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Building with a ego
Save the earth
This is a attack warning
Falling manna
About electron7
HIMy artistic name is electron7 and i'm an independent electronic music composer and producer from Belgium.As a very young fellow i already had strong interests in music.I enjoyed classical, electronical and pop music very much and i already wanted to try to compose and create music myself.So when i was 18 years old i got myself a synthesizer to try out.I was impressed with Jean Michel Jarre's and Vangelis' delightful music which made significant influence on my future work. Music is like a painting for me.Electronic music for me is not something that is death or is linked with space , but i see it more as something organic and earthly, directed to the creation.As you paint colors, or with nutrients that you bring along to make a dish, as i see it also in making electronic music.Music are not only musical notes, but also sounds!Any sound can become music, if you put it in the right combination with other sounds. My latest project is a new electronica album "AHAVAH"The album is available on bandcamp.My music is first and foremost to praise and worship God.My music is instrumental for 99% and is about personal situations, testimonies, God's power and feelings, biblical themes, etc.