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English, Languages, 1 season, 3 episodes, 8 minutes
? Brush up on your Spanish anytime with this daily vocabulary podcast series! This podcast was created to help you improve your vocabulary no matter what your current level is (beginner, intermediate or advanced). You'll find topics like food, city, work, real estate, transportation and more! You will first hear the words in French and then they will be repeated twice in Spanish with pauses to give you time to assimilate them. ¡Buena suerte! ?
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Spanish Vocabulary | Fruits 🍏

✅ Take your language skills to the next level with MosaLingua’s language training program. Whether you're traveling, studying, or looking to advance your career, our program will help you reach fluency in no time. Sign up for a free trial here. 1️⃣ Apple = Manzana 2️⃣ Orange = Naranja 3️⃣ Banana = Plátano 4️⃣ Pineapple = Ananas 5️⃣ Pear = Pera 6️⃣ Cherry = Cereza 7️⃣ Lemon = Limón 8️⃣ Strawberry = Fresa 9️⃣ Melon = Melón 🔟 Mango = Mango Apricot = Albaricoque Plum = Ciruela Kiwi = Kiwi Coconut = Coco Fig = Fig Grenade = Granada Raspberry = Frambuesa Litchi = Litchi Grapefruit = Pomelo
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