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“& She Is” by Melissa Mejia is dedicated to bringing health & wellness to the modern woman & mama. Are you struggling with dieting? Are you tired of restricting? Are you beyond ready to unapologetically own your wellness journey? In this podcast we will cover the strategies you need to find the “you” that you have desired to be for so long. I will also be covering nutrition, mental health, fitness, & so much more with solo episodes & special magical guests that will elevate you to rise to your power & unapologetically own your journey once & for all! You will find a judgement-free inspiration & leave feeling energized, inspired, & ready to SLAY. Join the free Community:
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31/08/20233 minutes 55 seconds
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How to stay accountable, with your health goals & beyond

When we're growing up, there's always someone there to keep you accountable and make sure you're doing the right thing.  As an adult though, that support isn't always there anymore and we're left with keeping ourselves accountable.  What often happens then is that we tell ourselves we're going to do something, but other things come up and we don't do it.  I'm guilty of this, and it became an all-or-nothing mentality that plagued me for years.  You can't treat your wellness as all-or-nothing.  You can't obsess over working out, only to abandon it completely if your routine gets off-track.  At the same time, beating yourself up over it is counterproductive.  The way to get past the all-or-nothing habit is to check in with yourself honestly.  What happened and why?  What can you do instead? The trick is to keep showing up for yourself, no matter what.  Here are some tips to stay accountable to yourself:Ke
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