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Using Control
Roots Up
Dream Your Dream (Dance Hall Mix)
Dream Your Dream
About ZG and 108 Desires
Through his vision and creativity, ZG, the multi-talented songwriter/recording artist/performer, expands the scope of reggae music with his current CD single titled Dream Your Dream . As he engages and wins the attention of global audiences, ZG demonstrates a rich variety of musical compositions, reminiscent of the works of two of his mentors, celebrated legends Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. In his quest to build hope for the future through world peace, ZG states: "My music and my writing are extensions of my mind. It has long been stated that the pen is mightier than the sword. My pen seeks to encourage, uplift and bring hope to the hopeless and peace to the troubled. The answers to most problems exist within us. We must summon up the courage to bring forth our greatest potential. We must dream our dreams, pray, chant and take action."--------------------  VIDEOS BELOW   --------------------a. Watch the music video "Using Control" at the following link.  Enjoy! Watch the live performance of "Rootz Up" at the following link.  Enjoy!