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India, Ambient, Funk, Jazz, Newage, Rock, Rock - Rocknroll

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High Tonight
No Country Song
Thief on a mission
About thejunetominfluence
Formed in early 2016, The June Tom Influence is a group that is set to break traditional rules of music.Exploding with an urge to bring out and create music that changes the perception of their listeners, they have being creating music that touches a plethora of musical bases from Folk to Blues, Country to Jazz, Pop to Rock along with some exceptional brass band work. Their music cannot be categorized into one single and that is great, because music should know no boundaries.Music is a language, and The June Tom Influence can speak it in tongues! ;)Although a fairly new group in the indie music scene, they have created waves and a large fan following by doing what they do best - entertaining their audience.Welcome to Entertainment!