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English, Sports, 2 seasons, 157 episodes, 5 days, 23 hours, 32 minutes
A Running Podcast produced for and by the Culture!! Join Aaron & Joshua Potts every Tuesday for the most recent running news, insightful interviews, their perspective of the running world as 2 Black Runners, and much more!
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LA Grand Prix Preview | The Running BOOM | 2 Black Swimmers

Your favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, discuss the hottest topics in the running world including the rise of run club culture and the LA Grand Prix. Plus Joshua Potts shares his experience with swim lessons. Watch on YouTube: TIME STAMPS 0:00 - How fast can you run a 400m right now? 2:54 - When will the fall off happen?  4:16 - Intro 6:04 - Joshua is taking Swim Lessons 13:22 -  Kenny Bednarek 19.67 at the Doha Diamond League  21:13 - LA Grand Prix Preview 37:55 - Discussing the Running BOOM ✔Instagram: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Website:
5/14/202455 minutes, 4 seconds
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Running Report: Eliud Kipchoge Threatened After Kelvin Kiptum's Death | World Relays Reaction | Quincy Wilson is the REAL DEAL!!

Your favorite 2 Black Runners discuss the latest Track & Field news in this edition of the Running Report. Aaron and Joshua Potts discuss Eliud Kipchoge's interview with BBC, 2024 World Relays, crazy high school stats, and 776 Invitational. Watch on YouTube: Eliud Kipchoge article from BBC: Noah Lyles responding to reporters on CITIUS MAG: ✔Instagram: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Website:
5/7/202445 minutes, 50 seconds
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Kiera Smalls || Creating Career Opportunties for BIPOC in the Running Industry | Executive Director of RIDC

Your favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, are joined by the Executive Director of the Running Industry Diversity Collation. Kiera Smalls illustrates how RIDC is creating access for all on the business side of the running industry. Additionally she describes two programs RIDC is currently implementing to help the running industry. Watch on Youtube: Ways to support RIDC Learn More Here: Donate: Learn more about "Run The Block": Time Stamps 0:00 - Intro 3:00 - What is Run The Block? 8:38 - Why Black People? 12:05 - Was Kiera’s goal always to help BIPOC communities? 15:30 - Aaron created a superhero as a kid. 17:14 - Attempting to bring more attention to the running industry. 23:12 - How Aaron discovered there was career opportunities in the running industry. 25:08 - Kiera’s views on the progress of the Running Industry for DEI? 28:02 - RIDC is fresh!! 34:46 - What part of the running industry is Kiera excited to tackle that RIDC hasn’t touched yet? 39:53 - How to support RIDC. ✔Instagram: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Website:
4/30/202442 minutes
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How Joe Holder is Gaining Power to Change Health & Wellness | Nike Master Trainer, GQ Columnist, Health & Wellness Expert

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are joined by Joe Holder to learn more about his approach to business through Health & Wellness. TIME STAMPS: 0:00- Intro 4:35- We messed up the Intro 6:38- Giving Joe his flowers 9:55- Did he have a long-term vision when starting out 15:17- What got him into Personal Training and Health/Wellness 17:44- The secret for anybody is to show up 20:52- Learning when to say yes and no 23:02- How he got the job as a NIKE Master Trainer/Run Coach 28:09- Who Taught him to say YES 32:44- The pressures to post on social media 35:49- Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom 40:00- The importance of language and communication with  personal training  52:14- Joe Holder’s next mission 53:31- Joe Holder’s advice for us 55:53- Power & Change for Health & Wellness 58:30- What is encouraging in the Health & Wellness space 1:01:41- Closing Out Interview 1:04:58- Post Interview reflection ✔Instagram: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Website:
4/23/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 58 seconds
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Reacting to T&F Outrage | I'm Not an Expert in Women's Uniforms

Aaron & Joshua Potts react to all of the outrage Track & Field fans expressed last week on social media. Plus they recap performances from the Bryan Clay Invite. Watch on YouTube: TIME STAMPS 0:53 Who is winning the Drake & Kendrick Rap Beef? 2:40 Intro 4:03 Reacting to Nike Team USA Uniforms 13:09 FloTrack gets deal with Diamondleague 19:19 World Athletics will Pay Olympic Gold Medalists for First Time 22:42 Mykolas Alekna Breaks Discus World Record 24:51 Recapping Bryan Clay Invite ✔Instagram: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Website:
4/17/202432 minutes, 40 seconds
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Sacrificing to Dream | Interviewing High School Runners at Arcadia Invite | Sadie Engelhardt, Daniel Simmons, Ali Ince, Benjamin Harris

Your favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, speak with elite high school athletes at the 2024 Arcadia Invitational about sacrifices and their view of success. Additionally they touch on how this era of distance runners are running way faster. Watch Podcast on YouTube: TIME STAMPS 0:00 INTRO 9:26 SADIE ENGELHARDT 16:00 JANE HENDEGREN & LILLY ALDER 23:26 BENJAMIN HARRIS 28:50 ALI INCE 33:50 TRISTAN RUTLEDGE 41:29 NATHAN NEIL 48:17 DANIEL SIMMONS 54:29 TEG PANHDER 59:40 PAYTON SMITH 1:04:38 DIEGO AGUIRRE-STEWART 1:10:13 AYDON STEFANOPOULOS & CARSON HEDLUND 1:15:56 TAYLOR COX 1:19:35 OUTRO ✔Instagram: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Website:
4/9/20241 hour, 23 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ranking Our Track & Field Favorites | Would Rather PR or Win??

This week your favorite 2 Black Runners rank their 24 favorite things about Track and Field in honor of March Madness. See our final rankings here: TIME STAMPS: 0:00 T&F Schedules are annoying 1:51 Intro 4:04 Kendrick Lamar, Drake, or J. Cole 5:15 Ranking our Track & Field Favorites ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
3/26/202448 minutes, 32 seconds
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His First Marathon Changed His Life | The TEN Recap: Matthew Centrowitz's Last Season, 10K Recaps, Can Nico Young Make the Olympic Team?

Aaron shares his first marathon experience at the LA Marathon. Plus your favorite 2 Black Runners recap the Sound Running TEN. TIME STAMPS: 0:00 Joshua is back in CA 2:27 What happened in Aaron's first marathon 19:11 The TEN Recap ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
3/19/202439 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep.136 || Natalie Mitchell | Turing Your Passion into a Career | Aaron's Final Thoughts Before LA Marathon

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are joined by Natalie Mitchell, who will be one of the race announcers at the LA Marathon. Natalie is one of the few Black women race announcers who has turned her passion for running into a career. Additionally, she gives Aaron advice on running his first marathon. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro 4:09 1 High, 1 Low, 1 Hope 17:11 Start of Natalie Mitchell interview 1:01:43 Closeout Natalie's IG: ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
3/12/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep.135 || Loved & Hated to See It... World Athletics Indoor Championships

This week, your favorite 2 Black Runners dive into everything that happened at the World Athletics Indoor Championships. Joshua Potts shares what he loved and hated to see from the meet while Aaron Potts gives his thoughts. ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
3/5/202441 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ep.134 || Details on Michael Johnson's New Pro T&F League | The SEC Messed Up Christopher Morales-Willams 400m WR?

This week your favorite 2 Black Runners are covering all of the biggest stories in track and field. Aaron and Joshua Potts preview the World Indoor Track & Field Championships, discuss Michael Johnson's new T&F league, and they talk about Noah Lyles' huge new contract with Adidas. ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
2/29/202455 minutes, 1 second
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Noah Lyles CAN'T LOSE!! | Aaron isn't Nervous for LA Marathon | Running Report

This special edition of the 2 Black Runners podcast is for all the trackheads out there!! Aaron & Joshua Potts dive deep into all recent news from Grant Holloway, Deveynne Charlton, Femke Bol, Josh Kerr, and Letsile Tebogo's world records. Plus they talk about competitive matchups in the U.S. ranks. They also discuss Aaron's recent preparations for the LA Marathon which is less than a month away!! ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
2/22/202452 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep.133 || Tony Reed | Making Community for Black Runners | Co-Founder of National Black Marathoner Association

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are joined by Tony Reed, one of the pillars to the African-American running community for decades. In this episode Reed shares why he tries to cultivate a running community for Black runners. Plus he discusses how he made the documentary, Breaking Three Hours: Trailblazing African-American Women Marathoners, and much more. Lean more about NBMA: Interview Starts at 6:00 ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
2/20/202455 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep.132 || Noah Lyles is an Anime Character | Millrose Games Preview | Aaron's Experience at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are busy this week but they are here to drop a special Friday episode!! Hear about their thoughts on the 2024 U.S. Olympic Marathon, the NB Indoor Grand Prix, and a special preview of the 116th Annual Millrose Games. ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
2/9/202444 minutes, 19 seconds
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Ep.131 || Swarnjit Boyal PT-4 A New Way to Love Running | Olympic Marathon Trials Preview | NAU Dominating the Track

This week, Aaron & Joshua Potts are joined with Swarnjit Boyal for the final part of his story ahead of the 2023 US Olympic Marathon Trials. Swarn speaks on his marathon build and how he needed to find his love for running again. Plus on this podcast episode, your favorite 2 Black Runners go "Around the Track" and preview the Marathon Trials. Follow Swarnjit Boyal: TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro 2:08 PT4- Swarnjit Boyal's Journey to the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials 23:43 Around the Track 45:12 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Preview ✔Aaron's IG: ✔Joshua's IG: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
1/30/20241 hour, 11 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep.130 || World's Most Powerful Tool: Your Mind | Swarinjit Boyal PT-3 | Nico Young Runs 3:57 at 7000ft!!

