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English, Education, 1 seasons, 8 episodes, 1 hour 2 minutes
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Rock Star Business Women: My Guest Wanda Wallis, with Remax Accord

Rock Star Bad Ass Entrepreneurial Business Women doing amazing things. My first guest is Wanda Wallis. She is a Realtor with Remax Accord. Learn her plans on how she will end the year strong.
03/10/201911 minutes 35 seconds
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Hello Beautiful, It's Kim ending my 21 Day Challenge.

In this episode I end my 21 day Challenge going LIVE everyday! It has been an amazing journey of what has transpired during the journey doing LIVES on IG and FB. Yes!
28/08/20192 minutes 13 seconds
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7 -Tips: How to Become an Expert in Your Niche or Industry

25/08/201913 minutes 28 seconds
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40 Ways To Successfully Make Extra Money For The Holidays

11/11/201811 minutes 1 second
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Successful Abundant Wealth Tips For 2018

Here are 8 success mindset tips to kick off 2018 and thrive!
23/01/201810 minutes 3 seconds
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Sucess tips: Live Large In 2017

12/12/20162 minutes 20 seconds
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Welcome to 2Gorjis Radiant Beauty. Radiant Health Podcast

Hello Beautiful, Be Well, Look Amazing and Feel Great
13/10/20151 minute 19 seconds
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Interview, The First: Journey Of Food Truck Entrepreneur

Listen to grass roots success of food truck business owner, Mr. Dartanion Connor.
07/10/201510 minutes 8 seconds