athletic apparel company that has grown to millions in revenue. Brian started with $300 and a dream, and started making t-shirts in the evenings after work as a fitness personal trainer. While critics laughed, he focused on his goals, kept making shirts, and kept living the mantra of his brand name. In this episode you'll hear an inspiring journey of going from employee to solopreneur to employer.  
12/3/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 24 seconds
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Growing A Business Through Generations - With Chad Felderhoff - EP0173

Chad Felderhoff and his brother Mitch are co-owners of Muenster Milling Company, a premium pet food manufacturer located in Muenster, Texas. Chad is a 4th generation owner of this family business, which was started in 1932. Throughout the decades this business has evolved from a flour mill to freeze dried meats, and from localized business focus into a global digital retailer. Not all family businesses are inherited, as you'll hear. In this episode we discuss the challenges of buying a family business.  
11/30/202059 minutes, 36 seconds
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How To Sell Billions Through Amazon - With Akemi Sue Fisher - EP0173

Akemi Sue Fisher is known as "The Amazon Queen" because she has generated over $2 Billion in sales through Amazon. Her story didn't start with this hero result, however. She was a struggling single mom who hated her career, so she looked to selling things online to earn extra money. She discovered Amazon and simply put in the work to figure it out. While you are shopping Black Friday deals, Akemi is earning Black Friday millions. 
11/26/202058 minutes, 21 seconds
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Turning Content Into Cashflow - With Marley Jaxx - EP0172

Marley Jaxx is a highly sought-after expert at building content and video marketing strategies. She helps people create strategically omnipresent video content that ranks on YouTube, Google, and social media platforms. Marley has worked with top-dogs like Daymond John, Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Rachel Pedersen, and has shared stages with Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin. She was also a featured speaker at Funnel Hacking Live in 2020. Her company, Jaxx Productions, is waging war against short-term influencers and creating an army of visionary leaders who refuse mediocre, mundane, and average video strategy.
11/23/202055 minutes, 25 seconds
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Create Options Instead Of Obligations - With Mike Malatesta - EP0171

Mike Malatesta is a successful entrepreneur that founded, scaled, and sold one of the largest environmental services companies in America. He's developed a mindset that is built on designing a life that is driven by Options, rather than Obligations. His goal is to create new opportunities, relationships and success stories as a result of doing the things he most wants to do while avoiding the things he does not want to do. The Options he's now focused on include Health, Family, new business ventures like ERC Midwest, LLC, the How’d it Happen Podcast, the completion of his first book. Mike also enjoys investing in startup companies and other interesting opportunities.
11/16/202055 minutes, 35 seconds
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From Bricklayer To Dreamweaver - With Steve Sims - EP0170

Steve Sims is the Best-Selling Author of "BLUEFISHING - The Art of Making Things Happen”, a sought-after coach and a speaker who has given presentations at The Pentagon, and Harvard University. Quoted as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz" by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, he's worked with Sir Elton John and Elon Musk, he's sent clients down to see the wreck of the Titanic on the sea bed, and closed museums in Florence for a private dinner party and then had Andre Bocelli serenade them while they eat their pasta. Do you have a big dream experience? Steve makes it happen. 
11/9/202056 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Short Game & Long Game - With Nikki Bondura - EP0169

"Nikki B" Bondura is a Correspondent for the Golf Channel and Founder of Nikki B Academy, a mentorship and coaching program for young female golfers. Nikki played on the women’s golf team at Sacramento State, where she discovered her desire to work on camera in the golf industry. After not receiving any opportunities to work in media or the golf industry, she created a blog upon graduation called Nikki B Golf to review golf products, courses, tournaments, and more. After 3 years, she landed her dream role of working for the Golf Channel.
11/2/202057 minutes, 37 seconds
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How To Connect With Greatness - With Jake Kelfer - EP0168

Jake Kelfer is the bestselling author of Elevate Beyond and Elevate Your Network, a high-energy motivational speaker, and the founder of the Professional Basketball Combine which helps NBA draft prospects turn their dreams of playing pro basketball into their reality. He also coaches ambitious entrepreneurs to create incredibly impactful and profitable businesses. Jake and his work have been featured on Forbes, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and many other major media outlets. 
10/26/202053 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Mind Behind Digital Millions - With Martyn Cook - EP0167

Martyn Cook is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded a software company, built multiple 7-figure Ecommerce brands, and co-founded a high-level digital entrepreneur mastermind that hosts luxury meet-ups around the world. He has spoken from stages around the world and still somehow found the time to self-publish two books. Martyn’s latest project, , a cognition drink, is on a mission to fortify 1 Billion meals by 2025, helping to tackle the 2 billion person, worldwide malnutrition problem Martyn absolutely loves connecting with interesting entrepreneurs and he regular does that via his Smarter Destiny Podcast.
10/19/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 54 seconds
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Mastering The Major-League Mindset - With Lauren Johnson - EP0166

Lauren Johnson holds the position of Mental Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees, where she is responsible for aiding in the development of athletes and staff through education, application, and support. From the playing field to the boardroom, Lauren Johnson helps elite performers develop mental toughness so they can be their best, regardless of circumstance. She is an athlete-turned-mental conditioning coach, who trains professional athletes, military personnel and business professionals.
10/12/202056 minutes, 1 second
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Building An Extensive Network - With Justin Breen - EP0165

Justin Breen is CEO of the PR firm BrEpic Communications and author of the No. 1 International Best-Selling Book, Epic Business. Justin is hard-wired to seek out and create viral, thought-provoking stories that the media craves. And he finds the best stories when he networks with visionary entrepreneurs and executives who understand the value of investing in themselves and their businesses. Justin believes strongly in the power of introductions and creates important relationships through those introductions. He is an extremely active member of Entrepreneurs' Organization, Strategic Coach, Secret Knock and ProVisors, and he has an incredible global network of visionaries and exceptional businesses.
10/5/202057 minutes, 14 seconds
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Stop Settling & Start Selling - Trevor Cowley & Kale Goodman - EP0164

Trevor Cowley and Kale Goodman are former co-workers that became friends, and eventually business partners. They have gone on to build a couple 8-figure companies; Easier Accounting and 60 Day Credit Repair. Trevor and Kale also co-host an awesome entrepreneurship podcast, titled "Real Business Owners". You can find them on Instagram at @realbusinessowners
9/28/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Mentor To Millions - With Kevin Harrington - EP0163

Kevin Harrington is one of the original Sharks of ABC’s hit television show, Shark Tank. He’s often coined as “The Inventor of the Infomercial”, and has been involved in the launch of over 500 products which have generated over 5 Billion dollars in global sales. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, and has launched 20 companies that have each surpassed $100 Million in revenue. His newest book, Mentor To Millions, launches on Sept 22 on Amazon.
9/21/202039 minutes, 39 seconds
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Entrepreneurship Evolves From Fear And Work - With Lindsey Elmore - EP0162

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a pharmacist and founder of Rasayana Yoga. She's a natural wellness expert, vegan cook, yogi, podcast host, and business strategy coach. She is the author of Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements, and the Clean Slate Cleanse Cookbook and Workbook series. She has also been featured on news segments on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, and the Daily Buzz.
9/14/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 23 seconds
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Learn To Disbelieve Your Limiting Beliefs - With Robert Grigore - EP0161

Robert A. Grigore is a world-class Mental Health Expert. He is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified EMDR Therapist & Approved EMDR Consultant, Published EMDR Author, and the Owner & CEO of Grigore Counselling. Robert has dedicated his practice to helping leaders and professionals in business, entertainment, and athletics to eliminate their deepest pain, worst fears, and to repair the foundations of their most cherished relationships, all while offering what money cannot buy: TIME.
9/10/202038 minutes, 4 seconds
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Confront The Fear Of Criticism - With Josh Cary - EP0160

Josh Cary is the Co-Founder of PodMAX, a live podcast industry event, and a professional podcast host of two shows with more than 200 combined episodes. Prior to putting his message out into the world, he struggled for over 40 years by avoiding potential criticism and confrontation. He credits his two young adoring children for his ability to look within and finally act as the mature man he's always been capable of being.
9/7/20201 hour, 59 seconds
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Healing The World Begins With You - With Michelle Perry - EP0159