This week, listen to the 8 most inspirational minutes in 2 Black Runners history!! Hear about the the proudest moment of his life which very much defines who he is. Plus Aaron & Joshua Potts recap some of the biggest running news over this past weekend. Follow Swarnjit Boyal: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
1/23/202447 minutes, 22 seconds
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Ep.129 || First Woman Under 29min 10K | Swarinjit Boyal PT-2 | Mia Brahe-Pederson vs Adaejah is Legendary

Aaron & Joshua Potts are back for a jam packed episode recapping numerous running stories and part 2 of the Swarin story (skip to 32:56). This week, Swarin takes us back to his first day of cross country practice in high school and why he first thought Cal Poly SLO was the worst decision of his life. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Watching spots on the East Coast is basura 1:46 It's too cold 3:25 Joshua talks about the HBCU Showcase track meet 8:11 Start of Around the Track 8:38 Soooo many records broken!! 17:20 Houston Marathon Takeaways 23:29 Highlights from UW 26:59 Mia Brahe-Pederson & Adaejah Hodge rivalry continues 32:56 Swarinjit Boyal's Journey to the 2024 US Marathon Olympic Trials PT-2 44:31 Outro
1/16/202448 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep.128 || Reacting to World Athletics' 2024 Rivalries | Swarinjit Boyal's Journey to the 2024 US Marathon Olympic Trials PT-1

Aaron & Joshua Potts are starting off 2024 recapping some of the most recent Track & Field news over the past 2 weeks. Plus they start a 4 part series with Swarinjit Boyal who will be competing at the 2024 US Olympic Marathon Trials. Learn more about one of the blue collar athletes competing at the Olympic Trials and their incredible story. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro 2:00 Around the Oval 21:09 Part 1 of Swarinjit Boyal's Journey to the 2024 US Marathon Olympic Trials 43:47 Outro ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
1/9/202446 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep.127 || Focusing on Impact in 2024 | For The Real Ones

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are here for the first 2 Black Tuesday of 2024. In this episode, Aaron & Joshua Potts have a deep discussion on faith, new jobs, motivation for podcasting, and more. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
1/2/202446 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ep.126 || T&F Award Season is Broken?? | Foot Locker XC Championships Recap

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are joined by Colin Waitzman from Track World News to discuss Award Season in T&F. Waitzaman shares his opinions on World Athletics adding a 6 new awards and gives suggestions to imporve the Bowerman Award. Plus Aaron & Joshua Potts recap the 2023 Foot Locker XC Championships. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro 3:47 World Athletics announces 6 World Athlete of the Year Awards 22:38 Bowerman Award presentation this Thursday 41:53 Foot Locker XC Championships Recap ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
12/12/20231 hour, 1 minute
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Ep.125 || TRACK IS BACK!! But XC Hasn't Ended?? | USATF Wing Awards Recap

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back recapping the first big track meet of the 2023-2024 season. Plus they look into the High School XC Championship season, and have a deep discussion about the USATF Wing Awards. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
12/5/202344 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ep.124 || Katelyn Tuohy & Nico Young XC Era Over!?! | Aaron Reconnects with Alma Mater

Your favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, recap the 2023 NCAA XC Championships and talk to APU's Nixon Korir. TIME STAMPS 0:00 The NAU women's lost hurt me 1:22 Joshua is dropping out of the Turkey Trot 4:17 Dave Smith gives NAU their Respect as Greatest Teams in NCAA 8:59 Who had the bigger individual win, Graham Blanks or Parker Valby? 12:55 Did the Katelyn Tuohy & Nico Young XC Era Live Up to the Hype? 19:45 Start of Nixon Korir Interview 25:17 Nixon started running 5 years ago 26:25 Nixon's connection to Aaron Rono 28:39 How his approach to running changed in those 5 years 33:23 Nixon's connection to elite athletes 35:00 What has he learned from being around greatness 37:27 Ask A.I. 40:37 What mark Nixon wants to leave at APU 45:15 Closeout Podcast ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
11/21/202349 minutes, 25 seconds
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Ep.123 || Sha'Carri Snubbed as World Athlete of the Year Finalists?! | How RIDC is Changing the Running Industry

Aaron & Joshua Potts interview Abigail Hollie, the project manager for the Running Industry Diversity Collation, about how RIDC is providing a safe space for BIPOC. Plus your favorite 2 Black Runners preview the NCAA XC Championships and discuss if Sha'Carri was snubbed as a World Athlete of the Year Finalists. TIME STAMPS 0:00- Tamela Mann is the greatest singer in the world 1:42- Intro 3:49- Sha'Carri Snubbed out of World Athlete of the Year Finalists 10:26- World Athletics Making New Space for Content Creators 16:44- Interview with RIDC Program Manager, Abigail Hollie 20:06- What is the Running Industry Diversity Collation 23:47- How Abigail found the RIDC 27:16- Abigail Shares her Servant Heart 30:07- What doest a Program Manager at RIDC? 31:34- The Importance to Celebrate BIPOC Faces in the Running Community 36:24- How to find a BIPOC community in the Running Insdustry 46:17- The Cookout at The Running Event 54:35- Aaron is going to The Cookout 56:27- Previewing NCAA Championships ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
11/14/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 1 second
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Ep.122 || I Miss Losing in Sports | 2023 NYC Marathon Recap | More Bowerman Track Club Unreasonable Speculation

This week on the 2 Black Runners podcast, Aaron and Joshua Potts discuss some of the most pressing news in running culture. They cover the 2023 NYC Marathon, athletes leaving Bowerman Track Club, and the Top HS girl in the nation signing with USC. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Let's Run is a WILD place 1:07 Intro 3:01 New York Marathon Recap 10:18 Elise Cranny Leaves Bowerman Track Club 17:14 Aaron Runs First Half Marathon 27:16 Stir the Potts ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
11/7/202334 minutes, 53 seconds
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Ep.121 || Futsum Zienasellassie | Preparing for First NYC Marathon | Secrets to Start of NAU XC Dynasty | African Culture on U.S. Running Scene

Futsum Zienasellassie joins your favorite 2 Black Runners to talk about running the NYC Marathon this Sunday. Plus he discusses the start of the NAU XC dynasty in 2016, being part of the first World Road Racing Championships, the effect of African culture on the U.S. running scene. Follow Futsum on IG: TIME STAMPS 0:00 How we know Futsum 2:00 Intro 4:39 Coming back to Hoka 6:18 Experiencing the first World Road Running World Championships 14:34 African culture in the U.S. running scene 19:37 New York City Marathon Build Up 23:19 Meb Keflezki's influence on Futsum 25:57 Preparing for 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials 30:09 Approaching the Sport differently 37:20 Futsum Gives Aaron Advice on First Half Marathon 41:131 Was Futsum convinced to do the Marathon? 47:07 NAU is a Pro Team 56:54 Futsum's advice to High School Runners & Coaches 1:03:33 Aaron should've went to NAU 1:06:21 Who should we have next on 2BR? What mark do you want to leave on the sport? 1:09:17 The Cool Down
10/31/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 2 seconds
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Ep.120 || We got a VOTE!! | Unreasonable Speculation on Grant Fisher's Next Coach After Leaving Bowerman TC

