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English, Performing arts, 1 season, 108 episodes, 1 day, 16 hours, 7 minutes
Sometime back in September 2015 we decided we wanted to produce a quick horror audio drama, just for fun. In Intensive Care fashion, we asked some of the fellow audio drama producers living in the Northeast if they wanted to be a part of some Audio Drama Day mayhem. The response was a resounding “Hell Yes!”, and 11th Hour Audio Productions was born. Each October, we will feature new stories created by Audio Drama teams from all over the world to tingle your spine and shiver your soul.
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Meat Wagon

Originally written for Creepy’s 31 Days of Horror, Meat Wagon is the tale of a rain-soaked traveler who finds what he needs in a quiet South Jersey town. There are a few embellishments, sure… But Meat Wagon contains some very real characters and events. Written, narrated, and sound designed by Owen McCuen.
6/11/202422 minutes, 28 seconds
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Creature Feature - Your Life In Our Hands

Cornucopia Radio's Peter Beeston brings us another delightful morsel.  If you'll just sign here, we'll commence with the story.  Press hard.
5/11/202416 minutes, 4 seconds
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Creature Feature of the Month - Julie Hoverson's Please Ouija Please

Julie Hoverson pays us a visit with a Short SHarp Shock production that reminds you to be carefule what you wish for.Please Ouija Please Griswold – Tom Taverna Maude – Nila Hagood Edgar – Boyd Barrett Winifrid – Julie Hoverson Nurse 1 – Rhys Torres Nurse 2 – Eleiece Krawiec News 1 – Greg Allensworth News 2 – Regan Lussier
4/11/20248 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ladies and Gentlmen, The Automatics

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Automatics was performed by  Vince Friel as Max Engels Jefrey Wilkerson as Mr. Noise Bryan Lincoln as Jared Crespy Robert Cudmore as Catfish McLean Jill Knapp as Cindy Holzer Ted Harris as Nylarahotep Additional voices were provided by Lindsay Harris Friel and Vincent Friel.Written by Lindsay Harris Friel, based on the stories and poetry of H. P. Lovecraft.  Music and sound design by Vincent Friel.  For more information, visit our website at
2/29/202448 minutes, 51 seconds
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Delve into the mind of Jimmy Murray, a former fiction writer, famous for his Trish Hunter series. Jimmy now showcases modern audio fiction on his radio show. Despite his popularity, Jimmy harbors deep resentment towards his listeners, fellow writers, and himself. One fateful day, as Jimmy leaves the radio station, he finds himself inexplicably transported into a nightmarish realm that mirrors the horrifying stories he once penned...and the final girl he forced to endure his twisted stories.About the cast:Daniel Penz (Jimmy) is an American voice actor known for his deep, rich, and professional voice-overs, narrations, and characterizations in various audio-books, anime, and video games. With over 30 years of industry experience, he has worked with numerous renowned clients such as, FUNimation Entertainment, and several others, contributing to a wide range of projects. Apart from his exemplary voice acting skills, Daniel is also a two-time Emmy Award-winning video editor and producer, having created content for organizations like CBS, JCPenney, and PBS.Crystal Storm (Trish) initially wanted to be a lawyer but ended up not attending classes in college and was asked not to return. Years later, she decided to change her thinking and began pursuing a career in the arts. She has written novels, hosted a podcast, and is involved in voice acting, voice directing, and writing for the Tales Network. Crystal also enjoys playing video games and tabletop games on Twitch.This podcast also featured the incredible talents of Nicole Fikes, Matthew Boudreau, and Owen McCuen, and excerpts from other works by Matthew Boudreau featuring Patrick Pizzolorusso, Sophia Howes, John Bell, G. Anton Moore, Gyda Arber, and Christianne Greiert. Warning: This podcast contains elements of psychological horror and sexually suggestive scenes. As always, 11th Hour material may not be suitable for sensitive listeners.
2/11/202435 minutes, 30 seconds
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Creature Feature of the Month - Eeler's Choice

Greetings, Minions, and welcome to 2024. For our Creature Feature this month, we’re headed out to sea.Eeler’s Choice is a maritime horror fantasy podcast set in Eskmouth, a small coastal town whose economy has lived and died on the hunting of the Great Eels for generations. As demand for product has increased, so have the catches… but even the generosity of the sea has its limits, and all debts must come due.This episode features: Rae LundbergB. NarrRowan Van GrinsvenWyatt WestTal Minear Tanja MilojevicLindsey CDavid Ault J.E. Haywood Diego HerreraMeg Molloy TutenCreated by Lou Sutcliffe and Daisy McNamaraThe transcript is available HERECheck out the website
1/11/202434 minutes, 52 seconds
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Due North

Due North was written, produced, and performed by Owen McCuen. Unison’s Mangler plugin was instrumental in creating some of the effects in this production. You can get Mangler by using the link in the episode notes. Thank you, as always, for listening. Happy Holidays.
12/24/202317 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Christmas Home Invasion

The Christmas Home Invasion by Tom Rory Parsons George an William thought they were having a normal Christmas till today.  Karim Kronfli as George Richard Ashwell as William Fiona Thraille and Michael Russel as The Robots  Fiona Thraille as The Robots  Art by Faith McQuinn  Music, Editing and Sound Design by Tom Rory Parsons Jingle Bells by James Pierpont
12/24/202313 minutes, 8 seconds
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Creature Feature of the Month - December - Freak Magnet

When a dead man wakes with nothing but a battered book of Edgar Allan Poe stories, the quest for his identity sets dark forces in motion for the sideshow family that takes him in.Adapted by Vicki SpeegleAdapted from the first episode of the new TV horror "The Worm and the Butterfly" from creators William D. Prystauk and Vicki SpeegleSound design by Owen McCuenPoe and Lyndon were voiced by Owen McCuenPin by Dino BarlaamTalk by Brenda CrawleyLulu was voiced by Shannon MeehanHalf, Melissa MitchellDeli Clerk and Cabin Guy, William D. PrystaukShellie, Vicki SpeegleSnake, Mark WardAnnabel and Metal Annabel music by Mark Ward with Shannon Meehan.Poster art by Greg PalkoThank you to Fredric Lehne, New Jersey Screenwriters Group, and Mr. Edgar A. Poe for inspiring our morbid creation with his wonderful works.This has been an 11th Hour Audio, Crash Palace, and Mirror Images production.If you wish to contact the members of the production team, please [email protected]
12/11/202333 minutes, 48 seconds
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Turkey Day

Amidst the comforting scent of roasting turkey and the warmth of family gatherings lies a hidden darkness waiting to be unveiled. Join Us! as your host, Owen McCuen, guides you through a gripping narrative, where the idyllic Thanksgiving feast gives way to an unsettling ritual shrouded in mystery and terror. Check out some of Owen's other work!
11/22/20234 minutes, 40 seconds
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11th Hour Audio - Creature Feature of the Month - Vanishment - Don’t Let Your Mind Wander

Greetings, Minions, and welcome to November! We want to extend a most sincere thank you to everyone who participated in… and tuned in to listen to… the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2023. As a way to celebrate the talented folks who participate, we added awards to this year’s challenge. Shamble on over to our website at to view the recipients. This month we bring you a collaboration between Peter Beeston of Cornucopia Radio and esteemed 11th Hour veteran Richard H. Brooks. Episode One of the Vanishment anthology is titled “Don’t Let Your Mind Wander.”  Richard’s 2019 Challenge submission “A Haunting Beyond the Lake” earned first place in the 2021 ALCS Audience Award at the UK INternational Radio Drama Awards, a testament to his mastery of weaving tales that linger in the darkest corners of our imagination. Reality and the supernatural converge once again in “Don’t Let Your Mind Wander”: On a mission to the other side of space, Cara communicates back home and hears a voice that is reassuring, familiar, and cannot possibly be there. Written by Richard H Brooks Cara - Sally Walker-Taylor Father - Karim C Kronfli Mother - Fiona Thraille Marija - Bridget Lappin Matthew - Jonny Glasgow French Voices In The Control Room: Arno Capostagno, Vn_Aiis, Emmy_Ard Composer Dayn Leonardson Producer Peter Beeston Also written by Richard Brooks
11/11/202354 minutes, 8 seconds
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Thanks for Listening!

