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30 Mins With Marc

English, News, 3 seasons, 68 episodes, 2 days 3 hours 27 minutes
A 30 mins opinion and interview podcast covering current issues on entertainment,sports,art and tech. Hosted by Marc Ngotonie.
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With Joshua Msambila on TARO and Photographers.

Karibu kwenye episode nyingine ya MoreThan30 na wiki hii Niko na Adv Joshua Msambila kutoka TARO, tunazungumza kuhusu Sheria na wapiga picha. Maswali mengi muhimu yamejibiwa hapa. Karibu utusikilize.
15/12/2023 β€’ 57 minutes 5 seconds
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With Ng'winula Kingamkono on TUNZAA, GAMIFICATION and JAY Z 4:44

Welcome to another episode of MoreThan30 and today am joined by Ng'winula Kingamkono ( Unu if you may) we are talking Tech, his journey and how Gamification concept is charging Tunzaa and a little bit of Jay Z and Classical music. Enjoy it 😊
18/10/2023 β€’ 42 minutes 14 seconds
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With Undare Mtaki on LIFE, ART and SILENCE.

My guest today is Undare Mtaki, an artist like no other I have met. Undare's style is truly unique, he uses patterns to draw some of the biggest paintings spanning up to 3M by 1.9M. His architecture background fused with his love of art makes his approach so unique. Do listen to our conversation as we talk art,life and how silence and nature helps him connect and make more art.
21/09/2023 β€’ 1 hour 18 minutes 30 seconds
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With Anonymous on UniLife, Travel and Life after Uni.

My guest today is a special one, we have been planning for this for sometime now. It was evident she won't do it before finishing University,gladly she finished in one piece 🧩 and here we are. Get to hear her journey, what was rewarding, travel and what makes life beautiful for her. Enjoy it.
05/09/2023 β€’ 1 hour 21 minutes 18 seconds
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How does it feel to have a conversation next to the Indian Ocean? This is that Episode. Lilian picks up from finishing school to really forget all about music and jump deep into the podcast world. I hope you enjoy this as we did making it.
10/06/2023 β€’ 30 minutes 44 seconds
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30 Mins is a Year old πŸŽ‰ | Future plans.

The Podcast is a year old this March. This a celebration πŸŽ‰ , reflections and future of this space. Thank you for listening 😊 See you soon.
09/03/2023 β€’ 26 minutes 41 seconds
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Today,I try to talk politics a bit, I contrast that with Trevor Noah's Monologue at the White House Correspondence Dinner. Dizasta Vina's new song Shahidi and early Eid greetings. Enjoy it and Eid Mubarak.
02/05/2022 β€’ 30 minutes 50 seconds
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This is just the intro...
05/03/2022 β€’ 4 minutes 33 seconds