We better! This week we join the unreasonable speculation of why Grant Fisher left Bowerman Track Club (Best of luck Grant on your next steps!! 😤). Plus we go through the nominees for the USATF Wing Awards for Female & Male Athlete of the Year. Aaron is also running his first Half Marathon next week and goes through his goals. TIME STAMPS 0:00 75th Annual Mt. SAC XC Invite 4:00 Intro 6:02 Aaron Preparing for First Half Marathon 10:53 Our Reaction to Grant Fisher Leaving Bowerman Track Club 23:47 USATF Wing Awards Nominees ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
10/24/202339 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ep.119 || Does a P.R. Equal Success?? | High Schoolers React | Inland Empire Challenge

Aaron & Joshua Potts interviewed high school athletes and coaches at the 2023 Inland Empire Challenge. The I.E. Challenge showcases high school cross country running from Riverside & San Bernardino county in California every single year. In this episode they interviewed nationally ranked teams and individuals as they start to prepare for the post season. Plus they have a conversation with high schoolers about what a P.R. means to them. Checkout @showupsociety Instagram post that inspired this episode. We want to give a special shoutout to Rancho Cucomanga High School who invited us out and puts on the event every year!! Watch podcast on YouTube: Time Stamps 0:00 Introduction to the Inland Empire Challenge 2:00 Does a P.R. equal success in XC? 4:27 Maximo Zalvaleta wins Boys Sweepstakes in 14:13 8:19 Coach Etheridge on dominant Girls Team win of 18pts and 12th Rank in USA 16:31 Rylee Blade destroys Girls Sweepstakes with a solo 16:02 23:04 Alexis Aguilar of Don Lugo 27:16 Lauren & Avery of Ayala 32:04 Jorge Zamora of Norco High School 34:16 Raya & Andrew of Colony 38:20 Justin of Norco High School 41:20 Luke Lopez of Eleanor Roosevelt High School 46:22 Kaitlin & Phoebe of Ayala 52:06 Alejandro Medina of San Gorgonio 54:51 San Gorgonio Teammates 59:19 Thank you for watching/listening ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
10/17/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 34 seconds
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5 Reasons to Watch Nuttycombe & Pre-Nats | Stir the Potts | Running Report

Today marks starts the 10-week Running Report season covering XC, Marathoning, and any Athletics news!! Expect a new Running Report every Thursday on the 2 Black Runners podcast hosted by Joshua Potts Great Previews to Pre-Nats and Nuttycombe Citius Mag with the Wood Report- Flotrack Pre Nats Preview- Lets Run on NC State- USTCCA History on Nuttycombe- World Athletics Nominees- Follow Joshua Potts on Instagram & Threads
10/12/202324 minutes, 24 seconds
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Ep.118 || Podcast UPDATE | Reacting to Kelvin Kiptum Breaking the Marathon World Record

The 2 Black Runners aren't back, they're BETTER!! In this episode, Aaron & Joshua Potts discuss the Chicago Marathon Madness. Plus they give updates on the 2BR. TIME STAMPS 0:00 Are the Raiders garbage? 2:03 Show Starts 4:14 Reacting to Kelvin Kiptum's Marathon World Record Run 14:13 Sifan Hassan is in her own league!? 21:30 Aaron preparing for first Half Marathon 27:00 Joshua is interning for an ESPN+ Show 34:04 2BR Update ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
10/10/202344 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep.117 || Black Women Revolutionizing T&F Media feat. Tiara Willams (Real Talk), Demitra Carter (Tiny Talks), Katelyn Hutchison (CITIUS MAG)

Watch podcast on YouTube: At the 2023 Prefontaine Classic, we did our 3rd annual media podcast roundup with three women revolutionizing T&F media. In this episode we learn about the challenges they faced and the successes they experienced trying to better the sport in 2023. Plus we learn about their favorite projects that they feel are changing T&F. Read down below to learn more about each of our guests... Tiara Willams: 28.6k IG Followers; worked with: NSAF, USATF, Armory NYC, HighlighHER; former NCAA athlete at Texas Tech Demitra Carter: Creator of Tiny Talks, former NCAA athlete at Baylor, 16.7K IG Followers, works for Team USA, has worked with: ON Running, Under Armour, Hayward Magic Katelyn Hutchison: NCAA Athlete at Kentucky, 9.4K Followers on Twitter, featured in NY Times, works for CITIUS MAG, co-host of Out of the Blocks podcast ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website:
10/3/202355 minutes, 8 seconds
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Athletes Speak on a Historic PRE Classic | Diamond League Final Recap | Running Report

Watch it on YouTube: Various electric performances at the 2023 Dimond League Final closed out the season and are building onto an even bigger year in 2024. Below checkout out the timestamps to see the athletes Joshua & Aaron Potts talked too. 0:00 Intro 0:40 Mondo Duplantis breaks his own Pole Vault WR with a 6.23m vault 1:52 Gudaf Tsegay breaks the 5000m WR after claiming the 10K title at the World Athletics Championships 2:38 Noah Lyles talks about his "SENSATIONAL" season 3:51 Jakob Ingerbristen completes the Diamond League Final double in the Mile and 3000m 4:58 Yared Nuguse breaks the Mile American Record 6:39 Cole Hocker's 3:48 gives him 6th Place and makes him part of the immense young talent in the mile 7:14 Mario Garcia breaks the Spanish Mile Record 7:56 Athing Mu gets her redemption from the World Championships with the 800m win and U.S. record 9:42 Marco Arop breaks the Canadian National Record and is coming into perfect form right on time 10:56 U.S. Women's Throws are DOMINANT 13:37 Quincy Hall runs 44.44 to finish 2nd in the DL Final after 3rd at the World Championships 14:34 Rai Benjamin & Kyron McMaster speak on this legendary era in the 400m H. 17:27 Outro
9/19/202318 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ep.116 || Tori Franklin | New Book- "You Anthem: Stories and Reflections of Celebration" | The Power of Love

Pre-order Tori's new book on Amazon: In this episode, the Potts brothers are joined with 2022 World Athletics Championship Bronze Medalist, Tori Franklin. They ask Tori about her new book, "You Anthem," releasing on October 7th, 2023. Plus they learn about why she decided to write a book and how love is powering her every move. Watch the YouTube video here: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/29/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 5 seconds
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Reacting to Noah Lyles VIRAL NBA Comments | 2023 WORLD CHAMPS RECAP || Running Report

The last Running Report special covering the 2023 World Athletics Championships, hosted by Joshua Potts. On this episode, Aaron Potts joins the show to talk about Noah Lyles viral comments about the NBA. Plus the Potts brothers discuss the exciting women's 800m, if Jakob Ingebristen is better a 5000m runner, and they shout out their favorite athletes over the past 9 days. Watch the full interview w/ Luis Grijalva from Citius Mag: Real Talk with Tee's full interview with Athing Mu: Checkout ESPN's post featuring Noah Lyles: Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:15 Aaron joins the show 2:47 Men's 5000m final recap 6:38 Luis Grijalva places 4th at Worlds, 2nd year in row 7:14 Luis Grijalva's comments after 5000m 8:04 Reaction to Luis Grijalva's race 11:52 Women's 800m 14:17 Athing Mu's comments after 800m 15:30 Reacting to Athing Mu's comments 21:16 U.S. Sprinters dominate World Champs 24:25 Noah Lyles comments 25:03 Reacting to Noah Lyles comments going viral on ESPN 30:40 Shoutouts ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/28/202337 minutes
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A special 2 Black Runners podcast hosted by Joshua Potts, covering Day 8 of the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Joshua Potts discusses why this World Championships marks the U.S. Men & Women on top, why U.S. Women Throws needs more love, and potential athlete of the year candidates. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/26/202319 minutes, 32 seconds
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5 More O.M.G. Moments of 2023 World Champs So Far... | Running Report

A special 2 Black Runners podcast hosted by Joshua Potts giving you 5 more O.M.G. Moments from the World Athletics Championships!! ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/26/202322 minutes, 17 seconds
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5 O.M.G. Moments of the 2023 World Champs So Far... | Running Report

A special 2 Black Runners podcast covering the first 4 days of the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. Join Joshua Potts sharing is top 5 OMG moments, and Aaron Potts at the end giving some HOT TAKES. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/23/202323 minutes, 35 seconds
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10 U.S. Athletes to Watch at 2023 World Athletics Championships || RUNNING REPORT

Here's a list with some of Running Report's favorite USA athletes to watch at the 2023 Budapest World Athletics Championships. Watch video on YouTube: 0:00 Intro 0:44 Athing Mu 2:31 Death Row Running 4:40 Brittany Brown 5:55 Brooks Beasts 8:33 Bowerman Track Club 11:26 Yared Nuguse 12:37 Britton Wilson 14:00 Valarie Allman 15:36 Masai Russell 17:00 Cordell Tinch
8/18/202319 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep.115 || Tinoda Matsatsa | First African American High Schooler to Break 4min Mile