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary audio-storytelling journey. The 11th Hour Audio Challenge has brought together a diverse group of talented producers and artists from around the world to create a mesmerizing collection of audio dramas. These captivating shows have offered a unique blend of suspense, mystery, and sheer creativity, transporting you to new dimensions through the power of sound. We hope that these incredible stories have captivated your imagination and left you craving for more. Stay tuned for future adventures and thank you for being a part of this immersive experience.   Host: Owen McCuen Music: "Turn Yourself In" by Matthew J Boudreau                
10/31/20231 minute, 13 seconds
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The Vacant Sea -- A Widow’s Walk

Some say places are cursed. Some say people are. In The Vacant Sea, the Curse flows with the tide. It recedes the beach, weathers the wood, and erodes the soul. For Elizabeth, it infects everything and everyone around her. Written and Produced by: Glenn Mercer Music by: James Ieraci Starring: Erika Sanderson as Elizabeth Owen McCuen as Edward Kirsty Woolven as Daisy Sarah Fields as Marion Cover art by: Monique Boudreau
10/31/202324 minutes, 41 seconds
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Visit the Revenants Reliquary

Visit Revenants Reliquary for all of your esoteric needs. Written and Sound Designed by Matthew Boudreau Performed by Lou Sutcliff
10/30/20231 minute, 5 seconds
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Alas, Poor Stuart

Pittsburgh in '68; Kentucky in '85. Now it's happening again. Two friends seek a means to look into the future, but what they find is that history repeats itself.   Written by Owen McCuen With: Glenn Mercer as Burke Erika Sanderson as Hare Owen McCuen as The Figure Stuart Chatterly as Himself. Sound Design by Owen McCuen Additional Sound Design and Spatial Mix by Bryan Lincoln Audio. Thank you for listening.
10/30/202313 minutes, 7 seconds
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Monsters with Mortimer Presents Stitched Together

Join your host, Mortimer Blackwood, as he delves into the minds of Doctor Victor Frankenstein and his Creation as they share their views on life, love, and the pursuit of vengeance. Written by Monique Boudreau Directed by Matthew Boudreau Featuring Owen McCuen as Mortimer Blackwood Karim Kronfli as The Creature Matt Fearnley as Dr. Victor Frankenstein Dialog Editing by Monique Boudreau Sound Design by Matthew Boudreau Music by Tom Parsons Cover Art by Monique Boudreau
10/30/202315 minutes, 28 seconds
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Red Wine for Red Meat

"I am in the ascendant! I am death!” From her grand country house, the Lady Elizabeth commands devotion. She has the power, the land, and the secrets. Even Edgar Lockwood, historian and archaeologist, is in her thrall. But now she has a challenger - Miss Selina Temple, who has secrets of her own. Tonight, there will be a reckoning. And blood will be spilled. CAST: Fiona Thraille - Lady Elizabeth Nicky Whichelow - Miss Selina Temple Cliff Chapman - Edgar Lockwood DIRECTION AND SOUND DESIGN: Neil Jones WRITTEN BY: Paul Spencer MUSIC COMPOSED BY: Tom Rory Parsons
10/30/202319 minutes, 4 seconds
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Voodoo Buddy - Get Yours Today!

Do you feel like you have no control? Are you tired of being pushed around, and left behind? Take charge of your life with Voodoo Buddy! Written and Sound Designed by Matthew Boudreau Performed by Michelle Kane
10/30/20231 minute, 3 seconds
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The Meanderer

A call from a creature, a town that can't flee, the start of the story, who knows what will be... Tarn Arthurs Zachary Whelan
10/30/20231 minute, 46 seconds
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My Amazing Madison

An elderly woman begs Amazing Woman to find the source of a ghostly disturbance that is threatening the life of her husband. The woman insists it is a TWO superhero case, so Anna Kat must team up with Madison Standish. Madison has no superpowers what-so-ever and just thinks she's there to go to a Halloween party. But when she's given a magical amulet from the heroine, Red Light... what could possibly go wrong? Cast Amazing Woman/Anna Kat: Lena Garcia Madison Standish/Red Light: Chrisi Talyn Saje Trevor: A.J. Cruz Lady Carrington: Sharon Grünwald Lord Carrington: Paul Arbisi The Butler: Jerry Kokich Narrator: James C. Taylor Written and all production by: Chrisi Talyn Saje and James C. Taylor Music by: Jeremy Saje and James C. Taylor
10/30/202313 minutes, 43 seconds
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Murder On The East Ward

A busy, under-resourced hospital ward populated by overworked and burned-out staff becomes the scene of a gruesome series of murders. By a killer hiding in plain sight... Murder on the East Ward was created especially for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2023 and was a collaborative effort by the writers, producers, and actors of The Strange New Worlds and Spaced out Tales Sci-Fi Audio Drama Anthology Podcast. (With a few actors borrowed from The Guild of Snails Audio Fiction Youtube Channel, The Infinite Realms Podcast, and Tales of The Monster Hunters podcast.) Murder on the East Ward was written by Stephen Newhand And starred; Lauren Deakin as Sarah Stephen Newhand as Mike Anna Gasecka as Dr Mustane John Kennard as Shaun Joe Kilcar as John Doe Kat McQueen as Joanna Kaleb Deatherage as Bernard Goodfellow Cisco de Guzman as The Hospital transporter and the News Broadcaster Jim Cogan as the Hospital Announcer Production and Sound Design was by Jim Cogan Sound effects and incidental music were licensed from Envato Elements
10/30/202333 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Mystic Grimoire Complete

Deepen your understanding and knowledge of magic with the Mystic Grimoire. Written and Sound Designed by Matthew Boudreau Performed by Rissa Montañez
10/30/20231 minute, 5 seconds
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Agriculture. Religion. Technology. Mainstream historians see human evolution as a single set of footprints in the sand. But… are we being carried? Procedure was written, performed, and sound designed by Owen McCuen. Licensed sound effects by Sonniss and Unison. Public Domain sound effects from Additional sound effects were recorded and designed by Owen McCuen. Unison Zen Master is a FREE lo-fi plug-in that was used in the creation of this program. You can get it for FREE by using the link in the show notes. This has been an 11th Hour Audio Challenge production, copyright 2023. Enjoy the programs in celebration of World Audio Drama Day on October 30th. Oh, and Happy Halloween.
10/30/202310 minutes, 24 seconds
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Phone Tag

Nobody can reach Nina on the phone. When she finally leaves Ozzy a message, things get weird. This episode was written by Caroline Mincks Dialogue Editing by Caroline Mincks and Tal Minear. The Transcript was done by Anne Baird. Ozzy was played by Anne Baird. Astrid and Jack were played by Caroline Mincks. Nina was played by Tal Minear.
10/30/202316 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Call Out

He’d been at "Fast Kill" for six years, and had already learnt so much about pest eradication. Including making plans, setting traps, laying bait and establishing kill zones. So he was confident in quitting to start his own pest control company under the name “Rapid Kill Solutions”. He soon discovered his first day working for himself would involve a potential cockroach infestation. He thought it would be easy. He was wrong... "The Call Out" is a new horror audiobook for 2023. So get ready for a skin-crawling tale about those little bugs behind our walls and under our floorboards. Who will win in the battle between pest and eradicator? Always feel free to get in contact and let us know what you thought, we love reading your comments! CREDITS: Performed/Read By Tim Winters Written By Phil Ryan Produced & Directed by Peter Beeston The end music used in this production was Hour Of The Witch by Scott Buckley Sound effects via: & THE CAST AND CREW Performed By Tim Winters Tim Winters is a voice actor based in Sweden with a versatile skillset, with accents ranging from American to Scottish to Australian to Russian, as well as a high and low vocal range. You can subscribe to his ASMR channel via youtube at: and find out more about hiring him as a voice actor at: Written By Phil Ryan Phil Ryan is an English musician, writer and entrepreneur. He has toured with The Animals and is co-founder of 'The Big Issue' magazine and 'The 12 Bar Club' in London. He also runs 'The Story Hive' which is an online audio story website. Available completely free to users it features streamable audio versions of all of his novels and short story collections. Go take a visit today at:
10/30/202314 minutes, 7 seconds
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Welcome to the 2023 11th Hour Audio Challenge