Michelle Perry is Founder of Successful Diligence, a self development company that provides Empowerment Coaching, a podcast, an online school, and educational webinars.   Michelle's expertise in Life Empowerment Coaching was forged over a 20+ year career as a clinical social worker. Michelle's formal education, combined with a life of victory over trauma and loss, financial hardship, and a complete mindset transformation, has equipped her to help others succeed in life.  
9/3/202043 minutes, 29 seconds
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Learn From Your Jobs Then Leave Them - With Jay Scherr - EP0158

Jay Scherr is Owner of J. Scott Consulting Services, has loved all things business since he can remember. He had a successful 30+ year corporate career before deciding to start his own coaching and consulting business devoted to helping other companies improve performance. Jay is a husband and father, a speaker, the host of Business Minds Coffee Chat podcast, a drummer, a part-time trivia host, a mentor, and a Rotarian.
8/31/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 55 seconds
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It Doesn't Matter What Others Say - With Kris Lovin - EP0157

Kris Lovin is Founder and CEO of 1oh1 Exclusive, a men's personal growth and clothing company that is focused on helping men look, feel, and be their best. After struggling through addiction, self-hatred, divorce, and being borderline-suicidal, he has made it his mission to help others gain the tools they need to climb out of the darkness and toward a life of happiness and fulfillment.
8/24/202038 minutes, 11 seconds
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Evolving Into A Thought Leader - With Jason Feifer - EP0156

Jason Feifer is Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur magazine and host of three podcasts; Pessimists Archive, Problem Solvers, and Hush Money. In this episode we discuss how to evolve within our career, even when we feel discomfort and self-doubt. Jason shares his thought process on becoming an industry thought leader within entrepreneurship. We discuss the importance of building a personal brand, thinking bigger, and becoming excited about the future.
8/17/202034 minutes, 40 seconds
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Become A Better Man - With Ryan Michler - EP0155

Ryan Michler is the host of top-rated podcast "Order of Man" and an Iraq War combat veteran. Ryan built a massive movement to help men find success in relationships, fitness, mindset, and business. In this episode, we discuss how discipline, consistency, and sometimes even struggle, help us to become successful. We discuss why being bold with your thoughts and words is so important. You'll also learn what it takes to build a podcast that has achieved over 25 million downloads. 
8/10/20201 hour, 43 seconds
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Mic Swap Featuring Jeremy Ryan Slate - EP0154

Jeremy Ryan Slate takes over the microphone and interviews Tony Whatley in this special episode. This episode is 1 of 2 parts; You'll find the other episode on Jeremy's podcast "Create Your Own Life", where Tony interviews Jeremy on his show. We both hope you enjoy these feature episodes! Reach out and let us know if discovered us from the other show.
8/7/202042 minutes, 35 seconds
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From Bodybuilding To Building Millions - With Burton Hughes - EP0153

Burton Hughes is a former Mr Ohio in body building, also a carries a designation as an IFBB Pro in Men's Physique while being featured in/on Magazines, book covers and other forms of Modeling/acting over the years. His competitive spirit and discipline led him to later become highly successful in business, as well. Burton has over 18 years of Sales and Leadership and Business Management experience in both Roofing/General Contracting and Real Estate Sales. Burton has also established a detailed direct sales process that has proven successful in building highly profitable teams when utilized across several markets nationwide.
8/3/20201 hour, 57 seconds
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Discovering Mental & Physical Toughness - With Brad Modrich - EP0152

Brad Modrich is a sales and leadership trainer, coach and business consultant. But, those titles weren't always what described him. After heading down the wrong side of the law in his 20's and serving time, he turned his life around. His grit, work ethic, and determination led to over 18 years as an executive with a national health club chain.  Now he is on a mission to help as many people and businesses as possible to become a better version of themselves. 
7/27/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 47 seconds
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Earn Millions From Dinner Seminars - With Rylee Meek - EP0151

Rylee Meek is the host of The Sales Conversion Podcast, and Founder and CEO of the Social Dynamic Selling System, which turns dinner seminar marketing into a science. After responding to a small ad on Craigslist in 2009, Rylee was introduced to a new concept of selling, which changed his life forever. Rylee went on to produce over $100 Million in sales by hosting dinners for potential clients.
7/20/202054 minutes, 46 seconds
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It Takes Money To Make Money - With Jonathan Fodera - EP0150

Jonathan Fodera is President of Sprout Lending, and host of the podcast "Create Success Out Of Failure". His company specializes in helping small business owners receive funding in order to pay down debt and to scale their growth. In this episode, we discuss the various types of business funding, and the pros and cons of each type. If you are ready to get an infusion of capital into your business or startup, take a listen!
7/13/202052 minutes, 3 seconds
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Less Distraction & More Action - With Nir Eyal - EP0149

Nir Eyal is the international best-selling author of "Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products" and his latest book "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life". This latest is a guidebook for getting the best of technology without letting it get the best of us. Indistractable received critical acclaim, winning the 2019 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award, was named one of the Best Business and Leadership Books of the Year, according to Amazon and one of the Best Personal Development Books of the Year by Audible Nir is formerly a Lecturer in Marketing at Stanford's Graduate School of Business and also taught at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design.
7/6/202052 minutes, 47 seconds
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Don't Make This Rookie Business Mistake - Tony Whatley - EP0148

In this special episode, I share one of the biggest mistakes that I observe thousands of business owners making. They severely underestimate the importance of positioning and branding, especially when just getting started.
7/2/202023 minutes, 14 seconds
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His YouTube Show Hit 300 Million Views - With Matt Farah - EP0147

Matt Farah is a career automotive journalist who has reviewed thousands of cars on his YouTube channel "The Smoking Tire", which has nearly a million subscribers and over 300 million video views. He is also host of "The Smoking Tire" podcast, which leads the automotive category on iTunes. In this episode, we discuss how to build a massive audience by simply being who you are. We also discuss how Matt transitioned his online persona into physical businesses, including his new Los Angeles based business, West Side Collector Car Storage.
6/29/202058 minutes, 8 seconds
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$100 Million Entrepreneur & Single Father Of Five - With Matt Sweetwood - EP0146

Matt Sweetwood is the CEO of LUXnow - the marketplace for luxury autos, homes, and yachts. He is an internationally known professional speaker and life coach. As an entrepreneur for over 30 years, Matt previously built a $100MM camera store business. However, his greatest achievement is having raised five successful children as a single dad. He is also author of #1 best-selling book: “Leader of the Pack: How a single dad of five led his kids, his business and himself from disaster to success.” 
6/22/202052 minutes, 45 seconds
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Unlock Your Brain To Achieve Success - With Dr Rick Perea - EP0145

Dr Rick Perea, PhD is one of the most dynamic Performance Psychologists in the world. The NFL's Denver Broncos utilized his mindset strategies to help win the Super Bowl in 2016. He's also the Performance Psychologist for The NBA's Denver Nuggets, NFL's Miami Dolphins, and MLB's Colorado Rockies. Rick is also author of a new book, "Decision Point" which just launched on Amazon. What does a champion mindset consist of? Tune in and find out!
6/15/202058 minutes, 22 seconds
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Decoding Generational Entrepreneurship - With Brad Szollose - EP0144

Brad Szollose has been a serial entrepreneur since 1979. He's built 9 businesses from scratch... one of those he took public on NASDAQ.  As CMO and Co-Founder of K2 Design, his company was the first digital marketing agency to go public. He's an Award-Winning Creative Director, Visionary, TEDXSpeaker, and Web Pioneer. Brad is also host of Awakened Nation podcast, and author of his new book, "Liquid Leadership 2.0"
6/8/20201 hour, 13 minutes, 36 seconds
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Out Of This World Marketing Strategy - With Jen DeVore - EP0143

Jen DeVore Richter is the former head of advertising and consumer research for NASA at Kennedy Space Center. While at NASA, she implemented their very first direct-response TV campaign helping to make KSC one of the Top-5 most visited tourist attractions in Florida. Jen made the switch from marketing executive to entrepreneur in 2003 and last year was awarded "Innovator of the Year" for excellence in Business Coaching for her programs “Boss Women Rock” and “Instant Media Mogul” among others.
6/1/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 50 seconds
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She Fell Off A Cliff To Rise Higher - With Natalia Diane - EP0142