At the USA U20 Championships, Aaron & Joshua Potts finally sat down with Tinoda Matsatsa who became the first Black High Schooler to break 4min in the mile. At the 2023 HOKA Festival of Miles, Matatsa made history in the mile running 3:58.70. He also went on to run 1:47.61 in the 800m making hime one of the the most talented runners in the historic 2023 class. In this podcast your favorite 2 Black Runners discussed Matsatsa's big races in 2023, his training minset, and the importance to be the first Black high schooler under 4 minutes. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/8/202348 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep.114 || When is it Not Ok to Celebrate in Track & Field?? | New York Grand Prix Preview

Aaron & Joshua Potts are back to discuss their work at Nike Outdoor Nationals and the epic mile showdown between Simeon Brinbaum and Leo Young. Plus they look at the Oslo Diamond League 1500m that stirred up controversy about doping rules and more. Eli Rosen-Duran, the event manager of Track Town USA, also joins the podcast to give us a behind the scenes look into Hayward Field's preparations for the summer. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
6/20/202350 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ep.113 || Back-to-Back Faith Kipyegon World Records & 2BR Podcasts | Reacting to the NCAA T&F Championships

Can you believe it!? You are getting back-to-back Tuesdays with a 2 Black Runners Podcast!! Aaron & Joshua Potts discuss the historic Paris Diamond League and react to the NCAA Track & Field Championships. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
6/13/202342 minutes, 23 seconds
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Ep.112 || T&F Social Media is Winning!! | Faith Kipyegon is the Greatest 1500m Runner, Male or Female!?!

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back on a podcast for the first time in several months. On this episode Aaron and Joshua Potts catch everyone back up on their lives, discuss the current state of track media, and talk about the crazy results this past weekend. ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
6/6/202344 minutes, 28 seconds
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Ep.111 | Running is Hip Hop | of DeadPrez & Kieth Tucker of Hip Hop is Green | 10th Element of Hip Hop: Health & Wellness Hip Hop

At the end of 2022, Aaron Potts recorded a dope podcast with, Keith Tucker and Dawud Hasan. is one half of the famous rap duo, Dead Prez, that made several classics in the early 2000s. Keith Tucker is the founder of Hip Hop is Green which created the 10th element of Hip Hop, Health & Wellness. Dawud Hasan joins Aaron for the second time to facilitate the discussion with these hip hop legends. On this 2BR episode, hear what makes running hip hop. Plus find out what these legends are doing to communicate this message. Watch the podcast interview on YouTube: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
5/3/20231 hour, 41 seconds
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Ep.110 | Tommie Runz | Life is an Endurance Sport | Discussing Mental Health, Running, and Social Media

Aaron & Joshua Potts are finally back on the same podcast to interview Tommie Runz on the newest 2BR podcast. Tommie Runz is a running creator on Instagram who's taken the influencer space to the next level with his podcast, reels, and clothing line. Tommie discusses his journey to finding running later in life, overcoming alcoholism, the cross-section of mental health and running, and so much more. WATCH ON YOUTUBE: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
3/28/20231 hour, 41 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ep.109 || Joe Lourenco | How a Small Running Store Changed His Life | New Owner of A Snail's Pace Running Shop

In this new podcast Joshua Potts interviews the new over of A Snail's Pace Running Shop, Joe Lourenco. A Snail's Pace is the biggest running speciality store chain in Orange County and has been listed on The Running Event's "Best Running Stores" 14 times in the last 15 years. Lourenco started working at the store as a senior in high school and now he is the owner!! He truly saw the store grow and illustrates he illustrates his story to Joshua Potts in this episode.  ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
1/17/202348 minutes, 54 seconds
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Ep.108 || Hellah Sidibe | 2,000 Day Run Streak | Pro Soccer Lessons | Diversify the Running Community

On this episode of 2 Black Runners, we sit down with Hellah Sidibe on the 2,000th day of his run streak to hear about his journey to get there. Hellah also discusses the importance of his Hellah Good Run Club and his goal to diversify the running community. Plus, he shares the valuable lessons he learned from his professional soccer career and how they have helped him in his pursuit of running. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Hellah Sidibe. Watch podcast on YouTube: Watch the Hellah Good vlog: ✔YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
1/3/202359 minutes, 7 seconds
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Ep.107 || For the Real Ones | 2022 Running Report Awards | What's Next for 2BR in 2023??

Submit your winners for the Running Report Awards: Your Favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, are back on the podcast for the first time since October in a special "For the Real Ones" episode. In this podcast get caught up on where the Potts brothers have been, hear about their plans for 2023, learn more about their new Patreon account, and the first ever Running Report Awards.  Become a member on Patreon;   Special thanks to Jon Huerta for all his help behind the scenes,  19:46 time stamp - Running Report Award nominations start  Watch the Podcast on YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:  
12/27/202257 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ep.106 || Anson Henry | Olympic Sprinter Changing Track & Field Media | What 2022 Taught T&F Fans

This week on the 2 Black Runners podcast, Aaron Potts is sits down with Anson Henry to discuss his goals in track & field media and his thoughts on the state of the sport at the end of 2022. Anson Henry is a Canadian National Champion and a Canadian Olympic Sprinter who has transitioned to T&&F media. Henry has multiple shows and podcast across social media including the Unconventional Voices of Track & Field podcast with his co-host, Jade Johnson.   Watch on YouTube: Follow Anson Henry on Instagram on Twitter ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
12/20/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 44 seconds
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Ep.105 || Combining Hip Hop & Running | San Diego Hip Hop 5K & Festival

Aaron Potts talks to Dawud Hasan the race director for the San Diego Hip Hop 5K & Festival. Before Aaron went down to San Diego on October 23rd to win the race he sat down with Dawud to learn more about his race and him as a person. In this episode, Dawud Hasan explains his efforts to integrate the culture of hip hop into the running world with his Hip Hop Health & Wellness 5K & Festival. Plus more!! Watch on YouTube: Learn more about the SD Hip Hop 5K & Festival here, TIME STAMPS:  0:00 Preview  1:00 Intro  3:34 How Dawud discovered 2BR  5:00 How Aaron discovered Dawud and Hip Hop Wellness 5K  10:21 Meaning of Dawud's name   11:55 Growing up in Queens   13:41 Learning about self-importance   16:55 Dawud growing up around the Golden age of Hip Hop  20:19 Dawud was always in the athletics  21:08 Dawud's health journey  22:18 Moving to San Diego   24:22 What did you know about running before adding the 5K?  25:23 Hip-Hop elements to the race  26:15 Biggest road blocks putting races together?  31:57 What is the vibe of the race  32:59 Demystifying distance running   37:53 Medicine  39:07 Fusing Hip-Hop & running   42:30 Dawud's favorite current Hip-Hop artists  44:02 Dawud's top 5 MCs of all-time   46:34 Dawud's team  49:04 What concert/event would you time travel to?  51:36 What mark do you want to leave on running?  52:49 Podcast guests suggestions  53:20 Outro ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
10/25/202254 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ep.104 || Alison Désir | A Leader in the Modern Running Revolution | New Book, Running While Black, Available Oct. 18th

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back for a special episode with Alsion Mariella Désir!! Before Alison's book, Running While Black, drops next Tuesday on October 18th she jumped on the podcast for her 3rd time. This time around, Aaron & Joshua Potts got the chance to talk with Alison after reading an early copy of her book. Throughout this episode get a deeper look into what Running While Black is really about and prepare yourself for the release date next week. Also they discuss Alison's new TV show, the beginning of Harlem Run, the revolution of the running world, and much more  Watch on YouTube: Follow Alsion Désir on Instagram on Twitter  ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:  TIME STAMPS  0:00 Podcast Preview  0:48 Intro to Podcast  3:08 Aaron gives Alison her flowers  4:50 Aaron's recommendation on how to read the book  6:00 Audiobook coming soon  7:17 Dealing with a crazy schedule   7:53 Alison Désir US GETTING A TV SHOW!!  9:44 Realizing the importance of her work  10:34 Impacting people   11:28 Inspiration for the timeline /history in the book  13:26 Running has never been open and available    14:23 Alison is a BIG nerd   15:15 5% of books buyers   16:43 History and culture  21:46 The significance of growing up in a Black home   25:15 Running can be used as a vehicle to get somewhere else   25:58 Alison never regrets a run  26:26 What running has taught Alison lately   28:54 The beginning of Harlem Run  33:04 Running Crews & Social Media  36:07 There is enough space for everyone   38:00 Opportunity for inclusivity   39:40 Do you feel like running is in a revolution?  44:26 Chapter about reframing   47:41 The original Book title   52:58 Creating a new space in running   53:27 Do you have any goals of what you want to do in the future?  56:04 Will any New York Running Crews be offended about the book  58:48 Interviewing Wyomia Tyus  1:01:24 Outro
10/11/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 4 seconds
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Ep.103 || Kyle Merber | Behind The Lap Count | Why T&F Fans Should Care About Commonwealth Games, Euro Champs, and NACAC | New World Athletics Rules | Next Steps in T&F Media

