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10/10 (Would Recommend)

English, TV & Video, 8 seasons, 86 episodes, 2 days, 1 hour, 49 minutes
Overwhelmed by choice in the Peak TV era? Join hosts and IRL friends Tolani Shoneye (of 'The Receipts' podcast fame) and Gena-mour Barrett (who works for Netflix) as they discuss what they're watching, and what they think * you * should be watching too. Each week they'll be accompanied by a guest from the world of Netflix, who'll share a recommendation of their own. From brand new shows to overlooked gems, 10/10 Would Recommend is a freewheeling, unfiltered review show that will help you spend less time choosing, and more time actually watching.
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Goodbye to Top Boy: Loverboy Stefan on intimacy coaches, cucumbers, and shock moments in the final season

WARNING: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS TOP BOY SEASON 3 SPOILERS We are back with a special episode to accompany the third and final season of Top Boy! Yes, that’s right - the final season. We welcome back Araloyin Oshunremi (or should we say loverboy Stefan) to the podcast to discuss the shocks of the final season, Stefan’s journey to manhood, and the show’s impact on Black British culture. Araloyin gets real about his intimacy scenes (spoiler alert), shares his advice for all the young ‘Stefan’s’ out there… aaand things get heated over a chaotic game of Top Boy trivia. Of course it wouldn't be a 10/10 podcast without recommending some of our new fave shows on Netflix… The titles mentioned this episode are: - Top Boy Season 3  - Fisk - Painkiller - Heartstopper Season 2 Each week, join hosts and IRL friends, Tolani Shoneye (of The Receipts podcast fame) and Gena-mour Barrett (Netflix’s own) as they discuss what they’re watching, and what they think *you* should be watching. If you want to get involved, tweet us at #1010WouldRecommend and tell us your TV and film takes. Follow the hosts: @smilegena, @tolly_t Produced by @curlymedialtd and @NetflixUK
9/12/202332 minutes, 45 seconds