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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 seasons, 16 episodes, 14 hours 9 minutes
Mobile esports are growing at an unprecedented rate.In this podcast, Bobby Plays and DuckyTheGamer sit down with your favorite creators to talk about mobile gaming news, esports, and entertainment.Reach out to us on socials to let us know who you'd like to see next!
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The best new mobile shooter of 2023? 2 Thumbs Up #18

As Apex Mobile shuts down, mobile gamers look for new options, and many are flocking to Farlight 84. Is it worth your time or just another fad? We discuss on 2 Thumbs Up #18
12/05/20231 hour 8 minutes 29 seconds
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3 new mobile shooters you NEED to try! 2 Thumbs Up #15

Arena Breakout, Project Bloodstrike, and Farlight 84 have released as 3 top competitors for mobile gamers in 2023. Which one of them will be able to capture the hearts of mobile gamers?
27/02/202346 minutes 30 seconds
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What happened to Apex Legends Mobile... 2 Thumbs Up #13

In less than a year Apex Mobile went from the most hyped mobile game of all time to being completely shutdown. How did this happen? Find out in today's episode of the 2 Thumbs Up Podcast
03/02/202323 minutes 52 seconds
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Bobby and Ducky admit to hacking in videos games?! 2 Thumbs Up #13 (ft. Aerith)

Aerith has quickly become the most popular female content creator in the COD Mobile space, in today's podcast we'll talk about where she got her start, her plans for the future, and much more.
20/10/202258 minutes 26 seconds
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Should Warzone Mobile be worried? 2 Thumbs Up #12

Project Bloodstrike may have the timing to put some pressure on Warzone Mobile, will they be able to execute?
11/10/202245 minutes 11 seconds
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Warzone Mobile predictions, COD Mobile on LAN, and more Apex Mobile Drama | 2 Thumbs Up #11

Lots of hype around Warzone Mobile but it still seems to be a long way off. Bobby Plays and Ducky the Gamer discuss the big reveal, COD Mobile's first stage 5 announcement, Apex Mobile drama and much more
26/09/202253 minutes 56 seconds
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Mobile gaming's big moment is coming | 2 Thumbs Up #10

Warzone mobile draws close, Rainbow 6 Mobile prepares to launch, and the content creation world has lot's of drama in this week's episode of the 2 Thumbs Up Podcast.
06/09/202255 minutes 41 seconds
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Warzone Mobile is preparing to takeover | 2 Thumbs Up #9

Warzone Mobile is looking to take over the mobile market in 2022/2023, and they're starting it off right by inviting content creators to stream the game for the first time on September 15th.  Will Warzone Mobile rise to the top or fall flat like so many other mobile titles of 2022?
17/08/202252 minutes 27 seconds
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Valorant Mobile Clones are taking over? 2 Thumbs Up #8

With Hyper Front and Project Rush B making major moves this week, is there potential for these Valorant Mobile clones to build an audience in the mobile gaming space?
31/07/202245 minutes 3 seconds
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MrBeast Plays mobile, Ferg's biggest ratio, & Apex Mobile Saved?! 2 Thumbs Up #7

The worlds biggest YouTuber played Apex Legends Mobile, iFerg coming in hot with the fastest ratio in the history of mobile, and much more! Bobby and Ducky break down the latest happenings in the mobile community in this weeks episode of the 2 Thumbs Up Podcast.
13/07/202257 minutes 10 seconds
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Warzone Mobile leaks have arrived! 2 Thumbs Up #4

With Apex Legends mobile not living up to the hype, many mobile gamers are now looking to Warzone Mobile, which launched its first Alpha Test today. We break down the leaks and what players should expect in the future from Warzone Mobile.
06/06/202218 minutes 37 seconds
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Apex is changing the game for mobile - 2 Thumbs Up #2

The global launch of Apex Legends Mobile has taken mobile gaming by storm. This week we're breaking down the ups and downs the game has seen so far, Ferg's leaderboard grind, and much much more.
22/05/202243 minutes 45 seconds