This week on the 2 Black Runners podcast, Aaron Potts takes over hosting duties and Anderson Emerole of "Track and Field Black History" joins him to interview Kyle Merber. Kyle is a former professional track & field athlete is recently retired and now working for CITIUS MAG. In this podcast learn more about the Lap Count, CITUS MAG's efforts to change the sport, and a lot of track talk on what is next for the sport.  Follow Kyle Merber on Instagram & Twitter  Keep up with our special co-host today, Anderson Emerole, on YouTube and Instagram Watch on YouTube: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/23/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep.102 || Luis Grijalva | Finding Yourself Before Finding Success | 4th in 5000m at World Champs | Inspiring Dreamers (DACA Recipients), Guatemala, and all of Central America

Aaron & Joshua Potts are joined by the highest finishing Guatemalan in history at the World Athletics Championships, Luis Grijalva!! Luis finished 4th in the 5000m this year at the World Champs in a highly competitive race and on this episode of 2BR he shares all of his feelings on the rave. Grijalva also described his 3 week long experience alone in Europe on the Diamond League circuit where he realized the importance of taking care of his mental health. This is the second time Grijalva has joined your favorite 2 Black Runners but this time witness the growth in real time that Luis is making as a 23 year old trough life and professional running  Watch on YouTube at 9am PST: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter: TIME STAMPS: 0:00 Podcast Preview  0:47 Intro for Luis  3:10 Luis is planning to race one more at Brussels Diamond League MAYBE  5:28 Reflecting on experience at 2022 World Athletics Championships with Abdihamid Nur  6:55 Running with confidence and peace at Worlds  9:43 World Championships was first time traveling with a team  11:32 Traveling in Europe alone at 23 years old  13:31 Luis didn't like who he was becoming and found himself in Europe  16:10 Good Mental Health = Good Running   18:28 Luis is doing a lot of ADULTING in 2022 19:49 American races are SOFT  23:09 Mike Smith and NAU is proven on the track  26:27 Intranational racing  29:38 Traveling with Abdihamind next year  32:48 Celebrating Midsummer in Sweeden  34:20 The highest Guatemalan finisher at the World Athletics Championships ever  38:45 Guatemala shows Luis a lot of LOVE  39:42 The ONLY HISPANIC in the World Championships Final  44:40 Moh Ahmed and other elite athletes show their support for Luis  48:42 Luis doesn't see DACA as a "F'ed up situation"  51:02 The transition from college to pro  57:00 Luis' views on Leo & Lex Young going to Stanford over NAU  1:01:00 Going to National Parks this summer  1:03:56 Mike Smith's group name is unofficially DEATHROW RECORDS   1:08:16 Who should come onto the podcast next  1:09:32 Closing out the podcast
8/16/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep.101 || Alia Armstrong | Reflecting on a Dream Season | 4th Place at World Champs | When Outsiders' Faith Becomes Your Own Faith | 2022 NCAA Champion

Alia Armstrong, who finished 4th place in the 100m hurdles at the World Championships, joined your favorite 2 Black Runners for an interview about her dream 2022 season. Her season may have started with a false start at the NCAA indoor championships but she ended it as a NCAA Champion and  a World Championship Finalist. This is a special podcast because the Potts brothers know Alia's family, plus Joshua and Alia went to the same middle school together.  Watch on YouTube:  ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter: Time Stamps:  00:00 Preview clips  00:40 Episode start  02:24 Interview start  02:59 How did you survive your competition schedule?  04:13 Reflecting on recent races  06:21 Where does your maturity come from?  10:00 Was the 4th place finish bittersweet?  11:54 Did you think you would go this far this early?  13:43 Best hype person out there!  14:58 Alia’s mom and positive energy  17:07 How does everybody know each other  18:03 Parents influence  19:28 How does it feel to have influence with your accomplishments?  22:07 Pure happiness  23:20 Following the path  24:09 When you were younger, did you see track & field as your future?  26:57 Results from middle school track meet  27:28 What events were you doing before hurdles?  29:29 Why didn’t you compete in the long jump?  30:11 What was it like getting into LSU? And why did you pick it?  32:56 What about the LSU coach, team, and culture makes it different?  34:42 What was it like coming into a team with top competitors?  36:50 What it like competing with Tonea at the Olympic trials?  39:27 Do you feel like you've learned anything from the women on the US team?  42:34 What were you doing in between race days at WC?  45:10 Who had the loudest personality on the US team?  48:06 Does the atmosphere change with the different competitions?  52:19 Did you leave WC with hope for the sport?  55:55 How does it feel to be a part of this golden age in track & field?  58:53 Top 5 favorite Disney movies 1:00:35 how do you spend your free time?  1:02:30 What music are you listening to right now?  1:03:52 One message, what would it be? 1:05:14  Who would be a good guest on the podcast?  1:06:02 What mark do you want to leave on track & field? 1:09:17 Interview end
8/9/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ep.100 | Reflecting on 100 Episodes of 2BR | Can Sydney McLaughlin Break 47sec in the 400m | What's Next for 2BR?? | Sean Brosnan is the New UCLA Coach!!

Your favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, celebrate 100 episodes of 2BR with a chill conversation on everything track & field. The Potts Brothers reflect on their experience at the World Championships and what it means while hitting 100 episodes on the podcast. Plus they discuss recent T&F news from Sean Bronsnan becoming the new UCLA XC Coach, the Diamond League Monaco start list, and much more. \ WATCH ON YOUTUBE: Coming soon ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
8/2/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 13 seconds
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T&F Media RoundTable: How Do We MAXIMIZE T&F Media?? | Tiarra Willams of RealTalk, Colin Waitzman of Track World News, Anderson Emerole of The FInal Leg

Four fast growing track & field social media creators gathered at the 2022 World Athletics Championships to discuss how T&F media can be maximized in this time in order to popularize the sport. The discussion is led by one of your favorite 2 Black Runners, Joshua Potts, who is solo because Aaron got sick. Tiarra Willams of RealTalk, Colin Waitzman of Track World News, Anderson Emerole of The Final Leg  Plus these four recap the performances and the overall experience from the 2022 World Athletics Championships. WATCH ON YOUTUBE: TIME STAMPS:  0:00 Episode Preview  0:52 Intro  2:13 Why we like to have T&F Media Roundtables   4:19 Experiencing World Championships as a fan   6:04 Tee is the Social Media of the World Championships   7:57 Anderson's experience in the mixed zone  8:31 Does Colin envy not being in the mixed zone  10:07 2 Black Runners' experience   10:30 Giving Anderson his flowers  12:53 Tee's energy is changing the Mixed Zone   15:30 Who inspired you the most at the World Athletics Championships  19:26 We are in a GOLDEN AGE of Track & Field   21:25 How Do We MAXIMIZE T&F Media  22:52 Big Stars don't feel like their story is being told  27:24 Covering the World Championships is a challenge  27:46 Tee's problem with the ill advised question to Shericka Jackson in the Mixed Zone  30:09 Difficulty to maintain relationships when athletes don't perform well   32:40 Would you call yourself a journalists?  36:42 How has your brand has changed since last year  39:21 Colin's insane posting schedule on Track World News  42:12 Tee's meteoritic rise in T&F Media  44:34 The Web/Social Media needs more priority in Track & Field Meida  47:17 The structure of the Mixed Zone    49:40 Anderson's wants to keep telling stories   51:23 The plans for 2 Black Runners going forward   54:24 We don't need TV to create a T&F network  56:24 Last words for someone trying to be in T&F Media ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
7/26/20221 hour, 45 seconds
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BONUS | T&F Fans React HUGE Surprises in 4x100 | Colin Waitzman of TrackWorldNews Joins the Show | Asking T&F Fans Thoughts on if the Sport is Dying