Discover a mesmerizing collection of audio dramas created by talented producers and artists from around the world. The 11th Hour Audio Challenge showcases 11 captivating shows, each offering a unique blend of suspense, mystery, and sheer creativity. Immerse yourself in these incredible stories as they transport you to new dimensions using the power of sound. From the minds of diverse creators, these productions will captivate your imagination and leave you craving for more. Don't miss out on this extraordinary audio-storytelling experience.
10/30/20231 minute, 13 seconds
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No Good Vamp

Join us for a spine-chilling exploration into the perilous existence of a nocturnal denizen in Matthew Boudreau's reimagined masterpiece, "No Good Vamp." As the eve of October 30th looms closer, brace yourself for an unforgettable experience. Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare to immerse yourself in the macabre world of audio drama on Audio Drama Day. Our deranged coterie of creators are concocting sinister tales of terror exclusively for the 2023 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Be sure to tune in and indulge in the bone-chilling madness that awaits you. Visit to Join Us!
10/23/20231 minute, 48 seconds
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11th Hour Audio - Creature Feature of the Month - Darkest Night

Welcome, dear listeners, for the month of September we’ve traveled to the Roth-Lodbow Center for Advanced Research, where darkness dwells and secrets are cast from the shadows. In this bone-chilling pilot episode of Darkest Night, Chapter 1 - The Will Reading, we delve into the sinister world of Project Cyclops, a macabre experiment tangled in a web of unimaginable visions and blood-stained revelations. To hear more of Darkest Night head over to their website. Would you like to hear your bloody tale played on 11th Hour Audio's Creature Feature of the Month? Well, now you can. Visit our website to share your nightmares with our listeners. Want to connect with 11th Hour Audio and learn more about the 2023 11th Hour Audio Challenge? You’re in luck, you can now find us on Discord. Drop in and say hello. Cast List: Narrator - Lee Pace Dr. John Kinsler - Denis O'Hare Katie Reed - Brynn Langford Claire Lobdow - Missi Pyle Vivian Lobdow - Calie Schuttera Oscar Lobdow - Johnny Ferro Reginald Darden - Chris McKenna Clinton Lobdow - David Cummings Written by Christopher Bloodworth and Jimmy Juliano. Directed and produced by Alex Aldea and Victor Figueroa. Music composed by Alex Aldea. Live Strings Performed by Andrew Joslyn.
9/8/202344 minutes, 41 seconds
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Crafting Darkness: Writing Captivating Audio Horror

Discover the art of writing audio horror, from creating suspenseful settings to crafting terrifying monsters. Matthew Boudreau talks about how to keep your listeners on the edge of their seats.
9/7/20236 minutes, 54 seconds
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11th Hour Audio - Creature Feature of the Month - Jacob’s Revenge

Has the oppressive August heat had you pining for the woods? Well, If you take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit four and follow Route 70 east, you will reach Route 72 at Four Mile Circle. If you take the sharp left from the circle you’ll find Ong’s Hat Road and a desolate, murky trail that may lead to Ong’s Hat, an abandoned place with an interdimensional portal hidden deep in the Pine Barrens. The legend of Ong's Hat includes tales of arcane texts, jilted lovers, lively watering holes, mad physicists, interdimensional travel, and a gateway to other dimensions. Join your host, Owen McCuen as he takes you on a mystifying journey into the Pine Barrens and its secrets in Jacob’s Revenge.   Created by: Owen McCuen Want to hear more of Owen? Check out these other episodes!     Don’t forget to tune into Brimstone Gap Episode 1 Ghost Magnet. Ghost Magnet is the pilot episode for Brimstone Gap. If you like what you hear and want us to make more, leave a review and pass it on to your friends. You can also show your support by visiting our Patreon and directly help us fund the next episode.  
8/11/202331 minutes, 55 seconds
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Skankenstein’s Monsta

Skankenstein's Monsta, is where ska and horror collide in a symphony of infectious beats and monstrous grooves. Created by 11th Hour producer Matthew Boudreau, this electrifying tune brings to life Dr. Skankenstein and his ska-fueled creation. Let’s all celebrate Matthew's birthday by preparing for his favorite event, the 11th Hour Audio Challenge coming in October. Join talented audio creators to bring spine-chilling stories to captivate our ears.  Happy birthday, Matthew, and let the monsta dance!
7/27/20234 minutes, 28 seconds
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Brimstone Gap - Ghost Magnet

In the American West of the 1880s, there is one stop along the Transcontinental railroad that is rarely visited.  Those who step off the train are almost never seen again, and its reputation is dark and crowded with supernatural secrets.  The town is a psychic whirlpool drawing dark and broken souls alike into its grip.  Cassandra Troy is one such soul, and she will soon meet her destiny in Brimstone Gap. Thank you for tuning in to Ghost Magnet, the first episode of Brimstone Gap from 11th Hour Audio. Brimstone Gap is an immersive horror audio drama featuring a talented cast, and we are thrilled to announce that we have seven more gripping episodes in the pipeline. However, we can't do it without your support. If you enjoyed what you heard, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon. By doing so, you'll gain access to our ad-free content, exclusive tools, exciting opportunities, and receive fantastic welcome gifts from 11th Hour Audio. Looking for other ways to show your support? Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, you can show your love by liking and subscribing on your preferred podcatcher, as well as leaving a review.  Your unwavering support fuels our dark creativity as we continue to craft spine-chilling audio experiences.   CREATED BY:  Austin Beach WRITTEN BY:  Philip Craig Robotham CAST: Narrator - Dayn Leonardson Cassandra Troy & Gwendolyn West - Tanja Milojevic Chelsea Druthers - Charlotte Norup Poleaxe Jack - Owen McCuen Samson Hall - Glen Mercer Evelyn Green - Agnes McCuen  Bounty Hunter - John Scott Ballentine Sheriff Handles - Austin Beach Winifred Owen - Jessica Rainville Esmerelda Levitt - Erin B. Lillis Ebeneezer Judd - Matthew Boudreau MUSIC BY:  Dayn Leonardson SOUND DESIGN BY: Austin Beach and Matthew Boudreau DIRECTING, DIALOG EDITING, AND MIXING BY: Matthew Boudreau ARTWORK BY: Vince Dorse PRODUCTION MANAGER: Monique Boudreau PRODUCED BY: 11th Hour Audio
7/5/202327 minutes, 39 seconds
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11th Hour Audio - Creature Feature of the Month - The Tell-Tale Heart

Creature Feature of the Month - The Tell-Tale Heart This month, we're delving into the chilling world of Edgar Allan Poe with an offering from Tom Rory Parsons. Poe’s "The Tell-Tale Heart" has been a staple of horror literature since its publication in 1843 and for good reason. Published in 1843 “The Tell-Tale Heart”, explores the chilling emotional fusion of guilt, paranoia, and the human psyche.  The Tell-Tale Heart Keeps on Beating "The Tell-Tale Heart" has had a significant cultural impact, particularly in the horror genre. Poe's story is often credited with paving the way for psychological horror, and it has inspired countless adaptations in film, television, and literature. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Poe's writing skill and ability to tap into universal fears and anxieties. Meet Tom Today’s audio interpretation of “The Tell-Tale Heart” was created by 11th Hour Audio Challenge contributor Tom Rory Parsons. Tom is also the creative mind behind:    He has also composed music for      and the 11th Hour Audio theme music you heard at the show's beginning. Would you like to hear your horror production played on the 11th Hour Audio podcast? Well, now you can. Submit your show on our website at Credits The Tell-Tale Heart was written by Edgar Allan Poe The Narrator was played by Lauren Regan          The Old Man was played by Pete Lutz The Artwork was by Faith McQuinn Credits Read by James C. Taylor This version of "The Tell-Tale Heart" was produced by Tom Rory Parsons who also composed the score, did the editing, and Sound Design.
5/11/202316 minutes, 52 seconds
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11th Hour Audio Creature Feature of the Month - Human Error

