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Germany, Dance, Pop, Electronic - Trance

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rougdrag-somewhere(for all my good friends remix)
power trance -track in oldschool style
rougdrag_lisa`s love melody-_(eicos&Diver Symphonic remix)
Powerful EPIC-TRANCE Track with Amazing Vocal`s and Melodie part`s
rougdrag-state of mine
Cool EDM/Trance Track with powerfull drums and hook!!
eicos&Diver-burst on fire
cooler Vocal tropicalhouse-deephouse-pop song mit 80`s beats and emotion
rougdrag-be mine
cooler Vocal-tropicalhouse-pop song mit 80`s drum`s and emotion
About rougdrag
hello music fans My name is Horst Häusler aka rougdrag, I love the electronic dancemusic with a lot of emotions and rhythm and drums! I'm open to anything new, with my personal genre being trance music. My biggest success is that I can produce music whenever I want. I just love it and for me it's my personal fulfillment, if there are still humans and if only one of 8 billion people in this world, it is the greatest gift for me. I hope you like my style of music and stay that way in love and peace your rougdrag