On this episode of the Podcast Colin Watizman plays as a special co-host to Joshua Potts for a LIVE podcast at the Under Armour Mission Run House at the World Athletics Championships. With Track & Field fanatics they discuss the crazy finishes in the 4x1 teams, the debate if Allyson Felix should run the 4x400m, the women's 100m H preview, women's 800m preview, men's pole vault preview and much more. WATCH ON YOUTUBE: Follow Zachary Nash the creator of Azrio Sportswear who created our special edition 2BR shirts: Special shoutout to West River Printing Company for a quick turnaround time on put shirts: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
7/24/202248 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep.99 || SYDNEY MCLAUGHLIN SHATTERS OWN WORLD RECORD 50.68 🤯 | Michael Norman Wins First Global Medal!! | 2BR at Under Armour Mission Run House

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back LIVE from Hayward Field recording another podcast at the Under Armour Mission Run House during the World Athletics Championships. During this special podcast, the Potts Brothers are joined by various track and field fans just leaving the stadium to talk about all of the craziness happening at the World Athletics Championships.  They don't just talk about Sydney's amazing performance but they also discuss; Kara Winger's dream-like javelin performance, Michael Norman's 400m gold, 5000m Women's preview, 800m Men's Preview, and a preview into the 4x100m. YouTube Video: Follow Zachary Nash the creator of Azrio Sportswear who created our special edition 2BR shirts: Special shoutout to West River Printing Company for a quick turnaround time on put shirts: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
7/23/20221 hour, 1 minute, 16 seconds
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Ep.98 || 2BR LIVE at World Champs | USA & JAM 100m Sweeps | 10,000m Recaps | Field Events Steal Spotlight | Devon Allen's DQ Drama | Black Excellence on Full Display

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back for a LIVE podcast behind Hayward Field at the Under Armour Mission Run House but this time during the World Athletics Championships. On this episode the Potts brothers are joined by random track & field fans throughout the podcast to discuss some of the most interesting news from the World Champs so far. They discuss Jamaican women's 100m sweep, the excitement surrounding Ryan Crouser's World Champs performance, the legacy of Joshua Cheptegei, the men's 110m hurdle drama, the U.S. women's throws dominance and much more. We still have 2 more LIVE podcast coming at the UA Mission Run House during the World Championships on 7/22 and 7/23 from 8pm-9pm!! Catch us at the Under Armour Mission Run House 🏡 1360 E 18th Ave. Eugene, Oregon. Watch podcast on YouTube: TIME STAMPS:  0:00 Intro  1:22 Who/What has Changed Your Mind  3:35 Recapping the Men's Marathon  5:08 Celebrating with the Ethiopians after 1-2 sweep  5:56 First T&F join shows  6:35 The impact of having a mass influx of African nations gathering in Oregon  10:01 This is a perfect conversation for the 2 Black Runners Podcast   13:48 He doesn't know T&F but loves World Athletics Championships  15:45 This is why we do 2 minutes with 2 Black Runners  16:45 Sean from Fresno, CA joins podcast  17:32 Recapping USA Sweep in the Men's Shot Put  18:08 Discussing Devon Allen's False Start  20:55 Jamaican Women Sweep 100m   23:45 Is Joshua Cheptegei getting to Mo Farah and Kenenisa Bekele   25:33 Is Grant Fisher THE Distance Guy for the U.S.   31:30 Cletus Coffey from the The Recovering Athlete Podcast joins   33:03 Recapping U.S. 100m 33:30 Recapping Women's Throws  35:30 Men's 400m Hurdles Preview  37:45 Women's 400m Hurdles Preview 39:17 Men & Women's 4x100m Previews  43:27 Lamar from Cleveland joins   45:50 Experiencing Hayward Field for the First Time  48:27 Lamar's SUPER HOT Men 400m H take  51:39 Predictions we got wrong about World Athletics Championships  55:32 Previewing Women's 1500m, Men's 3000m Steeple Chase, 200s, Women's Triple Jump ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
7/18/20221 hour, 13 seconds
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Ep.97 || We're Oprah Certified | Derek Rubis Interview | Reflecting on First Half of 2022 Before World Champs

Your favorite 2 Black Runners reflect on the first 6 months of 2022 before going to the World Championships in Eugene this weekend.  The Potts Brothers are also joined by Derek Rubis at the end of the episode to discuss what makes him "the hub of distance running," how he has been dealing with colon cancer, and a discussion on the impact of social media on the running community.   *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at Watch podcast on YouTube: Timestamps:  00:00 Clips Intro  00:39 Episode Start  01:02 First For the Real Ones Episode since May  03:11 We interviewed Allyson Felix  05:13 This is For the Real Ones  05:37 Make sure to rate the podcast  06:36 We are Oprah Certified  11:12 Looking back onto first half of 2022 for 2BR  15:56 Joshua’s goal  18:06 There’s a lot more voices in the sport  19:39 People are mad about Aaron's thoughts on Abby Steiner  25:00 World Championships are this week!!  27:38 Thinking back to the first Running Report  31:15 #NextStopOregon segment  32:04 Derek Rubis Interview Starts  33:06 How did you discover us?  34:01 Was there a moment that got you hooked on track & field?  37:13 What's it been like seeing the rise of track & field on social media?  38:17 What has it been like to grow your own community through social media?  40:16 What are the other places right now that are killing it on social media?  42:20 You never know about the bottom of the totem pole  42:54 How are you feeling going into surgery?  44:15 World Championships are coming up?  45:48 Top 3 in the the 1500  46:56 WWE?  49:37 What T&F athlete would you want to see in the WWE ring?  50:31 Three runners that you would want to go on a run with?  51:35 Who else would you like to meet?  52:36 Did you ever think you would have this much of an impact?  53:20 What mark do you want to leave on the sport?  55:10 Interview ends/Outro Begins ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
7/12/202257 minutes, 49 seconds
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Ep.96 || LIVE Podcast Interrupted By Roe v. Wade Overturning Protest | Rachel Schneider-Smith, Connor Burns, and Billy Cvecko Join LIVE Podcast

Your favorite 2 Black Runners recorded a LIVE podcast at RunHub Northwest the week of the 2022 U.S. Outdoor T&F championships to have a discussion with Rachel Schneider-Smith (2021 Olympian), Connor Burns (HS Junior Class Mile Record Holder), and Billy Cvecko (T&F Media Personality). During this interview they discussed the importance of building a running community, how to have a breakthrough in running, and some fun questions led by Billy Da Toad. Also a protest in Eugene, OR that happened during the interview would spark discussion during the podcast.   Special thanks to RunHub Northwest in Eugene, Oregon for allowing us to use their beautiful running store for our interview. Location: 515 High St, Eugene, OR 97401  *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at   Checkout USA T&F Championships Interviews: Watch the video version of the podcast on YouTube: TIME STAMPS  0:00 Intro   1:40 Giving Billy Cvecko tells his story in getting into running   3:19 Rachel tells how she got into running   5:24 When Billy began to fall in love with the sport   7:00 How Billy started to work with HOKA so closely    9:10 Introducing Connor Burns  9:49 #NextStopOregon   12:38 What it takes to have a breakthrough season   15:12 Connor Burn's CRAZY progression to a sub 4min Mile   16:46 Protest against the Overturning of Roe v. Wade interrupts podcast   17:47 How to stay motivated when societal issues than running    21:21 The running community is the best part of the sport   23:27 Rachel describes her experience at USA Juniors  26:12 End of 1st part of podcast   26:41  Billy Cvecko Interviews Rachel and Connor with a speed round of questions  ✔Instagram:  ✔Website:  ✔Twitter:
7/5/202237 minutes, 50 seconds
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Ep.95 || 2022 USA T&F Champs Recap LIVE From Hayward Field at Under Armour Mission Run House | Leroy Burrell, Ben Crawford, Weini Kelati, and MORE

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are joined by an All-Star cast at the Under Armour Mission Run House to recap the USA Track & Field Championships. Leroy Burrell, Ben Crawford, Weini Kelati, Billy Cvecko, Will Leer, Serenity Douglas, Tiarra Willams, and Matthew Parker join the conversation to talk through the craziness of USAs.  *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at Watch on YouTUbe: ✔Instagram: ✔Website: ✔Twitter:
6/28/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep.94 || 2022 USA Champs Day 1 Recap/Full Preview | Surprise Eliminations in 1st Round!! | Will Leer Joins Show