Natalia Diane Sanchez is a business and leadership coach dedicated to facilitating transformational growth in her clients to elevate their self-mastery, alignment, leadership, and achievement potential. She has an unusual story of adversity, having taken a fall off a cliff. This left her broken mentally and physically, but she grew to greater heights afterward.
5/25/20201 hour, 10 minutes, 30 seconds
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Car Dealerships And Bold Leadership - With Glenn Lundy - EP0141

Glenn Lundy is host of the wildly popular Facebook Live show #RiseAndGrind. He’s been on stage at places like Hustle and Grind Con, and Grow Your Business For God’s Sake! With 20 years experience in the automotive industry, Glenn has been spotlighted on ABC, NBC, and CBS, and is an expert in auto dealership culture development, and leadership training. Glenn has the unique ability to help identify the areas for growth in your store, and teach creative ways to invoke your dealership's spirit.
5/18/202054 minutes, 23 seconds
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How To Create A Brand Name - With Alexandra Watkins - EP0140

Alexandra Watkins is the outrageously outspoken founder of Eat My Words, the only branding firm on the planet that specializes in creating brand names that make people smile instead of scratch their heads. Countless startups and companies including Amazon, Google, Twitter, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Colgate have tapped her to come up with creative and engaging names that move people and move products. Her breakthrough creativity book, “Hello, My Name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick,” was named a Top 10 Marketing Book by Inc. Magazine and a Top 10 Branding Book by Branding Journal.
5/11/202057 minutes, 24 seconds
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Finding The Courage To Pursue Purpose - Tony Whatley - EP0139

Three years have passed since May 4th, 2017. That date was the beginning of 365 Driven. What have I learned about myself and business in the last three years? I hope you enjoy this special solo episode. Thank you for being a part of this journey!
5/4/202035 minutes, 52 seconds
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Business Is A Game That Earns Millions - With Chris Meade - EP0138

Chris Meade is a young Co-Founder of a company that has scaled to multi-millions in sales. He and two friends invented CROSSNET, the world's first four-way volleyball game. This unique game took his local market by storm, and is now available at Walmart, Target, DICKS, Academy Sports, Amazon, and 20+ other retailers. CROSSNET is also found across many schoolyards, parks, and beaches in the world.
5/4/202045 minutes, 45 seconds
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Focus On Impact To Create Income - With Evan Holladay - EP0137

Evan Holladay is a real estate developer and investor with over $225 million and 1,347 units of multifamily real estate developed and invested.  Evan is Founder and CEO at Holladay Ventures where their team specializes in creating and investing in workforce, affordable and mixed-income communities. Their mission is to create quality housing opportunities and empower the residents to realize their full potential.
4/27/202052 minutes, 55 seconds
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Scientific Secrets Of Success - With John Mitchell - EP0136

John Mitchell developed and refined a technique that only requires a few minutes per day, to greatly enhance success. He based this process by thoroughly studying and applying principles based on the international best-selling book "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. John knew the book contained incredible value, but there was never a process to takeaway from just reading it. Prior to developing his technique, he spent over 20 years as an entrepreneur earning low six-figures. Once he applied his technique, he began profiting millions per year. He was simply playing the game of life at a higher level than he ever had before, and it showed up in his income, romance, and health.
4/20/202053 minutes, 19 seconds
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From Fake Mercedes To Hundreds of Millions - With Ed Mylett - EP0135

Ed Mylett went from zero to being worth hundreds of millions. No, he didn't win the lotto, he simply mastered the game of entrepreneurship. He has built 9-figure revenue businesses, and now holds ownership stakes in 23 different companies. Ed is also one of the most inspirational and dynamic speakers you will ever witness on stage, and he creates incredible daily content for the millions who follow him on social media. He also hosts the Top-5 rated iTunes podcast, "The Ed Mylett Show".  
4/13/202056 minutes, 42 seconds
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Don't Let Your Latest Remain Your Greatest - With Hunter Ballew - EP0134

Hunter Ballew is a serial entrepreneur that has built multiple 7-figure businesses. He's also been recognized by ClickFunnels as the recipient of multiple "Two-Comma-Club" awards, earned from over $1 million in annual revenue earned by a single landing page. He is also the host of the Bold Brotherhood podcast, and hosts personal development events, retreats, and masterminds.
4/6/202050 minutes, 32 seconds
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Build Status On The Inside - With Lisa Williams - EP0133

Lisa Williams is host of the top-rated podcast "Recognize Your Truth" and is also a mindset coach who works with business owners on the topic of marketing and selling. In this episode, we discuss how to get rid of pain and form an abundance growth mindset. We also discuss perceived social status, and why building inner status is more important.
3/30/20201 hour, 3 seconds
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Discover Your True Identity - With Rocky Garza - EP0132

Rocky Garza is an expert in Identity Mapping. He's led thousands  through his process to discover the clearest picture of who they are and how they operate best as individuals. He believes each of us wants three things at our core. We want to know what makes us unique, we want to be affirmed for our uniqueness and we want to use our uniqueness for good. No matter the age, race, gender or socioeconomic level of any person he has had the pleasure of working with, these three things have always been true. We all want to be known!⁠
3/23/202057 minutes, 5 seconds
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Pursue The Evolution Of You - With Terry Weaver - EP0131

Terry Weaver is author of the book "The Evolution of a Leader", and lead actor in an upcoming TV series, Breaking Strongholds. Before becoming an author, actor, and entrepreneur, Terry served five years in the US Navy. He was also deployed to Iraq from 2002 to 2003. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University, after receiving a scholarship from the Pat Tillman Foundation. Terry also started a non-profit business known as VEL Institute, with a mission to connect and develop Veterans, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders.
3/16/202055 minutes, 33 seconds
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How To Move Past Mediocre - With Nick Matiash - EP0130

Nick Matiash is author of the book "Moving Past Mediocre", and men’s life coach who is deeply committed to leading men back to their heart, giving them the tools to master their emotions and create the life they desire from that powerful foundation. Nick believes that success is an emotional game. Without a mastery of our emotional state, understanding it, and how to empower our work through it, we’ve got nothing.
3/9/202052 minutes, 20 seconds
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How YouTube Could Amplify Any Business - With Roger Wakefield - EP0129

Roger Wakefield became a YouTube star in his 50's, after attending a business conference and listening in on a social media breakout session. He is now known as “The Expert Plumber” on YouTube and LinkedIn. Roger is CEO of Texas Green Plumbing, LLC and Co-Founder of Residential Service Group. He is also speaker, social media local marketing expert, and host of the world’s fastest growing plumbing channel on YouTube.
3/2/202059 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Dominate & Lead With Humility - With Steven Kuhn - EP0128

Steven Kuhn is a decorated United States Army combat veteran, speaker, author, and consultant who helps individuals dramatically improve their quality life through the consistent, conscious application of Honesty, Integrity and Transparency.  Many leaders only feel powerful in their own area of responsibility. Steven focuses on amplifying your "Humble Alpha" to dominate any domain. This is rooted from Investing in Relational Capital in your life enterprise. His upcoming book and program both named "The Humble Alpha Leader" are set to be released in March 2020.
2/24/202044 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

How To Attract Money & Opportunity - With Pavlina Papalouka - EP0127

Pavlina Papalouka is the Founder of AwakenSpace Media and Education, a company dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and brands. She is also a personal branding expert, entrepreneur mentor and international speaker. Her passion is helping people unlock their true potential and create the lifestyle and business they desire. Through her Personal Branding Academy, she helps people grow their income and their business by building a powerful personal brand. Even though she lives in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean, her work has received global recognition. In 2017 she received the award "Best Upcoming Speaker" in London, and in 2019 she was included in the "Top 20 Female Career Coaches to Follow".
2/17/202049 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Build Millions Without Ideas, Expertise, or Money - With Dane Maxwell - EP0126

Dane Maxwell is a serial entrepreneur and he has taken multiple businesses from mere ideas to seven figure companies within a brief period of 5 years. He almost didn't think there was a place for him to belong anywhere, but business saved his life and gave him a sense of purpose and significance. That kind of belonging gave him endless fuel because he had never felt it before. He specializes in helping underdogs start successful businesses. Dane also has a passion for singing and he is the author of the upcoming book Start From Zero which teaches entrepreneurs a new way to build businesses quickly, without the risk, from scratch.
2/10/20201 hour, 5 minutes, 34 seconds
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Become Grief's Worst Enemy - With Barbara Allen - EP0125

