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Russia, Ambient, Electronic - Chillout, Electronic - Deephouse, Dance - Disco, Electronic - Dubstep, Electronic, Folk, Funk, Electronic - House, Indie - Indiepop, Electronic - Progressivehouse, Electronic - Trance, Electronic - Tropicalhouse

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Passion Disco
Smooth, positive and non-distractive disco/house track. Evokes positive feelings of joy and cheerfulness
Sound of Band
What is the most advantageous feature of the funk music? One might say something about break beat, disco genre, tasty sound of groove, but there is much more about funk. If you ask a funk musician about his music, he would definitely say: ‘Go funk yourself’. And it is true – in order to grasp this musical genre one has to feel the funk deep in his soul, feel it to the smallest detail. Try it, investigate it – feel this jumping, playful and sometimes cautious melody. Prove yourself that you are a true fan of the funk music.
Ibiza Housesession
Musical composition in the style of Disco. Soft electronic sound, inspiring and calm mood, the atmosphere of glamor, fashion, beauty industry. The track features soft pads, electric piano, soft synthesizer lead, funk guitar, drums in house style and deep rhythmic bass. This music is well suited for video projects about fashion, beauty industry, shopping, casting, resorts and clubs. And also in the advertising of cafes, bars, hotels and other things.