Before we get to the show we wanted all of our listeners to know that 11th Hour Audio is producing the pilot episode for a new series called Brimstone Gap. Written by Philip Craig Robotham, Brimstone Gap is a dark tale set in the Old West. In the American West of the 1880s, there is one stop along the Transcontinental railroad that is rarely visited. Those who step off the train are almost never seen again, and its reputation is dark and crowded with supernatural secrets. The town is a psychic whirlpool drawing dark and broken souls alike into its grip. If you would like to help us bring this series to your ears, Join Us on Patreon.  April is the month of resurrections. The Queen of the Underworld has emerged bringing an end to the bitterly barren winter. Cybele’s consort Attis becomes a symbol of fertility after castrating himself under a pine tree, and a martyred carpenter rises from his tomb promising eternal life. Springtime myths and stories are imbued with the concept of resurrection. But here in Horror Land the ultimate symbol of resurrection is the zombie. Few other creatures lurking in our nightmares carry the idea of life, death, rebirth, and fertility quite as well as the modern zombie. With that in mind we’ve unearthed a story from Ali Hylton called Human Error. Human Error takes a deep look at the zombie apocalypse and asks the question “What does it mean to be a monster?” Human Error is an immersive audio drama about survival, found family, and finding hope within ourselves during dark and dangerous times when the world we know ends, and a new one is born. Human Error comes to us from some of the creators who produced City of Statues for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2022. Do you get a thrill out of Creature Feature of the Month? Would you like to hear your own horror tale played on this podcast? Then head over to our new submissions page and submit your show.  CAST (in order of appearance): Lindsay Zana as Grace Katherine Ryan Elissa Park as Billie Ryan Josh Portillo as Nick Ryan Darin F. Earl II as the Radio Announcer Eleanor Anwen as Delilah Stacey Cotham as Tyler Dustin Vuong Nguyen as Elio Allison Dauphine as Hazel Nicole Jarrel Allen Chan as Gus William Hill Caroline Mincks as Jace Franklin CREW: Written by Ali Hylton Script editing by Tal Minear and Brad Colbroock Sound design by Brad Colbroock Dialogue edit by Ali Hylton Consultation by Caroline Mincks Music composed by Ali Hylton This episode features a trailer from the show Thirteen. To learn more about the show visit their twitter.
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11th Hour Horror - Creature Feature of the Month - The Swamp

Welcome to March This month, we have two special announcements for all our eager listeners. Do you crave your monthly Creature Feature fix? Have you ever wanted to tune in and hear your own show on the Creature Feature? Well fiends, now you can. 11th Hour Audio has created a Creature Feature submissions page. Head over to and you too can join the legion of 11th Hour creators displaying their horror talents on our Creature Feature of the month podcast. All shows must be horror and can not be in violation of any copyright laws.  And don’t forget to check out our new Patreon page at we’ve added new features and merchandise just for 11th Hour Audio patrons. March 8th is International Women’s Day and in celebration of the work of women creatives in audio fiction horror, we want to share a show from Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind. Lightning Bolt Theater is hosted and produced by Tanja Milojevic. Tanja has been working with 11th Hour Audio from the beginning, using her many story-telling talents in the 11th Hour Audio Challenge shows you hear every October.    This month's feature is The Swamp The Swamp takes us on a chilling journey with Rachel, a college student whose waking world merges into the dark horrors of her nightmares when a new boy with an old soul enters her life. Including the Voice Talents Of: Richard Garner as Blake and the Demon Tanja Milojevic as Rachel Amanda Fur as Alice Deborah Adams as Rachel’s Mother Rish Outfield as Detective Davidson Cary Ayers as Detective Manderson and Rachel’s uncle Peter Katt as the Priest Julian Bane as the Math Professor Lilith Casler as Marty Heather Grady as Student 1 Sound Effects: Self-produced and obtained from the free sound project. ( Music: Nowhere - David Beard Daddy - David Beard Lebensraum - David Beard Noisey Underscore Cresc - David Beard End.1 - Thorns from A Rose Nurse.2 Thorns From A Rose Taylor Cepea Hayward - Mary Max Di Fraia - Deserts jean-pierre.saussac - Le retour du roi Edge of October - 1.Descent Dereleech - Graveyard at the Delta Coax - Roads and Corners A.T. - Spaces Of Dark And Light 21 Gramms - Rain 8213 - The Sun Shining In A Midnight Sky This radio drama falls under the Attribution noncommercial no derivatives 3.0 creative commons United States license. No copyright infringement is or ever will be intended. #EmbraceEquity
3/11/202346 minutes, 51 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - Jesus Gets Rejected

February brings us Valentine’s Day, a holiday associated with love. The feast of St. Valentine was founded by Pope Gelasius I in 496 in honor of the martyred priest who performed weddings for Christian couples. On February 14th, the day of his execution, legends say that he wrote a note to a judge’s daughter whose blindness he had cured signed “from your Valentine“. Today relics of Saint Valentine draw pilgrims seeking true love. This month, in celebration of celestial affection, we bring you Jesus Gets Rejected. A short drama that reminds us that the heart wants what it wants, no matter the reason. Vanessa (Christianne Greiert) is tempted by Satan (Mike Racioppa) and won’t accept Jesus (Cayenne Chris Conroy) into her heart. May contain objectionable material. Written by - Michel Entler Directed by Samantha Mason Music - Purple Blues by Amy K Bormet Sound Design by Mike de Almeida Theme music and editing by Matthew J Boudreau Artwork by Monique Boudreau
2/11/20239 minutes, 32 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - A Season of Changes

January is the sacred month of Janus, the Roman God of all beginnings, endings, thresholds and time. He presides over the start of each new year and symbolizes the duality of change. Depicted with two faces Janus sees deep into the past and future, he resides in the passages between young and old, war and peace, and birth and death. This January we bring you a story written by Gareth Brownbill and directed/produced by Peter Beeston of Cornucopia Radio. A Season of Changes tells the story of four people whose past misfortunes and future hopes become intertwined through a thin dividing wall and the cries of ghostly lament. James sits alone in his flat dreading the things that lurk outside. Margaret silently considers how much time she has left as a machine rhythmically measures her heartbeat. Kathy slowly worries about what she has lost and Jane tries to come to terms with what she now has to cut away. Peter Beetson and Hanna Lloyd were 2022 11th Hour Audio Challenge participants. Check out their submission Hell Stream - Like, Comment and Kill! here. It is a season of change for all four of them, and that’s when the lightbulb flickers for a brief moment before the filament breaks at its weakest point and everyone is left in darkness. We know it’s only temporary and lightness will soon return… but can we be really sure? CAST: Ian J France as James Maggie Evans as Margaret Janice Whitworth as Kathy Hannah Lloyd as Jane MUSIC: This production remixes Creative Commons tracks from Scott Buckley to create it’s musical score. CREDITS: Written By Gareth Brownbill Directed & Edited by Peter Beeston Sound Effects via: This podcast is released under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License
1/13/202344 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ichabod Crane’s Journey Through Sleepy Hollow

Greetings, Listeners!  This next story is something a little… different: It began as a piece of artwork. Artist and illustrator Vince Dorse has created a poster that’s laid out in a kind of narrative timeline. To showcase the poster, Vince has crafted a video that details his art process and contains a narrative version of the abridged tale, guiding the viewer through the stunning visuals. So why are we sharing it here? Well, the story is a classic piece of American horror–we’re certain you’ll recognize it. And it’s narrated and sound designed by yours truly, with help from the Uber Duo Horsin’ Around sound effects pack. Check the show notes for links to the video and Vince’s shop in case you’d like a poster for yourself. Now, button up your coats against the chill and journey with us to the quaint little town of Sleepy Hollow Youtube link: Poster shop link:
12/21/20225 minutes, 48 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - The Hidden Truths 2