Barbara Allen's life was turned upside down when her military husband was killed while serving in Iraq. This, however, wasn't a combat related incident. Lt Louis Allen was murdered by a fellow soldier, which led to lies, massive cover-ups... and an acquittal. As a Gold Star wife, Barbara had to learn how to overcome grief and pursue justice for her late husband. She became a shining star for all Veterans, Military Families, and Gold Star families. Barbara brings her life lessons to her audiences in her award-winning books, as host of the American Snippets podcast, and from the stage with her keynote speeches. She teaches us how to become gladiators in our own life arena.
2/4/202057 minutes, 5 seconds
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World Travel & Instagram Hacking - With Zach Benson - EP0124

Zach Benson has figured out how to hack a successful life. He gets paid to travel the world and stays for free at all the top-rated resorts that you daydream of visiting. Learn how this introverted former break-dancer figured out how to leverage Instagram in order to fund his lifestyle and adventures. With his proven success on Instagram, he started a consulting agency named Assistagram to help clients grow their accounts and influence. He now helps some of the biggest names on Instagram.
1/31/202048 minutes, 9 seconds
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Life Lessons of Stinky Chicken - With Kareen Mills - EP0123

Kareen Mills defines the word "Hustle" because of her relentless effort to make this world a better place. She is a business strategist and host of "Being Motherhustler" podcast, which was ranked in the Top 20 by Entrepreneur Magazine, for 2020. She is a philanthropist and works tirelessly to help children, cancer victims, and those who grew up around domestic violence. In this powerful episode, you'll hear a beautiful story of a mother's unconditional love.  
1/27/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 10 seconds
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Gain Confidence Through Clarity - With Mike Szczesniak - EP0122

Mike Szczesniak is President of The Results Engine where he helps his clients boost productivity and performance so they can scale their results in life and in business. He is a certified high-performance coach, focused on helping Millennial digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. Mike also understands the importance of a strong mind and strong body, and enjoys powerlifting.
1/20/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

Big League Branding Your Business And Life - With David Brier - EP0121

David Brier has been called a “mad genius” by the incredible Claude Silver of VaynerMedia, “brilliant with branding” by Shark Tank’s Daymond John and “a branding genius” by Mr. 10X, Grant Cardone. He's the recipient of over 320 international awards on design and branding and has the rare distinction of being presented the Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship medallion. David has been featured in all of the major magazines and media, during the course of his career. He is also the author of his #1 Amazon bestselling book, “BRAND INTERVENTION, 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have Into the Brand You Need."
1/13/202053 minutes, 8 seconds
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Become The Architect Of Your Actual Purpose - With Travis Fox - EP0120

Travis Fox is known as "The Architect of Being" and is armed with degrees in both Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is a Master Trainer and Business Coach. For the last 29 years, Travis has been training and teaching his proprietary methodology; Architecting sales, marketing, communication, branding and corporate cultures for both private and public corporations. Travis’ method guides people and corporations to the heart of their message.
1/9/20201 hour, 2 minutes, 51 seconds
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Become Outstanding With Personal Branding - With Natalia Wiechowski - EP0119

Dr Natalia Wiechowski had what most would perceive as a perfect life. With a PhD in Philosophy, she led a highly paid career and worked for a great company. But on the inside, she wasn't happy. At twenty-nine, she quit her job and started from scratch. During a nine-month sabbatical she changed the way she thought, spoke and acted. She committed to design her purposeful dream life and founded her company, Think Natalia. Her obsession is "coachsulting" people who left corporate to do their own thing. She now helps people who want to build an international, sustainable and purposeful thought leadership personal brand on LinkedIn.
1/6/202053 minutes, 27 seconds
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Make Shift Happen - With Michael Dash - EP0118

Michael G. Dash is an entrepreneur and best-selling author of "Chasing The High". He's a recovering addict, speaker and philanthropist. He founded the F.A.T.E. series (From Addict To Entrepreneur) published on Thrive Global & Medium. Michael helps overworked entrepreneurs and business leaders move from isolation to connection to step back into the true leader they were meant to be. He is the co-founder of the Activated.Life, a social movement focused on inspiring a culture of positivity, authenticity, passion, empathy, and resilience while giving back to others. Michael is an avid volunteer, fundraiser, and mentor, and is dedicated to bringing positive change to leaders of all kind.
1/2/202055 minutes, 55 seconds
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2019 In Review: Lessons & Accomplishments - Tony Whatley - EP0117

Tony Whatley reviews 2019 from a business and personal perspective. What did I achieve? What lessons did I learn? What does the future hold? Which were the Top-5 most downloaded episodes? Thank you for listening to the 365 Driven podcast. I love bringing value to you, and look forward to hearing from you!
12/30/201952 minutes, 38 seconds
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How To Build Deca-Million Startups From Zero - With Matt Ganzak - EP0116

Matt Ganzak is the guy responsible for creating some of the most obnoxious advertising of all time. His advertisements have hundreds of trillions of impressions, hundreds of millions of clicks and has signed up tens of millions of users to email lists. Since leaving the sweepstakes industry, he has helped several companies build from zero to eight figures, and has created four software platforms and a supplement company.
12/23/20191 hour, 39 seconds
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On A Mission Of Motivation - With Andy Audate - EP0115

Andy Audate is a millennial motivational speaker, published author, and serial entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and stimulating. Raised in a city of impoverishment and a college dropout with little formal education; Andy took a path of entrepreneurship, forcing a course of endless self-education that has amounted to his successes.
12/19/201954 minutes, 43 seconds
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Find & Leverage Your Purpose - With Laura Garnett - EP0114

Laura Garnett is a performance strategist and TEDx speaker, and author of the book "Genius Habit". She is also a regular contributor to Inc Magazine and Forbes.  Laura owns Garnett Consulting, based in NYC; where she works with CEOs and executives to identify their unique genius and purpose, and craft an actionable plan to leverage them in their day-to-day work. She has consulted with organizations including Capital One, Open Table, LinkedIn, and Pandora.
12/16/201955 minutes, 33 seconds
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Enterpreneurship Radio Hour - With 91.1FM KNLY The Boss - EP0113

I interviewed a dozen amazing entrepreneurs and public speakers during this hour-long live radio show. They traveled from all over the world to participate in a 7-day speaking event, known as "Speak In America". It was an honor to host them on KNLY 91.1FM "The Boss", in Houston, Texas.
12/12/201951 minutes, 55 seconds
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Escape Your Backstory To Earn Millions - With Aaron Nash - EP0112

Aaron Nash is Founder and CEO of Platinum Fitness, a series of gym locations which now earn millions. He's a published author, and also owns a sports supplement company. These accolades didn't come easy. He has a remarkable story of having it all, losing it, struggling through addiction, and then deciding to climb out of his backstory to create a better life.
12/9/20191 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds
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Attract More High-End Clients - With Marian Esanu - EP0111

Marian Esanu teaches authors, speakers, coaches, and thought leaders how to create high-end packages and automate their online sales process. He helps those who struggle with putting the right message in front of the right audience, and gets them paid their true value. Marian went from being a poor immigrant a few years ago, to becoming 7-figure entrepreneur and "2 Comma Club" member with ClickFunnels, thanks to his ability to generate high-end clients for his business and his clients.
12/2/201948 minutes, 59 seconds
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From Homeless To Millionaire - With Jerry Brazie - EP0110

Jerry Brazie grew up a poor in a family of 9 children. He got his first job at 11 years old. He's had to steal food just to eat, and has lived on the violent streets before. Jerry worked more than 20 jobs before starting his first business at age 28. Over the last 20 years his companies have generated over $450M in revenues, and a lifetime of experience. A serial entrepreneur, he has had thousands of employees and has owned, bought and sold many businesses. His mission is to teach others what is possible, particularly people with a background like his.
11/25/201958 minutes, 13 seconds
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Decide To Write Your Own Success Story - With Sean Douglas - EP0109

Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, Master Resilience Implementer, International Radio Show Host of Life Transformation Radio, Business Positioning Strategist, and International Best Selling Author. Sean works with Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Business Owners to improve their positioning in the marketplace, in order to increase their profitability while decreasing anxiety and stress.
11/21/201956 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Art & Science Of Getting Things Done - With Will Pemble - EP0108