LIVE from Hayward Field, your favorite 2 Black Runners are recapping the 1st day of the the 2022 U.S. Championships and previewing all of the events with Will Leer. Plus random guests from the street join the podcast to discuss the crazy events of Day 1. From day one they discuss Sha'Carri being eliminated from the 100m in the first round, Cole Hocking missing the 1500m prelim, Athing Mu's greatness, the competitiveness in the Men's 800m and much more.  Join us this Sunday for the full recap USAs at the UA Mission Run House behind Hayward Field at 1306 E 18th Ave. in Eugene, Oregon. Watch the YouTube Video HERE: TIME STAMPS  0:00 Intro  0:50 Will Leer Joins us to discuss distance events  1:30 How it feels to compete at USAs  4:00 Men's 800m  10:12 Men's 1500m  15:32 Women's 800m  19:00 Women's 1500m  24:38 Men's 3000m Steeple Chase  29:00 Women's 100m   34:26 Men's 100m  37:04 Noah Lyles joins the show  40:32 Women's 400m  41:30 Jasmine Todd and Katelyn Hutchison   52:45 Men's & Women's 200m  55:29  @MJP TV  & Serenity Douglas Join the Show  1:00:24 Baylor Bears join the show  1:03:35 Join us on Sunday behind Hayward Field for a full recap of USA T&F Championships ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
6/24/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 30 seconds
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Ep.93 || NSAF Leading the Charge in High School T&F Innovation | Interview with CEO Josh Rowe and COO Joy Kamani

The Potts Brothers are joined with Tiarra Williams (Real Talk) to have a conversation with the New CEO of NSAF, Josh Rowe, and the Joy Kamani who is the COO of NSAF. This recording was after the 2022 NIKE Outdoor Nationals where NSAF put together the first ever Long Jump & Javelin Showcase where they had athletes going head-to-head like a NCAA Tournament. In this podcast they also talk about the future of the sport for high schoolers, NSAF's mission, how they can make the sport a big deal, and much more.  *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at TIME STAMPS 0:00 Intro 1:10 Introducing Josh Rowe, CEO of NSAF 1:54 Joy Kamani, COO of NSAF 2:21 What is the mission of NSAF 4:09 “It’s all about the kids” - Putting those words into action 5:16 Prefect Story to summarize NSAF 8:01 Tee’s opportunity to work with NSAF 8:50 What does the future of high school track 10:39 #NextStopOregon Segment 11:27 The NEW competitions at Nike Outdoor Nationals, Long Jump & Triple Jump Showcase 14:24 Why we lose athletes in High School Track & Field 15:00 The love/passion for the sport shown in NSAF 17:33 What’s the next level of track & field 19:07 The international opportunities for HSers with NSAF 20:40 Making Track & Field a BIG DEAL 22:02 Giving the Medical Team its flowers 23:19 Who should be on the next podcast 24:35 We are INSPIRED 26:46 Where to follow NSAF ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
6/21/202227 minutes, 36 seconds
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Ep.92 || Sean McGorty | Achilles Surgery in '21 July to World Championships in '22 July | The Team Atmosphere on Bowerman TC | We Watched his U.S. 10k with the McGorty Family!!

Your favorite 2 Black Runners Aaron & Joshua Potts are joined with a member of the recently formed USA 10,000m World Championships Team, Sean McGorty. Sean is the 10th fastest 10,000m American of all-time in the event in his first year doing it and made the U.S. team at the 2022 Prefontaine Classic in only his second 10,000m race of his life. In this episode the Potts brothers talk about watching the U.S. Championship Final with McGorty's parents in in the Bowerman Fan Section, his family's love for UNC Basketball, legendary 8:46 solo 3200m in high school, coming back from numerous injuries, and so much more. *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Watch on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to help us reach 10,000 SUBs: TIME STAMPS  00:00 Episode Preview   00:54 2BR Intro  02:14 Sean McGorty  Introduction 02:51  Interview Starts 04:18  We are BIG Bowerman fans 05:24  Describing the Bowerman Fan Section in Hayward Field  06:40 Was it weird having the 10,000m Champs away from USAs Championships?  08:32 Looking back do you feel like you ran a good race at the Prefontaine Classic?  10:30 Stressing out his Mom and Elise Cranny?  11:16 Do you talk to Elise about strategies to run better races?  12:26 Gaining a better appreciation for the 10k  13:15 Have your parents always been invested in your running?  13:53 Parents running in college  14:20 Aaron's first time seeing Sean McGorty in 2013  15:26 Were your parents big basketball fans at UNC?  16:16 Any connection to University of Virginia?  17:14 When did you start running?  18:47 Starting his successful high school cross country season?  19:38 Mom inspiration 20:56 How has it been getting that support from the Bowerman track club?  24:09 His strong bond with Grant Fisher, Elise Cranny, and Vanessa Fraser as Stanford teammates to Bowerman teammates  26:32 When did the goals of being a professional athlete start?  29:23 Being part of the New Wave of Bowerman  32:05 Coming back from an achilles last summer to make the world team.  34:36 What's been the toughest thing about coming back?  36:33 From going thru the injuries do you feel like you know your body better now?  39:13 A lot of running is pain 40:06 #NextStopOregon Segment starts  40:36 What does your chance to compete at the World Championships mean to you?  41:38 Did you think it was going to be the 10k that would get you there?  42:28 Are you gonna do the 5 at USA’s?  43:27 Running 8:46 by yourself in high school  46:25 Do you follow Stanford track & field right now?  47:36 Spreading rumors about Leo and Lex Young  49:11 Fav food spots in Oregon  51:08 Who should we have next on the podcast?  52:27 What mark do you want to leave on the sport of running?  53:57 If you want to hear more about Sean  55:28 Episode end ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
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Ep.91 || Isaiah Harris | Anyone is Beatable | Returning From Torn Hamstring | 800m Mentality Keeping Him in The Race

Your favorite 2 Black Runners have been waiting for this interview with Isaiah Harris and it definitely didn't disappoint!! Harris joins the podcast ahead of his race at Portland Track Festival this weekend to discuss his return from the hamstring tear at the World Indoor Championships, how wide open the U.S. 800m team has become this year, who is going to win the NBA Finals, and much more.    *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Watch on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to help us reach 10,000 SUBs: TIMESTAMPS   00:00 Intro   03:00 Isaiah's mentality in the 800m   04:55 Looking back on racing NCAA 800m GREATS in college  08:08 Was running professionally always the plan since running  1:45 as a freshman  09:57 Transitioning to Brooks Beasts at end of 2021.  11:55 Tearing hamstring at the World Indoor Championships.  14:34 Recovering from hamstring   17:43 The benefits of having a team around you during the injury  20:15 Growing up in Maine.  22:07 What drew you to track & field?  23:21 Bribed to get back into track & field.  24:12 Winning STATE and University of Maine Full Ride Offer.  26:35 Do you feel like taking things one year at a time has helped your career?  28:01 Why Penn State? 30:48 Isaiah Harris's secret to racing the 800m?  34:29 Do you feel like having played basketball has helped your mindset when running a race?  35:03 Were there any athletes/teams outside of track that you looked up to?  36:22 Patriots fan? 36:46 Who is going to win the NBA Finals?  38:25 #NextStopOregon  43:29 How has your relationship with running changed?  44:46 What storyline has you most intrigued right now?  46:13 How’s the dog doing?  47:22 Who would be a great guest for the podcast?  48:34 Are you excited about the women's 800? ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
6/7/202252 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ep.90 || A Conversation with Upcoming Black T&F Storytellers at the PRE Classic | Why We Need to Acknowledge the Black History in T&F More

Anderson Emerole and Elijah Agurs sat down with your favorite 2 Black Runners for an insightful conversation about their experience in Magic Boost covering the 2022 PRE Classic as African American content creators. Anderson has a podcast, youtube, and instagram where he highlights track & field black history and any current running news. While Elijah is a 19yr old photographer who just finished his first year of college but already has a clear direction of where he wants to take his art. In this episode hear about how they ended up falling in love with track and field, their experiences as Black storytellers at the PRE Classic, their admiration for the program Magic Boost, and much more. *This is somewhat of a BOUNS episode so no full YouTube video to go along with it. ENJOY!!  TIMESTAMPS  0:00 - Intro   1:45 - Meet Elijah Agurs 4:39 - Meet Anderson Emerole   6:48 - What is Magic Boost  9:10 - Do you feel like you belong at a Diamond League meet as a 19yr old creator  11:54 - How Anderson got his start in T&F media  13:41 - We need to acknowledge Black History in T&F more   18:10 - Elijah's experience in XC living in Baltimore   20:50 - The importance of representation in T&F   22:19 - The key to hooking teenagers onto T&F   24:33 - the problem with paywalls  26:08 - Anderson's T&F love story  28:26 - The differences as a Black Creator in T&F   31:25 - Elijah's odd music taste  32:56 - Elijah's portrait series at the PRE Classic  34:36 - Anderson's work for Track and Field Black History and Podcast episode at PRE Classic   36:48 - Thank you Magic Boost  ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
6/5/202237 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep.89 || 2022 Prefontaine Classic Review | The Importance of Athlete Relationships & Conversations as T&F Media