Welcome to December everyone. In the United States December 11th is National Make a Friend Day and we would like to take a moment to recognize all of the friends we’ve made over the years through the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. The original concept for the 11th Hour Audio Challenge was simple. Get together with some people you’ve never worked with before, create an original horror story and do it in one month. The first show we created like this, Intensive Care, brought two different production teams together. The second, Vultures Over Low Doves, brought two different countries together. People getting together to tell stories pre-dates the written word. Some of the earliest evidence dates back as far as 30,000 years ago. The drawings in the Lascaux and Chavaux caves in France depict visual stories and sympathetic magic in the form of animals, humans and fantastic creatures. Storytelling is part of what makes us human. The practice lives at the intersections of identity and community and thrives on ideas summoned through diversity and struggle. Ideas are the fuel that feeds us, feeds creativity, progress and relationships. Stories are how we share our ideas and fend off the things that lurk beyond the campfire. So in honor of National Make a Friend Day, we invite you to pull up a chair and listen to a story. Because the greatest enemy of community, creativity and ideas is censorship.  Before we get to our story we wanted to let our friends know that we’ve started a Patreon. 11th Hour Audio plans to bring you more shows and not just in October. We’ve been working with our friends, creating scripts, casting roles and budgeting. To learn more and lend your support visit us at  The Hidden Truths 2 comes to us from Tom Rory Parsons. It’s a story about identity, belonging and a frightening misuse of power. Josh continues his Journey through life but encounters a new supernatural threat, it's up to his family and friends to solve the problem once again. We hope you enjoy it. Listen to The Hidden Truths Written by Tom Rory Parsons      You can hear more of Tom's work in:      The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth, Down the Basement, and Gower Hall Shaun Mendum as Josh Sarah Golding as Mary      Sarah also appears in:      Breathless, Monster's Game, and The Parsonage Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis      Listen to Fiona in:      Upstairs Upstairs, Customs, and Monster's Game Karim Kronfli as Uncle Jim      Catch Karim in:      Ivory Towers, Reminisce With Me, and Fidget Lauren Regan as Jenny Erika Sanderson as Miss Snell      Erika also appears in:      Breathless Shaun Mendum as Jimmy Martin Gallagher as Robert Artwork by Faith McQuinn Music, Editing an sound design by Tom Rory Parsons
12/11/202229 minutes, 59 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - In Ruins

“It was the Terrible Season of the autumn, and the wild people in the mountains were preparing for the frightful ceremonies which only rumour told of in the towns. They were the very old folk who dwelt higher up in the hills and spoke a choppy language which the Vascones could not understand. …every spring and autumn they held the infamous rites on the peaks, their howlings and altar-fires throwing terror into the villages. Always the same—the night before the Kalends of Maius and the night before the Kalends of November. Townsfolk would disappear just before these nights, and would never be heard of again.” - H.P. Lovecraft The Very Old Folk On November 3rd 1927 H.P. Lovecraft sent a letter containing the story The Very Old Folk to Donald Wandrei. The Very Old Folk is a tale that draws its inspiration from the cross-cultural observances of All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day and Dia de los Muertos. These days of ceremony and ancestral remembrance are observed during the first days of November. And just as the folk practices of the world gave H.P. Lovecraft the feverish dreams he wrote about, those dreams went on to influence many other writers and podcasters who cautiously dip their pens into the mad Lovecraftian universe. This month the 11th Hour Creature Feature brings you a story from the stormy shores of the island of St. Caillic. In Ruins comes to us from A Scottish Podcast. A Scottish Podcast chronicles the story of Lee, a washed up former radio DJ who launches a paranormal investigation podcast with reluctant help from his friend Dougie. The two travel the length and breadth of Scotland in search of Medieval Demon Kings and Lovecraftian Gods of the Sea. Main Cast Lee – Robert Cudmore Hear more of Robert in: Fidget and Cargo Doug – Matthew McLean Matthew also appears in: DAW of the Dead Jane – Fiona Thraille Fiona can also be found in: Breathless, The Hidden Truths, and Customs Tommy – Michael Hudson Check out Michael in Castle of Horror George – Jim Balfour Bruce – Karim Kronfli You can find Karim in: The Radcliffe Square Labyrinth, Ivory Towers, and A Little  Bedtime Gory Byers – David Ault Listen to David in Ancient Evil Danielle – Rosemary Stanford Rosemary also appears in Cargo Bob – Kevin Parr Drunk Helen – Sarah Golding Catch Sarah in: The Parsonage, Wolpertingers, and Fidget Randy – Rich Matheson Gina – Tanja Milojevic Tanja also appears in: The Hunted, The Golden Bridle, and In The House of the Dead Johnny –David Devereux Catch David in The Lights of Witchywood Cheryl – Rebeka Venters Alice – Katie McNulty Zara – Nichole Goodnight Olly – Austin Beach Austin is also in: To The Moon and Back, Bunker 11, and The Martyr Protocol Cover & Website Art – Kessi Riliniki
11/11/202213 minutes, 35 seconds
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The City of Statues

There is a city that’s nicknamed “The City of Statues.” In this city there are, unsurprisingly, many statues. But they’re not normal statues, and they’re not placed in a way that makes any sense. They are everywhere you can imagine: in the middle of streets, in the middle of sidewalks, inside buildings and rooms and closets. And oftentimes they look like they are chasing something. In the day and in the light, they’re just statues, but once darkness falls they come to life and hunt any living creature down, infecting you with just a touch. The story follows a group of 5 survivors as they try to escape the city at night, all while trying to avoid the statues and stay alive. Content Warnings: Life threatening situations, loud noises and screams, an infectious illness, gun and gunshots, harsh language, discussion of death, and on screen character death. Transcript: - Credits: Written, directed, and composed by Ali Hylton Script editing and transcription by Nic Fray Dialogue editing by Kai C Environmental Sound Design by Trace Callahan Action sound design by Rebecca Liu Sounds sourced from Soundly and Adobe  Cast: Allegra Rodriguez Shivers as Adrian Andrew Sianez-De La O as Felix Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall as Everett Ari Delyne as Jordan ItMe as Ollie
10/30/202218 minutes, 16 seconds
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EVP - Side B

Written and produced by Owen McCuen Featuring: Glenn Mercer Janine Gilbert Agnes McCuen Eloise McCuen And the voice of Brian Holcomb by way of The Timekeeper by Miss Mae (11th Hour Audio Challenge 2018).
10/30/20225 minutes, 28 seconds
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Soul Mates

Written by Faith McQuinn Story concept by Tanja Milojevic Cast: ROBERT: James David West MELANIE AND STEWARD MELANIE: Tanja Milojevic INGRID: Xperience J GRAYSON: Dean T. Moody Steward: Melody, a built-in AI voice provided by Sound design by Matthew Boudreau Sound Effect Design direction and dialogue editing by Tanja Milojevic Music: Dystopia by Ian Kelosky, Tesseract by Cody Martin If you would like to learn more about ethically cloning your own voice, check out and create your voice for free on the platform. This was an 11th hour presentation. Copyright 2022 Happy Halloween!
10/30/202225 minutes, 14 seconds
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EVP - Side A

Written and produced by Owen McCuen Featuring: Glenn Mercer Janine Gilbert Agnes McCuen Eloise McCuen And the voice of Brian Holcomb by way of The Timekeeper by Miss Mae (11th Hour Audio Challenge 2018).
10/30/20225 minutes, 47 seconds
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Hellstream - Like, Comment and Kill

