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English, Sciences, 1 season, 3 episodes, 1 hour, 2 minutes
20 Minutes A Day, was designed to promote the 2 Minutes A Day Project and the larger mission of Chemists Without Borders. The goal of the 2 Minutes A Day project is to build a community where chemists and their networks can share and discuss problems, propose solutions, and collaborate in order to have an impact. To further this mission, 20 Minutes A Day will highlight change-makers in the chemistry community everywhere.
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Experiential Education with Dr. Bakarr Kanu

Colin speaks with Dr. Bakarr Kanu of Winston Salem State University. Dr. Kanu has developed a study abroad program for STEM majors built around undergraduate research and service-learning.
7/9/202018 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Importance of Nonprofits with Dr. Rolande Hodel

Colin talks to Dr. Rolande Hodel, the president and founder of AIDSfreeAFRICA, about how her background in the pharmaceutical industry pushed her to start her own NGO. 
6/25/202022 minutes
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'2 Minutes A Day' with Dr. Bego Gerber

Colin is joined by Dr. Bego Gerber, the co-founder of Chemists Without Borders, to discuss the genesis of the 2 Minutes A Day (2MAD) project.
6/11/202022 minutes