Will Pemble is a serial entrepreneur, and has built and sold multi-million dollar businesses. He was Founder and CEO of, one of the largest web hosting and domain providers, which he sold in 2007. Will is now the CEO of GOAL BOSS, which provides communication, delegation and time management coaching for high performing teams. Will is also the author of GOAL BOSS: The Art and Science of Getting Stuff Done.
11/18/201955 minutes, 44 seconds
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Property Management To Millions - With Robert Martinez - EP0107

Robert Martinez is the CEO of Rockstar Capital, an investment and multi-family property management firm specializing in the acquisition and management of value-add opportunities in Texas. Currently, the portfolio is valued at $348 million with its 23rd acquisition. As the CEO and founder, Robert Martinez directs the investment strategy, sources the investment capital, and secures the appropriate financing. In 2019, Robert Martinez became the first two-two recipient of the National Apartment Association’s Independent Owner of the Year and was recently recognized by the Houston Business Journal as one of Houston’s 60 most admired CEO’s.
11/14/201952 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Art Of Influence - With Chris Widener - EP0106

Chris Widener has been named one of the Top-50 speakers in the world, is a member of the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame, and he's been named one of Inc magazine's Top-100 leadership speakers. He's the author of 20 books with 3 million copies in print, and translated into 13 languages. Chris is also the host of the podcast "Fortunes From Speaking", where he interviews high-earning public speakers and shares their business strategies.
11/11/201944 minutes, 19 seconds
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Greatness Comes From Within - With Dr Erin Fall Haskell - EP0105

Dr. Erin Fall Haskell is Founder and Host of the TV show Good Morning LaLa Land, and Soulciété – a spiritual leader’s community. Erin is a New Thought Minister, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Self-Made Millionaire, a Mother, and lover of life! Forbes featured her as one of “The 11 Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram.” Her mission is to awaken a billion people globally to their divinity while teaching them how to reprogram their subconscious, align with their personal truth and universal laws, and create a daily spiritual practice.
11/7/201955 minutes, 4 seconds
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The World Needs Your Message - With Ejay Cruz - EP0104

Ejay Cruz is host of THE PARABLES podcast, and has interviewed many of today's most successful and influential people. The show has reached 42+ countries, and ranked Top-100 on iTunes in its category. Ejay is also a Registered Nurse Manager with a decade of health care provider experience, and a background in sales, customer relations, and e-commerce. In this episode we talk about building a personal brand, and launching a successful podcast. 
11/4/201951 minutes, 9 seconds
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Remove Mental Barriers - With Malorie Nichole - EP00103

Malorie Nicole helps entrepreneurs turn their stress into profit by removing the mental barriers stopping them from creating the life they want. Stress, overwhelm, and income caps aren’t always a marketing problem. She helps people solve this with belief work and mindset so they can not only make the money they desire, but feel the way they want to feel.
10/31/201948 minutes, 45 seconds
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Become A Professional Speaker - With Chris Baldwin - EP0102

Chris Baldwin is Co-Founder and CEO of Speaker Nation. He is also the fastest-growing speaker in the Netherlands, an international keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, event host and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of entrepreneurship. Chris has delivered hundreds of keynotes and workshops with brands such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Accenture, and T-Mobile. His mission is to enable you and your organization to be heard through powerful and effective communication, so that you build influence which will attract clients and opportunities.
10/28/201956 minutes, 35 seconds
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More Money Creates More Impact - With Cole Hatter - EP0101

Cole Hatter is the founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, voted the number-one must-attend business conference for entrepreneurs and career professionals in the world. Cole is also an author, award-winning speaker, and entrepreneur. Over the years, he's taught tens of thousands of people to be more than just alive, but to become the best versions of themselves, create massive profits, and then impact others by living a life of significance and giving back. Having barely escaped death 2 times in 2 separate accidents, he has a true appreciation for life and is committed to living it to the fullest.   
10/24/201959 minutes, 36 seconds
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Your Message Could Impact This World - Tony Whatley - EP0100

Tony Whatley delivers this milestone 100th episode by encouraging you to step into your own spotlight, and find your voice. Your message could impact the world, but you likely fear the potential critics. They don't matter. I hope this message inspires you. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey! 
10/21/201932 minutes, 29 seconds
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The Neuroscience Of Becoming Limitless - With Purdeep Sangha - EP0099

Purdeep Sangha is widely known as “The Mentor For Men In Business” and teaches men how to win in business and life. His personal mission is to help men live more fulfilling lives, have passionate relationships and raise happy families. As an entrepreneur, husband and father, Purdeep knows exactly how tough it can be to balance a successful business with a happy family. After studying and working with some of the most successful men for two decades, he has developed a proprietary system showing men how to unlock their full potential to become limitless.
10/17/201951 minutes, 1 second
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How To Become Legendary - With Gary Henderson - EP0098

Gary Henderson is a global business and marketing strategist known for helping entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth and become legendary leaders in their field. Gary has led marketing strategies for top industry experts, such as Jeff Walker, Michael Hyatt, Lewis Howes, Suzanne Evans, Eben Pagan, Ali Brown, Lisa Sasevich. In a sea of marketers and consultants who rely on cookie-cutter systems or single-focused tactics, Gary pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation.
10/15/201952 minutes, 32 seconds
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High Performance Cars & Clients - With Jordan Zlotoff - EP0097

Jordan Zlotoff is the CEO of M1 Concourse, the ultimate automotive playground, located in Pontiac, Michigan. M1 Concourse is home to the world's largest private garage community consisting of 173 car condos and a 1.5 mile performance road course. The company operates a private Motorsports Club, produces corporate and marketing events for new vehicles releases, and hosts some of the largest automotive events in the Midwest, including Roadkill Nights, where 40,000 people come out to watch street legal drag racing each year. Jordan has been with M1 Concourse since its groundbreaking in 2015.
10/11/201957 minutes, 39 seconds
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Let Fear Fuel You - With Heather Hakes - EP0096

Heather Hakes is a Mindset Coach, Author and host of the "Mind Over Matter" podcast. Heather specializes in helping others bust out of their comfort zone and encourages people to "Let fear fuel you, not rule you." She is on a mission to inspire and empower the masses to transform their lives. When she isn't rocking a microphone and helping people break through, you can find her enjoying the great outdoors surrounding Denver, Colorado.
10/8/201951 minutes, 7 seconds
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Launch A Business Generating Podcast - With Matt Johnson - EP0095

Matt Johnson is a marketer, entrepreneur, podcast expert, and musician. As founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR & production agency based in San Diego, Matt runs a worldwide virtual team helping business coaches and agencies break in and dominate their niche through podcasting. Matt currently hosts niche business podcasts such as YouX and Real Estate Uncensored, and recently launched the Podcast Pitch Assistant training to help experts get pitched to podcasts consistently by their internal staff. He is a frequent podcast guest and event speaker to audiences around the US, Canada, and Australia.
10/3/201948 minutes, 15 seconds
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Building Stronger Relationships - With James Michael Sama - EP0094

James Michael Sama is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and personal development coach. His viral content has accumulated over 38 million pageviews on his website and a collective social media following of over 400,000 people. Having spent over a decade in unhappy corporate cultures where employees felt undervalued and unmotivated, James branched out to pursue his passion for helping people live more fulfilling lives. James speaks at live events and in the media across the U.S. and has become a go-to expert with outlets such as CNN, Bravo, The New York Post, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, CNBC, and more.
9/30/201953 minutes
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Unwind Your Distracted Mind - With Ariel Garten - EP0093

Ariel Garten is a fearless Neuroscientist, Psychotherapist, mom, former fashion designer, and the founder and visionary of a highly successful tech start-up named Muse. Muse is a brain-sensing headband that tracks your brain during meditation to give you real-time feedback on your meditation, guiding you into the "zone”. Ariel is also a multiple-time TEDx speaker and international keynote speaker.
9/26/201947 minutes, 28 seconds
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Millions Of Sheep And So Few Lions - With Sean Whalen - EP0092

Sean Whalen is the CEO of Lions Not Sheep, the global movement for men, women and children. He's earned millions, lost it all, and earned it back again. Sean is the best-selling author of "How To Make Sh*t Happen", host of "The Revolution Podcast", and a strategic business coach. When he’s not rocking the stage or his own podcast mic, Sean can be found riding horses with his daughter, or racing off-road trucks in the Baja 1000 with his sons.
9/23/201956 minutes, 6 seconds
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Focus On One Thing At A Time - With Jay Papasan - EP0091