Humanity is under attack. Monsters born from the darkest depths, crawl the wretched streets day and night, killing and devouring all they find. The few people that survive, do so by living deep underground. But there is hope. There is entertainment..... Because every night a select band of heroes around the world ride the great elevators to the surface. To battle the horde. To defeat the demons. Broadcasting live onto millions of bunker monitors across the planet. This is... The Hellstream!! Written, Directed and Edited by Peter Beeston Featuring the voices of: Kelsey Painter as Erin The Fox, Owen Mccuen as The Voice of The Hellstream, Andrew Biss as The Demon Overlord, Katabelle Ansari as Carly, Tanja Milojevic as Faye, Karim C Kronfli as Simon, Hannah Lloyd as Beth Justine, Leah Hince as Kylie, Dean T Moody, as The Advert, Heidi Fischer as Mia, (Faye Fan Girl 2044) Additional Production Help By:  Javert Boudreau, Spleeny Dotson, Peter Richard Adams, Pip Mason, Matthew Boudreau, Michael Haight. The Opening and End Track used in this production was ‘Attack The Block’ by ‘Hey Pluto!’, Podcast Character Artwork of ‘Erin The Fox’ by Liquid GTX. This work is released under a creative commons agreement for 11th Hour Audio and Cornucopia Radio. Thank you for listening. We all hope you really enjoyed this production; it was so much fun to make. We were influenced by trashy horror anime, Paul Verhoeven films and 'first person shooters' in putting this all together. We’d also love to hear from you if you enjoyed it, or want to get involved in future audio drama productions with us.
10/30/202224 minutes, 7 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - Dead London

OCTOBER A delicious chill has crept into the air, the leaves on the trees are performing their brilliant displays before falling to the ground in aromatic clumps. The pumpkins have taken their places alongside ghosts and witches up and down the streets and breathless shiver of anticipation lurks deep down in our cores.  Around here October is the most hallowed month of the year. While we eagerly await the arrival of Halloween we are busy little 11th Hour Audio Challenge imps. There are stories to write, lines to be recorded, dialog to be edited, sound-effects to be layered and a delightful horde of participating fiends to torture. All of this celebratory torment brings us to World Audio Drama Day on Oct 30th. October 30th is a significant day for the fans and creators of Audio Drama because of it’s connection to The War of the Worlds. On October 30th, 1938, the Mercury Theater on the Air, Orson Welles and John Houseman, broadcast Howard Koch’s adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”. In recognition of that media-altering event we have brought a very special adaptation of War of the Worlds to the Creature Feature this month. In 2013 Matthew Boudreau organized the 75th Anniversary War of the Worlds Radio Contest. The judges received ten entries from four different countries and the winner was The Wireless Theatre Company with their submission Dead London. Dead London is an original audio drama based on H.G. Wells’s classic tale of Martian invasion. DEAD LONDON sees humanity defeated by a superior military force from another world. It was recorded on location at Horsell Common, Surrey, and featuring Brian Blessed as the Voice of the Martians.   Dr. Georgina Welles… JOSEPHINE ARDEN Dr. Tom Kane/Survivor 2… TOM SLATTER PC Toland… JACK BOWMAN Dr. Jeff Quinlan/Survivor 1… MATT BLAIR Captain Glover/Dan… MATTHEW HEBDEN Newsreader… MARIELE RUNACRE-TEMPLE Martian Voices… BRIAN BLESSED Written by… JACK BOWMAN and ROBERT VALENTINE Directed by… GEORGE MADDOCKS Recording and Post-Production… MALCOLM THORP Produced by… MARIELE RUNACRE-TEMPLE, JACK BOWMAN and ROBERT VALENTINE
10/11/202222 minutes, 58 seconds
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The 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2022 Approaches

Host Owen McCuen and Scream Queen Tanja Milojevic kick off this year's 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Listen to find out how to sign up and become a part of this year's horror mayhem!
9/1/20223 minutes, 1 second
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - The White Vault - Scatter

It’s September and there’s a hint of change in the air. Labor Day has come and gone, families on summer vacation have scurried home to tame the children and send them back to school and pumpkin spices are being sprinkled into everything. The Harvest Moon rises on the 10th as the last full moon of summer and September 22nd marks the Autumn Equinox- It’s time to reap what has been sown.  But remember an old bit of Appalachian wisdom that says to always leave at least one apple in each tree when you harvest to keep the devil away.  So as you eagerly await the end of summer’s harsh glare and dream of warm apple cobbler and fallen leaves, we’ve brought you an episode from The White Vault, Season 5 Episode 2, Scatter. The White Vault is a found-footage horror drama that follows a repair team sent to discover the source of a mysterious signal coming from the remote Arctic research Station in Svalbard, Norway. Once the group reaches Outpost Fristed and makes the repairs they are trapped by a heavy snow storm. The mystery deepens and the team’s situation begins to unravel after they discover a service hatch in the bunker.  As season 5 opens the remaining team members attempt to return to Svalbard. With their nightmares and terrible visions in tow, they find themselves facing another isolating storm and breakdown in communications. 11th Hour Audio is thrilled to share The White Vault and its talented cast and crew with our listeners. To hear the chilling tales they’ve created for the 11th Hour Challenge, visit or follow the links provided. If you enjoy listening to the 11th Hour Challenge shows, consider participating in the event this October. Visit 11th Hour to sign up, learn more, and get started. K.A. Statz - Writer/Creator Travis Vengroff - Producer/ Sound Designer Kaitlin Statz - Writer Cast and Crew Lani Minella David Ault Peter Joseph Lewis Eyþór Viðarsson Kessi Riliniki Hem Cleveland Tanja Milojevic Diane Casanova Carla Garcia Janis Westin Eric Nelson Danilo Battistini Sophie Yang Pacific S. Obadiah Alli Smalley L. Jeffrey Moore Brandon Strader Ewan Chung Haytham Alwan Marisa Ewing Karin Heimdahl Carolyn Saint-Pé Jeff Clement Karim Kronfli Charlotte Norup Gemma Amor Krista Neubert  
6/11/202232 minutes, 53 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - Windover and Hide

May is a provocatively, spirited month of the year. It started with the fires of Beltain, budding trees, blooming flowers, and Mother’s Day. In the middle of the month, the Blood Moon will cast the sky into an eerie glow as a total lunar eclipse. The Flower Moon will rise near the end of the month, reminding us all that growth stems from transformation. It is a metamorphic month of mothers and moons. So with that in mind, we are delighted to bring you two stories this month, Windover and Hide.   Windover comes to us from the Wireless Theatre Company. It is a supernatural story set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon. This ethereal ghost story follows a young woman named Jenny who is on the brink of some major life changes. Jenny is troubled by spectral visions of the past and an unresolved tragedy. The story includes the voice talent of Beth Eyre who has also appeared in two 11th Hour Challenge productions - Ivory Tower and The Radcliffe Square Labrinyth.   An atmospheric ghost story set on the wild Atlantic coast of North Devon, told through the eyes of Jenny, a girl of nearly nineteen, whose recently deceased grandmother, Mary, has bequeathed her ‘Windover,’ the cottage where she is staying with her father and his girlfriend during the summer vacation. Before long Jenny starts to be troubled by visions of two teenage girls, and learns, from a photograph taken in 1934, that these girls are her grandmother, Mary and her friend Cathy. As the days go by and Jenny becomes increasingly disturbed by the visions, she befriends Stephen, a neighbouring farmer and tries to enlist his help in making sense of what’s happening to her. Stephen, however, is evasive and little by little Jenny finds herself drawn into the tragic events that occurred nearly eighty years earlier. Starring - Emma Kelly, Sean Baker, Richard Holt, Colleen Prendergast, Beth Eyre, Amy Raine Jackson, Richard Reed and Pamela Binns Written by Brita Bradbury, Directed by Cherry Cookson, Edited by Malcolm Thorp, Produced by Mariele Runacre Temple Hide is a special Mother’s Day treat for all those tired mums out there. This short fright will remind you that sometimes there is something under the bed and we still don’t want to know about it. The story comes to us from Quirky Voices Presents and Sarah Golding. Sarah has been an 11th Hour Challenge participant from the beginning and has been a part of 13 different productions including - The Hidden Truths, Castle of Horror, and Fidget.     Created by Sarah Golding of Quirky Voices Presents A short horror story full of tension and ....horror. Tom, a young boy cannot get to sleep - he hears something...someone breathing in his bedroom late at night. His mum, trying to get her work done tries to comfort him.
5/11/202255 minutes, 2 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - Ancient Evil

