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France, Hiphop - Chillhop, Reggae - Dancehall, Electronic - Downtempo, Electronic - Drumnbass, Reggae - Dub, Electronic - Dubstep, Dance - EDM, Electronic, Electronic - Futurebass, Electronic - Glitch, Hiphop - Rap, Reggae, Production - Trailer, Hiphop - Trap

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5 tracks
Sample tracks
Z.A.K - Remedy ( Dub Electro )
Happy Electro Dub for your vocal and video.
Z.A.K - Wooden Things ( Orchestral )
Orchestral track for pub , spotlight or ambient video. Ukulele/Guitar Violin Choirs Piano Perc/FX
Z.A.K - Sunrise ( Chill Tropical Trap )
Tropical Chill Trap for your videos
Z.A.K - Cuba Ride ( Happy Trap )
Espanola/cuba Trap for your vocal and video.
Z.A.K - Human Machine ( Dark Hard Trap )
Dark Hard Trap for your vocal and video.
About Z.A.K
I am a beatmaker for more than 10 years in several styles of music (edm, trap, dub ...) with two years of certified studies in sound design and music production for video games and animation films.