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Germany, Ambient, Production - Trailer

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iDreamOfEternity - We will meet at the other side
Hey there! This is my first track ever uploaded. Music plays a big part in my lide. It helps me to get along with the world. Cinematic music is a way to express myself which is the reason of why I made this track. After finishing the track I decided to upload it here so people who seek for royaltyfree music to use for their content or just want to listen to cinematic music can use my track for their purposes. Also feedback would be really cool, too! So please consider liking, commenting and sharing this ttack if you like it.
About iDreamOfEternity
Hey, this is iDreamOfEternity. Musik is a way for me to express myself. It helps me to get along with the world. Since there are many people in ths world who are experiancingthe same issues, I want to share my music with all of you and I hop that it can serve as a candle that lightens your way through full darkness. My SoundCloud: You can also download my tracks here: You can use my tack in your videos/podcasts/streams or whatever you want as long as you give proper credits!