If you want to survive a horror story there are two things you should never be. Friends with underage, horny inebriates and anywhere near an archaeologist or their research. In the horror realm curiosity is often the driving force behind carnage and mayhem that ensues. And almost no one is more unreservedly inquisitive than the archaeologist. From mummies to child-possessing demons archaeologists have unleashed enough horrors into our imaginations to make Pandora seem circumspect. So in celebration of all that archaeologists have resurrected for us, we’re digging deep into the repository and brushing the dust from an old favorite from the Aural Stage Studio’s “Dialed In” series, Ancient Evil. When an ancient Xipe curse is released in the university's Archaeology Lab, Ryan, an overworked grad student, and his scatterbrained advisor must contain it to prevent an apocalyptic outbreak on campus. Written by Monique Boudreau Featuring David Ault Mike Racioppa Nat Angstom Amye Lewis Directed by Samantha Mason Music by Peter Van Riet Sound Design by Mike de Almeida Theme music and editing by Matthew J Boudreau Craving More? Visit our website
4/11/202215 minutes, 24 seconds
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - Calling Darkness - ”Women In The Wallpaper”

Calling Darkness What happens when six women accidentally summon a Demon from the bowels of hell? Calling Darkness is a horror-comedy audio drama from the pens of NoSleep Podcast writers S.H.Cooper and Gemma Amor.  Cower in fear as our guest star Narrator, Kate Siegel, guides you around Crowe House. Tremble as you listen to the terrifying yet titillating adventures that take place within the walls. Come and say hello to our intrepid gang of girls, a special book, a Demon, and other odd folk.  Featuring voice talents from across the world of audio and podcasting, fully immersive sound, and a script to die for- quite literally- you are listening to Calling Darkness. Season One, Episode Five - "Women In The Wallpaper" In which Annabelle finds herself trapped, Sexy Priest does absolutely nothing ‘Priestly’, and Cassie shows off her mean left hook. Written by S.H. Cooper Performed by: Kate Siegel as the Narrator S.H. Cooper as Bridgette Milsen Gemma Amor as Gloria Smith Allison Brandt as Cassie Waters Victoria Juan as Mariela Williams Desdymona Howard as Annabelle Crowe Charlotte Norup as Nadia Olsen Dan Zappulla as Phineas Daws Owen McCuen as Father Montgomery Erin B Lillis as Mrs. Morwood David Cummings as Mr. Morwood Matthew Bradford as Pizza Boy And featuring Graham Rowat as our demon overlord Lialga (and the voice of George) Audio Design and Production by Kristina Manente and Holly Ritchie Main theme by Brandon Boone Musical Scoring by Amy Balcomb Episode Artwork by Desdymona Howard Executive Producers: David Cummings & Alex Aldea Community Manager: Brooks Bigley   Like the Calling Darkness Podcast fan page on Facebook for more details. Join the Calling Darkness Podcast Coven fan group on Facebook and hang out with the girls! Follow Calling Darkness on Twitter for the latest demonic chat.
3/11/202233 minutes
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11th Hour Creature Feature of the Month - Kiss: The Audio Series - Tomorrow’s Diary (My Very First Time)

It’s February and here in the Mid-Atlantic, that means Oh baby, it is cold outside! So for this month’s feature, we thought we would heat things up a bit with an offering from -  Kiss: The Audio Series.  “Some believe that a kiss is one of the most intimate connections that two people can share, but when it comes to Washington, D.C.'s Lipstick Serial Killer; a mere kiss could easily equate to death. The "Kiss of Death," as she is known to the public; preys on attractive, unsuspecting men with only one objective in mind: TO KILL! Sealing each murder with a sinful kiss to the frontal lobe, The "Kiss of Death" plots to destroy every man in her path for as long as she can.” Kiss: The Audio Series comes to us from 11th Hour Audio Challenge participant, Xperience J. who created Santa Baby for 12th Night Horror and starred in Highway Chile.    Hailing from Alexandria, Virginia, Xperience J, AKA Crystal Judkins, describes herself as a multi-hyphenate creative and we agree. As part of a musically talented, art-infused family she was destined for a life steeped in creativity. Crystal wrote her first novel in the 10th grade and has since published three books. She is the co-founder of Two Pens and a Grind Publications, Black Audio Dramas Exist, and the founder of Shhh! Jus’ Listen Media where she uses her love of sound to produce innovative audio experiences. She is an audio producer, director, voice actor, and sound designer. In addition to Kiss: The Audio Series, she has also produced Past Due and is in pre-production on her next audio project. When asked the probing and intellectual question “Why horror?” Crystal explained that she has loved horror since she was a child. “There’s this thrill in being scared… can’t really explain it but I’ve always enjoyed it. Even the cheesy ones, it was a natural transition for me. I love the psychology behind horror, especially psychological thrillers… it’s a rush.” Whatever her reason we’re glad she’s here to lend her voice and talent to the genre. Crystal weaves the dark threads of sexuality, violence, and power into an immersive, guilty pleasure.  Series Created by: Xperience J and WAR  Episode Written by: Xperience J Produced/Sound Design by: Xperience J Cast: Melanie E. Redmond Khyriel Palmer Mariah Tarlay Raffoulicket Music Credits: Christian Anderson Bonnie Grace Aswan Johnson Limxcrxwn Nature’s Symphony Timothy Infinite  
2/11/202212 minutes, 41 seconds
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12th Night Horror

Join us around the fire as we pour the last cup of wassail, slice into the king's cake, and round out the season's end with four tinsel-tangling stories to bring your holiday season to its end. The Christmas Prison Alone in the store at night with a job you hate what could possibly go wrong?  The Christmas Prison by Tom Rory Parsons  Chris Quinby as Noah  Austin Mosher as The Elf  Sarah Golding as Judy  Owen McCuen as The Police Officer   Written, directed, and score composed by Tom Rory Parsons Editing and Sound Design by Kristina Manente  Art by Mixitpixit  Credits read by Karim Kronfli   Thanks for listening! Evil Elf (A Sinister Christmas Short) Written and performed by Joel M. Andre. Music (used with permission) by Sam Haynes. Track: Christmas Evil (Ambient). Album: The Gift of Christmas Fear.       Yule Lad Written by: Owen McCuen Performed by: Owen McCuen and Agnes McCuen Sound Effects from Owen McCuen,, and Sonniss. Music: We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Christmas Carol of the Bells, and Jingle Bells  Royalty-free versions purchased by Owen. Santa’s Workshop assembled in GarageBand. Santa Baby  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but not everyone is feeling so festive.  Instead of spreading holiday cheer, The Santa Serial killer has everyone in mass hysteria. Including Maya, who already has a demanding job, an emotionally unavailable husband, and a needy lover begging her to start a new life together.  Now this? Content Warning: contains explicit language and depictions of sexual acts. Intended for mature audiences only. This is a Shhh! Jus’ Listen Media Production  Written and Directed by Xperience J  Story by Xperience J, Sound Design and Mix by Xperience J, Original Music by  Stephs_Music, Thomas Baglio and Epidemic Sound  Starring  Christina Cain as Maya  Rodney Martin as Jeff  Gary Scales as Devin  Omni Helix as Mall Santa  Kris Lark as News Reporter  Sean B as Mr. Donaldson/Company Santa  Derrell D. Johnson as Mr. Donaldson/Company Santa  Rhumel Anderson as Mama Johnson  Omar Herring as Papa Johnson  Credits by Faith McQuinn
1/5/202241 minutes, 56 seconds
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11th Hour Audio - Creature Feature of the Month - Dreaming of a Dead Christmas