For the second year in a row your favorite 2 Black Runners are joined by Matt Matt Parker ( @MJP TV ) and Tiara Williams (Host of Real Talk) at the Prefontaine Classic for a heart to heart podcast. This year the the four talk about Sha'Carri Richardson and Elaine Thompson-Herah's 100m showdown. Plus they go over what Trayvon Bromell's 100m win really means. Lastly they discuss what they've learned over the past year in T&F media.    *Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Watch on YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to help us reach 10,000 SUBs:  Time Stamps:  0:00 - Intro  1:11 - Initial thoughts of 2022 PRE Classic  1:58 - Did Sha'Carri redeem herself?  3:47 - Is Sha'Carri the U.S. Favorite in the 100m?  4:39 - Tee's conversation with Sha'Carri  5:14 - Elaine Thompson-Herah is unstoppable  6:30 - Next Stop Oregon Segment   8:24 - Is Trayvon Bromell now the U.S. Favorite in the Men's 100m?  13:54 - How has the past year been?  16:21 - Prefontaine Classic is no longer our Super Bowl   17:48 - Tee working for the PRE Classic  18:48 - Feeling more comfortable  19:29 - The Importance of conversations and making relationships with athletes   23:12 - Is the sport in a better spot since the last PRE Classic ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
5/31/202226 minutes, 3 seconds
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Ep.88 || For the Real Ones w/ Chris Chavez | Juliette Whittaker Makes History | Cade Flatt's Beef with Aaron | Sha'Carri Returns!!

Your favorite two Black runners are joined by Chris Chavez, founder of Citius Mag and former Sports Illustrated writer, to recap the Citius Mag x Trials of Miles: Track Night NYC. Plus the three preview Pre Classic happening this weekend, they react to Sha'Carri Richardson's return to the track, and much more.   Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at 👨🏿‍💻 Checkout the YouTube video: Time Stamps:   00:00 Intro Clips  00:54 Episode start  02:04 Interview start  03:33 Trials of Miles: Track Night NYC RECAP  07:32 Trials of Miles Beer Mile & Celebrity Mile  09:15 Chris Chavez calls out Matt James from The Bachelor to a race?  10:06 How do you know all these random celebrities  10:48 Starstruck and not starstruck  12:15 Aaron's rivalry with Cade Flatt  17:37 Aaron addresses his Instagram Beef with Cade   18:38 Cade Flatt is Must Watch TV  20:23 Juliette Whittaker's 1:59 deserves all the attention!!  25:32 Where’s Sophia Gorrian gonna go to college?  26:34 Can a HSer make the U.S. women's 800m team?  28:16 #NextStopOregon segment 35:58 The opportunity for people to love track is there  38:45 Shaderoom Chris is BACK!!  39:15 Sha'Carri Richardson returns to the track  39:40 Have you hit the panic button on Sha'Carri yet?  41:50 Sha'Carri Richardson is track & field's Kanye West  44:33 Justin Gatlin's take on Sha'Carri  48:38 Pre-Classic Preview  52:25 What’s more likely…breaking records  54:41 Outro  55:00 End of interview ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
5/24/202255 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ep.87 || Zouhair Talbi | A Dream to be the World's Best | Moroccan Olympian | 6th at 2022 World Indoors

This week on the 2 Black Runners Podcast, Aaron & Joshua Potts are joined by Zouhair Talbi to hear his story from  a small NAIA school in Oklahoma to the Olympics in 2021. Talbi is a Moroccan distance runner who broke onto the U.S. distance scene last year at the Trials of Miles and Sound Running Meets where ihe earned a place on the Morocco Olympic team. His story didn't just start last year though, so your favorite 2 Black Runners talk to Talbi about how he got to this point and where he's going.  Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at 👨🏿‍💻 Checkout the YouTube video: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
5/17/202244 minutes, 14 seconds
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Ep.86 || Nev Schulman | The Catfish Guy is a Runner?!? | The Humbling Lessons of Distance Running Relate to Life | 2:58 Marathoner

Your favorite 2 Black Runners, Aaron & Joshua Potts, are joined by Nev Schulman for a great conversation about his hit MTV show Catfish and his love for running. Nev Schulman has hosted Catfish for the past 10 years on MTV after his critically acclaimed documentary, Catfish, brought him into the spotlight in 2010. While doing the show, Nev has become an avid runner who does the NYC marathon every year and tries to fit runs into his busy schedule just like everyone else.  Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at 👨🏿‍💻 Checkout the YouTube video on May 9th at 9am PST: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
5/9/20221 hour, 5 seconds
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Ep.85 || Tiara Williams host of REAL TALK on IG Live on Her Recent Successes in T&F Media | Erriyon Kinghton runs 19.49 at 18yrs old 🤯

Your favorite 2 Black Runners are back for a lil update on what May is looking like for 2BR and with a special guest, Tiarra Williams. Tee is the host of her IG Live show, Real Talk, and has recently been a big part of hosting track meets like Nike Outdoor Nationals and Oregon Relays. Thank you to World Athletics 22 for sponsoring this episode with their #NextStopOregon Segment!! Go get your tickets now for the first World Athletics Championships ever on U.S. soil at 👨🏿‍💻 Checkout the YouTube video: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
5/3/202243 minutes, 5 seconds
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Ep.84 || Keturah Orji | Approaching Life With Excellence | U.S. Women Triple Jumpe G.O.A.T. | 2xOlympian | Importance of Community Service

Aaron and Joshua Potts are joined with the greatest American Women Triple Jumper of All-Time, Keturah Orji, to learn about her journey to the sport. Keturah's approach to excellence has made her a 2xOlympian, 7xU.S. Champion, 2018 Bowerman Award Winner, and the Triple Jump American Record Holder. The three also discuss hair routines, which stadium has the best clap for field events, and the immense talent in T&F coming out of New Jersey.    Keturah's blog:  Follow Keturah on IG or Twitter: 👨🏿‍💻 Checkout the YouTube video: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
4/28/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 2 seconds
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BONUS EP || Lilac Grand Prix Preview w/ Tracklandia's Jeff Merrill | Why T&F's Popularity is Low

Friday, February 11th at 5:50pm PST your favorite 2 Black Runners will be Trackside at the Lillac Grand Prix with their guest today who will be commentating the track meet. Jeff Merill of Tracklandia joins 2BR to preview the Lillac Grand Prix to talk about the collaboration with Union Athletics Club, what makes Tracklandia's meets different, and all the ins & outs for a meet director. Go buy your PPV now for only $7.99 at  We are going to the Running USA Running Industry Conference!! Read all about it here... 🎥Watch on YouTube: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
2/9/202234 minutes, 14 seconds
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WE'RE GONING TO NEW YORK!! | Live Podcast at NYC Hoka One One Pop Up Shop w/ Hoka Olympians

Register for Hoka One One Live Podcast Next Friday here: Sit back, relax and enjoy an engaging conversation with HOKA Olympians and NAZ Elite team members during a live podcast led by 2 Black Runners on Friday, November 5th at 9:30am. Also sign up for the Shakeout run that is happening before the Live podcast with the Olympians: 👨🏿‍💻 Watch the full podcast episode and clips on YouTube: 👩🏿‍💻 Checkout the Running Report Website and SUBSCRIBE to our Email List: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Twitter: ✔Instagram:
10/29/20217 minutes, 6 seconds
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BONUS 2BR || 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials Preview | 8 Races to Watch at The Trials!!

The Potts Brothers went on IG Live with the cofounder of Heartbreak Run Co., Dan Fitzgerald, to discuss the some of the 8 races to watch at the Olympic Trials. Follow @heartbreakrunco and watch the IGTV version of this episode on their Instagram. 👨🏿‍💻 Watch the full podcast episodes and clips on out YouTube page: 👩🏿‍💻 Checkout the Running Report Website and SUBSCRIBE to our Email List: ✔ Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE to the podcast ✔Website: ✔Instagram:
6/18/202144 minutes, 37 seconds