Jay Papasan is a Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author, and Vice President and Executive Editor at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., the world’s largest real estate company. He is also co-owner, alongside his wife Wendy, of Papasan Properties Group. Jay’s curiosity about why some people get extraordinary outcomes and others do not helped fuel his work with Gary Keller to write The ONE Thing, which has sold over 1.8 million copies worldwide, has garnered more than 400 appearances on national bestseller lists (including #1 on The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list), and has been translated into 35 different languages. Whether working with his wife Wendy to raise funds for Heroes for Children, inspiring others to take action toward their goals, or aiming to be the best husband and father he can be, Jay strives to remain awake and aware – with clarity and focus on his values and goals.
9/19/201946 minutes, 7 seconds
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The 9-Figure Entrepreneur Mindset - With Josh Snow Elizetxe - EP0090

Josh "Snow" Elizetxe is the founder of SNOW Teeth Whitening and David, two 9-figure revenue earning brands. Last year, over 100 million people interacted with websites and brands owned by his companies. Josh also serves on the board of the Phoenix Coding Academy and the Fleischer Scholars Program. Josh is a sought-after company advisor and Angel Investor in the software (SaaS), e-commerce, and advertising technology industries. With an uncanny focus on data-driven strategy, his work has resulted in over $1 Billion in proven enterprise value tracked since 2009.
9/16/201951 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mindset Of A Modern Man - With Kyree Oliver - EP0089

Kyree Oliver is a men's mindset coach and a former Division-1 football player. He's also a student of success, having interviewed nearly 900 people since age 19. Kyree attributes most of his success in business to his ability to understand and empathize with almost anybody in almost any position. This has led his digital marketing company to $40 million in revenue generated for clients from Facebook ads. He's also impacted thousands of lives through his coaching and speaking.
9/12/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 51 seconds
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Defeat The Force Of Average - With Ryan Stewman - EP0088

Ryan Stewman aka "The Hardcore Closer" has been knocked down a few times, but he keeps getting back up. Every time he gets back up, he seems to get stronger. When rules change, he's learned to adapt and evolve. He went from serving time in prison, to becoming one of the most sought-after leaders in online sales training. He's Founder and CEO of multi-million dollar earning companies, including the tech app PhoneSites and sales training at Hardcore Closer. Ryan has written and contributed thousands of articles on sales and business, which have been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, among many others.
9/9/201951 minutes, 47 seconds
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Be Relentless With Your Dreams - With Kevin Tetz - EP0087

Kevin Tetz is an automotive industry icon, having been a host of several automotive TV shows during the last 15 years. He's also been a major contributor to the automotive press and media. Kevin made a career out of facing failure and learning its lessons. Out of a shattered career in the music industry, his focus on an automotive trade, combined with accumulated past experience provided him with the tools to open unexpected doors to a fascinating career path in television. His latest show "Hands-On-Cars" is a popular channel on YouTube for the do-it-yourself automotive fans.
9/3/20191 hour, 2 minutes, 47 seconds
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You Can Always Do More - With Dom Faussette - EP0086

Dom Faussette is a keynote speaker and speaker coach, best-selling author, and radio show host. Dom has been to HELL and back! Dom is a military veteran and prior Police Officer with 10+ years of corporate leadership experience. Dom is the CEO of ThinkReactLead, a company dedicated to pushing people past their limiting beliefs by bridging the gap between their mind and heart, for increased success.
8/29/201955 minutes, 57 seconds
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Develop Championship Winning Habits - With Ben Newman - EP0085

Ben Newman was recently named as a Top-10 Motivator in Sports, by Influencive magazine. Ben is a Performance Coach, International Keynote Speaker and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA. Ben also serves as a Special Consultant for the 17-time National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide football program. In addition, he is the Performance Coach for the record-setting 5-straight Division I National Football Champion North Dakota State Bison.
8/26/201948 minutes, 53 seconds
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Relationship Marketing & Networking - With Janice Porter - EP0084

Janice Porter trains business professionals to network at a mastery level, and how to turn their connections into new business through Relationship Marketing and Networking, both offline & online. LinkedIn training is a huge part of Janice’s business. She believes anyone in business or looking for a new position, needs to have a professional LinkedIn profile, and that it is a powerful online platform for attracting new clients or being found by recruiters. It is also a valuable tool for building and strengthening one’s reputation and authority in his or her field. Janice is also the host of the "Relationships Rule Podcast" – found on iTunes and most other podcast platforms.
8/22/201956 minutes, 26 seconds
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Dropping Bombs of Hard Truth - With Brad Lea - EP0083

Brad Lea is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT, a global leader in web-based training and communication platforms with headquarters in Las Vegas. Engaging, authentic and dynamic, Brad is passionate about helping people succeed. In fact, he’s created the "Dropping Bombs" podcast to help people succeed in Life and in Business. He’s known for dropping bombs on a wide-range of topics that educate, inspire and deliver results. Brad’s bombs are explosive strategies you can leverage to obliterate any obstacle getting in the way.
8/19/201958 minutes, 18 seconds
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Attract Big Ticket Clients - With Dr. Pelè - EP0082

Dr. Pelè Raymond Ugboajah is a bestselling author, business coach, musician and the host of the "Big-Ticket Clients" podcast. Dr. Pelè helps consultants, coaches and experts leverage the power of social media and podcasting to land big-ticket clients online. Born and raised in a war-torn African refugee village, his early struggles gave way to an incredible journey that has led him to inspire and help others succeed.  Dr. Pelè holds an MBA and a Ph.D. specializing in leadership and narrative psychology as business influence.
8/15/201954 minutes, 22 seconds
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Mic Takeover Featuring Underdog Empowerment - With Zachary Babcock - EP0081

This is 1 of 2 episodes of a microphone takeover series! Zachary Babcock is host of the top-rated podcast, Underdog Empowerment. We featured him on Episode 21 of the 365 Driven podcast. In this episode, Zachary takes over my mic and interviews me on my own show. I returned the favor by interviewing him on his own show. Both episodes are being released today! Check out his show at
8/12/201958 minutes, 35 seconds
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Do More Business With Less - With Estie Rand - EP0080

Estie Rand built a six-figure business with zero dollars in ad-spend in under two years, with a fully virtual team (while raising five kids!) She is the founder and owner of Strand Consulting, an LA based boutique consultancy. This marketing maven guides business owners ranging from multi-millionaires to freelancers on how to earn more money with less headache. After a decade in non-profit, rising in the ranks to become CIO, Estie left her job to bring her skills of doing more with less to small business owners around the world. She is also the host of the acclaimed Business Breakthrough Podcast, where she humanizes business and businessifys humans.
8/9/201952 minutes, 7 seconds
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Achieve World-Class Performance - With Alan Stein - EP0079

Alan Stein, Jr. is a keynote speaker and author who spent over 15 years as a performance coach working with the highest-performing NBA basketball players on the planet such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and LeBron James among others. He now teaches audiences how to utilize the same strategies in business that elite athletes use to perform at a world-class level.
8/5/201955 minutes, 5 seconds
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Become A Disruptive Serial Entrepreneur - With Jeff Fenster - EP0078

Jeff Fenster defines the phrase “Serial Entrepreneur”. While some people simply claim this title, others prove it with their success. Since earning his J.D. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Jeff has proven himself as an entrepreneurial innovator. As a serial entrepreneur, Jeff's been recognized nationally for his business creations ranging from a Payroll & HR company, Digital Marketing Agency, Recruiting Agency, among many others. In addition, Jeff was named a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 in America when he was 30. Combining his two biggest passions – entrepreneurship and healthy living – Jeff created his most recent innovation, a quick-serve craft superfood restaurant chain - Everbowl. He has built this explosive brand utilizing his personal philosophy of making friends and having fun and this has translated into a fun, vibrant culture at Everbowl. This philosophy has allowed Everbowl to be named one of America’s Top 40 Hottest Fast Casual Startups and a top 100 Mover and Shaker in the Country (#21) by Fast Casual. Jeff has continued to disrupt on a massive scale and has recently launched a Superfood infused coffee company – Superfuel Coffee; a construction company – WeBuild; and a Superfood import company – Real Happy Foods.
8/1/201955 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Human To Human Connectivity - With Ginger Johnson - EP0077