2021 marks the 10th anniversary of Campfire Radio Theater and to show our appreciation for a decade of immersive listening experiences, we wanted to kick off our first-ever Monthly Feature with the mastermind behind Campfire Radio Theater, John Ballentine. John is a familiar voice in the audio drama horror world. Like many of us, his passion for audio fiction was sparked by the stories emanating from his radio. John recalls listening to programs such as, Nightfall and Bradbury 13 and catching the creative bug to try something similar. "I’ve always had a passion for fictional storytelling and writing. Had a bit of a history working with audio and filmmaking as well along with various other artistic endeavors. Combining these skill sets into producing audio drama proved to be a natural progression." - John Ballentine It’s December and the Holidays are upon us. It’s that nostalgic time of year. A time for eggnog and cookies, greeting cards and latkes, Yule logs, parades, and zombies.  Yes, Zombies. What else would you expect from us? This December we’re kicking off the yuletide cheer with a featured Christmas show from our friends at Campfire Radio Theater. And so, as John would say... "Welcome friend. Have a seat by the fire... Make yourself comfortable." Dreaming of a Dead Christmas Two college coeds returning home for the holidays unwittingly unleash a zombie outbreak at a truck stop after running over a mysterious man on a desolate country road. Warning: May contain explicit language and graphic content not suitable for younger audiences. Written, directed, and produced by John Ballentine Cast Tanja Milojevic Shelby Sessler John Ballentine Teresa Ballentine Blaine Hicklin Joe Stofko Music by Kevin Macleod and Michael Hoffman Songs by The Experiments, Reigning Sound, The Ravonettes, Out of Orion and Dott  
12/10/202129 minutes, 22 seconds
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Living Canvas

Welcome back to the studio. This is Living Canvas. Today we’ve got a real special treat: We’re gonna create a painting that’s gonna open up a whole new world for ya. Written and performed by Owen McCuen Content Warning: Self Harm  
10/30/202113 minutes
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The Hunted

Eight years ago, Lance’s father was murdered during a hunting expedition. Now, he and his mother have captured the one responsible and brought him to a remote island to be the quarry of an elite order of hunters. In a dangerous game of revenge who is the hunter and who is the hunted? Written by Matthew and Monique Boudreau Owen McCuen as Eric Javert Boudreau as Lance Sarah Fielding as Nadine Glenn Mercer as Michael Matthew Boudreau as Rich Maya Chester Ziv as Bernadette Tanja Milojevic as The Helecopter Pilot John Boggi as Bernadette’s Father Directed and Sound Designed by Matthew Boudreau Original Score and Location Recording by Avi Ziv Recorded on location in the Historic Batso Village, Pine Barrens, NJ The Hunted is an 11th Hour Audio production
10/30/202125 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Mystery and Tragedy of the Renfield Four

Aisling's senior thesis for their Communications Broadcast Radio degree is an audio documentary covering the mysterious deaths of four students on campus ten years before. It features recordings of the four victims right up until their deaths. Written by Anna Stein Aisling played by Daniel Young Coley played by Lindsay Zana Brett played by Anna Stein Thomas played by Resa Dana played by Marnie Warner Professor Rollings and the Library Staff played by Rashika Rao Directed by Rashika Rao Script editing by Resa Dialogue editing by Lindsay Zana Sound design by Daniel Young Music by Kai C Transcript Transcription by Resa Content Warnings: death, screams, audio distortion and static, anxiety, and mentions of destruction due to a snowstorm.
10/30/202137 minutes, 9 seconds
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To Whom it May Concern

A young woman receives a love letter from her secret admirer, but soon realizes they don't share the same definition of love. **For Mature Audiences** Written & Produced by Glenn Mercer Performed by Janine Gilbert & Glenn Mercer Music by James Ieraci Credits & Production Assistance by Owen McCuen  
10/30/20215 minutes, 36 seconds
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Essential Bites

Welcome to The Essential Bites Family, where you can Sink Your Teeth Into A Better You! But not all is as it seems; follow Luka, a not-so-young vampire, and his discovery of both family and fiend. CONTENT WARNINGS: Vampirism, Cult-Like Mentalities, and Predatory Business Practices. Now for the real ones: death/murder. Written by Mik Koats Directed by Newton Shottelkotte Dialogue editing by Newton Shottelkotte, Kathryn Stanley, and Tamar Cimenian Sound design by Kathryn Stanley Composition by Tamar Cimenian Transcription created by Nzingha Primus Luka was played by Emmett Moon Cardi was played by Tamar Cimenian Pixie was played by Tal Minear Nevada Fae was played by Mik Koats Kerri Beth was played by Kathryn Stanley Cassandra was played by Nzingha Primus This project is a part of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Transcript for this episode
10/30/202148 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Golden Bridle

Foster is troubled by nightmares after doing a plumbing job for Professor Shaposhnikov. Who exactly is the professor, and why does Foster's best friend Danyel distrust him?  Written by Leslie McMurtry Pandora Beatrix as Foster and Keda Tanja Milojevic as Danyel Buckley and Voicemail Lothar Tuppan as Professor Constantin Shaposhnikov Patricia Jephson as Receptionist Joshua Price as Passerby 1 and Passerby Two Leslie McMurtry as Podcast Host One Rod Henderson as Podcast Host Two   Dialogue edited by Monique Boudreau and Joshua Price Produced/Mixed by Joshua Price Directed by Tanja Milojevic Music Composed by Grace Mary Burega Sound Effects gathered from FreeSound, self-produced, and pulled from the LightningBolt Theater of the Mind Sound Library. Audio Pronunciations for the cast recorded by Melissa Beattie
10/30/202127 minutes, 49 seconds
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Gower Hall

A dowager that died in mysterious circumstances. An ancient ceremony gone wrong. A headless horseman on the loose and a rogue pixie with a prophecy to fulfil. Charlotte’s promotional plans for tourism in Gower have gotten decidedly out of hand, and the night has only got started. Charlotte… Megan Carter Cynthia… Tarn Perly  Geoffrey… Scott Cairnes  Willy… Creighton King Algie… Tony Manders Arabella… Margaret Ashley Butler… Chris Jarvis Director… Karim C. Kronfli  Writer / Co-Producer… Richard H. Brooks  Co-Producer… Chris Jarvis (Radio Theatre Workshop) Music Composition... Tom Parsons
10/30/202146 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Hidden Truths

A supernatural story by Tom Rory Parsons Chris Quinby as Josh Sarah Golding as Mary Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis Karim Kronfli as Uncle Jim Pete Lutz as Mysterious Voice AKA Roger Charlotte Norup as the shopkeeper Rachel Pulliman as bully 2 Written, directed, and composed by Tom Rory Parsons Editing and Sound Design by Danny Sweet Art by Faith McQuinn Thanks for listening!
10/30/202128 minutes, 58 seconds
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Martin‘s Glaring

A group of cats is called a clowder and sometimes a glaring. If you have ever wondered what cats think when they're staring at you, take a trip with this folktale adaptation. A man lost in the woods meets a mysterious glaring but has a trick up his sleeve. Adapted from an old American folktale by Ted Harris and Lindsay Harris-Friel Storyteller: Ted Harris Directed by Lindsay Harris-Friel Sound design by Vincent Friel Produced by 6630 Productions For more information about the cast and crew, visit our website.
10/30/20217 minutes, 36 seconds
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The 11th Hour Audio Challenge 2021

Join your host, Owen McCuen as we journey through nine tales of horror all produced in the month of October.
10/30/202122 seconds
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The 11th Hour is Coming!

 Join us. Saturday, October 30th and get your horror on!
10/29/202132 seconds
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A call to horror producers!

Join us for this year's 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Bring a script or join other talented audio creatives to create horror for the October season! Info: Register:  
9/1/202159 seconds
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Wallowing (A Zombie's Lament)

Today is 11th Hour Audio Challenge founder, Monique Boudreau's birthday.  To celebrate, we have a delicious selection of brains... A delightful array of brains...  The freshest brains... Happy birthday, my love! Emcee played by Owen McCuen Music and Lyrics by Matthew Boudreau Arranged and performed by Javert and Matthew Boudreau Thanks to Avi Ziv and Owen McCuen for their help on this side project.
3/2/20214 minutes, 57 seconds