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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 1 hour 31 minutes
The 267 G-Spot is an unofficial look on life from different perspectives. The Host: G, brings you along on sometimes crazy and always challenging and unpredictable topics of life. Insights from guests with different backgrounds. Taking all things business, relationships, self love, education, Christianity and just LIFE. You can check back every fortnight on Thursdays. Feel free to leave any and all of your podcast topic requests in the comment section of our instagram @267_gspot.
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Week of Good News

When you're on your knees begging God, when you're broken and at your lowest, and when it is tearing your heart to pieces, Jesus is there. Keep your eyes on him, beautiful. He sees you. He won't fail you. Remember everything he spoke over you. Remember his love. Remember his promises. You will feel his perfect peace in the storm once you can take your eyes off the storm and look to him. Eyes on him! Amen.
24/08/20238 minutes 1 second
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Protect your healthy friendships

The older you get the harder it is to maintain those important friendships. Join G as she shares her journey with her friendships
17/08/202313 minutes 59 seconds
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We’re back! Re-embracing & Re-discovering

After a brief hiatus, the 267 G-SPOT is back and better than ever! Join your host G, as she takes the microphone once again to announce the exciting return of our podcast community. In this episode, G shared her personal reflections on the break , the lessons learned and the reasons behind the podcast’s temporary absence
10/08/20239 minutes 51 seconds
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Are you ready for me?

30/01/202358 seconds