Ginger Johnson is an author, TEDx speaker, and consultant on connectivity. She focuses on the human to human kind of connectivity; not the fiber optic kind. In this episode, we discuss ways to create more influence. Become a better listener. Evolve into a thought leader. Learn how to deal with rejection. Find that control over your energy, whenever you enter a room. Don't just settle for networking. Learn to truly connect!  
7/29/201958 minutes, 56 seconds
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Wealth Means Nothing Without Health - With Jay Nixon - EP0076

Jay Nixon is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, mentor, and coach whose mission is to help each and every person achieve their "absolute best self." He is the author of two best-selling books The Overweight Mind, and The Purpose of Pain - How to Turn Tragedy into Triumph, Because Life's Not Supposed to Suck! Jay is dubbed by CBS News as, “One of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the business,” Jay has also been featured on ABC and FOX, and in Health and Triathlete Magazine. When he's not working with clients one-on-one, you'll find him consulting for Fortune 1000 companies. He is the owner of the Thrive Fitness Studio in Palm Desert, California and the creator of the Thrive Forever Fit Transformation Program - a personal development program designed to help you live your best life.
7/25/20191 hour, 3 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Become A 6-Figure Online Coach - With Rachel Korevaar - EP0075

Rachel Korevaar decided to become a business coach, and she initially struggled to gain traction. There were many things to learn. She now has built a multiple six-figure online coaching business, and helps her clients navigate the sometimes confusing process. Perhaps you are ready to leave the corporate world behind, and you desire to educate, inspire, and serve others. If so, coaching could become your next passion-filled career. Rachel has proven processes and strategies to help you achieve that goal. 
7/22/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why You Should Write A Book - With Mike Fallat - EP0074

Mike Fallat is the "Bad Boy of Books" and Founder of DreamStarters Publishing. He has helped over 150 entrepreneurs write and market their first book. Many of these books have become Amazon #1 best-sellers. Writing a book is a dominant way to establish authority and credibility within your business niche. While others are handing out weak business cards, you are handing out signed copies of your best-selling book. Earning the title of "Author" is something few achieve, and certainly brings with it a sense of pride and accomplishment. What story are you ready to share with the world? Mike is here to help extract it, polish it up, and showcase it.   
7/18/201955 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Show Up And Stand Out - With Juliette Stapleton - EP0073

Juliette Stapleton is known as "The Queen Of Visibility." She is a online Visibility Strategist, Writer, a Host of her own Visibility Show called "Show Up! Stand Out!" and a Coach with thousands of students and clients from more that 30 countries all over the world. Juliette is recognized for her strictly organic strategies around using Facebook personal profiles for those who are just beginning to build their visibility online. She focuses primarily on the authentic nature of connecting to other users on Facebook, celebrating real people behind the profile pictures and empowering them to show up as who they are, while building their authority as a go-to name in their niche. She helps bust through overwhelm, connect, inspire and serve the perfect for you and your business people, while building the life you truly love with ease. 
7/16/201957 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tame Your Temper With Anger Management - With Matthew Plotner - EP0072

Matthew Plotner started a Family Violence Intervention Program in Georgia. His story that led up to him starting this business, has an unusual twist. In 2009 he was arrested for Simple Battery and Family Violence. Due to that, he had to attend a 12-week anger management class. It changed his life. He found it so helpful and eye-opening that he continued to go for another 3 years. Eventually, he received the training and certification to help others overcome this problem. He also launched the Anger Management Podcast, to speak on the topic.
7/11/201940 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Learn To Burn And Rise Like A Phoenix - With Brandy Hollaway - EP0071

Brandy Hollaway is known as the Firestarter Mindset Coach, and she has risen from the ashes many times in life and business.  After 17 years in the Fitness & Wellness Industry, she discovered her true calling. Brandy's expertise is within social media, personal branding and networking. She has made it her mission to to help solopreneurs create an inferno of success in their brand, their business and their network.  
7/8/201949 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Never Give Up Never Surrender - With JP Lane - EP0070

JP Lane is a Purple Heart Veteran of the US Army, and a double amputee. He lost both of his legs while on a mission in Afghanistan, and has an incredible story to share with us, about perseverance and determination. I had the privilege of hearing JP’s story at a recent speaking event, and he mentioned that he has a goal of helping to inspire a million people. I want to help him reach this goal. No more excuses. If you just had a little faith, you could move mountains.
7/2/201954 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Live Outside Your Hustle And Grind - With Brent Tieri - EP0069

Brent Tieri is a doctor of chiropractic, entrepreneur, business consultant, former All-American athlete, ultramarathon runner, husband, father and podcast host. After building 2 successful wellness clinics, Brent realized that the success he had been chasing wasn’t really success at all. The message that he needed to be constantly working and grinding to get ahead left him overworked and unfulfilled. He realized that the “hustle and grind" mentality was leading to high levels of financial and business achievement, but often leaving individuals broken when it came to their health, relationships, spirituality, and overall sense of well-being. Brent launched the Life Outside the Hustle podcast and the Life Outside the Hustle Academy, to help high achievers create “fulfillment driven success”, encouraging growth not only in business and finances, but also in all aspects of their life.
6/27/20191 hour, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Her Facebook Community Led To Millions - With Shannel Rivera - EP0068

Shannel Rivera went from earning $9/hour at FedEx, to being the #1 district manager and earning 6-figures within 4 years. But, that wasn't enough. Shannel felt she lacked community and mentorship from other women, so she created her own Facebook community. Within weeks it grew to over 25K members. She took the opportunity of her engaged group to grow and brand a small business - Beauty and Hustle - which has become a 7-figure business.
6/25/201958 minutes, 2 seconds
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Young Veteran Builds 8-Figure Ecommerce Business - With Colin Wayne - EP0067

Colin Wayne is the 29-year-old Founder and CEO of Redline Steel. Forbes Magazine has proclaimed him as “The Most Interesting Millennial Entrepreneur In America”. Before starting a few businesses he served in the US Army, and appeared on numerous magazine covers as a fitness model. Colin scaled his e-commerce based manufacturing company to 8-figures revenue in only 3 years, from the use of personal branding and social media marketing.
6/20/20191 hour, 3 minutes, 25 seconds
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Going Consistently Viral On LinkedIn - With Shay Rowbottom - EP0066

Shay Rowbottom was recently named as a Top-33 online marketing influencer to follow. Her viral videos have taken over at LinkedIn, with over 4 million views, and over 60,000 followers in the last year.  Prior to taking LinkedIn by storm, she was the Co-Founder and COO of a Facebook marketing agency that worked with companies like Petco, Yahoo, Verlo, and dozens more. Now the CEO of her own company, Rowbottom Marketing, she has built a 7-figure brand marketing agency of her own.
6/17/20191 hour, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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Energize With An Elevated Mindset - With Michelle Sorro - EP0065

Michelle Sorro is a Mindset and Media Strategist with an exceptional track record in manifesting magic. She's a seasoned TV Host, currently on Emmy-winning entertainment news show Extra, and host of The Mindset Mashup podcast, a Top-10 in Self-Development. Her mission is to make a measured difference in the lives of others by serving love as the ultimate mindset mantra. She’s a published author on the topic of gratitude, has meditated with the Dalai Lama, and has literally walked on fire. Michelle lives to give and can’t wait to serve YOU.
6/13/201950 minutes
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Spirituality Driven Success - With Vaughn Kohler - EP0064

Vaughn Kohler is a former pastor and college instructor who is now a writer, speaker, and co-host of The MFCEO Project, the #1 ranked business and success podcast on iTunes. He is also the point person for the Arete Syndicate, founded by Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett, which is an elite group of overachieving entrepreneurs dedicated to being a force for good in the world. Vaughn's personal mission statement is to help exceptional men and women maximize their impact for their own gain and the good of the world. He also feels a special calling to help other people of faith who are committed to excellence and driven to succeed in every area of their lives.
6/10/20191 hour, 8 minutes, 36 seconds
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Reinvent Yourself For Business Success - With Mike Young - EP0063

Mike Young is known as “The Makeover Master.” He works with successful entrepreneurs to completely re-brand their online presence through his unique process, “The Complete Brand Makeover Experience.” Mike fixes a giant problem in most people’s business, one they ignore for as long as they can, a problem that is costing them money, influence, power, and respect in their niche: Looking good and knowing what to do next. Mike is also author of the book "Made Over: How To Create A Powerful Brand That Will Transform Your Business & Save Your Life."  
6/6/201957 minutes, 7 seconds
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Build Your Virtual Freelancer Team - With Nathan Hirsch - EP0062

Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He started his first eCommerce business out of his college dorm room and has sold over $30 million online. He is now the Co-Founder and CEO of, a marketplace that connects businesses with pre-vetted virtual assistants, freelancers and agencies in eCommerce, digital marketing, and much more.
6/4/201950 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Closer Mindset - With Kayvon Kay - EP0061

Kayvon Kay grew up being labeled with every condition in the book; ADD, ADHD, LLD. He was constantly humiliated and bullied. At age 19 the Dean at his college even recommended that he work a factory job. That wasn't good enough. Tides turned when he focused on growing one of the most important skills, salesmanship, and began earning multiple six-figures. That was just the beginning. Kayvon later went from being $150,000 in debt, to climbing over the mountain to create a coaching program that grew to $9 Million in revenue in less than 10 months.
5/30/201947 minutes, 36 seconds
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Build A Community Based Business - With Jake Ballentine - EP0060

Jake Ballentine is the Founder of the Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network, a thriving community of over 5,000 active members from all over the world. Jake is a national award-winning motivational speaker who has presented at over 400 events nationwide. He is also the author of “Your Number One Goal, a Step-By-Step Guide to Reach Any Goal of Any Size.” In this episode, we discuss how building a strong community can result in a thriving business.
5/28/20191 hour, 7 minutes, 12 seconds
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Secrets Of Salesmanship Mastery - With Harry Maziar - EP0059

Harry Maziar is an author and philanthropist whose career has combined family, business, and community. For 27 years, he served as President of Zep Manufacturing Company, which grossed nearly a billion in annual revenue. You may be familiar with some of their automotive brands, such as Armor-All, Black Magic, and Rain-X. Originally a sales representative, Maziar was so successful he was named the company’s first Director of Sales and he led 2,000 direct salespeople who produced double-digit growth for 25 straight years. Maziar retired as Chairman of the Chemical Division of National Service, then a publicly traded NYSE company. Maziar jokes that he has failed retirement as he has busied himself with both for-profit and non-profit endeavors. One of his proudest achievements in retirement has been completion of his book "Story Selling: Sage Advice and Common Sense About Sales and Success."
5/23/201950 minutes, 57 seconds
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Level Up On Legacy - With Tyler Jack Harris - EP0058

Tyler Jack Harris found himself at rock bottom in 2014. After a failed marriage and failed business, he found himself broke and alone. Worst of all, he was playing the victim, ruled by fear. Four years later, he became a millionaire. So what changed? In a word - everything. Tyler began a process he calls “waging war on personal change”, which started with taking ownership. Now Tyler feels a responsibility to pay it forward, to mentor and inspire others to do the same.
5/20/20191 hour, 5 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Future Of Business - With R Shawn McBride - EP0057

R. Shawn McBride aka "The Our Shawn McBride" is a leading speaker and consultant on the future of businesses. He works with a variety of audiences and organizations to develop their answers on the future of business tailored to their situation. He is a long-time attorney licensed in 12 US States and DC, a CPA and he is the host of the "Future Done Right" show on YouTube. When individuals and organizations want to prepare for the future of business they call Shawn.
5/16/201951 minutes, 23 seconds
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Step Onto The Biggest Stage - With Michael Lane - EP0056

Michael Lane is the man behind massive speaking events, where famous titans of personal development stand on his stages. Ever heard of Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Shark Tank? They all speak from events created by his company, Success Resources. Success Resources has generated over a billion dollars in lifetime sales, and puts on over 500 events per year, in 30 countries. It has a staff of over 250 people, in 10 international offices.
5/13/201952 minutes, 45 seconds
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Capture Your Ideas And Innovate - With Bryan Mattimore - EP0055

Bryan Mattimore is Co-Founder and Chief Idea Guy at Growth Engine, a 20-year old innovation agency based in Westport, CT. Bryan has personally facilitated over 1,000 Idea-Generation sessions and 500 creative focus groups leading to over $3 Billion in new sales. He is the author of 3 books on ideation and innovation process including "Idea Stormers" and "21 Days to a Big Idea". He is also a marketing and innovation instructor in Caltech’s executive education program.
5/9/201951 minutes, 2 seconds
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Success Moving Forward While Aging In Reverse - With Natalie Jill - EP0054

Natalie Jill is a fat loss expert turned high-performance coach. She created a globally recognized fitness brand with over 2.5 million social media followers, and an online business that has consistently generated 7-figures per year. She has been recognized by Forbes and Greatist for two consecutive years as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. She is frequently asked about her age (47) and how she appears to be aging in reverse. Natalie is also the creator and host of the top-ranking podcast "Leveling Up: Creating Everything From Nothing."
5/6/201952 minutes, 44 seconds
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Become Consistently Unconventional - With Heather Parady - EP0053

Heather Parady is the host of the Unconventional Leaders Podcast. She interviews leaders from all over the world who have build great things from the ground up. She is also the founder of the Content Lab and helps mission-driven leaders spread their messages through content marketing strategies.
5/2/201957 minutes, 16 seconds
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Gain Leadership Through Service - With Matt Cubbler - EP0052

Matt Cubbler is founding partner of Maxout, and host of the Two Dates and a Dash Podcast. He is also an inventor, a youth mentor, leadership expert, and a sought after inspirational speaker. Matt is a US Army Intelligence Veteran, current 26-year law enforcement officer, and former counter-terrorism expert with the US Federal Air Marshal Service after the tragedy of "9/11". He is also author of a memoir about his life with his older autistic brother, Andy, titled "A Brother's Love: A Memoir".
4/29/201947 minutes, 32 seconds
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Go From Average To Savage - With Michael Marcial - EP0051

Michael Marcial wants you to know that he is the most regular dude you'll ever meet. After having experienced divorce, depression, and homelessness, he now speaks internationally and mentors the top coaches and speakers in the industry. Michael is the Founder of the 5-Figure Workweek Mastermind, a community of over 3,000 active members. His vision is to provide massively practical content that will move you to take action.
4/23/20191 hour, 9 minutes, 34 seconds
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Just Getting Started - With Tony Whatley - EP0050

I can't believe we have reached 50 episodes and 10,000 downloads of this podcast. It has been such an incredible journey! In this episode, I share what I've learned from interviewing 60 amazing people, and having been interviewed over 70 times on other shows. I also share some updates on the 365 Driven facebook community, and an upcoming podcast series. We are just getting started! Thank you for being on this journey.
4/21/201914 minutes, 1 second
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How To Master Concentration - With Kam Knight - EP0049

Kam Knight is the author of several bestselling books on memory, concentration, and productivity. Over the past 15 years, he has dedicated his life to uncovering the secrets of the mind and how to optimize its performance. When he is not writing, teaching, or speaking, he is globetrotting, having traveled to nearly 100 countries around the world. Concentration is the single most important skill anyone can develop. Concentration is a big driver to everything you do and affects every area of your live. It’s the skill that matters more than any other skill and is the skill that is key to developing any other skill. Name Kam Knight City, State or Country Chicago, IL Website
4/16/201948 minutes, 49 seconds
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Shift To A Higher Sector Of Success - With Ryan Fisher - EP0048

Ryan Fisher is Co-Founder of Shift-S3ctor, an automotive racing event company, best known for its half-mile racing events. Ryan started Shift-S3ctor during his first semester of law school as a side-hustle, and it quickly grew to a six-figure business with events in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Indiana. Due to this success, he was able to start his own law practice immediately out of law school to be able to grow a professional career, while continuing a side-hustle fueled by automotive passion.
4/12/201957 minutes, 1 second
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You Were Born To Change The World - With Kelsey Abbott - EP0047

Kelsey Abbott is a Confidence Coach and host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps world-changing entrepreneurs embody their light and magic by helping them learn to really truly love themselves, embrace their own unique greatness, and Sparkle. Kelsey is an IPEC-Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Performance coach. She also earned a NeuroPositive Certificate in using neuroscience to change how the brain processes challenges. And... she is a Triathlete!
4/9/201956 minutes, 42 seconds
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Expert Advice From A Ten-Year Podcasting Business - With Rob Kibbe - EP0046

Rob Kibbe is a reformed cubicle-dwelling engineer, turned professional podcast show host and entrepreneur. In 2009 he launched The MuscleCar Place – a business that would become the first automotive-centric